PlayStation 3 Super Slim (DEH-MLODAK-G) Prototype surface.

Photo’s of a rare PS3 Slim prototype have appeared on the internet, below you can view a quote of an article created by¬†Abkarino:

Hi All,

Last night i saw a new article in a scene web site that show a PlayStation 3 Super Slim Prototype (DEH-MLODAK-G).

This prototype according to (MrUnknowN64) the user who released its photos and own it is running DEX 4.31 OFW and he are able to launch retail game disks on it also.

This is a quote from this guy:

Just wanted to show pics of a console That I got a hold of many people have not seen them as they just pop’ed up. We are not 100% Sure they are Super Slim Prototypes but they do have stuff to make us think it is. Like the Power Button is the same as the super slim the ports are lined up the same way and for last they have 500GB HDD‘s…… Console works fine it is also plays retail games but is running Real DEX This console is not converted.

Anyways anyone know anything about them????

He had shared some photos for this prototype model and a video that show COD Black OPS retail disk while it run on this console.

And here is the video for this prototype:

BTW, This user is welling to sell this prototype for who is interested on it for 1K $.

I think this will help us a lot to study the new protections Sony had added to this newer models and may lead us to something useful also ;)



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