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  1. Thanks for report I made corrections in topic and package with Swedish
  2. PS3 EXTRANET Installer Multi 12 languages This package will allow you access to the PS3 EXTRANET portal in twelve languages to choose. Arabic, Brasil, Chinese, Dutch, English, French, Italian, Japan, Norvegian, Russian, Spanish, Suedish.
  3. @riddle43 I'm on Rebug 4.76.1 REX I have done it yesterday because a friend offer me an SSHD 1To I use the backup/restore option included in XMB settings column and work well for me. Just what you have to know is it's very long time. 11 hours to backup only 260GB on USB and 8 hours to restore it. Before do it you need to synchronise your trophies on PSN and do same again after restore When the opertion finish and reboot my XMB icons was for half gone and need to re-install custom firmware from USB stick now all is well for me. Good luck
  4. @Hannibal1471 I finaly found it here and using it very well A lot better than Movian plugin. Support HD with x265 for exemple No need PLEX PASS or to be connect on PSN You need only a free PLEX account Have a look on screen to give you an idea
  5. I think like Lucif3r it's the only way to convert as disc or ISO In the paste I have done conversion to ISO with "PSN LIBERATOR" for very rare games OK (doesn't work for most of my PSN games) If using "PSN LIBERATOR" be carreful !!! I maid the error to give my desktop like outpout folder for created ISO... I HAVE LOST ALL MY DATA ON DESKTOP !!! (my Desktop folder was deleted by PSN LIBERATOR) and I have to create a new one I have never used this shit after, since this day
  6. FYI I just find Plex Plugin for Movian in latest build v4.99.671 on Brewology here
  7. Added package installer in main topic to nable access to the portal
  8. Thanks for your help, I just need now to find and compare with classic CFW like Habib to know if files are the same. If you want have a visit of PS3 EXTRANET find the modified files here https://mega.nz/#!sgYkBBIL!y5VM1wRv--yl124yGAELxa73EpfmYvmLyDwpmyLGWf4 Thanks again Regards
  9. PS3 EXTRANET Installer Multi 12 languages Web portal for PlayStation 3 Homebrew, managers, mods, links ... Packages direct Download on the device is connected storage. This package will allow you access to the PS3 EXTRANET portal in twelve languages to choose. Arabic, Brasil, Chinese, Dutch, English, French, Italian, Japan, Norvegian, Russian, Spanish, Swedish. ******************************* Installation 1 / Download the package "PS3 EXTRANET Multi.pkg Install" and install it with multiMAN or the Package Manager 2 / Launch homebrew "Installer / Uninstaller multi languages" from the column "Game" 3 / Select "Install PS3 EXTRANET in Network" and press the [X] 4 / Select the language of your choice and press the [X] The installation starts ... 5 / Once completed, restart the console as proposed by selecting "YES" 2 times in a row The portal "EXTRANET PS3" is now accessible via the "Network" column on the XMB 6 / You can uninstall homebrew "Installer / Uninstaller multi languages" column "Game" Note: To uninstall PS3 EXTRANET column "Network" repeat steps 1-3 and select "Unistall PS3 EXTRANET from Network" then uninstall homebrew "Installer / Uninstaller multi languages" column "Game" ******************************* Download : https://mega.nz/#F!A1pjkCzC!2_zWpFqRC2XeLi89BxZIOw
  10. Package and link updated Added lastest Joonie versions (many thanks to him) Now supports: Rogero 4.46 cobra edition Rebug 4.65 REX & D-REX Rebug 4.70 REX & D-REX Rebug 4.75 REX & D-REX Rebug 4.76 LITE edition
  11. Simply try this http://psndl.net/ works fine It's a new version N°3 Is there someone knows if it 's possible to extract a PS4 package today ? Trying with differents PS3 unpacker but it failed
  12. You can find them also with PSnstuffX who use PSNDL (now V3) actually 850 PKG Have a look
  13. Added: New video Project information text file Screen capture
  14. Hello playstationhax's members Just want sharing with you my last project based on GTA 5 game disk (BLES01807) Watch this video and screen capture for details All project informations (French) Screen capture If you are interesting please visit for free the project home site http://www.insomnihack.fr Regards
  15. #OpIsis #opparis http://pastebin.com/ZLF2SEX6
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