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    I have lots of crap in my house, I could just grab a random anything and post it to you! It could be a smily face emoji keychain, an old PS3 jailbreak dongle, jewelry, trinkets, 7" vinyl record, a poster, a pen -- anything! All you have to do is umm..... Buy me a coffee on my thing? https://www.buymeacoffee.com/BwE (this way I can afford to post the damn thing, I doubt the winner is going to live down the road...) I don't know, I will just choose some random or something? I am super bored and I wouldn't mind some money for lunch --- LETS DO IT!
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    Cuban developer Lapy who in the past few weeks has released El Pollo which is a Flappy Bird clone and Save The Scene a unique homebrew that sees you saving several members of the PlayStation and Nintendo scenes from bombs dropping on them, has released a brand new game. The game called El Pollo 2.0 is a cross between "Helicopter" and "Flappy Bird", the game is fun but if you suck like me, then it can be quite frustrating, which this gameplay video by me highlights: Here is a quote from the developer: Source/Download
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    Quickz popped by Discord to let me know of a game he had just created, the game see's you control a creature that looks like a jellyfish sheep, you have to avoid objects falling from the sky. The game is made using GameMaker and is probably the most fun i have had playing a Homebrew game in a while, the game looks great and is quite addictive, here is a screenshot followed by a gameplay video: You can download the game here: https://www.mediafire.com/file/bt8n0dsrc60v0p7/IV0000-QUIG00001_00-QUICKZGAME000001.PKG Also please follow the developer on Twitter here: https://twitter.com/Quickz16
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    Ever since @silicaAndPina released his GameMaker Studio Tool, people have been porting some nice games made with the GameMaker software: tijesef has ported another game to the PS4, this one is Spelunky Classic HD, you can find more infor here as well as the download link: https://www.reddit.com/r/ps4homebrew/comments/anfpdr/spelunky_classic_hd_port_to_ps4/
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    Well, burning prebuilt ISOs does work for me, what doesn't is burning my own Xlets. Of course, I am burning to BD-RE, not to a DVD. UPD: I've managed to compile the HD Cookbook disc image (without signatures). It does get recognized by the PS4 but results in a black screen.
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    April the 1st is known in most places as "April Fools Day", it's the day when you can play a prank on someone, then you and that person can laugh about it after when you realise how stupid and silly the prank was, you see that is the whole point, a little bit of harmless fun, but Sony takes that shit to a whole other level and basically uses the day as a "Fuck You Fan's" day. Lest take a trip down memory lane with this one, on the 1st of April 2010, Sony released firmware 3.21, this firmware was the OtherOS killer, after months of telling us they would support OtherOS, the bitches turned round and said "fuck you PS3 owners, we taking yo shit", then we move a little in time to 2015, when Sony switched off PS Home, now there are probably other shitty things they have done on this date, but lets talk about April 1st 2019. Sony has stated that they will stop selling digital download's via retailers, from that date you will no longer be able to get a game in digital format from any retailer, this is a bad thing as it will stop people getting these games at a cheaper price, especially at places like CDKeys, we will still be able to buy digital currency via retailers, though Sony are the shady type of company that would stop that too, here is a quote from the source: Source Notable non shitty occurrences for this date: 2012 - Kazuo Hirai becomes President and CEO of Sony. 2014 - Shawn Layden becomes president and CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment America. 2016 - SCE and SNEI became SIE.
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    ESP8266-PS4Exploit (BASIC)

    ESP8266-PS4Exploit v0.03 (BASIC) What's New This "BASIC" version contains the required basics such as: AppUSB DISC DUMPER FTP FTP+RW (FULL PORT) MIRA+HEN+VR 1.8 HEN 1.8 + VR HEN 1.7 + VR HEN 1.8 VR ENABLER AVATAR DUMPER AVATAR INJECTOR DiscDump5XX credit: HEN 1.8 by ZECOXAO HEN 1.7 by xVortex APPTOUSB by Stooged DUMPER by xVortex HEN 1.8 + VR by Stooged HEN 1.7 + VR by Stooged HEN 1.8+VR+MIRA by DEFAULTDNB DISC DUMP by Stooged AVATAR FUMPER by Red-J AVATAR INJECTOR by Red-J FTP by xVortex FTP+FULL R/W by Lightningmods download link
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    ESP8266-PS4Exploit (BASIC)

    @HIASQ could you explain this please?
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    Happy pornhub-premium day!
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    Release: BwE PS4 NOR Validator

    Nah. No social media for me. I'm too old for that shit.
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    updated to V1.2 all apps updated you MUST use new fuse-primary.bin as payload for atmosphere 0.8.3
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    Fursan al-Aqsa Dev Blog #5 - Updated Animations for Ahmad al-Ghazzawi www.moddb.com/games/fursan-al-aqsa-knights-of-al-aqsa-mosque/videos/13-fursan-al-aqsa-ahmad-al-ghazzawi-making-off-mocap In game development is a common practice to use placeholder assets, which can be 3D Models, Textures and even Animations. Whenever I first began developing this game 2 years ago, I use the default UDK AnimationSet, which includes all the Character Animations used in Unreal Tournament 3. However, to give my game some originality, I decided to replace some of these stock UT3 (Unreal Tournament 3) animations by other animations from my Assets Library (which includes MOCAP animations from MegaMoCap, TrueBones, TurboSquid, NaturalMotion, and others). I did not make too much polishments on these first animations I used, as I was just bored to look all time to the Default UDK Animations, so I just wanted something provisory, to polish later. UDK/UE3 Engine has a perfectly working Animation System, pre-configured to work outside the box for a Shooter Game. One of these functions is what we call Aiming Profiles, which means, for any type of weapon the player carries, there are a different set of animations: in example, run forward rifle, run left pistol, rifle idle animation, bazooka run forward, and so on. For the sake of simplicity, I just replaced many of these stock UDK animationsby these new mocap files (retargetting these animations to the default UDK Skeleton in Motion Builder). It would be very cool if using custom animations for UDK was just a matter of copy and paste. Even though the retargetting animations process is flawlessy inside Motion Builder, however, because of differences in skeleton size (UDK Skeleton x Custom MOCAP Skeletons), I had to manually edit each mocap animation to fit into UDK Skeleton. The fixes is just reposition of the character skeleton to fit and work flawlessly. In Motion Builder I just added a new animaton layer and added some key frame animations to fix the MOCAP, one by one. Added to this, I did some Custom MOCAP using my Kinect Camera, as you san see in the video above. I must admit that is far better using professional captured MOCAP files than doing it yourself. I used Custom Kinect MOCAP files whenever I could not find, inside my assets library, the animation wanted, so it is time for "Do it Yourself". Again, after some (MANY) tweaks on these custom kinect mocap files, I got something good looking wich you can check aswell on the above video. And these will be the final animations for the game's protagonist. I hope you are enjoying de follow the development of Fursan al-Aqsa. P.S: If you did not vote yet for Fursan al-Aqsa, please vote now, it is disputing the Top 10 Indie Games of 2019, it is now the #1 of Upcoming Third Person Shooter: http://tiny.cc/18blhz Cheers and until Next Update!
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    I feel honored making part of this community man! Cheers
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    UPDATE The original post states that the game was released, however that is not the case and a mistake made by me, the developer is working on a playable demo and will be releasing the game soon. udkultimate aka Nidal Nijm has released a game he has been working on for four years, the game is an action third person adventure which see's you getting revenge for your false imprisonment and for the murder of your family at the hands of an Apartheid regime, here is a quote from the developer: As you can see through the images, this game is also available for Xbox 360 and PC, now I am sure there will be those of you who might find this game controversial and might say certain things about it's theme, but I would like you to read this message also from the developer: Those of you who know me know that I am someone who speaks out against all types of bigotry and racism and this game contains none of that, most of you also know about my support for Palestine, which is why I think this game is important. Download/Buy Source
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    First Homebew app

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    It was last Thursday, less than a week ago that Sony decided to release the unimportant firmware 6.70, today they release 6.71, did they break something in 6.70 and had to fix it, or did they find something and had to patch it? Source Image Source
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    @DEFAULTDNB and Leeful have updated their child friendly Exploit Host PureHEN to version 1.3, which includes SiSTR0's recently released HEN: You can download and host it yourself here: https://anonfiles.com/z76cH6t8nb/PURE_HEN_1.3_zip Or visit it using your PS4 here: https://playstationdev.wiki/pure/purehen.html
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    The ACCC is an abbreviation for the Australian Competition & Consumer Commission, these guys are taking Sony Europe to court for what they allege "are false or misleading representations to Australian consumers on its website and in dealings with Australian customers of its PlayStation online store". Here is a quote from the source: Source Via Thanks @NeoSabin
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    Happy Birthday GregoryRasputin!

    Happy Birthday
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    i know, Ramadan is already but i want to thank you and Ramadan Mubarek to all brothers and sisters. May Allah give us strengthen our faith and accept our fasting and forgive us our sins Amin.
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    Leeful one of the developers behind X-Project has released his own Exploit Host software, it is something he had been working on before he started to collaborate with DefaultDNB on X-Project, here is a quote from the source: Source/Download
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    I have always enjoyed interviews with scene developers, i held a couple of interviews myself back when i wrote for PS3HaX. Last night RetroGamer74 held an interview with PS4 scene developer @m0rph3us1987, what made this stand out from the others, is the fact that it was a video interview instead of the usually text based interview. Many things were discussed such as the future of PS4 exploits, here is a transcript of the questions: 1. Hi m0rph3us, and thanks for joining us today in our live stream. How are you bro? 2. We followed you live in this channel in the 35C3 conference ( youtube.com/watch?v=_a4wZl… ). You talked us about the big effort you did in the beginning of the scene. What’s m0rph3us doing today? Keep working in PS4, other scene, other hardware? 3. Unity with ROOT escalation privileges, liborbis with ORBISLINK for debugging, OpenGL support… what happens in the PS4 Scene?. Is “boring” the right word for home-brew developers? 4. Some weeks ago, using the fail0verflow info related to Aeloia southbridge appears into the scene several tools, one of them to allow to flash the PS4 firmware. From your technical point of view, the current PS4 hack, was the easiest to find, or we got the best we could 5. We were surprised some weeks ago when SpecterDev released the Webkit Exploit for 6.20. Do you think is there still interest to keep on working for PS4? 6. I got too much respect for people doing reverse engineering because I’m pretty aware it is very hard. How did you start? 7. PS4 Homebrew practically does not exist. Are you disappointed to see the current status of PS4 scene? 8. Is PS4’s hack just for piracy? 9. Keeping the hack in private means fear of sony? 10. We are too close to the PS4’s end of life. What do you expect for the end? Any final surprise? 11. PS3 had a very good scene. The Flow in PSVita is currently releasing hacks for the latest firmware releases. Nintendo Scenes were always very prolific. What happened in PS4? Where was the fault? 12. PS5 is incoming. Do you expect something better than PS4? The Interview: You can also watch the interview here on Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/407746389
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    A guy from the USA has the privilege of being able to boast about having the biggest game collection in the world and his collection is officially recognised in the Guinness Book Of World Records. Here is his collection: More than 1,000 PlayStation 1 games Complete PlayStation 2 collection for North America Complete PlayStation 3 collection for North America More than 900 PlayStation 4 games Every PS Vita game released to-date in North America Complete PSP collection for North America Complete Xbox collection for North America Complete Xbox 360 collection for North America More than 500 Xbox One games Complete collection of Wii U games for North America Complete Game Cube collection for North America Complete Wii collection for North America 118 Nintendo Switch games Turbografx games Super Famicom games – equivalent of the Super Nintendo for Japanese/European marketplace Complete Sega Dreamcast collection for North America Complete collection of 32X Complete Atari Jaguar System collection for North America Atari Lynx, complete collection of retail releases for North America Complete collection of SEGA CD games for North America Japanese Saturn games Japanese Dreamcast games Complete Game Boy collection for North America Complete Game Boy Color collection for North America Complete Game Boy Advance collection for North America More than 1,100 Nintendo DS games Every Neo Geo Pocket game released in North America Nintendo 64 collection Atari and Gauge games SEGA PICO games Complete collection of NES games for North America including unlicensed games Check source for more info and a video of him and his collection: http://www.guinnessworldrecords.com/news/2019/3/gamer-amasses-worlds-largest-videogame-collection-with-more-than-20000
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    You need to add index.html to that link and DefaultDNB's link, otherwise the end user cannot cache properly.
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    I'm very happy to announce my new major release 2.0 for PS4aCheater, the most complete, easy and functional Cheater apk for PS4!!! ALL the public and exclusive cheats within the apk! Enjoy it! ?
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    Happy St Patrick's Day

    I wish you guys a Happy St Patrick's Day. Here is an Irish Blessing: May green be the grass you walk on, May blue be the skies above you, May pure be the joys that surround you, May true be the hearts that love you. May you always have: A world of wishes at your command. God and his angels close to hand. Friends and family their love impart, and Irish blessings in your heart. May pleasure walk with you; May luck smile upon you; and May joy be at home in your heart. Happy St. Patrick’s Day. May you always have walls for the winds, a roof for the rain, tea beside the fire, laughter to cheer you, those you love near you, and all your heart might desire. Wherever you go and whatever you do, May the luck of the Irish be there with you. More here: https://www.greetingcardpoet.com/irish-blessings/
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    why sell jb services WITH new games online?
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    Another week and another update of Autoplugin by @TheheroGAC , this update brings the version to 3.79 and add's H-Encore 2 plugin, as well as Russian and Turkish translations. Download/Source
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    Release: BwE PS4 NOR Validator

    Ok, finally I was solved the problem
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    GregoryRasputin Fails

    You're welcome, it's nothing ?
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    Nintendo Direct February 13th 2019

    In a few hours Nintendo going to bust out a direct and hopefully tell us about all the new cool Amiibos they are about to drop on us all. The cool kids watch the direct on PlayStationHax: Site check it: https://www.nintendo.com/nintendo-direct/02-13-2019/
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    [Released] sync _simple For PS4

    Nice! That's some grade A homebrew right there! Are there any website anywhere that lists PS4 homebrew like this? Similar to what the Vita users have here: http://devdavisnunez.x10.mx/wikihb/?home
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    Release: BwE PS4 NOR Validator

    @BwE Ok, thanks for the explanation, I wanted to check the dump because I had downloaded the flash through FTP when I was on fw 1.75, (more than a year and a half ago) but verifying with your validator I understood that we do not get a valid dump through FTP from the hdd. Check your PMs ?
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    Release: BwE PS4 NOR Validator

    @BwE Hi Bro , today I dumped the flash from my ps4 on 4.05, I thought that if you need it for your searches I can send it to you but if so, where can I send it to you? The console works perfectly because I used it very little but your validator gives me 2 warnings, if you were willing to take a look at the file, before solder back the flash I would like to know if the warnings are normal or if it was a mistake in reading, anyway I think I have not made mistakes in the wiring, but here are you the expert EDIT: These are the two warnings!
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    Hello Everyone

    Hi, My name is Peter, I am from the UK and I am 60 in body but still 20 in mind. I have been into computers and gaming since the ZX81 which I admit is a very long time. I remember having to scratch my finger sometimes on the ZX81 keyboard to get it to register the input. I remember programming it with phrases like 10 PRINT "ZX81 at 37" 20 Goto 10 then typing run, Such fun Games on it like Manic Miner and Space Invaders and 3D Monster Maze yes they had 3D games in 1982. I then had a ZX Spectrum a much better keyboard and 16kb memory and in glorious colour, and numerous games including Turbo Esprit, Head Over Heels Vulcan, Spy Vs Spy, R Type, Saboteur, Target Renegade, Jet Pack, Dan Dare Pilot Of The Future, Firelord, Jack The Nipper and Thanatos. Then I had a Sinclair ZX Spectrum +2 which had 128k which had proper keyboard and the games on cassette tape as the Sinclair ZX Spectrum +2 had built on a cassette player you could also get yourself a joystick Games like Alien Destroyer, Oh Mummy, Wizards Lair, Advanced Pinball Simulator, Operation Wolf, Operation Thunderbolt, Robocop, Final Assult, Silkworm, Castle Master ECT all Spectrum games but better on cassette. I then had an Amstrad CPC 464 it came with a built on cassette player like the ZX Spectrum +2 it also came with a monitor either green screen or colour so you didn't have to connect it up to your TV I had the cheaper green screen monitor which was quite weird, to be honest, a joystick also was with the Amstrad CPC 464 the system had similar games than the Spectrum like Contra, 1942, Oh Mummy, Chase HQ, Prince of Persia, Tetris, Knight Love, Arkanoid, Altered Beast, Bomb Jack, Lemmings, Ect Ect. Then I got a Sega Master System A console that was a cartridge system with gamepads the games included the infamous Sonic the Hedgehog, Alex the Kid, After Burner, Hang On, Astro Warrior, R-Type, Altered Beast, Action Fighter, Columns, Bubble Bobble, Thunder Blade, Mortal Kombat ECT ECT. I Then Got A Megadrive Games Like Sonic the Hedgehog, Sonic the Hedgehog 2, Sonic the Hedgehog 3, Sonic and Knuckles, Sonic the Hedgehog Spinball, Sonic 3D Blast, Altered Beast, Streets Of Rage, Virtua Fighter, Disney's Aladin, Bomberman, Tetris, Virtua Racing, Frogger, Final Flight. Alex Kidd in the Enchanted Castle, Columns 3, ECT ECT. Then I got the PlayStation which I still have with too many games to mention then I got the PlayStation 2 AKA PS2 with only a few games I still have that also then I got the PlayStation 3 AKA PS3 which I have at least five of those ones had the Red Light Of Death AKA RLOD but all the others are still ok I have four others three are the original versions with the chrome covered CD drives one is the second version. I have a Wii with quite a few games Wii Sports, Wii Sports Resort, Super Mario Galaxy, Super Smash Brothers Brawl, New Super Mario Brothers. Wii, Super Mario Galaxy 2, Wii Fit Plus, The Legend Of Zelda Twilight Princess, Just Dance, Mario And Sonic At The Olympic Games, Resident Evil, ECT ECT. I have also the Wii U the Black 32 version not many games though . I also bought a Microsoft X Box 360 but I have not really played it much it is the shiny one. I also have a three PSP's with too many to mention games, I have two original black ones and a white slimmer version. I also have a few Vita's about five of them with a few games. I recently have bought a second of two PlayStation 4's one in white and one in black both are the original consoles I have also bought the 2nd version of the VR, unfortunately, I didn't manage to get the one with the four free games available before Christmas at a special price, I have a few games Battle Los Angeles, Battlefield, Call Of Duty [ Infinite Warfare Legacy Eddition], Destiny, Destiny 2, Driveclub, Evolve, Fifa 14, Fifa 15, Fifa 16, Fifa 17, Killzone [Shadow Fall], Knack, Lego [The Hobbit], Metal Gear Solid [The Phantom Pain], Starwars Battlefront, Tearaway Unfolded, The Golf Club [Colectors Eddition] The Order 1986, Thief, Ultimate VR Collection, Uncharted [The Nathan Drake Collection] Watchdogs, Watchdoss2,. They are the only ones I have so far, But I am looking forward to getting a few more for the inner gamer inside of me.
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    updated to V1.4 - added SXOS, ArgonNX and updated all apps... but mainly! i updated the GUI looks better than that bright red lol
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    Burek, bro. The best thing ever to eat with yogurt.
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    Release: BwE PS4 NOR Validator

    RESPECT!!! How much I miss the times when everything happened on the forums, and the haters were silenced or banned.
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    I'm surprised you still haven't done that. Switch scene has so many goodies and interesting developments! Nice release btw.
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    @TheheroGAC has updated his popular PS Vita homebrew Autoplugin to version 3.69, this is his third update within less than a week, the developer had help from @gdljjrod and @DevDavisNunez from OneLua Team on this version: Changes: 3.69 Plugin in alphabetical order -Various bugfixes 41 installable plugins Updated the following translations: Spanish thank you gvaldebenit Chinese thank you yexun1995 German thank you Schn1ek3 3.68 Fixed Q-Encore by only installing when SD2VITA not inserted thank you @bamhm182 Updated the following translations: Chinese thank you yexun1995 3.67 Added reF00D by FAPS Team Autoplugin totally renovated by bamhm182 Deleted file config.txt of pkgj Updated the following translations: Spanish thank you gvaldebenit Chinese thank you yexun1995 Source/Download
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    Well Sony just released firmware 3.70 for the PS Vita and Team Molecule hack it shortly afterwards: Here is a video showing the process: Watch Hacking 3.70 master key + FAQ on Vita keys + Sony suggestions - Vita Hacking from YifanLu on www.twitch.tv Not sure why one would help Sony do their job, but @Yifan Lu advised Sony how to fix future firmwares.
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    Developer stooged has released an Android version of @DEFAULTDNB's xProject for the PS4. This means you don't have to set a webserver up yourself, use some shady website or use a ESP8266, everything is in the .apk. Source/Download Via
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    Release: BwE PS4 NOR Validator

    Lol why can't we all love each other?
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    Hello everyone this is my first thread on PlaystationHax. I'm from France so, sorry if I don't write correctly English. Today I release the whole database I used on my website PSX Times wich contain : Firmware : -Firmware for PS4 (Retail, Recovery, Bêta, Testkit, Devkit) -Firmware for PS3 (OFW CEX, OFW DEX, OFW DECR, CFW (Rebug, ITA, Arch Darknet, Spy, OVERFLOW, Habib and more !), Downgrader for DEX & CEX, AV Tool, Kiosk Update). -Firmware for PS Vita (Retail, Devkit, Testkit). -Firmware for PSP (Retail, CFW, Testing Tool). SDK : -PS4 : 4.50. -PS3 : 4.75, 4.50, 4.00, 3.70, 3.60, 3.00, 1.92. -PS Vita : 3.55, 0.945. -PSP : 0.60, 0.40. -PS2. -PS1 : 4.4 & netyaroze -PSM : 1.21. Homebrew : -PS4. -PS3 (latest and old version of multiMAN, webMAN,etc..). For the PS4 you also have payload (4.55, 4.05 & 1.76) and android tool to inject payload,etc.. you will see by yourself ! First link : https://t.co/NUA7tuyEz3 Second link : https://t.co/EUnxg7KPjl Link to my tweet : There are almost 156 go of data !
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    Release: BwE PS4 NOR Validator

    @BwE Ok, thanks anyway, I have to solve this damn problem ?
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