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  1. Hello, I think the same as @STLcardsWS. It's too early for a homebrew contest. The idea, of course, is interesting because it can motivate people to develop on PS4, but as STL said only certain PS4 (on a specific firmware) can run homebrews. So, even if people would have been curious to develop homebrews after seeing the contest, as soon as they would see that an outdated version is needed, more than half of them would be unable to participate. :/ I don't know what to say more honestly, because STL already said everything I wanted to say. ^^
  2. Thank you dear Gregory for putting Custom Protocol, @valentinbreiz, @Tuxbot123 and me on the list! ? And thank you for all you do! ? It's sad that we have to do such a list, but it's true that fake/liar sites are more and more numerous on the web...
  3. Happy 2000 my dear! PSHaX deserves it!
  4. WTF I don't remember launching the quiz! xD Nooo is there a way to restart it?
  5. I just completed this quiz. My Score 0/100 My Time 12 seconds  
  6. @ConsoleHax Hi my dear friend, glad to see you here too! @thezander xD Actually, it is not easy at all to do those "master tricks".
  7. @GregoryRasputin thank you! @thezander No, no! xD I just like watching & do research, the only martial art I practised was Aïkido for 7 years. ^^
  8. Bonjour ! (no don't leave already, the rest of the message is in english! xD) I'm Wirus - known as "Louis" to my closest friends -, and I'm a 18 years old french guy. (french means -> "bad english", so I am sorry in advance! ) In fact, I'm half French (from my dad) and half Japanese (from my mom). Yes I signed up on this forum last year, after discovering the sympathetic comrade GregoryRasputin on Twitter, but I'm making my introduction only today because... Well, I don't feel comfortable in english, please understand me. I really like PlayStationHaX's websi
  9. Thank you very much my dear! <3
  10. My God, I just read your tweets... Damn, there are really fucking idiots on this planet... x__x
  11. My sincere condolences to the hacker, his friends, his Team and his family... :/
  12. Wow, just see this topic today, thank you a lot for the post dude!
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