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  1. Because people are stupid and think they can charge more money by adding stolen games they didnt pay for.
  2. Well if its using an OS emulator the chances of hacking it and adding the "full version" of the emulator drastically increases, as well as adding your own roms/images. But as Zander pointed out, most people probably buys these things for the novelty, maybe plays a bit on them, then places them on the shelve for display. Still though, unless the PSClassic actually comes as open source(no need to hack it), using open source code is quite naughty. According to the GNU General Public License v3.0, when delivering a product with compiled/closed source which is based on open
  3. Could be for legal reasons, maybe they dont own the right to it anymore. Bit extreme to push a silent patch for it though, but Im quite sure they dont do it "just because".
  4. Lose the attitude. I don't care who you are, what you've done, or what color your panties are. A "I'm back!!!111one"-thread with no other purpose than self-promoting your glorious return does not belong in a section dedicated to something completely different.
  5. Moved from PS4 Cheat Codes For PS4Cheater to Offtopic
  6. In order to charge more for the console. The games doesnt cost the seller anything so its pure profit........ In his mind..... Until he got sued..... ?
  7. I never got the webman-record to work either. Unfortunately I strongly doubt mysis will ever continue his recording plugin, as it was from the start meant solely as a proof of concept. The only hope is if someone else picks it up where he left off but... tbh I dont think theres much else that can be done with it, the PS3 simply isnt capable of recording properly while maintaining decent framerate and stability(there are games that are exceptions though, naturally, since not all games uses the same amount of resources of the ps3's capabilities). Dont forget the underlying groundwork
  8. Copying Nintendo much? Well, no surprise there tbh, isnt exactly the first time and certainly wont be the last.
  9. Didnt we all already know playstation's were full of bugs? ?
  10. Nice... Might try make something silly for the vita at some point... If I can find it... Dont have a ps4 so cant test anything for that though.
  11. I said this before the PSVR was even released - the resolution of the device IS NOT EVEN CLOSE to high enough (after all, youre practically looking at a 1080p/2 monitor through binoculars). Not even the Rift or Vive have high enough resolution, and theyre both 1440p. Text is KNOWN to be borderline unreadable on any and all current headsets, and you basically have to make the text enormous in order for the player to be able to read it properly, as well as apply a lot of tricks and workarounds - something Skyrim "VR" devs clearly havent done. The blurriness is the same, especially for distant ob
  12. Makes sense. I like his approach of using a tiny PCB and using a plastic frame to fill out the gaps instead of... you know... USING FKING TINNED CONDUCTIVE HOLES IN THE PCB as a certain someone claimed....
  13. Is the 3rd from the left the same adapter without the case, or some other version?
  14. Visually it looks great, and if it doesnt have some odd form, like being a few mm too tall to not be able to close the lid, it will most likely be great option for people whos not comfortable with bare PCBs - despite the extremely low risk of anything happening to it. The price feels right for what it is as well, $6 for the pcb in a plastic case isnt bad..... How much were scaminformer charging for their adapter in a plastic case again? oh ye, too much... Im fairly confident in saying that the adapter will work just fine because.... Its a fking adapter!
  15. Best. Excuse. Ever. . . . . . . ... Those are not rivets, those are clearly drilled, tinned and etched solder/testpoints. No one in their right mind would ever think of using.. alright, lets call them rivets... rivets as "spacers", and even less so TINNED, CONDUCTIVE, rivets. If you'd really needed "spacers", you know what you should've done? MADE. THE. BOARD. BIGGER. While I cant comment whether the slots are different sizes between 1k, 2k and PSTV-versions, I can say this: Original carts fits just fine in any of the systems.
  16. Having a reasonable amount of ads and/or aff. links are fine* imo. Running a website isnt free, and requires quite a bit of work and maintenance. The bigger the site, the more maintenance will be needed, e.g. more time lost that couldve been spent elsewhere. For example resting to be fit for fight at ones real work tomorrow to earn a living. * theres a very fine line between whats reasonable and whats annoying for the users. Having a couple of discreet non-intrusive ads, on a layout designed to accommodate said ads, isnt something many people will bat an eye at. However, plastering
  17. hmm.... Overall it looks like a really crapily made board. I would take one of those dirt-cheap ebay adapters over that abomination any day. Those things on the edges are no doubt breaking points but, generally you dont tin those, or even use metal at them. Generally its just drilled holes. So my next guess is that they doubled as testpoint, which would explain WHY THE FUCK the traces are crossing over them. You should always leave a good 2-3mm empty space from the edge of the board to the closest component/trace/whatever. That has clearly not been done here. Its also clear tha
  18. Ok, Im going to be constructive here.. Or at least try to... As far as Ive seen, none of those have even claimed to be in a plastic case at all? I might've missed some odd one though. Its true though that having a plastic case is generally better when dealing with PCB's youre going to fiddle with, because it does offer some protection from outside moisture and the like. I dont think I need to comment on this... But I'll do anyway - ITS A FKING ADAPTER! It can sit on top of the Eiffel tower and it still wouldnt change a thing.
  19. Fantastic. Glad I didnt bend over and buy a bigger overpriced piece of shit memcard now
  20. Speaking of the SD-card thingy... What can you actually do with it? Can you use it as a normal memcard and install games and shit on it, or is it purely for homebrew stuff such as emulators etc?
  21. Thats good to know. I'd still recommend to be cautious with updating your console though, at least until the web exploit is properly released. You never know, maybe they change their mind and decide to withhold it for god-knows-what-reason, or it could be terribly unstable and unreliable, making it a pain to use. As far as I know, everything still works on 5.5.1, such as online play and eshop(with spoof), so theres really no need to update. Some quick searches does indeed show it was released a few weeks ago, however it did not pop up on my WiiU until the day
  22. This is just a short PSA to inform everyone that Nintendo have sneakily released a new FW for the dead WiiU. I dont know when they did it, but a quick look at other sites it seems they did it a few days ago. So if youre a stupid bastard like me, and havent blocked updates properly(cause, y'know, dead console, theyre not gonna release any new FW... *cough*), DO IT NOW. The update doesnt seem to 'activate' until you try to start a game (BotW in my case), giving you some leeway to block updates before its too late. I was lucky as fk and managed to get past it by force-shutting do
  23. Should probably dig out my vita and get it, before it gets cold
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