Learn And Contribute To The Console Developer Wiki’s

The PS4 scene is on fire at the moment and there is a lot of information flying around, which is it should be catalogued at the the PS4 Dev Wiki, it is the best place for the information to be kept for educational purposes and for future reference.


There are currently three main developer wiki’s dedicated to PlayStation consoles and one for PS VR.





PS3 Dev Wiki

This one is currently the , oldest, biggest and most complete, various developers have been contributing to it over the years, but it has bits missing that needs adding, you can help by contributing:



PS Vita Dev Wiki

This one has a decent amount of content, but lacks the passion of the PS3 Wiki, perhaps Vita scene developers think as lowly of this console as Sony does :(

If you have anything to add, please feel free to do so:



PS4 Dev Wiki

This is the newest console wiki, it has a decent amount of content and with all the latest information released, it should be full of new stuff, to help contribute or even educate yourself, do so:




If you are interested in PlayStation VR, you can check out the Wiki dedicated to it, or if you have one or plan to get one, you can contribute:




Many thanks to people such as @euss, @sandungas, @Ada @Roxanne and many others who have contributed to and helped maintain these Wikis


And thanks to all the developers who gave plenty of information and contributions that helped fill these Wikis.

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