Major_Tom And Mr.Gas Release Multiple Vita Exploits

The PS Vita and 3DS scenes are full of awesome releases lately, Major_Tom And Mr.Gas most recently released a huge package of exploits for the Vita, it all started with Major_Tom posting this

Major_Tom And Mr.Gas Release Multiple Vita Exploits

This pack includes the following tricks :

– Reading
– Dump ux0
– Dump any file (blind)
– Dump cartridge
– Writing
– Write to ux0
– Write to any partition (except RO partitions, e.g: vs0)
– Delete
– Delete in ux0
– Delete in other partitions
– All models
– Custom themes
– Full bubble customization (PSP/PSVita)
– Bubble spawning (Hidden apps)
– ePSP bubble creation (re-birth)
– Package installation
– Cartridge backup installation
– Free trophies
– Run unplayable games
– Registry edition
– Switch PSN account
– Make CMA backups for anyone (without linked PSN account)
– Fake region
– Semi-debug

That’s all for now, some new tricks might come sooner or later, feel free to share your findings too !

Major_Tom and mr.gas


Below you can visit tutorials to each exploit:
Custom Themes
Mail Writer
Trophy Hack
PSTV Whitelist
Fake The Vita’s Region
Change Memory card Without Formatting
How To Create The PKG Installer Bubble
How to Write Files to Vita
How to Dump Vita System Files

Here are some videos that may help:

What i find interesting, is that the mainstream websites are blowing the PS TV White list up.

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