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  1. if this is a Joonie work, i'll install it right now!
  2. i've opened a forum, related to my car, a Nissan Sentra, here in Brazill. I've been with InvisionBoard, and now phpBB. Really don't know which one is better. But i'm really curious about how your forum was compromised, i worry about my forum security. Would you tell me more, PM if you prefer.
  3. thanks for the info! so it's not the site, it's me and my notebook I've whitelisted this home page in my anti-virus, works fine now
  4. Using Chrome i only get this: ERR_CONNECTION_RESET I've tried with Firefox also, also an error occurs. since yesterday. is this just me? everything started after avast detected a possible malware. I can enter and log in directly to the forum, but no way into the homepage.
  5. UMS and PS3 media server are working pretty well for my needs. Is Plex any better that those?
  6. I've contacted Ebanxs that's the clearing company Sony uses to credit card operations. They've already knew about the problem, that's Sony's fault, only. After a chat with Ebanxs i've got the message below (roughly translated by myself): "thanks for contacting Ebanx, my name is Marcos and i will help you." We´re sorry your facing problems with Sony Playstation. In the past days, Sony Playstation anti-fraud systems has gone trough changes, and that may be the reason for your problem with credit card approval, out dept. in charge is already checking that, i hope for a quick solution for these cases. I've got some suggestions: - it's super important that you´re addres for Sony is the same for your credit card, no abreviations e fillling all fields. Contact Sony Playstation to know if your profile is updated and your address is correct - don't make too many tries in sequence, this can generate an alert for Sony Playstation, and it will refuse your operation - if you have tried all our suggestions, your bank issuer can give you some alternatives. Some users are reporting that excluding and including your card again may work. There's eve a page comenting about these issues: http://www.ps3brasil.com/noticia/47670/ Marcos Ebanxs support Obrigado por entrar em contato com o EBANX, meu nome é Marcos e irei te ajudar. Lamento muito que esteja tendo problemas junto à SONY Playstation. Nos últimos dias, o sistema de antifraude da SONY Playstation sofreu alterações e este pode ser o motivo pelo qual esteja tendo problemas na hora da aprovação do seu cartão, o nosso setor responsável já está verificando do que se trata e espero uma solução mais rápida possível para estes casos. Tenho algumas sugestões: É super importante que o endereço de cadastro na SONY seja o mesmo que o endereço do cadastro do seu cartão de crédito, sem abreviações e preenchendo todos os campos. Contate a SONY Playstation para saber se o seu perfil está atualizado e seu endereço está correto; Não faça muitas tentativas de compras em sequencia, isso pode gerar um alerta para o sistema da SONY Playstation e o mesmo recusará a sua compra; Caso você tenha esgotado as nossas sugestões, o Banco emissor do seu cartão de crédito pode te dar alternativas; Alguns usuários estão relatando e descadastraram o cartão e inseriram novamente e deu certo. Há inclusive uma página que está comentando sobre isso: http://www.ps3brasil.com/noticia/47670/ Sigo à disposição, grande abraço! CLIQUE AQUI E AVALIE NOSSO ATENDIMENTO! Marcos Equipe de Atendimento EBANX • suporte@ebanx.com
  7. hi! so, all of sudden, my credit card is not accepted anymore on PS Store, i've been trying since last saturday, without success. This kind of problem is very common, i've seen many users posting this problems all over other foruns, but apparenty no solution. i've contacted Sony, by chat support, they only said it could be an instability in PSN system, or i should keep trying in a try-and-error way, changing my billling address. Well, that takes very long, cause i don't know what's going wrong with my billing data, and every time an error occurs, i must wait 24 to 36 hours before trying again, because SEN blocks my user for that time. So, does anyone could point me to a solution?
  8. Well, sometimes i listen to music while playing games, so it's ok to use an audio streaming service on console for me. and, @Lucif3r i don't even use to watch videos on console anymore, since i've got a smart TV, and PS4/Xone are not 4k. Ever since cable has become 1080p and Netflix, i've tried a DVD on PS4 just once, but image looks really bad for nowadays. But you are right, audio streaming is really irrelevant for a game console, and a total energy waste, we would have to turn on a console, a tv, and probably you would need something to play on tv screen, while you are using a smartphone. When i use Spotify only on my smartTV, it is strange, good sound, but a static image on screen what i wonder, is Napster as good as Spotify?
  9. will23

    Capture screen

    well, i've seen many guys that just captures pc screen and next upload video to youtube. what's the best option for a free software capable of doing that?
  10. my son bougth lots of these amiibos. And i can find those for a very little price at that chinese site (alibaba ?), at ridiculous price, but it seems figures comes without the NFC chip. For a figure to work with a game, surely it needs to be pre-programmed in-game. I collected some Disney Infinity figures, for example. Althoug game recognizes any character, it even shows, for example, Donald Duck on screen on Infinity 2.0, i can even walk with it on game, but game doesn't let me advance in game. Infinity 2.0 has something like a sandbox called Toybox, and all characters should be playable, that's just for races or city building . But things are really confusing, because 3.0 characters are not backward compatible.
  11. we can only laugh at it. with all surveillance all government, security measures and border controls, nothing worked. So a common toy like PS4 can circunvent all these controls, worst off all, after all that, everyone knows how to do it. Maybe, next thing is that someone will tell how to build a bomb with Lego blocks....
  12. Ever since my PS3 is a CFW, i don't use it on-line. And i use a different account for my PS4, cause if i ever be banned on PS3, i will not loose anything i've gathered for my PS4. Now, i just saw that i can download some avatars from PS Store. But instructions says i need to login from my PS3 with this account. Is there any way around it?
  13. am i the only one here that doesn't care about backward compatibility? I think that's because my PS3 was always a CFW.
  14. @DebugBrain: awesome! @LoboGuará: where did you got those pictures? I'm trying with orchid, a Vanilla, but so far no vanilla for me. i collect really old comic books, that we capture via a scanner, next we make some restauration on Photoshop and we share among our coleagues, We have some comics more that 50 years old. You can see some examples here: http://quadradinhospatopolis.blogspot.com.br/ It's not a hobby and i'm not a car enthusiast, but as i needed help with my car maintenance, i've started NissanClube, so i could care about my Sentra: http://www.nissanclube.net.br/. Only 60 guys joined me so far.
  15. Activision declares that still 12 million are still playing Balck Ops 2, accordingly to their financial report for the 3rd trimester this year.
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