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  1. Warning: users with firmware 3.65 / 3.67 can not use these tools. Only users with firmware 3.60 Collection of tools, plugins etc. for HENkaku Ensō 3.65 HENkaku Ensō 3.65 Henkaku enso updater 3.65 for firmware 3.60 TOOL SwitchSD2Vita v1.3 Vitashell 1.83 MISC Adrenaline 6.61 v6.1 EMULATOR PLUGIN pngshot v1.1 Download Enabler v4 Gamecard microsd (gamesd plugin) NoNpDrm v1.2 NoPsmDrm v1.3 Vita-Shellbat r7 vita-ps4linkcontrols r3 ShellSecBat v5
  2. Stay tuned to playstationhax because the developer TheFlow is about to release a new Vitashell update which adds: Changelog 1.63 Added ability to export video files. Added support for PSVSD uma0: mounting. Fixed bug where the right analog stick was simulated when the headphone was plugged in. Source GITHUB
  3. LMAN has released a new update to AdrBubbleBooter Directly boot any game (ISO\CSO\PBP\PSOne) from any PSP Bubble in livearea,With all features enabled, plugins, filter, savestates and PSOne sound enabled.This is a separated plugin, which can be used with all new adrenaline versions,so no worries with the compatibility issue or with updated adrenaline versions. Donation: If you wish to donate me some money to support my tools and plugins, I'd appreciate it.I'm using one of my friend's donation address, here is the link if you want to donate:Link: goo.gl/2EyurR Changel
  4. TheheroGAC developer has released a new beta of gamesonic manager in version 3.94 beta 2. By TheheroGAC I have updated the manager who had problems in version 3.93. There are already many managers around. I will certainly have so many criticisms but I just shared my beta. Alessandro (goku84) has tested almost everything and seems to work fine. Start PS2 games, etc. .How new music, some fix bugs in game startup, and source code will be available as soon as it gets more stable. I hope to have some positive feedback soon ... Changelog BETA 2: Fix a problem with the games
  5. IN ITALIAN Prima di iniziare la guida ricordo che per accedere al VSH MENU di Adrenaline 3 o versioni superiori,basta semplicemente premere il tasto SELECT .Non siamo responsabili di eventuali brick alla vostra console.Le varie modifiche nelle impostazioni e a vostro rischio e pericolo VSH MENU CPU CLOCK XMB Con questa opzione è possibile aumentare la velocità di clock della CPU nella XMB con i seguenti valori: Default 20/10 75/37 100/50 133/66 222/111 266/133 300/150 333/166 CPU CLOCK GAME Con questa opzione è possibi
  6. thanks all of you that every day more and give me happiness. unfortunately every day attacked gamesonic.host has sent me away
  7. The developer Orion after a long absence for commitments, released, thanks to the payload compiled by the developer joonie, a new update for Gamesonic Manager v.3.90.New version It brings compatibility to CFW 4.80. Orion .. How I could test on CFW 4.80 Ferrox everything works fine, but if you find any bugs please bring it back. The PRX Loader and Webman are in development. CHANGELOG: Updated manager with payload 4.80 (Thanks Joonie) The updated discless files with those dle properly patched CFW 4.80 Updated and integrated the mamba payload for CFW 4.80 UPDATE 1
  8. The developer Deank has released a new update for multiMAN version 04.78.01.The new update fix crash when scanning for / net_host (ps3netsrv ) games Download: multiMAN 04.78.00 BASE (20160125) (mirror) multiMAN 04.78.01 UPDATE Just place it on a USB flash drive to FAT32 and install it from the XMB of PS3 (requires multiMAN 04.78.00 installed) UPDATE VERSION 04.78.03 * Updated stDISC to support CFW 4.75-4.78 * Fixed naming of FLASH/LV1/LV2 exports for CFW 4.66/4.76/4.78 * Fixed EBOOT.BIN/SPRX patching for CFW 4.66/4.76/4.78 * Updated Showti
  9. ScummVM is updated to version 1.8.0 and is a free program that allows you to run on many operating systems, consoles and mobile phones the so-called point and click adventure games. Changelog: Download: downloads page SOURCE: http://scummvm.org/news/20160304/
  10. After the release of Rancid-o PS3ITA Team ,Orion developer has released a new update of Gamesonic Manager v 3.85.The new update supports ISO PS2 with payload mamba (Thanks Rancid-o), the manager and 'been changed to start ISO PS2 in Mamba Mode and more small bugfix Changelog: ISO PS2 with payload mamba (Thanks Rancid-o) Manager changed to start ISO PS2 in Mamba Mode small bugfix Credits: Estwald for your source code Joonie,Habib,Deank,Aldo Vargas,NzV and other dev, big friend thanks for the help to all Download: Gamesonic Manager v 3.85
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