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  1. Yes Piracy is a side affect, but piracy in and of itself is not the evil it is believed in it's definition today. It wasn't until the accounting system changed and people started counting money that they may never receive. 1 download does not equal 1 lost sale. People who pirate will always pirate, regardless. However, instead of equating 1 pirated copy to 1 lost sale, those companies that have actually exploited that in terms of advertising, have actually gained sales. This is proven by a number of studies. However, that is a discussion that is used only in an attempt to actually deflect from the main point. Piracy, in the console industry, equates to an extremely small percentage of the underground community and always has been. Forums bring it to the forefront and corporations use it to attack them but in reality, and forgive me as I don't have the actual current figures in regards to consoles, but it is extremely minute--less than 5%. Back in the PS3 days it was 2% of the entire userbase. @GregoryRasputin You really missed out on some fun with the original xbox, ps1 and ps2. Those were the golden days. There were attempts at all the same things as today, DLC, unfinished and broken releases but they all got squashed simply because the community wouldn't allow it. In those days, your console was your hardware and any attempt on that was taken as a personal affront and an erosion of your rights and freedoms. I don't know nor did I get involved in this entire TheFlow thing, but as an old-school dinasour form back in the day--just on principal, someone from the scene, taking something a group worked on together and releasing it as their own--regardless of who receives it in the end, is a major no go for me. Someone finds an exploit all on their own, develops it and verifies it--that is their work to do with as they please. Someone thinks they may have something, goes to a group of people and they develop it together and then that person takes the final product and claims it as their own--that is a problem. Then again, in today's world, that seems acceptable and common-place. That is my opinion without emotion and without my personal feelings in regards to giving something to a corporation versus sharing it openly with a community.
  2. @Indeed1@GregoryRasputin If I could interject, partially on Greg's behalf to explain somewhat. We both of are the generation where any alignment with any corporation is wrong. There were communities that believed that one day, unless we kept fighting that one day, the corporations would take over, unless there was a system in place that kept them in check. Something that they knew would not allow them to step outside the lines. It was a perilous ecosystem but it kept everyone more or less honest. n00bs would come into this environment and have a hard time integrating but once they proved themselves, they would be accepted and it was about community involvement and knowledge sharing. An "us" vs "them" mentality. Try to thing of it it in today's whistle-blower mentality. Sources inside corporations would actively help out us, as well as some very talented individuals finding exploits on their own. This started coming under attack several years ago (personally I believe it started when we as a community started putting hacked consoles online--that broke an unspoken rule that cause the all-out war). The way company measured profits changed. They started an all out attack at the only adversary they had that was keeping them in check and launch a full out, 4-pronged campaign against this "underground" community. The first was piracy. They started counting every download as a lost revenue. The second tier was convincing the government that this underground community was basically organized crime and using police powers to fight civil disputes. The third tier was an all-out advertising campaign to convince the general public this underground community was basically organized crime. The fourth and most detrimental piece was to start recruiting people with bounties and consultancy contracts (which was made acceptable by the previous 3 steps). This is an extremely simplified and "readers-digest" version of what actually happened and it took several years to accomplish, but this is what happened. FYI--if you don't understand the "readers-digest" version comment, then you likely won't agree with this account of events. The sad thing about this is that now, the corporations have succeeded. There is no community any longer. They are free to gouge the general public without fear. The downfall of their plan is that now they no longer have a justification to explain their own fiscal irresponsibility and within the next few years, there will be another crash. COVID has only expedited that. Eventually unfinished games being released almost at an unplayable level, having to buy extra items just so you can finish a game that has no real ending anyways and a flood of over-hyped and under-delivering titles will crash the industry just at it did a few decades ago. The industry needs the underground community and can't survive without it.
  3. AND, like I said in the other thread, this is why there is no community any longer...
  4. Well apparently there is a 6.72 out in the wild.....
  5. I couldn't agree more @GregoryRasputin that we will never see another scene like the PS3 or those prior to it. However I don't really agree that the lack of progress is due to stubborn people and moreso to do with the all out attack campaign launched by the gaming industry as a whole, using government agencies and law enforcement to take criminal measures in civil disputes and spending millions in advertising dollars convincing the new generation that people like us and scenes like this are evil and a detriment to society. On top of that, they also spent large amounts of money hiring and paying for "security consultants" to sell whatever vulnerabilities are found in their systems to them. This 3 step process was very successful and is why we are where we are now. You and I are the old guard sir and there is no new generation behind us simply because instead of free thinking individuals, it is now a generation of self-absorbed sheeple believing whatever info is spoon-fed to them and looking for the best and quickest way to make a buck. There is no integrity or loyalty or morale in today's society and it will only continue to worsen. @STLcardsWS please point out where I am whining about anything. I haven't even been around. I am not asking for anything or demanding anything. I offered cash simply to prove a point. There is no need to be an asshole and devolve into name calling and childish behavior simply because we don't agree. FYI, I picked up a PS4 for the sole reason my daughter wanted to play TLOU2. I thought I would check things out. I have no skin in the game here whatsoever as I saw the writing on the wall long ago.
  6. Did I every once say there was? That doesn't mean they don't exist (and you know damn well they do--unless you truly have fallen that out of touch that someone who hasn't been active in years has more or a pulse on what is happening than you do) and that is what the exact problem is. Exactly what incentive is there to make anything public? Perhaps you should read all of my posts in their entirety to understand my position. The PS4 scene IS DEAD. It is 2 years behind the current FW with NO NEW DEVELOPMENT PUBLICLY. That sir, is the very definition of DEAD. Where is this interest you speak of? I don't see any active forums or communities at all. I was extremely surprised this one was still here. In fact, you and I are the only ones on it currently......The most active members of the week are on the board for their postings in this very thread. Where is the interest sir?
  7. That does illustrate exactly the problem, doesn't it? Isn't that exactly what everyone is saying? It isn't that those older scenes have gained in popularity so much so that they propulsed themselves ahead of the current PS4 generation at all...it is simply that there is absolutely 0, zilch, nada ps4 scene whatsoever. added 8 minutes later Not at all. There has always been current firmware exploits and you very well know this. It is extremely disengenuous of you to say otherwise--that is unless you are so extremely out of touch, you truthfully have no idea. Which would be sad as that would mean, after not having anything to do with hacking for years, I am still more in touch with the reality of the scene than you are. 😛 The PS4 scene is the way it is simply because Sony won. We all know this is true. Sony either pays hackers for their exploits or, when that doesn't work, uses the government and the law to enforce their will and scare people into doing their bidding. This started in the PS3 scene and I, among others warned that this day would come. A day where there is no community, loyalty or integrity. A day where the corporations that spent years and millions in ads and enforcement would convince the next generation that being a sellout is OK and that somehow piracy and hacking is evil instead of the evil corporations themselves. That is the reason why the PS4 is dead. Full Stop.
  8. 100% I would even argue the time has passed. If there is 0 interest now, right before next gen is released, then it's dead. Unfortunately @GregoryRasputin we will never see a decent scene again, in any forum, at least in our lifetime. That is just the sad truth and @STLcardsWS is a prime example as to why--no offense to him, or anyone else whatsoever, that is just where we are as a society now. It is an extremely sad state of affairs but also the main reason why this is my first post on any forum since around 2 years ago. There is no scene, there is no community, there is no integrity. Every person for themselves to the highest bidder and stab anyone in the back they can to make the payday, regardless of whose work they stole to get there. Exploits are available and viable for higher firmwares but why should anyone share them? 1. They get consultancy fees for turning in these exploits to sony 2. They share the exploits with a few people and get raided and their lives destroyed 3. They share with a small group of people and then someone in that group takes their works and sells it to Sony as their own Where is the upside to anyone creating anything and sharing it publicly? The honor code we lived by for decades @GregoryRasputin is long dead and gone. FYI and to prove I am not just full of hot air and to prove my point. I will give $500 CAD (sorry folks, I am Canadian so we deal in my currency) on July 16th, 2020 to the person that delivers to these forums a functioning exploit functional on 7.50/7.51. **Something that propels the scene forward and can run hen and will allow all current homebrew to be ported and functional on 7.50/7.51 FW. I currently have a console on 7.50 FW so the conditions are simple. I must be able to follow the current exploit guides for 5.xx and below firmwares on my console, get hen successfully loaded, launch a game, be able to mod that game via rtm or another method and be able to load a game via usb or another device.. This also must be released publicly and shared publicly for everyone to use in order to get my money. I invite others to add to my contribution to enlarge the pool and incentive. MY GUESS: There will be 0 interest and 0 entries. It wouldn't matter if I offered $10k or $50. Sony pays better and no one cares about improving their reputation in a dead scene that no one has any interest in any longer.
  9. That's fine, I actually get that. Scamming people for money is a long time favorite. What I don't get is then providing files that deliberately do damage to people's property. Make people click forever and never get a legit download is fine, it only harms people by wasting their time but what kind of twisted asshat does that and then on top of it, screws up people's property?
  10. Never understood why people do this shit. I understand pulling pranks and joking people (where nothing malicious actually happens) but to do something to deliberately cause harms to people you don't know and never will meet just completely boggles my mind. You have to be some special kind of twisted to get your jollies off pulling this kind of shit.
  11. Hey boss, I'm not the one with the attitude here. Wasn't self-promoting, just excited to be back and be able to contribute to the community again and thought there would be no better place for a thread than in the category I created and managed and the very beginning. I know you likely didn't know or realize who I was so I explained myself. There is no need to get all defensive and spiteful. We are all here for the same thing.
  12. Considering my contributions were directly related to ps4cheater, I would say it is very much on topic. Hell, I started the ps4cheater section here but whatever. Just saying that maybe you should take a thread and it's entire context before you go jumping the gun next time. added 2 minutes later sounds awesome. I was never really an rte fan. I prefer the eboot.bin modding like in the ps3 days. I don't know how much time I will have to devote to this but will set aside some to at least learn the basics and go from there.
  13. Hey all, Sorry that I ducked out for so long but had real life circumstances that needed my attention. Have a console back and will be jumping back into things. May take a little while to start posting codes/cht files again so be patient.
  14. Read above, the cht file is useless. The location isn't static.
  15. Dean actually hasn't really started working on anything tangible just yet. Just checking things out to see what he can do. This got way over-hyped.
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