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  1. Thank you dear Gregory for putting Custom Protocol, @valentinbreiz, @Tuxbot123 and me on the list! ? And thank you for all you do! ? It's sad that we have to do such a list, but it's true that fake/liar sites are more and more numerous on the web...
  2. Happy 2000 my dear! PSHaX deserves it!
  3. WTF I don't remember launching the quiz! xD Nooo is there a way to restart it?
  4. I just completed this quiz. My Score 0/100 My Time 12 seconds  
  5. @ConsoleHax Hi my dear friend, glad to see you here too! @thezander xD Actually, it is not easy at all to do those "master tricks".
  6. @GregoryRasputin thank you! @thezander No, no! xD I just like watching & do research, the only martial art I practised was Aïkido for 7 years. ^^
  7. Bonjour ! (no don't leave already, the rest of the message is in english! xD) I'm Wirus - known as "Louis" to my closest friends -, and I'm a 18 years old french guy. (french means -> "bad english", so I am sorry in advance! ) In fact, I'm half French (from my dad) and half Japanese (from my mom). Yes I signed up on this forum last year, after discovering the sympathetic comrade GregoryRasputin on Twitter, but I'm making my introduction only today because... Well, I don't feel comfortable in english, please understand me. I really like PlayStationHaX's website (which I visit every day) and forum, although I do not write much. I like the serene and friendly atmosphere. Oh my God, I was forgetting that it was my introduction. xD Well, what can I say about me... As you guessed, I'm a big fan of the console's hack & custimization, especially the portable consoles. I discovered this universe with my dear PSPs when I was 11 years old (in 2009), ooh my I loved this console so much! When I was 13 (in 2011), I entered on the late MediaGen's websites (to be more precise: on PSPGen, WiiGen and AndroidGen) as corrector, and then I became a PSPGen's redactor until the day the hack was abandoned (in 2013), and the MediaGen's websites turned into a single website about gaming (GamerGen). I missed terribly the hack, the writing of articles about hack, so I decided to create (at the end of 2014) my own french website/blog, called "Custom Protocol". Buuut I am not only a fan of hack/customization, of course I like video games too! I spent a lot of my time on the LittleBigPlanet games (I played and enjoyed all versions, even the PSP & PS Vita versions), espacially on the amazing and very complete level editor. I like Metal Gear Solid too, and it may shock you, but... I loved MGS2! :3 For the moment, I just played and finished MSG 1, 2, 3 and Peace Walker, but I intend to play the 4th and 5th episodes too. I really like racing games (Burnout, Need for Speed, WipEout, even Ridge Racer when I was 7 xD), and the Final Fantasy games (well, at this time, I just played FF VII, FF VII: Crisis Core and FF VIII a little, but I'm planning to play and finish FF III, FF IV, FF VIII and FF IX as soon as possible :P). What else do I like? I like music (like everyone xD), mostly the 20th century music (but there are many artists of the 21st century that I also love), some animes/mangas, programming, swimming, martial arts, french and japanese cultures/traditions, etc. I think we have exhausted the subject. If you have questions (not indiscreet please :P), don't hesitate to ask me!
  8. Thank you very much my dear! <3
  9. My God, I just read your tweets... Damn, there are really fucking idiots on this planet... x__x
  10. My sincere condolences to the hacker, his friends, his Team and his family... :/
  11. Wow, just see this topic today, thank you a lot for the post dude!
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