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  1. FIFA.15.PS3-iMARS iMARS 2014-09-19 fifa15.ps3.imars not looked at it yet - think it might be ntsc waiting in for Disney Infinity 2.0 to turn up, finally yup you need the newer portal for newer Marvel characters but more to point installed from disc so I don't have to buy again when sons steps on/ scratches / bones the disc as kids do..... well Infinity 2.0 ps3 ain't seen a release yet but bit of info req 4.60ofw but MM patched and seems ok on 4.46cfw 19,425 - aprox files - that was about 1:45hrs install coz of many files (not the largest no of files record which I think is 65k files in a 4gb game) no NTFS req or no split files it seems & runs discless if wrong section then move accordingly chaps
  2. Habib 4.65 Cobra 1.03 is now out..... well give it a week or two and I will have the first exlusive posting then 1.04 etc...... soz shouldn't take the piss, but was never sure if it was good that constant strive for perfection/improvement or fix up buggy 1st/2nd/3rd release kudos anyway for the release, yup I can't write a cfw but fuck yeah can I talk loads n loads of crap instead
  3. Tall_King_Crap

    PS3 2501A weird

    obviously he has seen too many people using massive clamps & bricks & bottles.... my kids went to a nursery - ooh a while back and they had an old TV Video combi often when watching say a Disney VHS the TV would go all screwed and kids moan one of the grownup's would proceed to give it - the TV not the kid... Give the TV an almighty wallop at the side/top and presto the kids could watch film I just wondered when them kids went home and dad's new 50" plasma goes on the fritz would that kid then demonstrate their new found skill in TV repair craftsmanship I know dad - WALLOP CRASH BANG - ooooh that normally works when auntie does it
  4. greetings & welcome sir, hope you get ya shit sorted out ok and all that until then - happy lurking, best of luck again
  5. Tall_King_Crap

    PS3 2501A weird

    me personally I'd try the bodge trick first 2 x clamps slightly bent - an I mean slightly bent and/or cooper shim 1mm thick between gpu & heatsink the idea is to apply extra pressure and force the cracked solder to make contact once more This is a BODGE - it probably won't last but the extra pressure may make the solder connect once more and as it is under more pressure it may remain in contact when the chip/mobo warms up and expands slightly - bit like a switch but there is loads of balls under there and this can actually help weaken or even crack some more joints too With a reflow - you really have to have some pro equipment AND pro skill/experience and even then you can't see wtf is going on underneath the gpu - though it can work but many will say it may not last very long and that reball is best all round method - end of day I can't be arsed with trying to take a chance on reflow So both methods are a BODGE - no getting away from it reflow/penny trick is NOT a proper fix at all and penny/2 x clamps/copper shim only seems to be effective on GLOD (GPU) it will not work for YLOD (CPU) when I tried it, but has a reasonable chance of temp fix/bodge on GLOD trick is - don't fuck with it too much, the more you mess with it the more cracked joints may occur it ain't like fine vintage wine, it don't get better with age - only worse I'm afraid So I would put back a flashed firmware that did seem to work like a patched ofw if not a cfw try 2 clamps or shim on gpu/heatsink (extra paste due to copper sandwich) - don't like pennies (well I'm too tight to spend 4p I guess) clamp it back together bit by bit, yup she will get tight but keep going as it is fucked anyway ensure you clamp all screws bit by bit and as they get tighter go 1/4 turn at time Hopefully it might work and you may get picture once she is back in bottom case (lid off for now) Just coz you get picture don't mean you are out of woods..... if you get picture it can still lock up once she warms up and freeze or get that matrix lines down screen But then there is once last terrible bodge before calling it a day but hopefully it won't come to that All of the above is a risk/gamble and at your choice and risk if you attempt it !!!! it can work - it may not, you might wanna try a reflow or send away for reball but me I sooner just get an old slim with wanked laser and use this one for parts if no joy (actually would put shit laser in the bodged GLOD and install cobra cfw - make a good working ps3 no bodge on the other ps3 slim - get something back, keep bodged GLOD or give to kids/m8 etc.....)
  6. well good to see it is fixed now....... back on topic - I don't go online myself going online with cfw is not the worst thing in the world - as long as you don't take the piss, abuse peeps or run hacks - then you are a bell-end in my book but who da fvck am I to tell peeps what they can/can't do with their ps3's just try not to screw it all up for other legit players is all I say
  7. Tall_King_Crap

    PS3 2501A weird

    plug in controller if it don't sync - that is a possible sign of GLOD try n remove hdd see if you get anything eventually on screen my guess is that the GPU solder "popped" on one of the balls when refitting/removal of top shield removing clip etc... and then reassembling all back together to go in case - they are fragile bastids (also they made the gpu dies thinner on 2100 & 2500 models so they do seem to run warmer than 2000 & last lot of phatty's on gpu's - less difference on cpu/temp imho coz thinner gpu die) As I say I now do ALL slims topless - with bottom metal shield on (use card underneath and you can overtighten even bend mobo more than using bottom shield) Do all the downgrade crap or most of it topless, then when ya done and you have to remove the heatsink fan assembly I kinda pull and "slip" the heatsink away from mobo, refit heatsink back to top shield and reassemble it all back in case (I leave stock paste on and when refitting it all back together then I clean and change paste after I have seen if temps & IHS is ok - but then I do things very long winded or a fussy way I know) I don't like to keep taking stuff apart - the more you fuck with it the more chance it will bollox it Had a phatty that was either running too warm or too loud if using 15 or 17 or other fans fuck me just as I settled on a nice fan not too loud and kept it quite cool after 5 or 6 strip downs including downgrade - bastid GLOD - FVCK FVCK FVCK !!!! serves me right for messing with too much - another fvcking bodge I won't be selling ffs my guess it is GLOD and will need either a professional reflow or a poxy lame ar$e bodge and it is a bodge that may not last and fvcking hate doing this crap but I won't reflow and if it don't work then I just bin the mobo - damn it see what others may think though coz sometimes it ain't what it always seems but atm imho it does sound like 80%+ GLOD I'm afraid
  8. Ohhh so he fucking broke it then - ok as long I ain't getting the blame
  9. board has been infected with form of ebola virus or something I got a m8 who breaks everything but sure he hasn't regged ok - I haven't got a friend - I kind of know him a little but he wouldn't want me saying openly I'm a m8 of his... he said once: "you are ok-ish but don't tell anyone I said that or I'll break ya fucking legs ok"
  10. Capt James T Kirk - boldly going where no spammer has gone before....... ooooooooohhhh oooo wooo waa waaa wa wa wa oooooooooohhhhh...... pmsl - soon as you F5 ya post - its fucked !!!!! lol
  11. it is fucking wanked - got a screenshot clearly showing muvver fvcker mixed bold n normal but when I try to attach it paste the small pic into post says don't want that file format on here bitch changed to bmp/jpeg bollox but won't let me attach showing I have it as mainly normal deffo something got boned again now i normal edit the post arrrgggghhhhh it is fucked jeez even ctrl + A to select all and click boldy bollox on/off still says I'm capt fucking kirk ffs no I ain't taking the fall for this - it was running alright when I left it so to speak if i edit post - the whole post in this is normal ffs BOLLOCKS - this word is only bold bit I added is this a browser/code problem coz some are ok but many are bold like moi I'm running firefucked - firefox btw
  12. something is up but bit of spam to see if I am still doing this StarTrek boldly going text crap looks like it got fixed damn software just kidding - this last bit me on purpose WTF - IT HAS ALL GONE BOLD AGAIN ??? bollox - just coz I used full editor and smiley crap this shit happens ??? on my screen it is mainly normal just with the odd bold bit - software wanked somewhere ??
  13. Tall_King_Crap

    PS3 2501A weird

    GLOD is my guess - slims imho have a higher chance of this happening than phats The GPU is always the cunt at back that don't wanna fucking pop easily too (if a slim is a bitch to release it will be that bastid gpu still stuck) In fact I would say I am more gentle and cautious with slims coz they can GLOD on you if too heavy handed tightening clamps or popping her open so I am now a bit more on the go easy side than the rip da fucking thing off technique I used at first and bit more involved the way I tighten/loosen clamps tiny bit by bit to ensure gradual even pressure (ok I shut up but I do go a bit more carefully now than a year ago)
  14. Really don't know or care coz I don't do that shit maybe DEX perhaps but think CEX if all setup and spoofed properly will nigh on give you the same chances of getting away with it for a little while - but they (Sony) are getting much better at detecting cfw it is all fucked anyway - COD, GTA V & now Destiny hacks fucking ruining legit gamers who bought the fucking games I hate to say it but think Sony should just cease free online gaming and charge for PSN+ on ps3 like ps4 Yeah get flamed for this maybe but I would bet that less people would be trying their luck. certainly less people would be running hacks if they face losing £40 if there account gets banned Yeah there would be uproar and possible odd case of people not really hacking or game glitching or stuff but in the end it deffo reduce hackers bit too late and in the end Sony just know the real dumb arse gamers will upgrade to ps4 - more money for them leaving the not-so-well-off on ps3 to put up with yet more cfw online gamers/hackers until they finally pull the plug on ps3 support. It don't matter to most legit gamers if you run with cfw - they wouldn't know but it is when peeps start taking the piss too much for too long that it all falls down, wheels come off etc..... Human nature to keep pushing it and many may tempted to go online with cfw, then after a while they might be tempted to try their luck running a hack say god or infinate ammo/unlocks etc... and so it goes on until legit players think - what is the fucking point ???? I'm off - fuck this shit !!!!! long waffle as per usual - soz but deffo reckon psn+ should be half the fuckin price it is ffs I mean at half price £20 then sony would still be doing ok in my book sony don't give a fuck though about ps3 - means mores ps4 sales in the end and more £40 psn+ even more if greedy sony INCREASE the fucking price !!! alas the arseholes running hacks online don't give a toss or realise how they are killing off the ps3 quicker and too dumb to realise this until its too late and I really really doubt if we will ever see the ps4 unlocked like the ps3 and we will all have to pay for online - yeah nice one guys fucking it all up for every ps3 owner - twats
  15. happy birthday squire - was gonna post a pic of some fit asian/jap tart but figured you got that covered so here is another couple of fit birds for ya
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