Were PlayStation Servers Used In Recent Sony Attack ?

I’m sure most of you have heard of #GOP and the attacks they have done on Sony, but what you might not be awar of, is that apparently they use Sony’s own PlayStation servers to host the stolen content according to the UK’s ‘TheRegister’, here is a small quote from them:

PlayStation Servers

Until early on Tuesday afternoon, San Francisco time, more than 60 systems seeding the archive on the BitTorrent network appeared to be virtual servers in the Amazon EC2 cloud, according to security researcher Dan Tentler.

A number of those fingered server instances – eg, – are also serving websites for Sony Computer Entertainment. The EC2 instances serving up the data were checked by another researcher, who found some had SSL certificates signed by Sony.


So, speculation time. Either the data was seeded by hackers who have gained control of Sony’s Amazon cloud account – or Sony could be deliberately pushing out a large archive as a honeypot to catch wannabe data thieves. Which could it be?

“At first I thought it was a honeypot because of all the sequential IP addresses [of the EC2 instances],” Tentler, of Carbon Dynamics, told The Register.

“Then [security researcher] Dave Maynor helped me out by scanning a bunch of them, found that some had SSL open and the cert was for Sony, and if you hit it with a browser, it appeared to be a generic PlayStation.com network host. Then earlier today, they all disappeared from the seeders list of the torrent. At this point all the EC2 seeders are gone, and my best guess is that they were in fact owned by Sony.”

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