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  1. Still very busy with it and my administration is also a big mess as I didn't have time for that also, but I will try to be here way more often again
  2. Hello Gregory and all my other old friends !! I know I haven't been here for a very long time, sadly luck wasn't on my side this year... maybe a little explanation will help to explain what has happened.... in 2015 I started a flea market as a business (only open in the weekend) and starting and building up something like that takes a lot of time. So for that reason I wasn't that much on playstationhax.it anymore. But I always had the intention to come back here asap as i really like and love this site on 17 januari 2017 sadly the flea market got hit by a big fire due to a stupid refrigerator with a broken thermostat (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=47tJ_64YAdg or google "musselkanaal brand loods" (Sony already knows who I am so this information won't hurt me, no problem with that ) The damage was big and financially a big loss (asbestos saved a lot but costs also a lot), but even worse was my office with a lot of memories from my parents from the past was completely destroyed... money can be replaced, sadly memories not the whole year 2017 was all about repairing the damage and starting all over again in a second barn I have. 2017 was the worst year I've ever had is all i can say. Things start to be better now, flea market is up and running again and now with the new-year-holiday I finally found time to visit playstationhax again So forgive me I haven't been here for a long time, if I could have changed it I would do it...
  3. great job, can't wait till the devs implant this in their updates for emulators
  4. I think Team Cobra... they want to sell some extra Black Fin's On a serious note, $ony wants as less news about HENkaku as possible, it wouldn't be a smart move to do this
  5. No, VHBL starts also without to start HENkaku ....
  6. next question: I have a second PS Vita with FW 3.01 and the King of Pool exploit, is it wise to upgrade this one to 3.60? Edit: took the gamble and updated the FW before $ony patches it by putting a new FW 3.61 online Btw, to enable the FTP server (port 1337) on the HENkaku PSVita, press "select" install VHBL: 1. download and install a free PSP demo game from store (I used Ape Quest Starter Pack). 2. Boot HENkaku. 3, hit Select to enable the build in FTP server and check the screen for the IP address and port info. 4. start your FTP client on your PC (For example FileZilla, I use Directory Opus for FTP'ing) and connect wireless to the Vita using the IP info. 5. Download VHBL file on your PC and unzip it somewhere like your desktop. 6. Using your FTP client put the pboot.pbp from the unzipped file in ux0:pspemu/PSP/GAME/xx/ (replace xx with your game name. it will be something like NPEG00005). 7: Put in the same way the folder VHBL01234 in ux0:pspemu/PSP/SAVEDATA (So it looks like this: ux0:pspemu/PSP/SAVEDATA/VHBL01234). 8: Reboot into recovery (Turn off Vita. Push PS button, power button and right shoulder button together till Vita logo appears and wait a second for the recovery screen) and choose to rebuild database and wait till it is done and boots into the system. VHBL icon is on your Vita screen now. (remember you need to start HENkaku again because you turned off the Vita ) source modified a bit by me
  7. mmm.... i keep getting error (C2-12828-1) on my 3.60 vita .... do i need to be on an English version of the Vita OS maybe? This is what happens: 1. I get the "welcome to HENkaku!" screen (with also the option to stop java script on the page" 2. I click on OK (without enabling the Java script option) 3. I get the error screen with the option to report the problem or to click OK 4. I click OK and it goes back to step 1 More people having this problem? Edit: removed the memory card, system complained and said it would reboot, inserted the memory card again and after rebooting i went back to the browser to do the steps 1 and 2 again and suddenly I see a Molecule screen which installs something and voila, I'm in
  8. ehhh... no? For the movie games we have these days hi-res graphics is important, and sadly the Wii-U missed the boat with that A jailbreak for the Wii-U would help getting my interest back for the Wii-U, not for the low-res games but for a decent Linux based OS to make it a small living room computer
  9. Haven't touched my PS4 in 6 months i think, don't even ask me my player name ;)) Edit: no, it is not OoZic ;))
  10. Have a nice and happy birthday
  11. Don't think it is true.... if $ony (Nintendo does not give a shit imho) scores against hackers they are the first to send the news into the world to scare other hackers....
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