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Way back in 2011 the PlayStation Network got hacked and even though Sony could have prevented this or made it so it wasn’t so severe, they chose to ignore the warnings and do nothing, resulting in the outage that occurred back then, but they could be forgiven and we were not paying for a forced PS Plus subscription.


Ever since the PS4 was released, we have been forced to pay for PS+ in order to play online, if we don’t pay, we cannot play with our friends, Sony explained that the reason for this forced charge was so they could make the servers better and i would have absolutely no problem with this charge is the servers actually were decent, but that is not the case, the servers are quite problematic and at times are down for several hours, with problems signing in and playing games.

My biggest gripe though, is the fact i cannot play ANY of my digital titles if PSN is down, it does not matter if they are PS+ titles or titles that i have bought, i am locked out from playing them, which is a huge pain in the ass, considering a huge amount of my games are digital.

So i am glad that the campaign titled ‘#BetterPSN’ has started and is gaining quite a bit of attention, here is some information about it:

What The Campaign Is Asking For:

PSN Improvements

  • Better/more CDN’s with universally consistent speeds that are competitive with Live/Steam/Origin…etc
  • Free, unlimited (or at least significantly increased in size) cloud storage for saves, as well as a family account feature set for saves (no need for sub accounts), auto-sync save files as they are modified
  • Username changing along with a username history system in the user’s profile page
  • Behind the scenes (less disruptive) maintenance
  • Cloud storage for screenshots, especially trophy screenshots (maybe recordings too if 30 sec or less?)
  • Rentable servers for when official servers are taken down

PS Store Improvements

  • Fix bug that prevents users from accessing the Store in certain situations, needing a reboot
  • Up-to-date digital titles (fully patched when downloading post-launch)
  • Store wishlist, gifting system (cross-region gifting?)
  • Correctly tagged games in the store
  • Refined Store navigation, design, fluidity/polish and organization
  • Refund system similar to Steam’s
  • Enhanced Store game pages, include user reviews, make screenshots/videos standard for all titles
  • Purchase and management of PS Vita downloads through the PS4 Store
  • Better quality pictures and videos on game pages

Account/Profile Improvements

  • Continuous trophy syncing
  • Online/offline status
  • Better friends list functionality with nicknames, grouping by categories (games, relationship), and VIP tags tied to the notification system
  • Enhanced user profile page showing favorite games, screenshots/recordings, game wishlist, deeper activity sections (game statistics)
  • Account region change
  • Deeper social integration (G+, Facebook, Twitter…etc)
  • Viewing friends’ online statuses across PS3, PS4, and PSV
  • Additional primary PS4 for multi-console households
  • Tenure badge, let it be known how long you have been a member of the community

Security Improvements

  • Two-factor authentication
  • Improved account recovery process

General usability Improvements

  • Search function, better organization and filters for download history/library
  • Universal game invites
  • Direct developer/players interaction, statuses, in the game hubs
  • Custom avatars (purchasable or own uploaded via PS app)
  • Refined activity feed (What’s On section), fix a bug where playing a game post-patch showing as if it was the first time you’ve played it
  • Share notification for recordings/broadcasts
  • Message system refinement
  • Auto-resume downloads if network connection resets

To read more information or see how you can help, check this link:
You can also submit your own ideas for a better PSN.




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