[RELEASE]AdrBubbleBooter V0.3

LMAN has released a new update to AdrBubbleBooter

Directly boot any game (ISOCSOPBPPSOne) from any PSP Bubble in livearea,With all features enabled, plugins, filter, savestates and PSOne sound enabled.This is a separated plugin, which can be used with all new adrenaline versions,so no worries with the compatibility issue or with updated adrenaline versions.


official site

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[RELEASE]AdrBubbleBooter V0.3


[Release] Switch Adrenaline by Gdljjrod


Developer @gdljjrod has released a new PlayStation Vita homebrew application in collaboration with Team ONElua. The app is called Switch Adrenaline and that’s exactly what it does.

Switch Adrenaline will not let you install the eCFW itself, so Adrenaline must already be installed in order for this app to work. The application is based on Adrenaline EasyInstaller from @Freakler and supports Adrenaline 3.0 to the newest.


Switch Adrenaline allows you to exchange between the different Adrenaline versions from v3 to the newest.


Credits go to:

  • Theflow for all his work (adrenaline, updater)
  • Freakler’s HB Adrenaline Easyinstaller.
  • Team molecule (do I have to say why XD)
  • Everyone else in the scene keep doing all that good work.



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[Release] Switch Adrenaline by Gdljjrod


[Release] AccountManager by BaltazaR4


Today developer BaltazaR4 has released an application for PlayStation Vita named AccountManager. The application is developed with the help of Team ONElua and is based on Account Switcher from Elpendor.

With this application you can manage multiple accounts on your Vita handheld. You can even use previously saved accounts in Account Switcher if you copy the data to ux0:pspemu/PSP/SAVEDATA/ACTM00001.

The application let’s you:

  • Save the current account data
  • Delete the current account data
  • Delete the saved account profile folder
  • Swap the current account to a previously saved account



The first time you save your profiles you might think is taking a long time, but think about doing it everytime without an app like this (own experience).

Account Manager comes with a user friendly interface, and all saved accounts are stored at ux0:pspemu/PSP/SAVEDATA/ACTM00001.



  1. Press X to save the current account data (will create a folder with a portion of the login email, anything before “@”)
  2. Press O to delete the current account data (will only delete the necesary files so you can login to a different account, after using this option, the ps vita will restart as if it was restored, without losing anything from the MC, only the id.dat XD)
  3. Press [] to jump from the current account to the selected one (to do this you need to have saved profiles, you can use the ones created with elpendor’s account switcher, although you have to move them to the following path ux0:pspemu/PSP/SAVEDATA/ACTM00001) After changing accounts a reboot is automatically done so, dont forget to activate henkaku again.
  4. Press / to delete a saved account folder (only in case you need to, maybe last time you saved your profile data your console was not activated, maybe…)

Credits are given to ONElua Team, Elpendor, TheFlow and Team Molecule.


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[Release] AccountManager by BaltazaR4


[HELP] CWCheat Doesn't Work on Adreneline

Problem: CWCheat menu doesn’t appear when I hold SELECT in game.

Adreneline version: v6.6.1 Adreneline-4.2. C

PSVita version: 3.60 変革-10

Files in /ux0:/pspemu/SEPLUGINS/ (case sensitive)

game.txt (edited using notepad: ms0:/seplugins/cwcheat/cwcheat.prx 1)

pops.txt (edited using notepad: ms0:/seplugins/cwcheat/cwcheat.prx 1)

cwcheat (folder)




I have also enabled cwcheat.prx [GAME] and [POPS] in Adreneline recovery menu

May I know where I may have missed out or gone wrong?

Thank you.

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[HELP] CWCheat Doesn’t Work on Adreneline


Forum Updates – Away Time

I know that it might seem that i am neglecting the forum a little, whilst that is a tad true, it is not on purpose, i have been spending all my time either playing Zelda on Switch or working on a new PSP Wiki:


There is a new addition to the forum, you can add your social media accounts and website, so that it appears under your profile in forum post, here is how to do it:









This is how it looks:



The bigger icon below the Social Media ones only shows if you have created a club.


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Forum Updates – Away Time


[Release] Download Enabler by TheFl0w



Developer TheFl0w has shared a new plugin for PlayStation Vita’s using HENkaku/TaiHEN. Download Enabler let’s you download files with blocked extensions via the Vita Browser. Sony has limited the functionality of it’s Browser to media files only.



To enable downloading VPK files and plugins directly to your Vita copy download_enabler.suprx to ux0:/tai/ and add the following code to config.txt:







Reboot your Vita afterwards, and try downloading homebrew from the VitaDB. The files will be stored in: ux0:download.


Changelog V3:

  • Improved code and now files with don’t overwrite existing files anymore, but are saved as filename (X).ext.


Changelog V2:

  • Fixed bug in Sony webbrowser where a HEAD request was made instead of a GET request. This also fixed the Cannot download using this system bug.
  • Changed download folder to ux0:download.


Source & Download: GitHub/TheOfficialFloW

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[Release] Download Enabler by TheFl0w


RE-Release | MicroSD adapter for PS Vita 3G!

Hey guys, so many of you may know of the ps vita Micro SD adapter from Yifan Lu.

Now those of you who knew about this most likely know most of the stock was sold out by the time you heard about it.

Guess what, for those of you who missed out the first time round, Yifan Lu has just announced another 400 boards have been produced. This will take the total number of produced units up to 500. According to sources, there have already been another 100 sold, if not more by the time i am writing this. if you would like one it is recommended to make a move on this as soon as possible.

Please remember when purchasing these, they can only work in the old FAT PS Vita with the 3G adapter. this is because the Micro SD adapter uses the same port that the 3G card uses inside the PS Vita. Therefore it can only work on the PS Vita with 3g adapter. so keep this in mind when purchasing.

If you would like to purchase one please visit the indieGoGo page where Yifan Lu has it listed: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/ps-vita-3g-to-microsd-card-adapter#/

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RE-Release | MicroSD adapter for PS Vita 3G!


[Released] PS4All v1.1 – RTE Tool For PS4 – PS4

PS4All v1.1 – RTE Tool For PS4

View File

Red from Se7enSins has released and Open Source Real Time Editing(RTE) tool for the PS4, here is a quote from the source:







PC Software(PS4)








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[Released] PS4All v1.1 – RTE Tool For PS4 – PS4