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  1. Wow, 6 years already, I remember Greg as a admin from the ps3hax days. The PS3 scene back then was enormous, good times. Well, the PS4 era so far has been an underachiever in every aspect in my opinion, but I'm gonna go with two moments that were pivotal for me. Horizon being leaked and ported to 4.05 right at the first real jailbreak boom (since 1.76 had a far more secluded group) and the whole recent drama about selling exploits. Two key moments that amassed regular folk's interest in jailbreaking their PS4s. Greg's rant might have been a bit exaggerated at first but it hit a nerve, and I guess that's exactly what a scene needs sometimes, someone bold enough to pick at the scab, sort of speak. To many people just go with the flow, don't they? Things need to get shook every now and then. See what I did there? haha Keep up the great work Greg and all the old timers. Happy birthday PlaystationHax. Cheers everyone. 13
  2. Just sent you a PM @xxmcvapourxx, which port should I use while connecting to irc.vapour-server.com? I'm getting a time out on both 6667 and +6697.
  3. Wow, I was resurrecting a client from 2004 lol, and checking some of the old but golden channels. Most seem pretty deserted nowadays. Gonna check this out some time this week, I remember when the source for 0day content was mIRC, I guess with the quarantine nostalgia kicked in hard, specially considering the "hackers" of today. God, whenever I find myself thinking that these sobs surely learned most of what they know on the way to becoming full-stacks from open-sourced content and community sharing I feel the anger aching in my bones. Christ!
  4. I hear you. Though it certainly isn't anything knew I was impressed by how many vulnerabilities that so called octox0r sold, all the while pocketing support money from those willing to donate in the name of possible future jailbreaks. A real portrait of the PS4Scene right there, disgusting. We need another Cturt from the 1.76 days, another Specter from the 4.05 and definitely another Qwertyoruiopz (that's a talented dude, right there, too bad he seems to have abandoned the scene and even donated his PS4 IIRC) from the 4.55. What really surprised me was to see TheFlow there, he has a history of following through to his claims. Hopefully he can make amends by disclosing it eventually, even if it's only for firmware 6.20. Now, I know how bad you must have felt writing that deleted rant, Greg, but you're one of the few authentic guys out there that stay true to his word. However bitter the taste, put it out there. Your conscience and contributions to this and many other scenes are clean, that's saying something. Keep it up, don't let this new generation of soulless full-stacks get to you.
  5. Freedom of information's future is quite bleak, isn't it? Just like @rednekcowboy, I saw the writing on the wall too, but unlike him I dared not to believe it. We've seen a shift in generations the later part of this decade, the community that used to flood the internet with exploits, p2p, warez, whistleblowers seem to be have been decaying these past few years, and is not only the console scenes, look at how long's been since Read Dead Redemption II is out, and not a sight of a crack yet. The latest highlight in that regard was with whatshisname from Bulgaria? Had a homebrew server for cracks and even online playability. The feds shut him down and since them, zilch. I admit I have an almost communist way of looking at things, to me every single bit of information should be free, most of the books I've read, most of the plethora of music I have and definitely most of my games came from P2P, even in these all mighty big brother days of constant monitoring we live in, I make my stand in favor of freedom of information. Of course there is damage to authorial rights, but in my opinion the overall reach and impact that an easy access to quality content has is collectively positive. Who in this forum hasn't learned from p2p shared content? In some parts of the world like my own country, sometimes is the only way to keep up with new developments. I know some of you are adamant defenders of strictly homebrew, and openly advocate against piracy. I agree that a secondary market with pirated content is wrong, but I draw the line there. When it comes to video-game consoles, the first priority will be games, that's a given. I think history has proven that without a considerably wide open system there is no real scene. Vita is an amazing example, how incredible it has become since Enso, the amount of functionality it has today is unbelievable. Sorry if I drifted off-topic a bit, but in a nutshell both @GregoryRasputin and @STLcardsWS have a point, without a current jailbreak there's no real scene, just like without daring devs disrupting the status quo with great homebrews, resulting from the aforementioned debated contest perhaps? This shallow slumbering scene we have right now on 5.05 is useless. I still maintain my holy trinity, epub reading with Vita using Albite Reader, media content through Movian on PS3, and the my 5.05 PS4 Pro is still here, just waiting for greatness. This scene needs devs like the Three Musketeers from the PS3 days, full-stacks that get shit done and have the balls to stick it to the man and put it out there, not just brag about themselves and their inner circle on lives on twitch and banter on twitter (when they're not selling their zer0days, that is). How did we get here?
  6. Congratulations on taking such an endeavor of enormous proportions, the effort alone is impressive for a individual project. I'm a fellow brazillian myself and was baffled that I hadn't heard of this yet, keep it up. Best of luck and success to you, mate. Cheers.
  7. Very nice to see PlaystationHax back, I've missed it. I was always a more sporadicall member, pitching in on rare occasions. Just like Greg I've little time to spare but we'll definitely be checking out what's been discussed here. Good to have a haven of solid and reliable information, specially in this pathetic scene we have nowadays (epeens and scared little brats). I miss the good old glory of PS3 3.55 days. Cheers everyone.
  8. Yep, I'd like your most recent standalone exe to see if I can add the remote_play_assign flag into the NoPSN Youtube, it'll probably freeze on the YT logo but it's worth a shot.
  9. Looks nice but the auto-update keeps failing, any chance to just push your updates directly to your github repository?
  10. 5 Since I suck at photoshop, let the Vita do the talking :
  11. He could upload to his github like he did with his fork of fmsx... just saying.
  12. I just completed this quiz. My Score 58/100 My Time 188 seconds
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