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  1. TheZander

    Sony Tested These Games On The PlayStation Classic

    I wonder if there will be a way to load the ROMs via the USB port eventually. It seems as if it is more open that the Nintendo minis.
  2. TheZander

    The Game Boy Advance Consolizer

    I think this type of project is more practical for someone who sort of hordes consoles despite their wear and tear. I have gba carts everywhere they have permanently permeated my junk drawers so I'd have a decent library if i did it. I don't really have a broken snes but i have enough of them to where if i had the time or will to carefully remove a port i could do it. I didn't look into all the cost i thought part of it was a RPi.
  3. TheZander

    The Game Boy Advance Consolizer

    I don't think you watched the 43 minute interview where he goes over his reasonings. To sum it up he believes we live in a time where if man does not continue to advance equipment that has become antiquated the machines will grow contempt for mankind in their dormancy and plot to overthrow us all.
  4. A new modkit has been made by someone named Stephen who blogs about the projects he's involved with. One of his latest is the GBA Consolizer http://stephens-projects.com/projects/gbahdmi/ which makes it possible to play your GBA on your modern HD television with no latency or lag just as if playing on the handheld yourself. At this point you're probably thinking to yourself "hey jerk I connect my GBA to my GameCube with my 'Game Boy Player' adapter and play it on my TV everyday what makes this so special". The Game Boy Player does not hold a candle to this though if you read through the features and see how it's a digital output opposed to analog so stuff does not get screwed up. Also another useful addition to this mod is the addition of a SNES controller port. That way if you do not want the authenticate Game Boy experience with the screen being a fraction of an inch away from the player's eyes because the tin LCD is now replaced with a giant widescreen television you now have the luxury of using a controller with a decent length cord to get a better view. Here are some related videos: Source http://stephens-projects.com/projects/gbahdmi/ via http://retrorgb.com/gba-consolizer-an-hdmi-720p-gba-kit.html
  5. TheZander

    PlayStationHaX Podcast #3

    The music was really on point the second time . We need to get @StarMelter into audio engineering pronto and get a dope sound piece for the intro with quacks and hammers and stuff. Also a well timed PSA on the PS Classic, people should have reasonable expectations when they inevitably buy it.
  6. TheZander

    Ready To Do Some Closeups

    I had no idea this is what you were talking about doing on discord. I thought you were just cleaning the board but you removed all of the components. Are you taking macro pictures of the re-assembly process?
  7. Today Nintendo released a nice little update to the Nintendo Switch 6.2.0. it currently breaks all cfw functionality due to changing something to do with key generation and tsec. My understanding is this tsec is not totally reversed yet and Nintendo moved some kind of crucial process inside of it thus delaying a fix. It is then advised to not update your switch immediately to the newest firmware until they have a really solution because good old Nintendo made this special update also burn a precious fuse which makes it impossible to downgrade if updated via official way and not like choir*something* which prevents fuse burning. Here are some tweets by some people who know what's up. I would consider them my source because it was flooded everywhere at one. <blockquote class="twitter-tweet"><p lang="en" dir="ltr">New Switch firmware introduces huge changes to key generation -- looking forward to cracking it :)</p>&mdash; Michael (@SciresM) <a href="https://twitter.com/SciresM/status/1064677985305812992?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw">November 20, 2018</a></blockquote> <script async src="https://platform.twitter.com/widgets.js" charset="utf-8"></script> https:/twitter.com/ylws8bot/status/1064670954440351745 https://twitter.com/hexkyz/status/1064692685569581056 https://twitter.com/hexkyz/status/1064710892808368128
  8. TheZander

    Happy Birthday PS3

    I had to order off ebay to get the console before any other jerks around me would see them in stores. Usa consoles are for the likes of people like @StarMelter and their preprogrammed non European standard date format. For Shane!
  9. TheZander

    PlayStation Classic Uses Open Source Emulator

    I think one of the big factors in people buying these are for the novelty of it and the fact that it is made by the original manufacturer ( in some sense (sorta)). The fact that they used a emulator and stripped some features is not surprising but still kind of lame. Edit: On another thought they are fully capable of writing their own emulators above everything else didn't they do just that for something to do with Parapa. Did they mainly use the emulator for the existing aesthetics?
  10. TheZander

    Is this website legit?

    No it is not a legit website and does not have a legit jailbreak.
  11. Game accessory company 8BitDo is releasing a product this December 7th ( just in time for Smash Ultimate) which is a wireless adapter for a GameCube or Classic Controller for the Wii that works with the Nintendo Switch. It has a built in screenshot and home menu button. The price on Amazon is 19.99 so if you still have a GameCube controller that's the cost of using it with the Switch ( as of now, or they may already be similar products idk). Source https://www.polygon.com/deals/2018/11/7/18065872/nintendo-switch-gamecube-controller-adapter-super-smash-bros-ultimate-8bitdo?utm_campaign=polygon&amp;utm_content=chorus&amp;utm_medium=social&amp;utm_source=twitter Now you are all probably curious as to how someone such as I was able to become aware of such a product despite my dull wit. You would be correct in assuming so, however the 'via' source has wished to remain un-named. I will then not divulge the identity of the user who may engage in actions involved in the deliquesce of suns.
  12. I wonder what this has to do with twilight princess.
  13. TheZander

    PS2 Network Adaptor SD Card Mod

    This is cool, I knew there was a reason to keep the network adapter all this time. Not that I would know how to build this thing, my luck it would end up as a flux capacitor.
  14. TheZander

    Help needed with faulty ps3 bd drive (phat (nand bc))

    The problem is solely the disc drive? Why would you smash it because of that especially when you just reflowed it.
  15. TheZander

    [Released] Open-GCI For PS4

    This is like the start of DIY accessible controllers for PS4 that is comparable to those new xbox one controllers? You could buy the components and use this software to communicate with the console?