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  1. That is ridiculous. Hopefully that could get patched out so they work on emulators or Smash.
  2. TheZander

    PSA: Be Aware Of These Fake Devs And Scammers

    This makes sense, I disliked the trend of having to check on a bunch of people's twitters for up to date info. Someone posting a link to their thread on their Twitter is a much better plan. Twitter comments aren't moderated and are about as comprehensible as a twitch stream chat which would make it better all around.
  3. I picked a bad time to start ZanderzPS4-ALL-FW-Exploits-Emporium.sandwich
  4. I use autoRCM before any CFW or cool stuff was out I would run into a battery drian issue but all I did was leave it connected to my PC and just kept trying to send a payload until it recognized. Now though I have it booted most times and only leave it off ( or RCM mode ) for a little while.
  5. TheZander

    Happy Birthday BobbyBlunt

    Happy birthday man, win a thing of street fighter for me
  6. TheZander

    Happy Birthday GregoryRasputin!

    Happy Birthday man!
  7. TheZander


    Anyone been watching this new season? It's starting to be less abstract and following a plotline it seems.
  8. Clubs seem to be an option for anyone to make a mini side forum inside this one. What would be a sweet idea for a neat club?
  9. 1.4.1 ? I've not seen that one. I thought it went 1.0 > 2
  10. TheZander

    PS4 GTA V Lamance Mod Menu v0 8

    Looks neat, being an invincible, invisible, speckle of star dust is pretty cool.
  11. ScireSm of the Nintendo Switch hacking group ReSwitch released a tool that allows the user to decrypt files dumped from a Nintendo Switch console. a blurb from the github: You'll need those all important console keys, which I don't know if there is a convenient public way of dumping them yourself from your own Switch. Source: https://github.com/SciresM/hactool Also sidenote a GBATempt member SimonMKWii created a simple GUI for the program found here: https://gbatemp.net/threads/release-hactoolgui-a-very-simple-gui-for-hactool.499526/ however the original creators comments on GUI are such: But ultimately isn't trying to stop the guy from maintaining it by giving this leeway: Thus helping him make it better, so I think it's fine software to use if you are into it. Also when you open it up it says whether it's up to date or not which is a neat feature.
  12. Earlier today Switch hacker ktemkin posted this video of a chip homemade to launch the custom boot sequence. https://twitter.com/ktemkin/status/983623130026422273 Which is cool news for anyone enthusiastic about modding their consoles themselves. The tweet also states it's an affordable chip made out of maker parts. Which I think is like hobby shop type of things. Also note that it isn't mandatory and there will be chip-less ways of achieving a similar effect but who doesn't like soldering stuff?
  13. TheZander

    Happy Birthday gusha

    Happy birthday, where you at man?
  14. TheZander

    [Quiz]Super Mario Quiz

    View this quiz Super Mario Quiz It's in game consoles but game related. A quiz about the Super Mario universe. Submitter TheZander Type Graded Mode Time 5 minutes Total Questions 11 Category Game Consoles Submitted 03/22/2018