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  1. Hey @Mikka and @eXtreme Did you guys sand the whole console or some parts before painting it? I'm going for this look > Picture What kind of spray paint or brand do you recommend? And I believe it has to be some kind of paint for plastic.
  2. That's a hell of a job then. I always assumed (especially in aldo's tools) there were programs made for this already but barely known of. I have found an irc channel with a few that do these things so I'll see what can I do. And it sure does sound like a pain in the ass - hence why some of these undub/patches take months or longer but I have enough patience if anything is possible. Thanks man.
  3. SPENDONHOOKER.SLT ├── $200. ├── exchange rate.? │ ├── $1 = £0.65 │ │ ├── 200 * 0.65 │ │ │ └──130.0 │ ├── charge $2 x an exchange. │ │ ├── (200 - 2) * 0.65 │ │ │ └── 128.70000000000002 ├── £ left after £100 spent.? │ ├── (200 - 2) * 0.65 - 100 │ │ └── 28.700000000000017 Success. >>> x = for £ = pounds
  4. Not sure if even possible (I'm not aware of it) or not yet as it is a server-side game. However, I have cheated/edited money in a server-side "online" game before. It wouldn't work in the beginning but I later then managed to make it work and the money stick by turning off data/wifi connection on the phone and going back to home screen as soon as I edited and entered the money value then opening back the game's app while data/wifi enabled to avoid the game from resetting it or kicking me out whenever I edited money or something else. Try charles web debugging program maybe and see.
  5. Yes, it was exactly me when I created the old one which disappeared or wasn't saved in the backups since someone at that moment I posted it was hacking into this site server (I think?). elf > self you meant, correct? if so, where/how exactly does one find it? I believe/think scetool (after a bit of research of someone else work attempting an undub) does this, right? Talking about Debuggers, wouldn't I need ProDG Debugger/Target Manager also? and change anything in the *Debug settings menu to do real-time debugging between PS3 and PC while running the game? That
  6. I've been importing/ downloading a few Japanese games (PS3) and would like to start translating them or just the menu and simple stuff. I have enough time (for now) to start working on this. The hard part (?) is finding those tools/programs to do so and how. Better yet, UNDUB. Anybody? By the way, I had to ask this again since the old one "disappeared."
  7. @Mikka one of the best looking mod and well done soldering too. I would've went with the PS1 themed color instead. It still looks great and less visible scratches with that color. I wonder If this can be done to a CECHA model but with a Teensy instead and Dual Boot since E3 doesn't support NAND. @sandungas, @3absiso any idea? pinouts etc?
  8. Links are dead. I need latest version of this one and PS3/4.
  9. ..interesting and very informative! didn't know/wasn't aware of some of these stuff so I really appreciate the knowledge of both of you guys @MeatSafeMurderer. I've had this Black 1TB WB HDD for about 4 now and still hasn't failed me ..yet.
  10. Nice! thanks a lot, just got everything done already. But nothing would've happened if one were to do it or am I wrong? Very interesting how DEX works and how careful you have to be. With the wave of bricked PS3 of CEX2DEX attempts I never bothered with messing with DEX until now that I soldered a Teensy and E3 to my consoles.
  11. Gotcha. > So (1)install latest REX(CEX) twice, (2)write the contents of the e3 nor to the PS3 nor, (3)convert to DEX via Rebug tool, (4)install latest D-REX(DEX), (5)switch HDDs and install latest OFW twice(don't know why but I always do this with OFW too :D). >?
  12. Too bad they cancelled the game, but I'm sure we'll have more "Devs talk about cancelled PS Vita [Insert game name here]" in the future/soon aside from the same lazy excuses about Vita not being able to run certain games or ports. Nintendo would've done a better job with the Vita. I could picture them having some secret place to go and play the Vita/have a few devs create some games for them lol.
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