#NoToRacistGamers – Tekken 7 Inspired Hashtag

Tekken is quite a popular fighting game, probably the most popular on the PlayStation platform.

With each new release of the game, we see brand new characters, with the Tekken 7 being revealed we have seen some new characters being showcased.

Two of those character have seemed to cause a lot of controversy a female JPop type fighter Lucky Chloe who seemed to get a lot of negativity from mainly North American Tekken fans(according to different sources), which made the developer of the game reveal that he will no longer be bringing that character to North America, here is an image of that character:


Now a small, a very small part of me can go a tiny way towards understanding why some people would have a problem with this character, but at the end of the day, she is just a character, if you don’t like her, don’t play as her.

I can understand the disliking of a new character in a game, especially a game that is having its seventh major release, people are used to their usual characters and that brings me to the title of this article.

You may be asking ‘What has this to do with Racism’, well another one of the characters that was announced is an Arabic fighter and the horrible comments on various videos announcing the character, take this video for example:

Here are the comments:








I have removed their names, but they can be seen in the comments on the video, these type of comments inspired the twitter hashtag #NoToRacistGamers which was started by The Arab Gamer on his video here:


I was made aware of this hashtag thanks to TheRealMrox2, go follow him, apart from being a horrible Miley Cyrus fan, he is a huge fan of the Resident Evil series.

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