PlayStation Now Subscription Pricing Revealed

When Sony revealed the pricing for their game rental on PS Now, PlayStation console owners told them that it was too expensive, but that didn’t seem to bother them, because today they revealed a subscription plan for PS Plus and true to form, Sony showed that they don’t want to listen to the consumer.

1 Month of PS Now = $19.99
3 Months of PS Now = $44.99 – Which works out at around $15 per month

This does not include PS Plus or Music Unlimited, nor does it count into the fact we already own most of these games , there is no added incentive or bonus for PS Plus subscribers, anyhow here is a quote from the source:

PlayStation Now Subscription Pricing Revealed

You’ll be able to choose from two subscription plans: one month for $19.99, or a three-month package for $44.99 (about $15 per month). The subscription provides access to a large and diverse catalog of PS3 games, ranging from action to RPG and everything in-between.

We know that there are many PS4 owners who never owned a PS3 or had a chance to play some of the great games it offered, and this subscription provides an easy way to catch up on games you may have missed.

Want to try before you buy? Well, good news! We’ll also offer a free seven-day trial to the subscription program when it launches.

PlayStation Now subscription will have strong and growing support from our publishing partners, and at launch you’ll find great games in your catalog from the likes of SCE Worldwide Studios, Warner Brothers, SEGA, and many others, including indie developers. Here’s a look at some of the key titles:

There’s strong value with the subscription, as you’re getting access to over a hundred great games and lots of hours of game time. What’s more, we will be adding even more games over time, so you will always have something great to play.


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