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  1. TheZander

    PS4 GTA V Lamance Mod Menu v0 8

    Looks neat, being an invincible, invisible, speckle of star dust is pretty cool.
  2. ScireSm of the Nintendo Switch hacking group ReSwitch released a tool that allows the user to decrypt files dumped from a Nintendo Switch console. a blurb from the github: You'll need those all important console keys, which I don't know if there is a convenient public way of dumping them yourself from your own Switch. Source: https://github.com/SciresM/hactool Also sidenote a GBATempt member SimonMKWii created a simple GUI for the program found here: https://gbatemp.net/threads/release-hactoolgui-a-very-simple-gui-for-hactool.499526/ however the original creators comments on GUI are such: But ultimately isn't trying to stop the guy from maintaining it by giving this leeway: Thus helping him make it better, so I think it's fine software to use if you are into it. Also when you open it up it says whether it's up to date or not which is a neat feature.
  3. Earlier today Switch hacker ktemkin posted this video of a chip homemade to launch the custom boot sequence. https://twitter.com/ktemkin/status/983623130026422273 Which is cool news for anyone enthusiastic about modding their consoles themselves. The tweet also states it's an affordable chip made out of maker parts. Which I think is like hobby shop type of things. Also note that it isn't mandatory and there will be chip-less ways of achieving a similar effect but who doesn't like soldering stuff?
  4. TheZander

    Happy Birthday gusha

    Happy birthday, where you at man?
  5. TheZander

    [Quiz]Super Mario Quiz

    View this quiz Super Mario Quiz It's in game consoles but game related. A quiz about the Super Mario universe. Submitter TheZander Type Graded Mode Time 5 minutes Total Questions 11 Category Game Consoles Submitted 03/22/2018  
  6. TheZander

    Super Mario Quiz

    • Graded Mode
    • 5 minutes
    • 11 Questions
    • 11 Players
    It's in game consoles but game related. A quiz about the Super Mario universe.
  7. In about 2 hours there will be a Nintendo Direct here's the youtube vid Source via https://gbatemp.net/threads/nintendo-direct-reminder-4pm-cst-2pm-pt-10pm-gmt.498300/
  8. qlutto tweeted today the release of homebrew launcher for Switch version 3.0.0 https://twitter.com/qlutoo/status/965371563573854208 This image does not represent actual product and is enhanced to show texture This now allows you to run homebrew applications on your switch with the proper firmware. Installation seems straight forward. Quote from source If I had a Switch on this firmware I would do the thread right and install it and stuff unfortunately I do not so I cannot give first hand experience. The credits for hbl belong to ( another source quote ) : Source: https://switchbrew.github.io/nx-hbl/
  9. TheZander

    Nintendo Switch Catch Up Thread

    I'll double post up in here to bump it. Some interesting teases came out today showing off a boot exploit. First ktempkin posted this https://twitter.com/ktemkin/status/964780654142484481 Afterwards team failoverfl0w posted this as a follow up https://twitter.com/fail0verflow/status/964954316892119040 I do not have a ton more to add, no mention of any kind of "release" or something like that. Oh but in other big news I seemingly forgot to mention that SciresM released hactool which quote from source source https://github.com/SciresM/hactool
  10. TheZander

    Welcome xanderzarov

    Welcome cousin.
  11. TheZander

    Who tutorial should i use

    Just to clarify, you are requesting a video guide of the tutorial thread you linked to?
  12. For the past several months several groups and individuals have made public speakings, announcements on the next level of security cracked. With the vast amount of twitter accounts, public chat rooms and wiki/websites it may be hard to keep up with what's going down. Also what is most relevant to make a post about any way. I think one of those interesting interactive fancy HTML-5 graph things that look like would be the most beneficial to really deliver information from these several entities. But I don't know how to make graphs nor ever know what is called and found that image after 10 minutes searching for 'circle and line chart' Somewhere to start could be about firmware version. The Switch has had quite a few FW version changes in it's short lifespan however each one is (sort of) unique in their each way. For the interest of those who want to get the most out of their Switch they want to know which firmware they should go with. What Does Nintendo Switch Firmware Mean To You. In other outlets herds of people want to know what FW they are recommended to stay so they can get the most out of what the community has to offer. I think there is some certain difficulty answering these questions from an outside perspective because what does anyone know. I think this post by ScireM on the ReSwitch news channel posted today serves as a perfect guide https://imgur.com/a/J72SB I had more ideas for this when I started, then I went away and forgot a lot of them. I will un-hide it.
  13. TheZander

    [Released] Make SELF GUI v1.1 - #PS4HEN - PS4

    Guess who is sure as fuck not going to make a thread about the news Ocean's 8 movie this year, me. We don't know need to lose anybody else.
  14. There have been a lot of developments going on with the Switch; PoCs of CFW and boot exploits, what firmware will allow time travel, etc etc. Perhaps a good recap thread is in order, in the meantime however this is a good a time as ever to start posting about this stuff. SciresM posted a write up on a exploit he developed on in collaboration with others. GBATemp Thread titled: jamais vu - a 1.0.0 TrustZone code execution exploit for the Nintendo Switch source: https://gbatemp.net/threads/jamais-vu-a-1-0-0-trustzone-code-execution-exploit-for-the-nintendo-switch.494712/ YOu can also follow Scires M at https://twitter.com/SciresM