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  1. what is this sh1t . arghh ourrghhh !
  2. as i know some games from psn will be unusable after begin expired PSN Subscription . just want to know if i buy another one : Resident Evil Capcom U.S.A., Inc. GameService 10/05/2016 12/19/2016 this one has expiration date on my PS Plus expiration date . just want to know if i buy another one PS Plus it will change ? looks like this : Resident Evil Capcom U.S.A., Inc. GameService 10/05/2016 12/19/2017 i all i just want to say and doing my best with bad english is : can i replace a subscription for my games to don't get expired ?
  3. Wh_|_ oop Wh_|_oop Happy Birth Day
  4. i think is better to close this website then show our Respect to the Sony ( i mean use OFW ) i figured out alone .
  5. never heard of them ! Well i'm just kidding . @GregoryRasputin is amazing guy
  6. he is't kind . he is D!ick and Most hated guy ever i seen !
  7. maybe he using old browser on his mobile
  8. Happy Birthday PlayStationHaX hey greg give me that gift card i really need that :))
  9. hello i have : UP0002-CUSA00219_00-DESTINYTHEGAME01-A0124-V0100_0.pkg but the fuckin bungie has been released this update today : UP0002-CUSA00219_00-DESTINYTHEGAME01-A0126-V0100_0.pkg can i replace or set this update : 124 with 126 ? with psx download helper ? i mean manually install 124 then download new version 126 124 to 126 should be a 1 or 2 Gb but 100 to 126 is 20 GB wtf
  10. Cr0w

    help me with this

    dude i have the game , thanks yeah , sure . how abut the division ?
  11. Cr0w

    help me with this

    well i checked , but it's not cool for me this games Battlefield 4 , Destiny are favorite . this games i mention about them , the developers just focused on Multiplayer section . i looking for this games . you suggest what?? story mode is't important for me .
  12. Cr0w

    help me with this

    unfrtnly, i hate call of duty series . btw thank you for your help . +1 rocket league
  13. please help me with choose a good Game for PS 4 with nice multiplayer ( i mean amazing ) for spend too much hours .
  14. COOL Lucifer , but how do i get those layers . i saw a video for that on youtube . but what do you think if i open the controller and check the plastic on left analog stick
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