One More Crypto Fail –> Selfs Without NPDRM Footer!

zecoxao always creates awesome threads on the forum, they are always informative and educational, just like the one quoted below:

this pkg contains a self, that doesn’t contain an npdrm footer.

[21:20:11] flatz: there is a package which have NPDRM eboot.bin
[21:20:19] flatz: and non-NPDRM self
[21:20:30] flatz: self doesn’t have footer signature
[21:20:34] flatz: so you can replace it with custom one
[21:20:46] flatz: and app will load it

and there you have it. the so called argument between math and kakaroto was over this specific thing (the NPDRM footer).

there might be more packages like this one

works on 4.46 CFW, but doesn’t work on 4.66 OFW (unfortunately)

we need to know in which version this was patched

credit to flatz for the finding, i’m just reporting back

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