[POC] PS3 VSH Menu

3141card has posted a POC he was working on, here is what he said on the forum:

For a week a friend from psXtools, MixeryM@xe, ask me regarding this blitting thing.

He is also a plugin coder ;) look e.g. here:


So I try it again and here is the result:

[POC] PS3 VSH Menu

POC: PS3 VSH Menu + src

I give usually a shit on “eye candy” graphics, things have to work, how she looks is secondary.
Anyway, there is a function, draw_png(), to blitt a part of a loaded png on a given place.
So a menu bitmap with background, buttons, … can be created+used to make “eye candy” graphics.
Alpha blending is available, for things like rounded edges or light effects.

The file font.png must be placed in /dev_usb000. @modders, make no changes to this
file, there are hidden pixels containing informations about char-width!

The screenshot.bmp created with menu entry 4 is placed in /dev_hdd0, there is
no id into the name like a timestamp, so a new file kills the old one.

Coded under rebug 4.46 CEX, but code should be generic.

THX to MixeryM@xe for help and testings, and @mysis for the idea last year:
“why not freezing the framebuffer” :)

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