PlayStationHaX Forums Now Open

The PlayStationHaX forums are now open, there are a few administrative things still to work out, like better hosting, but you are free to join and have fun.



PlayStationHaX is a place for:

  • All PlayStation models, from the PS1 to whatever future console Sony releases.
  • Tutorials on all PS Consoles.
  • News Official Sony related and underground scene related.
  • Learning about specifics consoles, how they work and what goes into making them special.
  • You to have fun in our ‘Fun and Laughter’ section, or get things of your chest in the ‘Forum Drama’ section.

We have knowledgeable and helpful staff members, who are willing to help, within reason.
We won’t ban you or abuse you because you are a staff member on another PS related site, nor will we persecute you for who you choose to affiliate yourself with.

To join PlayStationHaX forum, click here.

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