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  1. I read some where in the GBAtemp thread it would have to be manufactured before December 2014. Not sure if there is a way to check dates on the boxes or not. I've also read it's fairly easy to be ported to lower FW. I'm on a much lower and waiting on ports. You can update console to the update currently required with the Mario Party disc and 2 other games though.
  2. Pretty sure it was to even play it. Haven't been online with it for PvP
  3. I've got an XB1, bought the Halo Master Chief Collection, ( disk ) go to play it, had to download some where around 50 gig to play it.
  4. Sounds like you damaged the NOR with too much pressure. Replace the NOR.
  5. Regardless, try what I said. Depends on how you look at it, the LED don't turn yellow, so it would fall in the GLOD area. Chances are it's still RSX related, possibly southbridge needs a reball as well.
  6. You could try the penny trick or get copper shims which would be a safer solution ( google ps3 penny fix ) on the RSX sounds like you have a GLOD which the 25xx series are notorious for. End result you most likely need to get a reball. Could check the fuses as well, but I doubt that is the issue.
  7. There is no N64 emu for PS3. As for the "bug" your having, report it to Joonie.
  8. This is a major launch, hopefully they got it sorted, hell the servers crashed when the beta was released lol. Hope all is well, I was invited to the beta, but never got around to playing it. Is it worth purchasing?
  9. Should be installed on more then one console ( version ) etc. IMO.
  10. TIme for a reball or new console.
  11. I would like to point out, I don't give a piss what's going on with who. I'll go to whatever site I need to get any information I might need. In this case I had to track down @Mr.Dutch to get an answer, I ended up here looking for him, but he had already posted in my thread over there which is now 5 pages of arguing. Just about any post it seems is 5 pages of arguing. For that matter.
  12. lol yeah, I sent a console off to ps3specialist for a reball, after a week of no contact he told me it needed a motherboard replacement, after he stated he has a 99% success rate lol. So I'm leery on reballs now.
  13. Yeah I seen in the thread, I just though it might have been a fuse that I over looked. I checked em all though, ( I think I checked them all ) anyhow.
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