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  1. This is what I have been waiting for since I accidently upgraded my PS3! I wonder if this will have any implications for the ones who used the permanent spoof...
  2. There isn't one that is not my favorite, I love them all. Mario has been a part of my life for a very long time... 14
  3. Is this thread talking about a jailbreak for 3.56+? Even if we do get a 3.56+ jailbreak, we wouldn't be able to run any homebrew correct? Or would it be modified like the 4.xx CFW's where they have the 3.55 keys in them? any news is better than no news.... and P.S. Can't we all just get along?
  4. Woo mother-friggin Hoo! I have been waiting for this news for some years now... Hopefully this is not a gimmic!
  5. This is exciting news indeed! Kernal exploit = full control of system right?
  6. Even after you delete youtube and re-install it? IMHO, Starting fresh is the way to go... 1: Make sure your FW on the 3ds is 9.9, if thats what fw you want. 2: Even if you already have youtube, delete it and re-download it and install it. 3: Delete all your internet connections on the 3ds, and create a new one following the instructions given in the tutorial. 4: Open youtube, choose fw version 9.9 (Old or New) if thats what you use. (If you have a older model 3ds, you will choose 9.9old) This is what worked for me...
  7. I was able to get Ironfall on one of my3ds, but not the 2nd one. Is there a way I can transfer it to the other?
  8. You have to make sure and pick the correct fw version when you first run youtube. also It depends on the exact model 3ds and what fw you have, for example: 1st edition 3ds with 9.9fw, would be 9.9old. as to where the newest models with 9.9fw, you would choose 9.9new. hope this helps!
  9. Is there a way to install the homebrew launcher as a standalone app so we don't have to go through one of the 3 hacks everytime?
  10. 2 questions regarding the youtube/ironfall hack. What is the purpose of ironfall if youtube alone can get the homebrew to run? also, I have a CTR-001 (USA) model and I am on fw 9.9.0-26U. Will this fw work with these hacks? I cannot for the life of me get the you tube hack to work... ***EDIT*** For those of you having trouble getting youhax to work, delete the youtube app and redownload. When you get to the screen to pick your firmware version, selct your Firmware+old. Example: 9.9old This worked for me...
  11. I have figured it out now! I had to sign up for an Nintendo account. It is indeed still on eShop! Do I need the 1.1 update as well or no? Thanx guys for the encouragement to keep searching... lol
  12. how you find it? through eShop? I am new to the 3ds... I even went to eSop on the computer, and scanned th QR Code, and it told me it was unavailable.
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