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    Because a group of fake scumbags putting out disinformation and creating fake videos to scam people into updating their game consoles, i had to create this thread to warn people, i also said i would list trusted people/developers/websites, but i have decided to create a thread all by itself, those linked will be done so via their Twitter or Github if they don't have a Twitter account, i will also mention which scene the developers are part of, this is a list of people i find trust-able to not scam you, so i do not get along with, but i will list them regardless of my personal opinion as my main aim of this article is to keep you, the end users of the scene safe: Note: This list contains a bunch of awesome people, who you can trust with anything in regards to the PlayStation Scene, this is not a list about their contribution's, just a list to let you know that they can be trusted. The scene you see beside them, is the scene they are currently active in and not all the scenes they have ever been active in. Developers m0rph3us1987 ‏- @m0rph3us1987 - PS4 Scene An extremely trusted developer bringing such awesome releases as, PS4FileNinja, PS4 Holy Grail and PS4 ports Pink1mods ‏- @pink1 - PS3 Scene Been around a long time ImMrNiato ‏- @ImMrNiato - PS3 Scene/PS4 Scene A French developer, indecisive about his websites, but trustworthy VVildCard777 ‏- @wildcard - PS4 Scene Has released a lot of cool stuff 3226_2143 ‏- PS4 Scene 2much4ux ‏- PS4 Scene SpecterDev ‏ ‏- PS4 Scene Specter has been around the PS4 scene for a long time and has been responsible for awesome releases, including the release of the recent 5.05 Exploit. esc0rtd3w ‏- PS3 Scene The developer behind PS3Xploit and member of Team PS3Xploit. Rinnegatamante ‏ ‏- @Rinnegatamante - PS Vita Scene Has released a ton of homebrew for 3DS, PS Vita and others. c0d3m4st4 ‏- @c0d3m4st4 ‏ ‏- PS4 Scene Developer behind the popular ESP8266 Xploit Host VitaHex ‏- PS Vita Scene qwertyoruiopz ‏- PS4 Scene pomfpomfpomf3(xyz) ‏- PS Vita Scene BenMitnick - @BenMitnicK - PS4 Scene TheheroGAC ‏ - @TheheroGAC - PS Vita Scene DevDavisNunez ‏- @DevDavisNunez - PS Vita Scene Has released many popular PSP and PS Vita Hombrew applications, is a member of OneLUA Team. CelesteBlue123 ‏- @CelesteBlue - PS4 Scene St4rkDev ‏- PS4 Scene Acemad_ ‏- PS Vita Scene HaiHakkuIku ‏- PS4 Scene hexkyz ‏ - Multi Scene notzecoxao - @zecoxao - ‏PS3 Scene/PS4 Scene Zer0xFF ‏- @Zer0xFF - PS4 Scene mrjudges ‏- @judges - PS3 Scene Aboshi2011(evilsperm) - @evilsperm - ‏PS3 Scene/PS4 Scene evilsperm along with the now retired CyberSkunk created Team Rebug that has been a huge presence in the PS3 Scene, evilsperm now is focusing on the PS4 LightningMods_ ‏ - @LightningMods_ - PS4 Scene Another developer with a very shady start, some people still question if he has changed and become a better person, there are numerous allegations of him copy/pasting code, that being said, the information he provides is trustworthy, also owner of DarkSoftware CTurtE ‏- PS4 Scene qwikrazor87 ‏- PS Vita Scene AbkarinoMHM ‏ - @Abkarino - PS4 Scene DaveeFTW ‏- PS Vita Scene A long time veteran of the PSP scene, member of Team Molecule psxdev ‏(bigboss) - @bigboss - PS4 Scene Joonie86 - @Joonie - ‏PS3 Scene/PS4 Scene yifanlu ‏ @Yifan Lu - ‏ - PS Vita Scene xerpi ‏- @xerpi - Multi Scene flat_z ‏- @flatz - PS4 Scene oct0xor ‏- PS4 Scene Mistawez ‏ - @Mistawes - PS4 Scene Mathieulh ‏- @Mathieulh - Multi Scene _Rogero_ ‏ - PS4 Scene A veteran from the PS3 scene, Rogero has left that behind and will be focusing on the PS4 naehrwert ‏ - Multi Scene fail0verflow ‏- Multi Scene marcan42 ‏- Multi Scene cfwprophet ‏ - @cfwprophet - A Racist chef who can't cook, but does release GUI's that people want - PS4 Scene AlexAltea - @AlexAltea - ‏PS3 Scene/PS4 Scene joel16_x - @joel16 ‏- PS Vita Scene theflow0(TheFlow) Previously known as total_N00b - PS Vita Scene C0rpVultra/Vultra - PS4 Scene diwidog/kiwidog - PS4 Scene masterzorag ‏- ‏ A Linux guru - PS3 Scene/PS4 Scene valentinbreiz ‏- PS4 Scene _AlAzif ‏- PS4 Scene thedarkprogr /xDPx - @TheDarkprogramer ‏- PS4 Scene gdljjrod ‏- @gdljjrod ‏- PS Vita Scene deank‏ - PS4 Scene DefaultDNB aka KiiWii frangar - PS Vita/PS4 Scene Scene Contributors GregoryRasputin ‏- @GregoryRasputin He doesn't know I'm adding him here, but if one belongs on this list it is him. Long time member, heavy contributor and lifetime truth guru. [CH] modrobert ‏- @modrobert I am not sure how long Robert has been in the scene, but he was in it long before me, his website Eurasia is mentioned below. zordon605 (DarkElement) - @DarkElementPL One of the younger members of the scene, very trustworthy. 0x199 A mysterious guy interested in the PS4 scene, owns Sce Party. ZiL0G80 StarMelter ‏- @StarMelter StarMelter has contributed much in the scene, such as creating icons for various scene applications, he has helped me a lot with advice and other things in regards to the forum. KawaiiAuroraA ‏ Writer on Wololo kozarovv ‏ - OfficialThibobo ‏- @Thibobo Tuxbot123 ‏- @Tuxbot123 roXyPS3 The keeper of the console developer wiki's, if one would call @euss the King of the Dev Wiki's, then Roxanne would be Queen of the Dev Wiki's. Senaxx ‏ - @Senaxx Host's a huge repository for PS3 Scene and PS4 Scene files Lightra1n ‏ - @Lightra1n zapptheman ‏ - @zapptheman Centrinouk - @centrino kood_infothief ‏ Runs A Japanese Scene site eXtremeModder86 ‏- @eXtreme Cloud0835 /yyoossk ‏ Runs A Japanese Scene site HackerGen ‏/Wirus - @Wirus Owner of Custom Protocol, inventor of the PS Vita GekiHEN competition Darthsternie ‏- @Darthsternie DerfJagged /Derf - @Derf @STLcardsWS Owner of PSX-Place Websites PSX-Place Wololo PlayStationHaX Eurasia DarkSoftware Sce Party ConsoleHaX Custom Protocol Games And Consoles There are more people and websites to be added, will do this through time.
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    Merry Christmas 2018

    Merry Christmas to all of you who celebrate it, Happy Holidays to those of you who don't
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    PlayStationHaX Podcast

    Forums are a somewhat of a niche market, they are not used nor utilized in the same manner that they were ten years ago, i miss the days were forums were filled with intelligent people helping the less educated, i miss members filling forums full of tutorials and help guides, don't get me wrong, it still happens, just not to the same extent that it once did and finally i miss the days when people used to come on a forum and tell me to kill myself or express how they would like to have sexual relations with my mother, there just isn't the heart in forums that once existed, that does not mean i wish to get rid of this forum, it simply means that i must evolve a little and this is why i am introducing podcasts Podcasts are simple audio speeches or presentations that you can listen to via Spreaker where i will be uploading them or download them from there and play them on your phones audio player, you probably wonder why i chose to do Podcast's and not videos, well that is simple, videos require you to look at them, one is tempted to even stare at the screen whilst they are listening something on the screen, listening to a Podcast does not tempt you to look at your screen and you can listen to it on your way to work or when you are out for your evening jog, you can listen to it in bed or the bath, on top of that YouTube is over done and saturated with videos involving the scene and games consoles, scene Podcasts are not something i have really seen done, apart from when the much loved and hated scener Braken did it a long time ago. I plan to do these Podcasts each week and i might even venture into scenes outside the PlayStation scene, i will try to record it on a Saturday so that it is available on Sunday, it will discuss the news and releases that happened throughout the week: Please feel free to leave suggestions or tell me how much it sucks
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    Happy New Year to all of you from PlayStationHaX Let's look forward to new hacks for PlayStation consoles and the reveal of the PS5 in 2019.
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    First of all, credits to @Joonie, without him none of this would have been possible. Things required: 2 PS4s (one in 5.05 preferably, another in the version you wish to port stuff to, like 4.55) SDK of the older version (don't ask for it, just search a bit) Hexeditor (such as HxD) Fpkg tools (specifically https://www.sendspace.com/file/bqsin5 ) Game to port (Something like God of War or the likes) FTP Payload on 5.05 Filezilla Client First thing we'll do is find how many modules our game has and which they are. So we start our game minimized, go to the ftp payload and start filezilla, then navigate to the pfsmnt folder and to the title id for patch. In the case of God of War, they're libc and libSceFios2. So we'll grab both of these from our SDK (in this case, 4.50 sdk) and place them in the sce_module folder, replacing the ones existing there (from 5.00 SDK). Last but not least we grab the eboot from the ftp and we replace the version binary string (search for ORBI, caps, it should be around this location) Example: https://imgur.com/a/4rZofbG https://imgur.com/a/isZaGw9 And finally, after replacing those strings you can replace the eboot as well and place it under the fpkg creator. This has been tested by @Joonie and works for some games (cases like 5.05 on 4.55 work for the majority of it but cases like 5.05 on 4.05 don't for the majority so you're on your own to test these)
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    [PS4] File Manager BETA

    [PS4] File Manager BETA This a standalone FS Manager with this being said the differs from the one in OrbisMAN in terms of resources used (25% less) and more features Download: https://psarchive.darksoftware.xyz/FS-Manager.pkg (71 MBs) This is currently Open Source to devs ONLY if you are a dev who wants access PM at Twitter or on my Discord (https://discord.me/dks) Features Copy Cut Paste New File New Folder Rename Delete Settings Menu Unsafe Partition R/W FTP Hide Local IP SELF Decryption Support FWs 4.55 4.74 (untested) 5.05
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    Happy Birthday PS3

    Twelve whole years ago today the PS3 was released in Japan, that was at least two years before members of the forum such as @DarkElementPL were born, The PS3 does not have the same amount of love from Sony as it did all those years ago, but the scene gives it the love it deserves, you can see such instances in places like PSX-Place, Reddit and of course here at PlayStationHaX. I haven't updated the website in about two years, but that doesn't mean what already is there is not a good read, as it is probably one of the best console histories you will ever read and i will update it when i have time, you can read all about the PS3's life below: PS3History
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    Hi Everyone , a Few days ago , A PS4 Programmer/Dev named thedarkprogr teased a PSPHD GUI , a repacking tool for psphd games , which allows users to create their own PSP game F-Pkg . The tool has been released through his GitHub. He stated that this tool is not a PSP emulator for PC in a tweet posted lately after the release As i said , it let you make FPKG by repacking PSP backups ISO/CSO/PBP, It's known that games don't work so keep making the tool up to date and check the PSP compatibility List continuously for working games. Peace!!
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    Eid Mubarak My Friends

    Just wanted to leave a message saying Eid Mubarak to all of those who celebrate it:
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    On July the 31st 2018 PlayStationHaX will be four years old. The front page blog was created first, then the forum was created later after several people requested it, in the time since the forum opened we have amassed 4,642 threads, 34,786 posts and 2420 members, we went from a separate WordPress front page to one being integrated into the forum. To celebrate the forums websites birthday, we are holding a competition, where you can win a ESP8266 Wi-Fi Board, for use with exploiting your PS4, if you don't have a PS4, there are a million other things you could use it for, so feel free to enter even if you don't have a games console. How To Win? You need to be a member of the forum and create a post below containing the following: A PlayStation related image with the round PlayStationHaX logo implemented into it like this: It doesn't have to be as big as that, it just has to blend into the image. It must contain something related in some way to any of the PlayStation consoles or devices released. Here is the PlayStationHaX logo that you need to add to the image: https://i.imgur.com/KwZqk4i.png The competition will end on the 31st of July and the winner will be picked via a random number. Good luck and have fun Thank You @Derf for letting me post this on your Subreddit
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    Win A ESP8266 Wi-Fi Board For PS4

    7 Heres my quick entry, PLAYSTATIONHAX.XYZ HEN 1.6 LOADER: IMAGE: VIDEO: https://i.imgur.com/CbBC05f.mp4 DOWNLOAD: https://www89.zippyshare.com/v/DkFCjbOy/file.html
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    PARAM.SFO Editor V1.1

    Hi Guys Here is a small updated to Param.Sfo editor Latest Version Should be v1.1 you can find it here https://github.com/xXxTheDarkprogramerxXx/PS3Tools/releases/tag/V1.1-SFO P.S. a special thanks to @StarMelter for the nice logo and icon ill be adding more icons as time goes on
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    Hello! This program, a micro version of my PS4 NOR Validator, is designed solely to validate and repair the WiFi/BT module of your PS4. How do I know I need it repaired? Well if your controller does not sync anywhere but the safe mode menu then your module is corrupted. Note: If your controller does not sync in safe mode, this program is not for you! You have a southbridge/usb port issue. I have included a small sample of VALID patches for you to use, but you may have to source more yourself. Just place them in the /Patches/ directory with any file name. If your patch isnt listed and you enjoy risk, my program will allow this. You can patch a mis-matched firmware for your WiFi/BT module. Doing this will wipe c0020001.bin and its header from your PS4's NOR entirely and replace it with whatever you have chosen. I recommend you stick with the correct Torus version, which will be displayed on screen. Slim & Pro models are generally Torus 2. If you hate risk but still want to patch, simply ask around for your matching patch file. Just quote the file size. If you have found a patch that is not on my list, let me know at bwe@betterwayelectronics.com.au and send me a link to it. Feel free to use my EXTRACTOR to verify its validity and ensure proper extracting! I will add any new patches to my program in future revisions. NOTE: My program is designed for Windows 64 - If this is a problem, please upgrade (if you can call it that...) Released 4/9/18 as Version 1.0 https://www.betterwayelectronics.com.au/BwE WiFi-BT Patcher v1.00.rar
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    In May of this year(2018) i had to create this thread calling out some fakes/scammers in the PlayStation scene, these clowns were claiming that they had a PS4 Jailbreak on 5.5x and were able to go online with said Jailbreak, they were also trying to convince people to update to this firmware, but they are not the only fakes and that thread was not suitable for other names i wanted to add, so this will combine the old list and add new names from other PS scenes. Original List Created - 17th May 2018: @Whispersintheb1 This is the infamous scene clown Umar, if you have not heard that name before, ask someone on PlayStation Homebrew Discord or you can ask on DarkSoftware Discord, i think @centrino is a big fan of his, so perhaps mention him when asking, or simply just join the server and as "Who is Umar", you will be told all the stupid things he has done, he has trolled a lot and been incredibly annoying, he usually is the butt of everyone's jokes. This guy seems to be the ring leader of the idiot group and the one spamming the fake tweets the most. @84Ciss If you were part of the PS3 scene, you would have unfortunately heard of the lame Team SGK, they took other peoples work such as CFW and put their own name on it. @RSPxAndrew2007x Andrew is a YouTuber who has hosted a video on his channel that claims to be a Jailbreak for 5.53 which also has online access, this is 100% fake, i wrote an article about him here: Scene Warning - Do Not Trust YouTube Videos By @RSPxAndrew2007x Aka Andrew2007 | xAndrew2007x If you are following any of those guys on Twitter, unfollow and block them, also unsubscribe from Andrew as he is making money from scamming you when you watch his fake videos. Here is Umar trying to convince r00tbeer to update to 5.50: Now that firmware 5.55 is released, they are saying the will be releasing a 5.55 Jailbreak with online access. You need to understand that everything they say is a lie, if you are on any firmware below 5.05 and update to 5.5x, you will lose the ability to have a Jailbreak, perhaps permanently, so do not update past 5.05 regardless of what anyone tries to convince you to do, here is a list of of other people who create fake videos: xHARDHeMPuS This idiot has been posting fake KExploit videos for a LONG time, half his Twitter followers are fake and i am sure he has bought a ton of those YouTube subscribers. Added - 26th August 2018: Ben Yousaf aka OFWModz aka ZuKuTo aka Piano aka OFWModzLIVE aka KrewIife aka ZuKuToOfficial aka yasmineyousaf(Skype) aka krewella When you look at this clowns Twitter, you wouldn't think anything shady about it, the only bad thing is the guy seems to be a massive cunt, but that is not a crime in itself, i would not have known about this person had it not been for "name redacted at request", who told me of this idiot going around saying that he is "W" from Team PS3Xploit, here is a screenshot from his Discord server: And here is a screenshot from one of his YouTube videos: I did post a PSA on Twitter warning people to not trust people claiming to be devs from PS3Xploit mentiong the official forum PSX-Place, here is what they replied: Added 19th October 2018 @ktiosz_dev I have known many 15, 16, 17 year old developers and they have been very mature, sadly this person who claims to be a dev is very immature. He keeps claiming he has a PS4 Exploit, when the reality is he has nothing and is just some bored kid looking for attention. PS4 Scene Developer Al Azif is creating a website dedicated to warning people of such scammers, you can read more about it here: https://github.com/FakesExposed/FakesExposed.github.io I have an incomplete list of trusted developers here: But this caused a lot of controversy, with people complaining that some people shouldn't be on it and others complaining that they were not on it.
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    Partly because i was late in deciding who won and partly because i think the images deserved better than some random number generation, i have decided to make all of those of you who entered winners Edit Forgot to say, those of you who i haven't doxxed got addresses for, please send me a PM in Discord, do NOT use the forum's PM system for personal information.
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    Hi Guys, Here is a small update to PS2 Classics Gui (V1.0.0.11) So whats new ? Well i had reports on my github from users who had issues with the Mutli ISO screen (i added a possible fix as i could not reproduce the error). Secondly i added a way for users to get custom configs from @kozarow 's Github this means we can now get new lua's for a single iso from his github and have it applied to the PS2 Classic you are trying to build for. Next I added a simple screen at startup that will ask you if you want to use a custom folder for ps2 classics at boot and then the new settngs for @kozarovv 's patches I also added a new font from the ps4 itself to your computer this is the PS4Icons font it has the ps4 main boot logo , and has ps2 psp ext ext items that are being used inside ps2 classics currently Whats next ? *Well i'm thinking of creating a pastebin or asking @kozarvv if we can use his github to allow us to have a list of working configs for a specific game that we might not currently have (from official pkg's or either from your own tweaking ) this will allow other users to have a directly build working copy of all the files required (extra files) and such. your free to give your thoughts on this in the comments *Also i dont know how usable this will be for anyone currently but im also building a psp classics gui (its currently pretty useless as the psp emulation on the ps4 is trash) but hey whatever Here is some images from the new version of PS2 Classics Here we initialize the location where ps2 classics will work in Next a new how to use screen If you say yes you will see the how to use screen (Not the prettiest screen i have ever built) Else you will see the main screen after the boot logo And here is a screenshot of the settings if anyone has any questions let me know here or on twitter Kind Regards xDPx
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    Win A ESP8266 Wi-Fi Board For PS4

    4 Maybe can publish something, like this?
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    One thing you will notice about your PS Store bought games or those from PS Plus is that they will get locked and you will be unable to use them, which is a shame as you would have to delete them, but thanks to scene developer @Zer0xFF you can now unlock those games: You can read more at the source: Reactivate PSPLUS Games - PS4 5.05 Thanks @zecoxao
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    Hey Guys For those of you who do not follow me on twitter. i have updated my PS2 Classics Gui to v1.0.0.10 this includes the new UI everyone was exited about and some major support for mutli iso's if you have installed the base version as instructed here https://github.com/xXxTheDarkprogramerxXx/PS3Tools/releases/tag/PS2.1.0 your application should ask you for an update when you start it from your desktop Have fun
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    ESP8266 Xploit Host v2.82a By @c0d3m4st4 View File Download ESP8266XploitHost 2.82a (NEWEST!) ESP8266XploitHost 2.81b Donations If you enjoy my work consider donating for future updates or testing new boards. You can do it here: https://ko-fi.com/E1E0BN94 Thanks in advance Default settings --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This is for those who don't like reading manuals (or simply can't read). But i won't answer to anymore questions about anything in the manual, if you don't wanna read, i don't wanna answer. IP: AP: ESP8266XploitHost Password AP: ps4xploit (you can change it from the tools menu for your phone/PC) FTP user: ps4xploit FTP password: ps4xploit (if you change the AP password, this one will change too, it is the same for both AP and FTP). FTP Port: 21 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- What's new -12/04/2019- ESP8266XploitHost 2.82a - MANUAL IN THIS PAGE NOT YET UPDATED. WILL DO SHORTLY. THE INCLUDED ONE IN THE DOWNLOAD IS UPDATED THO. Finally a new version! Ony basic stuff included, will try to add more stuff soon as i don't have much spare time to test stuff. Added HEN 1.8 by zecoxao and updated the other payloads. Removed PS3Xploit stuff (until i have time to update it) and Nintendo Swith (useless now). Nintendo WiiU 5.5.3 was supported before as nothing changed in the browser, but i indicate the exploit is valid for both versions now. Lots of changes in the host code to get it ready for the next version (hope it doesn't take this long to release a new one xD) New mobile tools UI -17/07/2018- ESP8266XploitHost 2.81b Added a modified version of xvortex HEN 1.7 (i removed the update blocker, and it seems to fix all the shutdowns, at least in my case. This version is a beta (i rewrote a lot of code to handle the streaming of the files ina better way), so let me know if you have any issues with it and if so, i'll replace it with the original one in a future not beta version. Added ReActPSPlus and updated stooged's payloads. You can now change AP name from the phone/PC tools menu. SD support finished. You can now upload your own payloads in HTML+JS format and launch it from there if you added a SD module. Read the manual for instructions about how to add references to external files. Binary payload files must be placed in \PS4\bin directory in the SD card (or uploaded to the flash if they fit - NO! GTA MODS WON'T FIT IN FLASH, SO DON'T EVEN TRY IT OR YOU WILL PROBABLY GET IT CORRUPTED). The binary payload sender tool now will list binary paylaods stored in flash and SD. You can store big binary payload files in SD as flash is almost full now. Added WiiU support for firmwares 5.5x. Just conenct to the ESP and browse to any address like http://local.host and you will get redirected to your FW version exploit page. Modified the offline installer so now, everytime you burn a new version of the host, it will autoupdate without having to delete the browser cache, first time you open the host main menu. -19/06/2018- ESP8266XploitHost 2.71 Bugfix release for 4.05 and 4.55 offline installers (no need to update if you are on 5.05, 2.7 is good for you) For 4.55 you will need to build an ethernet loopback plug or the exploits won't work. Check the included guide for details. Thanks to @wa7Ly for testing this. This is the last version with support for 4.05 -13/06/2018- ESP8266XploitHost 2.7 Updated AppToUSB and DBSGBackup to latest version Added Stooged's Enable VR Added binary loader Included PS4 Cheater, reactPSPlus and UNReacPSPlus as binary payloads to be sent with the payload sender to the binary loader from the PC/phone tools menu. Fixed 4.55 xvortex HEN Added offline installers for all FW versions (only tested in 5.05, please report any problem with other versions). Works from the user's guide too. All options that do not make sense without a network connection have been removed in offline mode. -31/05/2018- ESP8266XploitHost 2.6 Added xvortex HEN 1.6 Removed update blocker (xvortex HEN already includes it) Added Stooged App2USB v1 and DB-SG Backup v1 (these shuts down my console randomly). Didn't test App2USB, no spare USB drive atm. Consoles on FW 5.07 are redirected to the 5.05 menu since it seems everything works for those (previously they were ignored) -29/05/2018- ESP8266XploitHost 2.5 Fixed typo that prevented from choosing Mira in the direct boot HEN menu in the PC/phone tools menu. Added xvortex HEN 1.5 payload (HEN only, no Mira) -29/05/2018- ESP8266XploitHost 2.4 Added LightningMods update blocker (run ONCE, then reboot the console). Fixed a few bugs that prevented Mira from loading correctly. Now i get 100% success on a slim console. A couple memory errors are NORMAL. -28/05/2018- ESP8266XploitHost 2.3 Support for FW 5.05 Night mode (negative theme). Switch between themes with R2 or L2. Selected thems will be preserved, so next time you open the host, the last one used will be applied. IP of the client device opening the tools menu in your phone or PC won't be shown in the clients list in the binary payload sender tool. You will only see your PS4 IP now (if you share the host with different consoles at the same time, all will be show tho). -25/05/2018- ESP8266XploitHost 2.2 Few visible changes in this version: Aded fixed version o xvortex dumper New menu option in the Tools menu for your phone where you can set the AP password if you don't want to use the default one. -04/05/2018- ESP8266XploitHost 2.1 Added xvortex HEN v1 for those having problems with latest version (after lots of testing, seems FAT consoles do not work well with v2). Added preliminary SD card support (4.55 only). Not yet finished and i'll be busy until the end of the month, so only there for those who decided to add the SD card module, can test it. To test it, just copy the “options.txt” file included to the root of the SD card. It will just show a test menu, don't expect anything fancy, only there so you can test your module is correctly connected. For instructions to add an SD module, refer to section “Adding an SD module” in this manual. If you didn't add the SD module, don't worry, all basic functionality will be kept in flash, so SD module won't be mandatory. -20/04/2018- ESP8266XploitHost 2.0b2 Fixed 4.05 scroll issue with R1/L1 and reorganized menu. Replaced Enable VR with HEN+VR in 4.05 Fixed stupid mistake with 4.05 xvortex payloads. Updated HEN+VR to v2 in 4.55 -15/04/2018- ESP8266XploitHost 2.0b1 Added Holy Grail payload after many requests. Lots of not enough memory errors, but some say they don't get the issues they have with xvortex HEN. Moved all HEN payloads launchers to the first position of the list. On PS4, you can use R1 and L1 to scroll thru the menu, no need to use the analog stick to navigate to the arrows (this works only in the “user guide”, as the PS4 browser already uses every button, so it will go crazy. Updated list of “tricks” thay may help to avoid the issues with xvortex in the “Known issues” section in the manual. Added PS3 exploits from www.ps3xploit.com . Please refer to the site to check if your console is supported. Tested all the HAN process on a 4.82 OFW slim console, and works great. I didn't play with the flash dumping or writing options (be careful with the flash writing options as NOT every console is supported). Refer to the site for the needed files to place on the USB drive for installation. Delete cache an cookies in the PS3 browser for better results. Connect to the ESP8266XploitHost access point, then open the browser. If you didn't touch default settings, you will be redirected to the host automatically, if you changed the start page, you may need to enter host IP address ( to access the menu. Added Nintendo Switch exploit to install HB launcher. Please refer to https://switchbrew.github.io/nx-hbl/ for isntallation guide. Works on 3.0 only, so it is mostly untested... i'm on 2.0 and everything works as expected. I got until the “unable to pwn sdb” error, which is normal as it only works on 3.0, so it should work well, please report any error. To launch the installer just connect to the ESP8266XploitHost access point, and you will get redirected to the installer. Also added automatic redirection to the correct exploit pages. No more firmware selector on PS4, if you conenct with a PS3, the PS3 menu will be shown, if you connect with a Swith, you will get erdirected to the HB launcher installer, and finally if you conenct with a PC or smartphone, you will get redirected to the tools menu (tools menu is for PS4 only, credits and info, you can still upload any file tho). -11/04/2018- ESP8266XploitHost 1.0 (no more beta status): optimized template (loads in ~2 secs), updated stooged's payloads, scrolling exploits menu (lots of space now to add more stuff), added a new option to set a custom exploit to be launched from the “Custom” menu placeholder, updated manuals. -08/04/2018- First public release (ESP8266XploitHost 1.0b4) Notes I upgraded to 4.55, so support for 4.05 is over (same on PiXploitHost). I'll keep it in the menu for now, but there won't be any updates to it (i doubt there will be any payload updates for 4.05 too). You can contact me on twitter @c0d3m4st4 for bug reports. I won't bother replying to questions like, what is the password for the AP and stuff like that. Read the manuals! Support English support You can contact me at twitter (@c0d3m4st4) or playstationhax.xyz. Won't reply to questions already answered in the manual. https://playstationhax.xyz/forums/topic/4550-released-esp8266-xploit-host-v10-by-c0d3m4st4-ps4/ Soporte en Español Puedes contactar conmigo en elotrolado.net. No respondo a cosas que estén en el manual. https://www.elotrolado.net/hilo_esp8266xploithost-servidor-de-exploits-en-un-esp8266-nodemcu-y-similares_2280455 Flashing the image Use NodeMCU PyFlasher-3.0 to flash the included bin image. You can download PyFlasher here: https://github.com/marcelstoer/nodemcu-pyflasher/releases For nodeMCU use these settings: - Serial port: whatever it's assigned to the board - Firmware: "c0d3m4st4_ESP8266XploitHost_v1_final.bin" file - Baud rate: 115200 - Flash mode: DIO (for clone NodeMCU. Use Google if you have a different board) - Erase flash: yes, wipe it as we are flashing a full 4M image! Features SoftAP with DHCP ("ESP8266XploitHost", password "ps4xploit"). Web server ( DNS server FTP server on port 21 (user "ps4xploit", password "ps4xploit") Autoupdate (upload new binary, restart ESP8266 and it will update and delete the update file automatically. SPIFFS partition is untouched) Direct boot (choose any HEN payload to boot directly after opening the guide or browsing to without needing to choose anything in the menu) Options menu for PC/smartphone where you can upload files, set direct boot option, format SPIFFS partition, send binary payloads, set your own exploit to be launched from main menu, see device info, and some more stuff that will probably come in the future). You can find it at (access from your phone after connecting to the ESP8266XploitHost access point). Allows easy WiFi configuration in the console. Gzip support (doesn't make such a big difference in loading times, but it saves space in flash tho). Support for 4.05 and 4.55 (4.05 won't be updated tho.. i moved on to 4.55) FTP FTP server listening on port 21 (user "ps4xploit", password "ps4xploit") Filezilla settings for the site manager. - In general tab: port 21, protocol FTP, and encryption, only use plain FTP (insecure) - In transfer settings tab: passive mode, and limit number of simulataneous conenctions to 1 You can also use AndFTP for Android devices, it works great. Don't forget to connect to the ESP8266XploitHost AP before you can use the FTP, as it will be in a different network! Tools menu I included a small tools menu to be used from a PC/smartphone web browser. You need to connect to the ESP8266XploitHost AP, then browse to “” and you will see this: Upload file Use it to upload single files, like FW updates (for the ESP8266) or binary payloads to be used with the payload sender. You can use FTP too tho, however i find it useful for myself, so i decided to include it. Send binary payload Use this tool to send payloads not available in .js format or not added to the ESP8266XploitHost. It will list all available bin files in the ESP8266 flash. Choose the file you want to send and the PS4 IP (this is tricky, if you conenct your PS4 and your smartphone at the same time). IPs are assigned in order, starting from, so if you connect the PS4 first, it will have that IP. You don't need to connect your smartphone to the ESP8266 at all unless you did it to upload the bnary payload, and kept it connected. If only the PS4 is connected, only that IP will be listed in the connected stations list. Direct boot HEN Set a HEN payload to boot directly without having to choose anything in the ESP8266XploitHost menu. Only HTML files with “hen” in their name will be listed. Reset direct boot settings Delete Direct boot HEN settings. It will ask for confirmation. Set custom exploit menu Sets a custom exploit to be launched from the “Custom” placeholder in main hostmenu (the skull icon). You need to upload all needed files first (HTML + JS), and make sure references to external JS files in the HTML are correct. Format SPIFFS Formats the data partition. It will ask for confirmation. You will lose everything and will need to reupload the files using the FTP. You will need to use it also if the flash gets corrupted somehow (it happened! You wil know it cause it won't load web pages and it you use FTP you will notice missing or duplicates files... still a mistery how that happened. Maybe a bug in my code while adding new features in earlier development stages?). Device config For now, you can set a new AP password from here Device info Shows several parameters about your ESP8266 device. If you have issues and not a NodeMCU board, contact me with a picture or link to your exact board and a screenshot of this information. How to use it You can plug it to any of the PS4 USB ports. LED (on nodeMCU only probably) will remain lit until a station (the PS4, cellphone, PC or whatever you want to use as a client for this) is conencted to the access point. After that, it will blink only on file transfers. I don't have any other board, so i can't check where the built-inLED is on those. Consider donating if you want support for other boards. In the PS4 network settings, use WiFi, easy settings. Wait for the available network list, and choose “ESP8266XploitHost”, enter “ps4xploit” (without the quotes) when prompted for a password. Test connection, and you are done. Yes, it will pass the network test, and save the new settings. After that, open the user guide, and have fun. You can also use it from the PS4 web browser. Just open Known issues Some games do not work properly. No issues have been reported. Non working games were due to a problem with the PS4 browser possibily caching older versions of the gzipped files being sent. Browsing to with the PS4 browser and deleting cookies and site data, solves that. This should solve the issue for those who tried my previous releases. This will happen with every other host around, only some people don't give a shit about testing before releasing. If you still have a non working game after deleting site data from the browser, you can also try to send the binary payload (i included xvortex HEN bin file for 4.55) from the payload sender tool after loading Specter in the host menu in the PS4. xvortex dumper doesn't show notifications While it is the last version and the exact same payload in bin and js format, it won't show notifications when launched from the web menu. It will work as expected using the binary payload sender (i also included latest version if the bin file, so it will show up in the payloads list in the binary palyload sender tool). Customization / Templates If you distribute my image with your own template give the proper credit. Templates are nothing without the ESP8266 code that handles your files. Not many hints here, as i suppose if you are into HTML templates, you know what you are doing and not simply copying and pasting code from others. With FTP access is very easy to upload your own UI to the host. Some rules to make it fast: File system doesn't support folders, keep your external references to files in the root folder. Max file name lenght is 31 chars. Minimize references to external resources (CSS, JS, images). Embed them all in index.html when possible. Reduce image size. SVG are the best for this, but converting a JPG to SVG is stupid. Think about that! Nonsense! Use inline images for the fastest loading times! Main page must be index.html or it won't work. When listing FTP content, everything starting with “455_” and “405_” are exploits files. Do not delete them unless you plan to upload your own, and keep the references correct in the index.html file. After you are done with the template, gzip all your files. They will work in their original format, but if you want to minimize transfer times, use gzip. The ESP8266 will set correct headers for each file. You can't customize the tools menu. It's generated by the ESP8266. Ideally, you should only distribute your template files, and not the full image. With FTP access anyone can now upload and replace those files without having to reflash a full image. If you make some cool and optimized template, let me know and will link to your files from this post. Adding a SD card module Follow this schematic to add the module. Don't forget VDD in SD card to 3V in nodeMCU and VSS to GND. Credits Thanks to all the beta testers, exploits devs and the huge EP8266 community. Exploits and payloads included in the ESP8266XploitHost, comes untouched from the following devs repos: xvortex (https://github.com/xvortex) Stooged (https://github.com/stooged) Specter (https://github.com/Cryptogenic) m0rph3us1987 (Holy Grail) PS3Xploit Team (W, esc0rtd3w, bguerville, Habib) PegaSwitch Team ReSwitched Team Also big thanks to qwertyoruiopz and flatz for making this possible. If you want to use my ESP8266 image to distribute your own hosts, give proper credit. Modifying some HTML template is not creating a fully hosted exploits server. Your templates are not magically served to the clients. There is a lot of code and time you can't see, you only see a HTML template created in 10 minutes. Submitter @c0d3m4st4 Submitted 04/08/2018 Category PC Software(PS4) Developer c0d3m4st4 Source https://twitter.com/c0d3m4st4/status/982756159319871488 Twitter https://twitter.com/c0d3m4st4 Donate https://ko-fi.com/E1E0BN94
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    Hello everyone! *** NEW April RELEASE 2.1.334 Final **** With 2 operation modes (Original and the rookie WebRTE) and the terrific numbers of the 170 games and 262 CUSAS!!! (See the change log for the news...) I would like to present my little tool for load a lot of cheats for your preferred games from your android mobile: Very easy to use: 1º Download and install the apk from: http://ps4acheater.aptoide.com/ 2º Configure your IP in your mobile and your PS4. 3º Start the Hen. 4º Start the Bin loader. 5º Send the payload from the APK. 6º Load the game in the PS4 and look up in the apk to activate the Cheater. 7º That's all, enjoy it! The apk is multilingual (English/Brazilian/Spanish) and totally work off-line without internet. Now there are only around 50 games but in future updates will be more! Will be happy to help you if you has any question. Regards, xZenithy
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    Release: BwE PS4 NOR Statistics

    Hello! Following my this program BwE PS4 NOR Statistics v1.00, another micro version of my PS4 NOR Validator, is designed solely to validate your NOR based on statistics only from Better Way Electronics! Why make this you ask? Entropy and statistics are a well used methodology in the malware analysis field to determine if a binary file is encrypted, and by how much. What is entropy? Entropy is a method for measuring uncertainty in a series of numbers or bytes. In technical terms, entropy measures the level of difficulty or the probability of independently predicting each number in the series. What has this got to do with PS4s? Well the PS4's NOR is almost entirely encrypted and so with a collection of known valid NOR's it is possible to determine the level of entropy that represents a valid NOR and what level of entropy would represent a corrupt NOR. When corruption occurs it will generally wipe out a large chuck of the NOR, cause the NOR to repeat itself or will fill the NOR with junk. All of this will decrease or severely increase the entropy. Seeing as the PS4 firmware is likely to add more or less complexity with each update I have made available a settings file where you can adjust the predicted statistics. Download: BwE_PS4_NOR_Statistics.rar (5.4 MB) Have fun! And yes this is made specifically for other PS4 repairers like myself. Maybe it will be useful for something else one day. Remember the fun we had with the PS3 NOR? NOTE: My program is designed for Windows 64 - If this is a problem then you're computing wrong. Release Date: 5/11/18 Version: 1.0 MD5: BDABAAB45995A3D1E7AE83541E752721 Chiptune: Dubmood - A Tribute to Kootie Loader Art: BwE (Credits to Maniac (Netflix)) This is what a valid NOR looks like: This is what an invalid NOR looks like: Sorry for the copypasta! Enjoy either way!
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    I'm back baby!!

    Hey all, Sorry that I ducked out for so long but had real life circumstances that needed my attention. Have a console back and will be jumping back into things. May take a little while to start posting codes/cht files again so be patient.
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    First i want to state that i have zero problem with people selling hacked consoles on eBay, i think that we should be able to sell modded consoles and chipped consoles on eBay or wherever, what i am against is people selling hacked consoles at an inflated price, just because they have a bunch of pirated games included, this causes harm to the scene as can been seen in the case that Sony recently took against a guy from California Blackcloak13 who's real name is Eric David Scales has been taken to court by Sony Interactive Entertainment(SIE), for selling a 'Jailbroken' PS4 loaded with 60+ games for $499, an agent of SIE bought the console in April 2018 found that the harddrive was filled with 60+ pirated games, SIE then bought another PS4 from Blackcloak13 in June 2018, this console was on firmware 5.05 and also had a bunch of pirated games, here is a few quotes from the legal document: You can download the PDF and read more at the source: Sony Sues ‘Jailbroken’ PS4 Seller for Copyright Infringement Thanks Roxanne for the tip, wish you were a member of the forum so i could mention you.
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    How to test your own sdk homebrew

    Tools: HEN 1.8 https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/159066660962041856/498138504656715776/ps4-hen-vtx.bin https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/159066660962041856/498138541570654209/index.html payload_ldr https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/159066660962041856/498062138686963712/payload_ldr_verbose.pkg FTP payload/OrbisMAN (Optional But Recommended) Mira for usermode logs / UART Step0:If needed for your homebrew, put ALL resources inside /data/ (specify the path in your homebrew as well) Step1: Create a folder called self inside data folder (You can use ftp or orbisman for this) Step2: Launch HEN 1.8 Step3: If needed, launch mira aswell(for logging your homebrew/game while it's being tested) Step4: Install payload_ldr pkg Step5: Launch payload ldr (the screen should hang at start) Step6: Send the main eboot (it MUST be a self file) sender.py --endpoint eboot.bin Other options are available but for now i'll only use this one Step7: Your homebrew should now run and (if you have it) logs should be displayed on putty/some other Telnet/Serial logger
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    What you need: 1. PS4 10xx, 11xx or 12xx series 2. ESP8266 (Not the crazy hardcore wide versions with presoldered headers) 3. A USB extension cable, I used a micro to mini cable. 4. Cables that have header pins (male & female) - This isnt MANDATORY, but it makes it removable. 5. Screw Driver 6. Torx Screw Driver 7. Soldering Iron 8. Lead Solder 9. Flux Paste 10. Mana Level 100+ (Soldering exp) Rip off your BD board! Your ESP will be going underneath. This spot is PERFECT its like Sony envisioned it to be here! See? This stuff is easy to find. Be sure to test fit your ESP8266! Here are the measurements, just in-case you have some wacky weird ESP8266... The large pad is the 5v, the small ones in the corner are ground. If you are unhappy with my choice in points, there are others. You could go chasing it in the board itself, but you'd have to actually disassemble the whole case - my plan was to avoid this. Be sure to put flux paste on the pads and heat them up with the iron prior to applying LEAD solder. This is how long your cable to the BD board should be. Be sure to trim the tinned tips! It could be prettier, but hey! It will be strong. See! Now it looks cool. Now to do the cables for the ESP... I twist the cables, shove them through the VIN and G (Ground) then bend them. I then apply solder from the bottom side (after applying flux). Generally solder will flow to the top side, if it hasn't then just do it yourself. This ensures it will be TIGHTTTT. Tape that shit down! Oh look at THAT! LOVELY! Plug in the USB cable and shove it in that little gap at the front pointing up. PERFECTION! Close everything up and admire your work! OH LOVELYYYYYY
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    Hi guys. Now before i get started, i know this post might cause some controversy, so before we start, please make sure you watch or read everything before replying. I can see a lot of people are getting excited over the ability to downgrade their ps4's in the future.... Well, i'm here to tell you why this isn't as great as it is being made out to be. Please feel free to view my YouTube video below if you would just like to listen rather than reading, otherwise you can continue to read below the video! Video: Written info: So, essentially there is speculation of being able to downgrade PS4's to older firmwares. From what i have seen, there are a few legitimate methods in the works, and of course, many fakes too. First and foremost, I must warn people to be careful of any fake downgrade methods which could damage your console or other hardware, because if you end up being one of the poor people who get sucked into it, you're going to have a bad day Secondly, I would to address the legitimate methods which are being speculated and hinted in the scene. Many of you may have heard or fail0verlows recent release of PS4 Aux Hax. If you have not, I suggest you read about them PS4 Aux Hax 1: Intro & Aeolia, PS4 Aux Hax 2: Syscon and PS4 Aux Hax 3: Dualshock4. If you do not understand all that is written in there, this is fine. Essentially, the information they have released will aid developers greatly once it is put into practice by our current scene devs. As you know, Fail0verflow does not usually release completely made hax for end users to use, but they hint to the devs, how they can achieve a very desirable outcome. So you're all asking, why does this matter? Well it matters because essentially, this is the foundations to jailbreak any firmware up to the time of writing this. The methods of downgrading which are currently being hinted, are using Fail0varflows work to a certain degree, and thus implementing the methods used to jailbreak the system. Great right? In other words, when downgrading is made possible for all end users, it will no longer be required as the level of access required is the same level of access required to jailbreak the system..... So the need to downgrade is made redundant. Why downgrade when you can just jailbreak the latest firmware right? Well there are many reasons why dev's may not want it to be possible to jailbreak the latest firmware. This includes the fact that if people are on latest firmware, they may try gain PSN access which will cause a lot of ethical issues, if anyone is actually able to get onto PSN. But this can easily be avoided by releasing jailbreak for firmware just before the latest, that way PSN access is still revoked. Needless to say, PS4 day's are nothing like the PS3 days. A lot has changed, and the requirement to downgrade to get CFW is no more. Depending on the direction the scene takes, there may be a release for downgrading, or there may be future releases of newer jailbreaks implementing the Dualshock4 method Fail0vertflow has talked about in their write-up. Time will tell. Just some food for thought guys. Hope i have explained a bit of the mistery behind the scene for some of the people who are curious. Please feel free to comment your thoughts below. All opinions are welcome Thumbnail:
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    Well this is fun! It works well too. Turn on the controller, the AP appears! Connect, jailbreak, enjoy. Turn off controller/console, the AP disappears! Simple.
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    HI Guys Here is a big update to my PARAM.SFO editor for the scene https://github.com/xXxTheDarkprogramerxXx/PS3Tools/releases/tag/V1.2-SFO No more need for SONY tools to save your modified SFO Also now supports click once give it a go and let me know if you have any problems have fun xDPx
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    Since @3141card has agreed to let these databases be released to the general public. Link: https://www.sendspace.com/file/5b9jw4 Contains LV1 and LV2 memory dump databases with several comments, constructors, destructors, documented syscalls, etc. Extremely useful for emulation research and/or exploit research
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    What on earth am I doing?

    I hate this type of NOR chip... Very difficult to remove without preheating the board....
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    The PS Dev Wiki's that comprise of PS3, PS3, PSP and PS Vita developer Wiki's are awesome, yet the family seemed as if it was missing something and that something was Wiki's related to the PS1 and PS2, which is why i have created Wiki's for both those consoles. It will be harder documenting the PS1 and PS2 as the majority of the sites connected to those consoles are long gone and many are not archived properly on Wayback Machine, i am hoping that some people from those scenes will be able to contribute, perhaps some developers such as @bigboss, anyhow here are the links to all the PS Dev Wiki's: PS1 Dev Wiki PS2 Dev Wiki PSP Dev Wiki PS3 Dev Wiki PSVita Dev Wiki PS4 Dev Wiki If you want to be a member of the PS1 and PS2 Wiki's drop a message below or contact me via Discord.
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    Balika011 has released a PS4 ELF Loader for IDA Pro: Source/Download Thanks @zecoxao
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    Would you stop trolling, you are posting off topic and asking stupid questions as well. There will never be a 5.50 Jailbreak, it isn't even the latest firmware, so stop asking, 5.05 has just been released and there is no way we will see another KExploit any time this year. The only person to blame for this problem is you, nobody forced you to keep updating and you had plenty of warnings to stay on 5.05.
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    Hi! I'll shortly describe three (easy) ways to run the new Kernel Exploit for firmware 5.05. These methods should work up until 5.07. Thanks to all developers and hackers who had part in this release! There are other great ways like Al Azif's Exploit Host, but my time is limited. Make sure to visit: https://t.co/xx4ZF9OgKm) If you have a console with a lower firmware you can download the 5.05 firmware update from ex. consolehax.com/vault/ . Rename the file to PS4UPDATE.PUP and place it on a USB Drive (PS4/UPDATE/PS4UPDATE.PUP). Install it via Settings and make sure the console has no connection to the internet. A. LOCAL HOSTING You can host the exploit on your computer by running a local webserver. In order to do so, you need to setup the server with the files found on SpecterDev's GitHub page. I will not explain the configuring of the webserver itself. Download the files: https://github.com/Cryptogenic/PS4-5.05-Kernel-Exploit Configure your webserver with the files from step 1 Connect your PS4 to the server Open the browser Navigate to the IP address of the server Click OK when the message 'We have updated our privacy policy in accordance with GDPR...' appearce Minimize the browser by pressing the PS Button Profit B. ESP8266 (ESP8266 Xploit Host) Developer @c0d3m4st4 has released an update which includes the exploit for firmware 5.05. You can flash the firmware with NodeMCU PyFlasher (Windows). Download ESP8266XploitHost 2.3: https://mega.nz/#!OI8GxAyA!54QnxvbXkPiSrs0j_d5dWwopqsHg42S5hS-MLSd2leQ Download NodeMCU PyFlasher 3.0: https://github.com/marcelstoer/nodemcu-pyflasher/releases Press and hold the Flash button on the ESP then connect it via USB to your PC Run the software NodeMCU PyFlasher Choose the ESP from the Serial Port drop downlist Firmware = The .bin file downloaded in step 1 Baud rate = 115200 Flashmode = DIO Erase Flash = Yes, Wipe all When the proces is finished make sure to power your ESP, and boot your PS4. Navigate to 'Settings' - 'Network' en click on Custom Choose WiFi and connect to ESP8266XploitHost The password is 'ps4xploit' without the ' Click OK and next until you test the connection If the connection test succeeds navigate to 'Settings' - 'User Manual' and you'll be greeted with the custom ESP interface. Select Mira + HEN from the list. C. Hosted Online Hacker Qwertuiop is hosting the exploit on crack.bargains. This is the easiest step, but it does require the console to connect to the internet. Therefore I recommend to not use this if possible. Open the browser Open the URL: http://crack.bargains/505k/ Click OK when the message 'We have updated our privacy policy in accordance with GDPR...' appearce Minimize the browser by pressing the PS Button Profit I'm aware of other methods to successfully run the exploit, but someone else will explain these. VIA
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    DO NOT UPDATE TO ANY FIRMWARE PAST 5.05 I really hate wasting my time on stupid things, when i could be doing so much more enjoyable things, but i have to create this article because there are a group of sleaze bags convincing people to update their consoles to 5.50/5.53/5.55 in order to have a non existent "Jailbreak" which gives online access. this Jailbreak is fake and does not exist, the group are the following: @Whispersintheb1 This is the infamous scene clown Umar, if you have not heard that name before, ask someone on PlayStation Homebrew Discord or you can ask on DarkSoftware Discord, i think @centrino is a big fan of his, so perhaps mention him when asking, or simply just join the server and as "Who is Umar", you will be told all the stupid things he has done, he has trolled a lot and been incredibly annoying, he usually is the butt of everyone's jokes. This guy seems to be the ring leader of the idiot group and the one spamming the fake tweets the most. @84Ciss If you were part of the PS3 scene, you would have unfortunately heard of the lame Team SGK, they took other peoples work such as CFW and put their own name on it. @RSPxAndrew2007x Andrew is a YouTuber who has hosted a video on his channel that claims to be a Jailbreak for 5.53 which also has online access, this is 100% fake, i wrote an article about him here: Scene Warning - Do Not Trust YouTube Videos By @RSPxAndrew2007x Aka Andrew2007 | xAndrew2007x If you are following any of those guys on Twitter, unfollow and block them, also unsubscribe from Andrew as he is making money from scamming you when you watch his fake videos. Here is Umar trying to convince r00tbeer to update to 5.50: Now that firmware 5.55 is released, they are saying the will be releasing a 5.55 Jailbreak with online access. You need to understand that everything they say is a lie, if you are on any firmware below 5.05 and update to 5.5x, you will lose the ability to have a Jailbreak, perhaps permanently, so do not update past 5.05 regardless of what anyone tries to convince you to do, here is a list of of other people who create fake videos: xHARDHeMPuS This idiot has been posting fake KExploit videos for a LONG time, half his Twitter followers are fake and i am sure he has bought a ton of those YouTube subscribers. Follow honest sources and trustworthy news sites, below i will post links to trustworthy sources that will only give you legit and real news and information: Trusted PlayStation Scene Developers DO NOT UPDATE TO ANY FIRMWARE PAST 5.05
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    I am sure you seen both of these awesome articles: Attention Scene - A KExploit Is Coming Soon For PS4's On Firmware 5.05 PS4 5.05 JAILBREAK IMMINENT AND 5.53 JAILBREAK TEASED? That news was not the only great announcement for the PS4 scene, it was also revealed that the PS4 would have a CFW or HEN for PS4's on firmware 5.05 as well as having a working open source SDK for creating homebrew games and applications, Mira Project is what it is called and is brought to you by a team called OpenOrbis, the members in the team are not fully known yet, but i am sure as time goes by such details will be revealed, more details and information about Mira Project below: From the ReadMe: Here is a little explanation as to what it is and isn't capable of, thanks to @LightningMods_ IT WILL be LOST on reboot It's NOT a traditional CFW But a Framework you NEED a Webkit and Kernel exploit to port and use it it's VERY similar to Xposed Framework for Android (in terms of functionality) Just like HEN it survives rest mode NOT 100% uploaded Source Now some tweets from scene developers: You can grab the Mira Project here
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    Developer stooged has released an Android version of @DEFAULTDNB's xProject for the PS4. This means you don't have to set a webserver up yourself, use some shady website or use a ESP8266, everything is in the .apk. Source/Download Via
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    The Game Boy Advance Consolizer

    A new modkit has been made by someone named Stephen who blogs about the projects he's involved with. One of his latest is the GBA Consolizer http://stephens-projects.com/projects/gbahdmi/ which makes it possible to play your GBA on your modern HD television with no latency or lag just as if playing on the handheld yourself. At this point you're probably thinking to yourself "hey jerk I connect my GBA to my GameCube with my 'Game Boy Player' adapter and play it on my TV everyday what makes this so special". The Game Boy Player does not hold a candle to this though if you read through the features and see how it's a digital output opposed to analog so stuff does not get screwed up. Also another useful addition to this mod is the addition of a SNES controller port. That way if you do not want the authenticate Game Boy experience with the screen being a fraction of an inch away from the player's eyes because the tin LCD is now replaced with a giant widescreen television you now have the luxury of using a controller with a decent length cord to get a better view. Here are some related videos: Source http://stephens-projects.com/projects/gbahdmi/ via http://retrorgb.com/gba-consolizer-an-hdmi-720p-gba-kit.html
  40. 4 points

    [Released] LibOrbisPKG

    maxton has released an application for reading and writing PS4 PKG's and PFS archives, here is a quote from the source: Source
  41. 4 points
    ORBISMAN 1.02-2 BETA 4.55 & 5.05 Supported (FW Auto-Detect) CREDITS AlAzif AlexAltea Anonymous CelesteBlue123 CrazyVoid CTurt droogie IDC Joonie86 Mathieulh OpenOrbis qwertyoruiopz SKFU SpecterDev valentinbreiz XVortex xerpi XVortex zecoxao ZeraTron Special Thanks Flatz TheoryWrong Znullptr X41 Testers _iggy4 AlAzif Alzeric boogeyman CelesteBlue Darkmage1991 GradSdk KlairmKraken MADPYRO21 Mogi_Codemasterv PotsAlott red-j retrogamer Shiro SiSTRo Znullptr Almighty "via https://darksoftware.xyz/HomebrewThnx" [/tab] Changelog Build ORBISMAN V1.02-2 HOT-FIX BETA Testers Only - Fixed broken things - added new names "eap_key_455.bin" and "eap_key_505.bin" - Fixed the EAP Key dumper for 4.55 - Fixed pic0.png Build ORBISMAN V1.02-1 HOT-FIX BETA Testers Only - Removed XMB Info icon - Removed XMB DKS_OS - Removed Home from DKS_OS Build ORBISMAN V1.02 BETA Testers Only - Added EAP Key 4.55 support - reversed EAP Key bytes - changed pic1 from "Homebrew" to "ORBISMAN" - fixed FS Dumper for recursive dumping with 5.05 and 4.55 Support - Changed "Dump ALL System files" to "Dump FS (Reboot Required)" - Added Dump FS Message boxes with reboot - Added dump FS msg 1 - Added dump FS msg 2 Build ORBISMAN V1.01 BETA Testers Only - Linux Loader - tried a few things - dont know what to do next Build ORBISMAN V1 BETA tester only - Changed all the text to white - added save support - added background FTP (no decrypt yet) - added a few dump and decrypt options like SceShellCore - Added new Icons - added new Icon0 and Pic0 images - added HDD Key dumper (5.05 only) - Audio button is now persistent - Added load dump module into memory - 4.55 FTP Support - Added FTP - Added Stub changes - Added dump and decrypt note - Added more functions - More tech changes - ALL Dumping options moved to this PRX - Added Dump and decrypt support - Stub Changes Build Unnamed V1 - Added Credits option - Added Credits open web page for Credits web page - Deleted Debug settings options - Added Dumper options (Partial IDPS, PSID (CID) - Changed Hide Text to now 2 things - Disabled Test Button and removed animation - Added new Jailbreak Patches for 5.05 (including MMAP and others) - Added Partial IDPS Dumper and write to file - Added PSID Dumper and write to file - Added PSID Dumped Notifcation - Added Partial IDPS Dumped Notifcation - Added loadrip function for loading PRX into memory - Added more Unless & Top Secret Shit ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Build ALPHA V5-03 Beta Testers ONLY - Removed MSG Dialogs off the Backup ptions but kepts for Restore options - Added Update Blocker LITE Install and Uninstaller Options - Added auto-Load HomebrewWIPMSG.prx at app startup - Added Msg Dislogs with wait timer for Recovery nnd System reboot options - Added back Wipe Notifcations (i didnt know Unity didnt save) - Made UB LITE Installer and Uninstaller in only 2 C# Scripts - Added Credits - Fixed DKS_OS (No one told me it was broken) - Fixed Parent Control removel - Added Recovery Mode and Reboot Dialogs - Added Wait timers for Reboot - Added Kill Syscall - Added installer and Uninstaller UB Notifcations - Fixed Remove Parent Control Kernel Panic Build ALPHA V5-02 Beta Testers ONLY - Added Message dialog for backup and restore, app.db and shellcore - removed backup and restore ntoifcations on app.db Added the following 2 PRXS HomebrewWIPMsg.prx and (sysmodule) libSceMsgDialog.sprx Build ALPHA V5-01 Beta Testers ONLY - Re-added some more things - Took away the back circle from the bottom - Kernel Dumper - Wipe all notifications - Complete Notifications (for each option) - Resolving Patch applied to ALL Kernel Functions - Reboot to recovery mode - Remove Parental Controls - Cleaner text (disappearing upon click and re-appearing upon Back) - Disappearing columns (so people cant make videos where they open all at once) each column press closes the others - Fixed Mute audio Settings - Fixed Theme Hit Box - Fixed some text that wasnt disappearing - Removed unnecessary Jailbreaks (x7) (so the app wont break when switching to the filemanager) - Fixed some Notifications and SYSTEM_ABNORMAL_TERMINATION_REQUEST - Re-added Jailbreak to Reboot to Recovery - Fixed Power Button iirc [/tab] [tab=Features] - Enhanced Rooted DKS_OS (touch pad only) - Browser - XMB (toolbox) ----------------------------------------------- Features FTP Automatically On once XMB is started Up -------- See IP and FTP Port at the buttom of the screen------------- Sub Menus +Section 1 - Enable and Disable Background Music (selection saved as a Gamesave) - Credits + Section 2 (Kernel Menu) - Kernel Dumper - Key dumping (PSID, Partial IDPS, EAP Key) - ALL will be written to USB0 - Spoof Target Id (Devkit, TestKit, Retail) - Spoof FW (9.99, 5.55, Restore 5.05) - UART (On, Off) + Section 3 (HDD Menu) USB0 ONLY! - Backup and restore App.db - Decrypt and Dump FS (Reboot Required to avoid System problems) - Dump misc (notifcation.db, SceShellCore) - System Partition R/W (On/Off) + Section 4 (Misc) - Linux Loader - Reboot to Recovery - Remove Parent Controls - Update Blocker LITE (On/Off) - Wipe notifications + Section 5 (Game) - Lightbar changer (Green, Blue and Red) known Issues - FTP and App will crash if you try to 1. Upload to a write protected Directory (with System R/W off) 2. Try to download from the HB sandbox directory while its running 3. Try to download anything from /dev/ - FTP Doesnt have Decrypt support - Scrolling Fast/Past the end of the XMB will get the selector stuck - Closing the App without rebooting after FS Dump will cause every app to fail to launch (VM_Map problem) - Credits needs internet (its a webpage) [/tab] Download DarkSoftware Hosting https://psarchive.darksoftware.xyz/ORBISMAN_BETA.pkg SIZE: 200MB Homebrew EAP Key Dumping and Decrypting TuT by DarkEelement https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xcPEjxGHoE4&feature=youtu.be Follows us @DarkSoftwarellc or @LightningMods_
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    @3141card has given me permission to share this, as well. it is a RE script of 4.55 kernel by himself (the base being used here is the kernel's base without KASLR, 0xFFFFFFFF82200000, so rebase your own kernel in IDA before doing this.) Contains comments, defined globals, function symbols and other things. in a total of about 20000 functions, 12747 (64%) are defined. I didn't have luck using it with IDA 6.8 and below so i assume this only works with IDA 7. Enjoy added 2 minutes later link (forgot about it lol) https://www.sendspace.com/file/qknbez
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    HELLO EVERYONE!!! Today i come to you all with great news. By now most of you already probably know, but if not, please have a read. Recently over the past 48 hours, there has been an explosion of releases for the switch scene, i have a video detailing this below! If you would rather listen instead of read, please check that out, otherwise please read on! First things first, it all began back in Oct 2017 when The Reswitched Team announced that they have successfully dumped the Nvidia Tegra's bootrom! Unfortuantely, there was nothing published to the public at the time, likely due to legal reasons and what not. This was the seed which would begin to sprout into the best exploit for all switch users and the it will write history for the switch scene. This promised the full control of the console at the earliest point in the boot process allowing it to occur before the system fully boots, similar to arm9 loaderhax for the 3DS! Fast forward to 2018. From January all the way to April, there has been news of various hacker groups showing off their work and their own bootrom exploits. This was extremely promising for the switch scene, and hyped everyone up simply due to the fact that we could visually see progress among the various hacker groups, this included xecuter claiming they had a solution for switch hacking which would work on all firmware's. Not long after, failoverflow comes out stating they have a boot exploit and show it off with a short YouTube video, and once again, not long after this, we see team reswitched boasting that they also have boot exploit for the switch. This is great as now the scene can see that there is something in the works, and it will be the ultimate exploit/release for the scene. Of course, at the time, there was no promise of a release but this was confirmation that multiple groups had reached the tegra bootrom and found ways to exploit it to run their own code. It also seems that while there were 3 teams publicly showing their work, there were also other teams working behind the scenes in silence. Not long after all this, around late February, ktemkin and reswitched, announced a release of their exploit, along with a cfw to leverage it. Failoverflow had begun showing off their port of linux working on the switch and all was looking great. Fast forward another deal of time, now we are in April, about 48 hours ago (23/04/18) A dump of the Tegra bootrom was published anonymously on the web. This was nothing great for the end user directly as it was not something which was weaponized yet for them. On the contrary, this was great for hackers alike as it allowed them to have a poke around and begin looking for possible back doors, or bugs in the code, so they can mess around in an attempt to get a working exploit. As a result of this leak, it triggered an explosion of follow up releases from various groups and hackers. for example, debugging scripts were shared to help debugging the bootrom with reverse engineering tools made available, and other things hackers use to revers engineer Shortly after, another source shared details of the recovery mode exploit used by Fail0verflow, Reswitched and likely other teams. This caused Ktemkin to quickly release her work with a detailed writeup on the vulnerability, shortly followed by Fail0verflow, there is also a video of them commending Reswitched for their work. Reswitched exploit was supposed to be released on the 15th of june, but was obviously pushed forward due to the chain of events over the past few days. It also seems that Fail0verflow intended to release their work on the 25th of april.... right in the middle of all this that has recently happened... hmm makes you wonder who the anonymous sources may have been. To Conclude, this shows that the exploits being leveraged are quite easy to use once implemented, and with the recent release of the Atmosphere CFW for the switch, it seems that the days of native homebrew for all switches has arrived, and will be coming to a switch near you shortly. I would like to express that i strongly recommend waiting a bit before trying anything that has been recently released, as most of it is not completely finished work, and still may have bugs, so proceed with caution. I would also recommend heading into the shops to purchase a switch as soon as possible as Nintendo has begun releasing switched with revised hardware which will prevent the exploit from running as this is a hardware based exploit. With that all being said, i hope you guys enjoyed this and you're all hyped up for the switch scene just like me!!! Catch you guys next time, Peace! Video Image
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    Win A ESP8266 Wi-Fi Board For PS4

    8 Happy Early Birthday Guys!
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    Win A ESP8266 Wi-Fi Board For PS4

    5 Since I suck at photoshop, let the Vita do the talking :
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    2 Hmm ....old gen in the house https://imgur.com/a/B7XZBLE
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    Happy Birthday GregoryRasputin!

    Happy birthday @GregoryRasputin Enjoy your day!
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