New Official Rebug Firmware To Be Released Soon

A few days ago, the PS3 Scene was brought a brand new official Rebug firmware from the Rebug Team, but its seems that firmware was not quite due for release, perhaps due to an accidental publishing of the firmware article when evilsperm was writing it up, the firmware was accidentally shown to the public and the shitty website(PS3HaX) known for stealing other peoples work, leaking devs unfinished work and news writers who are to brain fucked to understand how to source news properly, grabbed the cache of this article and went ahead and posted about it, which Team Rebug have posted about on their website, here is a screen shot of what was said:

Seriously BobbyBangin, stop jabbing needles into your penis and pumping yourself full of steroids, its making you dumber each day, we all know you are a natural dumbfuck, but you seem to be acting like a fuckwit on purpose now.

Anyhow i seem to have side tracked from the story at hand, but i wanted to get a pre story out before the actual news

Here is a quote from the official Rebug Website:

*Update Incoming*

It has come to our attention that there are minor bugs.
We try to test on as many consoles and languages as we can, but things can creep up from time to time or are just over looked.
Bugs that will be squashed:
Bug – spanish lang
Bug – gameOS flag working if fw reinstalled or updated only
Cobra Bug – less plugins loaded (not a bug actually but being fixed all the same)
Cobra – will be disabled on a fresh install (use toolbox to enable it)

(Rebug 4.65.2 When ready)



Thought i should edit this, as PS3HaX favourite cock sucking kankerhoer haz367 is screen capturing this page and posting it on the PS3HaX forum, one of the main reasons i am making this edit, is because he accuses either Team Rebug or PlayStationHaX on selling console ID’s, now i can speak for myself and any member of my forum and deny such an accusation, because i would ban any cunt doing such a thing, it is something i despise, we do not even have an IDPS section, which is funny because PS3HaX does.
So hazKutwijf, please try and accuse us of something that we would be likely to do as opposed to somethging we are against.

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