Little Big Planet 3 For $29.99 At BoxedDeal

There is a website selling digital codes for games on the PS4 and PS3, one of those games is Little Big Planet 3, which is $29.99, they bunch of games are:

Little Big Planet 3 – PS4 – $29.99

NBA2K14 – PS4 – $19.99

Last Of Us Remastered – PS4 – $19.99

Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag – PS4 – $39.99

The Sly Collection – PS3 – $2.99

I do not know much about the website, but i did purchase LBP3 and i received the code, which worked and i now have the game.

I found out about the website when compccs retweeted this tweet:
Little Big Planet 3 For $29.99
You can read that tweet and others here

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