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  1. Congratulations to PlaystationHax. and all it´s members. Great job, guys!!
  2. Damn, that was fast. this gives me hope that there might be new exploits to discover with this hack. Once more Sony gives you an app with your console and then takes it away. This must suck for the official devs that were using this to create their own programs. time invested on something thats just taken away
  3. Are you sure about this? I tried installing PSM with the package installer, but I only get error messages. Seems like it only works if you had the PSM app installed at least once on your Vita. I pretty much tried every .pgk file for PSM I could find, but none of them work. If there's still an option and I don't know about it, I'd be glad to hear it. I read that you can´t install it with package installer, I don´t remember the reason why though.
  4. I wish the SyFy channel could make top notch quality films like this one.
  5. Happy Birthday my man, I hope you have or had a great day. You really deserve it. Best Wishes.
  6. Happy belated Birthday. Hope you had a great day.
  7. Happy Birthday to who? I´ve never heard of this guy. jk I hope your having a great day and have many, many more birthdays. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!
  8. Thanks for the tip. I was having the same issue and changing the theme did the trick.
  9. Nice. I´ve always liked this dev´s work. I´m glad he/she is still around.
  10. Happy Birthday. That cake looks yummy.
  11. Happy Birthday. Enjoy your day.
  12. WTF. I got all pumped up with the teaser and now it´s cancelled. I signed the petition, for what is worth.
  13. Cool, another awesome contest. Count me in with 138. Thanks
  14. Congratulations man. It must be an incredible feeling.
  15. Hello Welcome to the forum and I hope you enjoy it here.
  16. Ya, the most interesting thing about this is the x86/64 CPU. The price is a little hefty but if you get an activated Windows 8 it might be worth it for some people.
  17. I give credit to the dev for finding this. it´s cool in a geeky way and it´s the 1st exploit I´ve heard of that´s works on wi-fi. So as an academic example, it´s interesting but like Lucif3r said it´s really pointless for the end user. The only use I can think of is if you have a Vita TV, a hacked Vita and you want to use homebrew on the TV. this is actually my case although the Vita TV is still on 3.36. I´ll probably update because of PS+ but I´ll just wait and hope another exploit pops up or the other bubble method is revealed
  18. Ya, I didn´t realize you needed a psp too for this. Although I also apreciate the work of the devs, this ain´t for me.
  19. I don´t have any of those games fror ps4 or vita so it´s a good month for me. Never alone seems interesting.
  20. Happy Birthday my man!!! Hope you have had a great day. Seems HAX might have some calender problems but at least GR didn´t forget the cake.
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