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  1. PSVR Review By GregoryRasputin

    Hey do you still have this gizmo? If so are you thinking about getting DOOM VFR? THat game looks sweet. IGN gave it an 8 , whatever that tells you.
  2. [music of the day]

  3. Staff Members

    nvm, all of mine show up. I should change up my avatar though since the forum is looking a little different.
  4. PS3 ColdBoot PlayStationHaX ColdBoot - #PS3Xploit

    Have you asked for help already?
  5. PayPal sucks, I don't know if they have gotten better. However, credit card charge backs should be an option. Their PayPal account will probably be disabled by the end of this.
  6. PSVR Review By GregoryRasputin

    Have you contacted Sony? Maybe they'll trade you PSN money for it back.
  7. Reviews On The Forum

    I like this idea, I would write a review on the new Mario but i'm afraid it may be incomprehensible until I get some thought points nailed down.
  8. Cobra Blackfin Leak At Wololo Part 2

    From my understanding this guy found a unique way to emulate a game iso from his computer over wifi to his vita in 2012. Then in time between this and the CObra fin rumors he contacted under them to manufacturer a mass produced thing with Cobra's backing. Then the need fell flat and cobra abandoned the project and burned the dude on his work or severance package. All the while his work is being mocked and then inevitably his situation as well. That kind of sucks but I think that's the risk / reward for the type of individual who does this. He mentions his skill going unappreciated but if praise is what he was looking for he could have opened up a cleverly named gitHub and a Twitter account with a snarky sarcastic persona and the world would have been his in 2012. Hell he wouldn't have even needed to really release anything just a couple screen shots and hashtags with the caption 'working out the kinks'.
  9. It's been awhile since the news made the rounds of the game Golf for NES being installed on every nintendo switch as a means of paying tribute to the original creator of the game and main nintendo head op's recently passing. It was a trick to get it to launch because if you connected the console to the internet you couldn't launch it afterwards by just simply changing the date to the required one. But jam1gamer made this tool that runs on the Switch that will eventually launch it. You need to have a Switch capable of running public exploits so 3.0 and lower and then you have a litany of things to do to get it to run. Anyways this gbatemp user blinkzane made a pretty straight forward guide to setting it all up here https://gbatemp.net/threads/apparently-it-is-possible-to-trick-nes-golf-into-loading-on-your-switch.485956/ I figure since it involves a homemade script to launch the game or emulator for the game it would classify as homebrew. the ChangeSetting.Py script. However the game as well as the glof emulator that runs it is not the homebrew that is the thing that is designed to only run on a certain date.
  10. [music of the day]

    Welp this has been my theme for a long time but today I hacked it all off.
  11. [Update] This Is A Test - Do Not be Alarmed

    That's the spirit! I never turned on you Frank I've always been loyal, I made what I could on the side but I never betrayed you. ^^ I may of butchered this one. but it's my favorite because he totally did Frank wrong with the girl.
  12. [Update] This Is A Test - Do Not be Alarmed

    YOu know what you are frank? a hazza that's a pig that don't fly straight and neither do you.
  13. GregoryRasputin Is Back Yet Again

    Hey good to see you back, congrats on new born.
  14. PSA: WiiU FW 5.5.2 released!

    Looks like a new browser exploit is in the works: https://gbatemp.net/threads/new-browser-hack-method-for-wiiu-on-firmware-v5-5-2.480966/

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