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  1. Because people are stupid and think they can charge more money by adding stolen games they didnt pay for.
  2. Well if its using an OS emulator the chances of hacking it and adding the "full version" of the emulator drastically increases, as well as adding your own roms/images. But as Zander pointed out, most people probably buys these things for the novelty, maybe plays a bit on them, then places them on the shelve for display. Still though, unless the PSClassic actually comes as open source(no need to hack it), using open source code is quite naughty. According to the GNU General Public License v3.0, when delivering a product with compiled/closed source which is based on open source, the manufacturer must provide the sourcecode in its entirety upon request, to anyone who wants it as far as I understood. PCSXR seems to require the following: Will be interesting to see whether Sony will abide by that licencing or not.
  3. Could be for legal reasons, maybe they dont own the right to it anymore. Bit extreme to push a silent patch for it though, but Im quite sure they dont do it "just because".
  4. Lose the attitude. I don't care who you are, what you've done, or what color your panties are. A "I'm back!!!111one"-thread with no other purpose than self-promoting your glorious return does not belong in a section dedicated to something completely different.
  5. Moved from PS4 Cheat Codes For PS4Cheater to Offtopic
  6. In order to charge more for the console. The games doesnt cost the seller anything so its pure profit........ In his mind..... Until he got sued..... ?
  7. I never got the webman-record to work either. Unfortunately I strongly doubt mysis will ever continue his recording plugin, as it was from the start meant solely as a proof of concept. The only hope is if someone else picks it up where he left off but... tbh I dont think theres much else that can be done with it, the PS3 simply isnt capable of recording properly while maintaining decent framerate and stability(there are games that are exceptions though, naturally, since not all games uses the same amount of resources of the ps3's capabilities). Dont forget the underlying groundwork for the recording was made by sony themselves, and abandoned before it was even completed cause the ps3 turned out to be too weak. The fact that it works at all is an accomplishment in its own right.
  8. Copying Nintendo much? Well, no surprise there tbh, isnt exactly the first time and certainly wont be the last.
  9. Didnt we all already know playstation's were full of bugs? ?
  10. Nice... Might try make something silly for the vita at some point... If I can find it... Dont have a ps4 so cant test anything for that though.
  11. I said this before the PSVR was even released - the resolution of the device IS NOT EVEN CLOSE to high enough (after all, youre practically looking at a 1080p/2 monitor through binoculars). Not even the Rift or Vive have high enough resolution, and theyre both 1440p. Text is KNOWN to be borderline unreadable on any and all current headsets, and you basically have to make the text enormous in order for the player to be able to read it properly, as well as apply a lot of tricks and workarounds - something Skyrim "VR" devs clearly havent done. The blurriness is the same, especially for distant objects. This is even true for conventional monitors - you just dont notice it as much as when looking through a pair of magnifying glasses. And a game like skyrim where distance is 90% of the experience.... Yeah, not exactly a good recipe for success. The reason your eye(s) became extremely strained is because of the low resolution. Your eyes were desperately trying to focus on that blurry mess, to no avail. Then we have the other (obvious) issue that I also said before the PSVR was released - the PS4 is NOT POWERFUL ENOUGH to handle games in VR in ANY sort of decent quality. All I can say is... "I told you so"
  12. Makes sense. I like his approach of using a tiny PCB and using a plastic frame to fill out the gaps instead of... you know... USING FKING TINNED CONDUCTIVE HOLES IN THE PCB as a certain someone claimed....
  13. Is the 3rd from the left the same adapter without the case, or some other version?
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