I am sure by now, those of you who actually care about PlayStationHaX will have noticed that some news has started again from the site, the news will be posted on a timed basis,  as in whenever there is any spare time to post any news.

The forum is gone and will remain so, there was a very small amount of you who actually used it and not to the scale that was envisioned back in 2014, so financially it is not viable to keep it running, on top of that Invision Board software really sucks and pales in comparison to the other premium forum software, it is also a hassle to move to one of the other ones and retain all the information, there is little point going to all that trouble for a handful of people, I do appreciate those of you who stayed loyal and spent some time on the forum, which is why it is great that Wayback Machine exists, so you can view the forum whenever you want:

It is also linked in the menu bar above.

You will probably have noticed a new blog theme, this can be made light or dark depending on your preference.

PS3History and PS4History will also be brought back at some stage and the hope is to update them and attempt to release a PS5, PSP and PS Vita History, but that is a long way off and has no set time scale, it will happen when it happens.

The PlayStationDev Wiki sites are no longer in my possession, they were handed to DefyBoy and I have no access to any of the back end administrative areas, so any admin queries such as themes need to be directed to him, he seems to be a very busy guy so don’t expect a response straight away, but he will eventually get to you.

For those of you who might be worried at this stage, no need to, GregoryRasputin is not back in the PlayStation scene and has no plan to do so, there will be news posted and nothing else.

If you would like any news posted or would like to post any news yourself, please send me an email or post in the comments below.

Thanks for reading and enjoy the news whenever it is posted.

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