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  1. Well for the 360 its pretty much dead. The only new thing to come for the 360 was the Aurora Dashboard ( http://www.realmodscene.com/index.php?/topic/4020-aurora-02b-by-phoenix/ ). As it stands there more action and still active in the original Xbox scene. And for the XBOne theres nothing really new it that as well and most likely be that way till an exploit is found.
  2. Since its a 1001 phat model you can use any perm CFW of any version i would suggest 6.60 CFW ME 1.8 (http://wololo.net/talk/viewtopic.php?f=17&t=7334). I have always used ME CFW because it is a real CFW and not a Light CFW I personally would of gotten an early model 2000 being as thoes are still able to run Perm CFW but also you get the extra RAM and a better screen.
  3. But also when it comes to the xbox scene are you looking for original xbox, xbox 360 or XBOne?
  4. You could try the team xecuter site/forums there usaully pretty up to date with news and what not for the 360 and the XBOne
  5. Its seems a few posts from here went bye bye.
  6. Yes I actually just did that and there all IDENTICAL.
  7. Well i have run them through a hex editor and everything looks exactly the same and useing the statistics feature both then beggining and end % was within the valid dump range.
  8. Just not sure if i can move ahead with the downgrade or not and don't really want to try since this isen't my ps3
  9. That would be awesome if you can check them for me I have all 4 of my dumps put in to a rar file and uploading them to mediafire right now I will PM you the link
  10. Hello all i have here a cechk01 model PS3 thats on OFW 4.65 and having a few issues. I have made 4 dumps and all are exactly the same. with one problem i'm getting conflicting results from each different validation tool. With Nor Inspector they show everything in ok and the same with each of the 4 dumps. With E3 Dump checker the same each dumps is validated with no errors. With PS3 Dump Checker/PS3 Flash Tool 4.60 everything is ok except for Checks for ROS0 and ROS1 Hash are bad again each dump is exactly the same just with two bad checks. With PS3 Nor and Nand Auto Patcher v4.65 i get no type of errors it just says byte reversed NOR dump then applying patch 1 then 2 then patched successfully. With BWE NOR validator it says it can't find latest version but seems to make the patched/swapped NOR image with no problems With PS3 NOR/NAND Statistic/sinsizer dumpstatistic it saows the ROS0 and ROS1 version with no problems as 465.000 and creates a error log showing this ( OFFSET: 0xF008A8 --- VALUE: 0x08 --- 0x00 BLANK AREA --- No brick risk! Continue ) now i'm just wondering is the programs showing its a bad dump because it a bad dump or cuz there not made for OFW version 4.65 and the dumps are actully fine?
  11. Well its not Neon its a darker blue but i know what you mean. Thats one of the reasons why i did a more plain simple paint job. To keep the bling bling flashyness down just with a little lighting other then that its all more plain.
  12. I know this is more of a playstation forum. But since there is a Xbox section with no posts. I thought I would be the First and also this is where most of my experience is is with the xbox 360. Since I have done about 30 JTAG/RGH1,2/R-Jtag installs and also about 50 DVD drive flashes for slim and phat xbox 360's. My Modded xbox specs/add ons are as Follows Motherboard- Falcon V2 Case- Original Off white Painted Semi Gloss Black with Solid White accents (Memory Card Door's, USB slot's Door, And Power Button.) DVD Drive- DG-16D2S Lite-on Flashed with LT+ 3.0 CFW + Case Painted Solid White Case Mods- Side window + 120mm Fan With speed control knob, And Air Tube painted Solid White, And Back Fan vents cut out both the plastic outer caseing and inner metal cage. Lighting- BitFenix Alchemy TriBright Blue LED Strip Mod/Glitch chip Kit- R-Jtag v1.1 with Phat V3 QSB kit Sorry No pics But i do have a short You Tube video. The lighting shows up as a kinda purple color but it is actully a Nice darker Blue. And if any of your are interested a quick video of my soldering.
  13. I will say that video does look very convincing and deffently one of the most real i have seen. I still think its fake tho. But who knows maybe he found some sort of loop hole and found a way to install CFW on Phats without a downgrader but will keep it to him self. I highly doubt it tho.
  14. Don't tell me this is just a Remaster of a Remaster. It looks exactly like the Remaster that was done on and Gamecube and Wii. Or is it just that but being ported to current Gen consoles?
  15. Meh i'm not to worried I only went there to begin with to use the guide to downgrade my PS3 with the E3 Flasher.
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