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  1. [Released] PS4 Update Blocker For 4.55 - PS4

    Impressive, found it more stable than the Holy Grail. Ran on the first try, the other payloads flashed a few errors all the time, not this one at least so far on my Pro. Cheers. EDIT: Spoke a bit too soon, got lucky on first run apparently, this version gives out the same ''not enough memory avaiable'' errors, that's due to the kexploit from what I hear.
  2. Win A Copy Of Fifa 18 For PS4

    I'm from Sao Paulo's country side and play football (soccer my ass) regurlarly since the age of six, watched my beloved Palmeiras win a variety of titles as I was growing up. This team was the backbone of the Brazilian Seleção and a couple of years after this photo won the Sao Paulo state championship scoring 102 goals in 30 matches. Displaying the likes of Rivaldo, Edmundo, Cafu, Roberto Carlos, Djalminha, Alex (that later earned a statue in Fenerbahce) and many other great players throughout the 90s, it is revered and longed with nostalgic feeling to this day. Ah, the golden years of childhood... if only I could get them back. Great thread, cheers. Sorry for the long post. 9
  3. Thank you for this tutorial, just got my Pro today and upon setting it up came the shocker, firmware 4.07... I followed the S/N codes from the elotrolado page but ah well, anyway, just used your tut with the updated payloads on 4.55 and profit. Gonna spent the weekend tinckering with this beauty. Cheers.
  4. Great stuff, I saw m0rph3us1987‏ stating on his twitter that he has a private sdk for homebrew coding, since I don't use twitter someone could ask him to look for Andoma or Iprot on movian.tv forum and maybe share that sdk with Movian coders, I bet it would be very handy to them and who knows, maybe it could speed up some kind of Movian on the PS4.
  5. The Ultimate PS4 Hacking F.A.Q - #PS4Hen

    I'm getting my Pro this month so it will be nice to have a all in one thread like this if I run into any trouble. Thanks, Greg.
  6. PS2Reality Mediaplayer Now Running On PS4

    Awesome, I wonder if Movian could maybe be ported to the PS2 and run from the emu before even gets a PS4 port, that would be something.
  7. Six v5 #SD2Vita To Give Away - #HENkaku

    I keep procrastinating the hunt for one of these around local stores. So many spare sdcards unused it's a shame, my favorite Vita Homebrew is Adrenaline by the way, mainly because I love using Albite Reader through PSPKVM for plain text epub books. 14
  8. #PS2 Backups Running On #PS4 - #PS4HEN

    Ladies and gentleman, we have lift off!
  9. Now then, finally time to see if I a can find a 3.70 launch model PS4 Pro xD.
  10. Yeah, the quality decrease is unfortunate but expected. Better, more expensive headsets may outperform my S11-HD. Hopefully you'll get more input about this, it's been only a week so is a fresh and technical release, some folks are quite lazy with their reading I'm afraid. I for one had bookmarked the post a couple of days ago and only got around to fully appreciate it today haha Do you think there's room for improvement on the patch? Maybe force a certain audio profile for better audio? Anyway, thanks again for this.
  11. Very nice indeed, I remember suggesting something like this in a massive topic back on Ps3Hax, I actually did some research about patching libaudio.sprx myself but the ASM stuff unfortunately is beyond me. I just tested the patched libaudio Zer0XFF posted in the write-up on my heavily customized Habib 4.81 v2 and it worked fine, I got game audio through my S11-HD without any need of BT dongles. Of course the audio quality is pretty much the same as the audio chat but nonetheless quite useful. Thanks for the dedicated hours involved and the clean write-up, always nice to see someone tackling a pathetic limitation from Phony and be successful at working around it. This deserved more repercussion, it's not only useful for the DS4 as suggested, since my old Bluetooth headphone worked then most likely many others will too. Cheers.
  12. Yeah, temporary bliss most likely not worrying about accidental online updates, but I'm curious about Phony's approach regarding this new release. They forgot about the PS3 for a whole year and released 4.82 mere days after the dumper was out and still no patch, very weird coincidence if that's what it was.
  13. Amazing stuff, no more worrying about kids accidentally updating to OFW.
  14. Team PS3Xploit To Release Some Awesome PS3 Goodies

    Very impressive indeed, didn't see this one coming. Looking forward to it.
  15. Homebrew Coming To #PS4 Firmware 4.55

    Hell yes!

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