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  1. Yes Piracy is a side affect, but piracy in and of itself is not the evil it is believed in it's definition today. It wasn't until the accounting system changed and people started counting money that they may never receive. 1 download does not equal 1 lost sale. People who pirate will always pirate, regardless. However, instead of equating 1 pirated copy to 1 lost sale, those companies that have actually exploited that in terms of advertising, have actually gained sales. This is proven by a number of studies. However, that is a discussion that is used only in an attempt to actu
  2. @Indeed1@GregoryRasputin If I could interject, partially on Greg's behalf to explain somewhat. We both of are the generation where any alignment with any corporation is wrong. There were communities that believed that one day, unless we kept fighting that one day, the corporations would take over, unless there was a system in place that kept them in check. Something that they knew would not allow them to step outside the lines. It was a perilous ecosystem but it kept everyone more or less honest. n00bs would come into this environment and have a hard time integratin
  3. AND, like I said in the other thread, this is why there is no community any longer...
  4. Well apparently there is a 6.72 out in the wild.....
  5. I couldn't agree more @GregoryRasputin that we will never see another scene like the PS3 or those prior to it. However I don't really agree that the lack of progress is due to stubborn people and moreso to do with the all out attack campaign launched by the gaming industry as a whole, using government agencies and law enforcement to take criminal measures in civil disputes and spending millions in advertising dollars convincing the new generation that people like us and scenes like this are evil and a detriment to society. On top of that, they also spent large amounts of money hir
  6. Did I every once say there was? That doesn't mean they don't exist (and you know damn well they do--unless you truly have fallen that out of touch that someone who hasn't been active in years has more or a pulse on what is happening than you do) and that is what the exact problem is. Exactly what incentive is there to make anything public? Perhaps you should read all of my posts in their entirety to understand my position. The PS4 scene IS DEAD. It is 2 years behind the current FW with NO NEW DEVELOPMENT PUBLICLY. That sir, is the very definition of DEAD.
  7. That does illustrate exactly the problem, doesn't it? Isn't that exactly what everyone is saying? It isn't that those older scenes have gained in popularity so much so that they propulsed themselves ahead of the current PS4 generation at all...it is simply that there is absolutely 0, zilch, nada ps4 scene whatsoever. added 8 minutes later Not at all. There has always been current firmware exploits and you very well know this. It is extremely disengenuous of you to say otherwise--that is unless you are so extremely out of touch, you truthfully have no id
  8. 100% I would even argue the time has passed. If there is 0 interest now, right before next gen is released, then it's dead. Unfortunately @GregoryRasputin we will never see a decent scene again, in any forum, at least in our lifetime. That is just the sad truth and @STLcardsWS is a prime example as to why--no offense to him, or anyone else whatsoever, that is just where we are as a society now. It is an extremely sad state of affairs but also the main reason why this is my first post on any forum since around 2 years ago. There is no scene, there is no co
  9. That's fine, I actually get that. Scamming people for money is a long time favorite. What I don't get is then providing files that deliberately do damage to people's property. Make people click forever and never get a legit download is fine, it only harms people by wasting their time but what kind of twisted asshat does that and then on top of it, screws up people's property?
  10. Never understood why people do this shit. I understand pulling pranks and joking people (where nothing malicious actually happens) but to do something to deliberately cause harms to people you don't know and never will meet just completely boggles my mind. You have to be some special kind of twisted to get your jollies off pulling this kind of shit.
  11. Hey boss, I'm not the one with the attitude here. Wasn't self-promoting, just excited to be back and be able to contribute to the community again and thought there would be no better place for a thread than in the category I created and managed and the very beginning. I know you likely didn't know or realize who I was so I explained myself. There is no need to get all defensive and spiteful. We are all here for the same thing.
  12. Considering my contributions were directly related to ps4cheater, I would say it is very much on topic. Hell, I started the ps4cheater section here but whatever. Just saying that maybe you should take a thread and it's entire context before you go jumping the gun next time. added 2 minutes later sounds awesome. I was never really an rte fan. I prefer the eboot.bin modding like in the ps3 days. I don't know how much time I will have to devote to this but will set aside some to at least learn the basics and go from there.
  13. Hey all, Sorry that I ducked out for so long but had real life circumstances that needed my attention. Have a console back and will be jumping back into things. May take a little while to start posting codes/cht files again so be patient.
  14. Read above, the cht file is useless. The location isn't static.
  15. Dean actually hasn't really started working on anything tangible just yet. Just checking things out to see what he can do. This got way over-hyped.
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