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  1. First know that i carnt see any tweets in the op its just blank. What firmware do you have? Have you tried restoring file system Does dvd or cd's get detected in the drive If your console is still open can you remove the drive and boot up the console and see if any homebrew starts like multiman etc or see if any installed psn games start and not black screen I bet @3absiso knows where I'm going with this 😉
  2. After seeing how you have been with your online "friends" and "colleagues" I cannot see any reason why you should be trusted. Yes I have seen what you did on Twitter. Yes I saw how you changed on hax. No I'm not going to go into it as it's easy to use google. You need to earn our trust back and not expect it based on some old itrade & feedback ratings. You were right with your previous reply telling us we cannot trust you so now it's up to you to rebuild that trust. I personally never had an issue with you so I hope you all the best Sent from my hand using Tapatalk and magic
  3. In all fairness you were asked a very simple question right at the start. You are yet to answer that question So by avoiding the simplest yet most important question asked leaves everyone who is trusted and known to warn others. A recap of the question if you would like to reply to it. If not then accept the previous reply's and move on Sent from my hand using Tapatalk and magic
  4. Happy birthday 38 are you now then Sent from my hand using Tapatalk and magic
  5. Thanks. I doubt it's an external hardware issue causing the system failure As you can simply remove it and it will no longer have an effect on the system I will stick another HDD in my spare laptop and see if I can get it to crash just by having the software above installed and running up to a point (no hardware to fully utilise it) if it does crash then it's more Comfirmation that there is more to this so called "poor code Sent from my hand using Tapatalk and magic Wow tapatalk really doesn't like this site [emoji13]
  6. Is the black fin software on a site or did it come with the device? Can you link it
  7. :D Happy birthday!! :D

  8. UPDATE I deleted everything I could find to do with webman and possibly other files that did not but as I'm installing rebug again (I'm on Habib while I deleted) then anything needed will be installed again anyway This time rebug works no freezing with the same exact settings as before So I'm going to try going back and add and remove a few stuff to see if it was anything else that was creating this but it does look like you got it bang on. Now I know the following is not rebug but If I leave my ntfs HDD with my ISO games on in one USB port and my fat32 USB stick in another then the included webman (and the new update 1.43.23) will not to d any games from external HDD If I leave the fat32 stick out then webman now sees the games! Strange Sent from my Nexus 7 using Tapatalk
  9. That explains why I couldn't find much on it There must be a simple way to add repos I will see if I can find where the built in repo is located hopefully its in a XML file Or see if a URL shortening service will work then it can be added to the alternative repo in settings Sent from my Nexus 7 using Tapatalk On this is while I'm still trying to figure out what freezes the new rebug on my ps3
  10. Can you not run it in showtime? Sent from my Nexus 7 using Tapatalk
  11. @joonie Feedback on the actual pup Slim CECH-2503 model 10 seconds after booting into the xmb the system freezes This happened after enabling Rebug mode Cobra Webman Then exit so it re-started Then the 10 sec freeze I have left the console a few hours then tried again and still freeze Re-installed habib4.76 and it works again Re-installed this rebug and again works fine until I enable all 3 settings with webman being my last setting to enable (all 3 done 1 at a time with a restart in between) Sent from my hand using Tapatalk and magic
  12. Your target is dex The ros1 is 3.55dex The ros0 is 4.65 and I have checked all my collection of CEX and dex cfw's coreOS and the ros0 md5 does not match any I have so its either a corrupt install or a brick dex cfw that I do not have I can upload you rebug d-Rex 4.65 ros to use in dumpstatistics to patch your dump and see if you can then get it into recovery menu then you can install the dex downgrader you have been given a link to. then you can get back on 3.55dex as rebug won't install in recovery Sent from my hand using Tapatalk and magic
  13. Whoops I didn't mean Rex I was typing rebug d-Rex but my phones stupid auto correct changed it to rebugs-rex Sent from my hand using Tapatalk and magic
  14. Or get rebugs-Rex coreOS to use as the patch file and it should let you get into recovery menu so you can install a dex cfw Sent from my hand using Tapatalk and magic
  15. @ps3dev Don't validate a pre patched dump You need to validate a raw unpatched dump Can you upload ALL your dumps and message me the links I will see what can be done Sent from my hand using Tapatalk and magic
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