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  1. enosrasun

    Happy New Year From PlayStationHaX

    Happy new year
  2. enosrasun

    XMB running slow and Multiman as well

    one or more hdd sectors gone bad , the hdd can read sector index (description) it/them .but can't access it/them , high access time or none === slow running ,replace it , or use a program to erase the sectors index
  3. enosrasun

    PSVR Review By GregoryRasputin

    thank you greg ,I am glad I didn't bought the damn thing....
  4. enosrasun

    Happy Easter

    Happy Easter "motherfuckers" love you all ,hope you have a good year full of joy and love,
  5. enosrasun

    Guys I Miss You - Where Are You :(

    after you find "the weed" time goes by so fassssst ......... ahhhhhh .... lol
  6. enosrasun

    [Quiz]PlayStation 3

    I just completed this quiz. My Score 50/100 My Time 110 seconds  
  7. enosrasun

    Writing Process Memory w/ PTRACE

    check is the address is empty (writable),or is used by some process ,when you read ,you can read all address doesn't matter if is used or not ,but when you write first check the address you want to write,
  8. enosrasun

    Merry Christmas From PlayStationHaX

    Merry Christmas to all
  9. enosrasun

    Happy Halloween!

    happy halloween,from romania ,we like it ,a lot BOOOOOOO!!!!!!!
  10. enosrasun


    yeah!!!......back into the cave ...yeahhhhh..they deserve this .....racists got what they want isolation.....
  11. enosrasun

    Happy New Year Everyone!!

    Happy New Year!!!!!!!
  12. enosrasun

    Merry Christmas Everyone!!

    Merry christmas to all,and I want this for christmas
  13. enosrasun

    PlayStation 4 Vs Xbox One

    I tried with my brother on Halo 5 (no split screen anymore) and 2 xbox can't connect on the same time to microshit servers,if they are connected to the same router.you need a second ip from isp and another router.yeah,go microshit ,f**k
  14. enosrasun

    PlayStation 4 Vs Xbox One

    CON 2 xbox one can't work on the same router
  15. enosrasun

    hi ,nice to see you

    hi @GregoryRasputin ,nice to see you here ,,keep up the good work ,respect