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    So time flies when you are busy and its is easily to get distracted with having to deal with server crap and posting news, but you guys the members are always in my mind, the loyal ones and the ones i have known for a long time especially, i have noticed a few of you do not visit anymore, some of you haven't even visited in over a year, if you are fed up with me and cant be bothered visiting anymore that's cool, as long as you are all well, safe and healthy that is all i care about, so here is a list of people i miss in no particular order: @RafaSimpsons @arcadekidflo @denero1 @UnknownArchive @TheEvolution_PT @mostwanted @LadyDana @AnD_FiS @svenmullet @BANFREEDJ @Nimation @HulkWogan @Sandroron @Sassa @Hakaze @Rautz @bonesnizz @Dizzy_McSpin @will23 @Willemse21 @Tall_King_Crap @aries2k @VIRGIN KLM @OoZic @rednekcowboy @Cylent1 @baileyscream @Bammo @Simonbuck @Rancid-o @smartymarty @stussy @TOM1211 @LoboGuara @Puffdragon @Cheesethief @saxile @Wolfie708 @animalovich @limker @tangotnt @Mr.Dutch @Mistawes @gusha @Persian McLovin @Xhase @ICECOLDKILLAH @mrc1978 @vatomalo @General Plot That is a list of some people i miss around here, i do miss others from the old days at PS3HaX too, be great if you could pop on to say you are doing ok.
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    Requirements: Minecraft Patch Kernel Hooks Payload CUSA00265 decrypted eboot named as eboot_dec.bin CUSA00265 filesystem (minus sce_modules) The Playroom encrypted sce_modules Playground that supports Code Exec and Elf Loader / Extreme-modding.de playground / etc Filezilla Client (Transfer mode MUST be binary) NetCat Socat Tutorial: 1- Create Folder in data folder named app2 (with ftp payload, binary mode always, NOT ascii) 2- Put in Folder original sce_modules from playroom (encrypted, not modified) 3- Put eboot_plugin in folder 4- Put eboot_dec.bin (from game we want to use, in this case, Minecraft Trial CUSA00265) 5- Put game files and folders (from game we want to use) 6- Reboot to clean memory from previous ftp payload patches 7- Execute kernel_hook payload (socat -u FILE:kernel_hooks TCP:my.ps4.ip:5054). Note that this is hitodama 8- Run listener to grab logs (nc my.ps4.ip 5088). You should see some logs on it 9- Minimize browser with PS Button 10- Run Playroom. Instead of the usual app, Minecraft Trial version should show up. Notes: This is only a POC, so treat it as such Most games SHOULD work with this method, but each and everyone of them will require a "patch" (i call it like that because it's the file that allows the eboot to run) Additionally, games that require modules besides libc and/or libSceFios2 will most likely not work, at least for now. Homebrew DOES work with this method, but as you can see from the SDKs available (the open source ones) there is no Graphics API whatsoever. This method however supports hitodama compiled ELFs. As for credits/source code, we're still discussing the best way to release this without any lawsuit from Sony (not that they're very interested in 1.76 but whatever...) The next game that we're working on is P.T. Some people are also working on homebrew. Hopefully that'll happen soon, but until then, STOP ASKING! In the meantime, maybe there'll be a source release on how to do the eboot_plugin "patches". Just be patient Video:
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    @3141card has asked me to share this. it is ps2_netemu from 4.81 with full hvcall support, and option to dump lv1 from inside netemu. @mysis this is also for you https://mega.nz/#!FlMQ3SyB!-wtUdxvPEuGBZoB1awY9I5f3zBd_f3qLG7NOZugLE28 instructions on how to dump lv1 are inside. have fun
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    Tutorial: Running the 4.05 kernelexploit & injecting our first payload! (In this tutorial i'll show you how to localy host & run the kernelexploit without having to go through the manuals for 25times...) Requirements: Preparing your Playstation 4 console: Preparing your Computer: Step 1: Now go to your PS4 and Set up an internet connection by simply changing the primary DNS with your Computer's IP as your primary DNS. Secondary DNS should be blank ( & test your connection. Go to the user's guide and launch it You should now see something like this in your CMD screen: And something like this on your PS4 (depending what language you use.) : Step 2: On your PC, go to C:/Xampp/htdocs/and create the corresponding folders to have the same path Like just displayed on the PS4. (this path is different for everyone because of the language you are using.) For example mine is: C:\xampp\htdocs\document\nl Now extract the Webkit + Kernel exploit to a normal folder and rename it to "ps4". Place the "ps4" folder into your folder so the path matches. For me the path now is C:\xampp\htdocs\document\nl\ps4 Step 3: Now go back to your Playstation 4 and launch the user's manual again! If you followed everything you should now see a screen telling that the kernel exploit ran succesful! Step 4: Don't close the manual just yet! We will now send a payload to your Playstation 4 to enable the debug settings. Run Netcat GUI -> enter the IP of you ps4 -> change port from 9023 to 9020 -> select the debug_settings.bin file & click "inject payload". Now click the PS button on your controller to exit to the PS4 UI , now go into settings and scroll to the lower bottom you should now be prompted with the debug settings. Step 5 (extra): In this extra step we will now permanently enable the normal web browser so we don't have to do all this again everytime. Now go back to the user's manual you should now see this screen: Now we need to inject the enableWebBrowser405.bin payload just the same way like we injected debug settings payload. Once injected exit the user's manual by clicking the PS button on your controller & now you can access the normal web browser and use this to run the exploit in the future! (then just go to "your pc's ip"/document/nl/ps4) or other location where the ps4 folder is stored it doesn't matter anymore now. Have fun!!
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    You may be wondering why i am creating a guide in 2017 for the PS3, it's an eleven year old console, who cares about it, the answer is plenty of people. In the PS3 scene there always has been a problem and that has been downgrading, as it has always involved opening your console and installing some sort of hardware downgrader, if you had been reading the forum yesterday, you would have noticed this thread by @BobbyBlunt , which means no more hardware downgrading, thanks to the awesome Team PS3Xploit from PSX-Place you can do it via software now, which is the very reason i am creating this thread, below is a modified and updated version of a FAQ i did on the shitty website i used to run. (Q) Why Would I Hack/Jailbreak My PS3 ? (A) Hacking your PS3, gives you so many new option’s, you will be able to use emulators, homebrew apps and game backups as well as being able to use Linux, after Sony removed the function in firmware 3.21. (Q) Which PS3 Consoles Can Be Hacked (A) Here is a list of hackable PS3's, thanks to @3absiso (Q) Which PS3 Consoles cannot be Jailbroken (A) 3K and 4K consoles(Some Slim and all Super Slim) - Basically any PS3 released after June 2011. (Q) What Firmwares cannot be hacked yet ? (A) Back in 2013 when i wrote this i stated that any firmware from 3.56 on wards is not hackable, that is and isn't the case now, you cannot directly install a CFW on a PS3 if it is on any firmware between 3.56 and 4.81, though thanks to @Thibobo one can now install Rebug 4.81 CFW on a PS3 with 4.82 OFW already installed, but more of that later. (Q) My console is not on firmware 3.55, do i need to downgrade. (A) Yes, you will need to update to firmware 4.82, then use Team PS3Xploits exploit, which utilises the PS3's web browser and lets you downgrade, then install a CFW, developers like @Joonie suggest hosting the files yourself, but you can use this website that is being shared by at least one of the team members of PS3Xploit: http://redthetrainer.com/ps3/ BEFORE ATTEMPTING THIS, MAKE SURE YOU ARE ON OFFICIAL PS3 FIRMWARE 4.82 DO NOT, I REPEAT DO NOT ATTEMPT THIS WHILST YOU ARE ON CFW/MFW, YOU WILL BRICK YOUR PS3. USE ONLY ON PS3's THAT CAN ALREADY BE DOWNGRADED, DO NOT USE ON NON HACKABLES AS YOU WILL BRICK YOUR PS3. If you wan't to self host, you will need to grab the files from PSX-Place, this is the official source and is the safest place to get all your PS3Xploit related downloads, visit the link below to grab the files: Ps3Xploit - Now Install CFW from 4.82 OFW: NOR/NAND Software Flash Writer + NOR Dumper (Q) I am running my own server, is there a guide to help me? (A) By far, this is probably the best guide out there: PS3 CFW on Latest OFW 4.82 (Q.) Can i brick my PS3 installing a 4.xx CFW ? (A.) Yes, as with all OFW’s or CFW’s you have a chance of bricking, with CFW’s your chances of bricking become a lot higher, when you don't read. (Q.) Can i brick my PS3 by downgrading ? A.) Of course you can, but most bricks occur due to user error. (Q.) Who is to blame for any bricks ? (A.) You as the user are, most bricks are down to user error, take your time to read, take your time to understand, take all the time possible and have some patience, it will pay off and be rewarding in the end and remember try to stick to well known, honest and trusted websites to grab your downloads. (Q) Now i have CFW installed where do i grab my homebrew games and applications? (A) There are a few repositories for PS3 Homebrew: Brewology PS3SceneFiles Eurasia These three sites have been around forever and have always had what ever you want. (Q) Which Homebrew should i install? (A) There is a ton of awesome homebrew, here are a list of some of the most important: Backup Managers: An Iris Manager based Backup Manager or multiMAN or ManaGunZ FTP: OpenPS3FTP Filemanager: Comegenie's Awesome Filemanager Music/Movie Media Center: Movian Emulators: RetroArch Security:(List changed to those suggested by @STLcardsWS in his post below) SEN Enabler PSNpatch webMAN MOD (Q) How do i install Linux? (A) You can follow this awesome guide: http://www.psx-place.com/threads/tutorial-installing-red-ribbon-linux-on-rebug-4-81-2-d-rex.16419/ (Q) Is there anything else i can do? (A) There are small things you can do such as install a ColdBoot, this is the boot up logo that you see with the PS3 logo when the PS3 starts, there are tons of pre made ones, i have even made my own, you can also change the background wave in the XBM as well as installing a custom game boot. (Q) So i am interested in ColdBoot's, any more information? (A) Loads of information, below i will provide a small guide and some links to download some awesome ColdBoots: Installation: You can install a ColdBoot manually by using Comgenies Awesome File Manager, you will need to replace the file coldboot.raf in this location: dev_flash\vsh\resource\ If you find that too difficult or risky, you can use Team Rebugs ColdBoot Installer Download: PSX-Place PlayStationHaX There is also an ISO that will let you install some ColdBoot's (Q) Can i create my own ColdBoot? (A) Of course you can, grab this application, created by @TizzyT: EasyStaticRafConverter (Q) Is there a PlayStationHaX ColdBoot? (A) There will be as soon as @StarMelter makes one We now have a ColdBoot thanks to @Thibobo, more will be added, i also plan to do ColdBoots for all the good scene sites out there PlayStationHaX ColdBoot's can be found here (Q) Can i get live help instead of using the forum? (A) Yes you can and Discord seems to be the most popular live chat at the moment: PSX-Place Discord PlayStation Homebrew Discord PlayStationHaX Discord (Q) Where can i get more help? (A) If you can't get help here or the Discord channels, then you can always get help at these places: PSX-Place PS3 Homebrew Reddit (Q) English is not my first language, is there a tutorial/guide in my own language? (A) There are a few sites that will have tutorials in your native language: Italian - GamesAndConsoles Dutch - ConsoleHaX French - ModConsoles French - PSX Times(Guillaume MrNiato) German - PSXTools More will be added as needed, a huge thanks to bguerville, esc0rtd3w, W and habib, the members of PS3Xploit.
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    The PS4 scene has been filled with awesomeness, well at least for those of you on firmware 4.05, sadly i am not on that firmware myself, so this will be the first F.A.Q that i write without owning a hacked version of the console i am writing about, i will attempt to help you in the best way i can: Q.) My PS4 is on a firmware below 4.05, how do i update to the correct firmware? A.) You will need to download the correct Firmware here You can check the MD5 of any 4.05 firmware you download, by downloading this software which does not require an install: http://www.winmd5.com/ Or use this online tool: http://onlinemd5.com/ The MD5 for firmware 4.05 is 203C76C97F7BE5B881DD0C77C8EDF385 Once you have the above firmware downloaded, rename it PS4UPDATE.PUP Grab a USB Thumb Drive, format it to Fat32, on the root of the drive, create a folder called PS4 and inside that folder create another folder called UPDATE, then put the firmware inside the UPDATE Folder, it should look like this Root>PS4>UPDATE>PS4UPDATE.PUP If you need more help with installing firmware 4.05, you can view a detailed explanation on @wololo's blog here: http://wololo.net/2017/12/28/update-ps4-firmware-4-05-firmware/ Q.) My PS4 is on a firmware below 4.55, how do i update to the correct firmware? A.) The same as above applies, but of course you will need the correct firmware, which you can find here MD5 = 9c85ce3a255719d56f2aa07f4be22f02 Once you have the above firmware downloaded, rename it PS4UPDATE.PUP Grab a USB Thumb Drive, format it to Fat32, on the root of the drive, create a folder called PS4 and inside that folder create another folder called UPDATE, then put the firmware inside the UPDATE Folder, it should look like this Root>PS4>UPDATE>PS4UPDATE.PUP Q.) My PS4 is on Firmware 4.05, how do i install the hack/jailbreak? A.) You will need to visit a site that host's the exploit, such as this one: https://www.consolehax.com/playground-4-05/ You will need to run this each time you boot your PS4, as it is not permanent. For some people using a site such as the one above will not work, so you will have to self host as in have the files on your home computer and run a server from there, you can view this tutorial by @Thibobo https://playstationhax.xyz/forums/topic/4140-how-to-run-the-ps4-405-kernel-exploit-for-the-first-time/ If you do not have a computer, you can use your Android phone, just download this APK: https://www.playstationscenefiles.com/resources/android-app-to-host-ps4-exploit-and-payload-4-05-hen.113/ If you have a Raspberry Pi, you can use this method: https://playstationhax.xyz/forums/topic/4305-released-pixploithost-by-c0d3m4st4-ps4/ Q.) My PS4 is on Firmware 4.55, how do i install the hack/jailbreak? A.) 4.55 online PlayGround https://www.consolehax.com/playground-4-55/ Q.) How do i run backups? A.) You will need to dump your game and build it as a PKG, you can find out how by visiting this tutorial by @ConsoleHax https://playstationhax.xyz/forums/topic/4279-tutorial-the-quickest-method-to-dump-your-ps4-game-and-build-pkg/ You can of course find PKG's in certain naughty places, but i am not going to help you with that, because piracy isn't great and also because i don't want to be responsible for Sony crying and getting butt hurt. Q.) Some games require firmware past 4.05, how will i know which games i cannot play if i stay on this firmware? A.) Check this link from Reddit which has the minimum firmware requirements for a game: https://www.reddit.com/r/ps4homebrew/comments/5hms2v/minimum_firmware_versions_for_new_games/ Q.) Apart from PS4 backups, is it possible to run any games by other PlayStation consoles? A.) At the moment it is only possible to run PS2 backups, not sure PS3 backups will ever happen, but PS1 backups will be possible at some stage. Q.) How do i run PS2 Backups? A.) You need to grab a PS2 game, turn it into an ISO, then turn it into a PKG, it is a lot easier than it sounds and you can find a detailed explanation here thanks to @Thibobo https://playstationhax.xyz/forums/topic/4271-how-to-build-your-own-ps2classic-pkgs-for-ps4/ You can also view a video tutorial here, thanks to @DarkElementPL https://playstationhax.xyz/forums/topic/4273-video-tutorial-how-to-create-fake-ps2-pkgs-for-ps4hen/ Q.) Do ALL PS2 games work? A.) There have only been a small amount tested, at the time of creating this thread 232 games have been tested and only 81 of those are fully playable, 34 have minor issues and 51 are official PS2 classics that you can download from the PS Store, to see the growing list of games, visit the PS4 Dev Wiki here: http://www.psdevwiki.com/ps4/PS2_Classics_Emulator_Compatibility_List Q.) Is there any homebrew? A.) Unfortunately no there is not, developers are either too lazy, don't care about developing for PS4 or do not want to use the official PS4 SDK, some of this is understandable as the 4.05 exploit is limited to consoles on 4.05, the latest firmware is 5.05, so finding a console second hand on 4.05 at a reasonable price will be practically impossible and the chances of finding a brand new console on 4.05 is just as hard, but saying that, there is a small amount of PS2 homebrew that can be run on the PS4, which is just how homebrew started on the PS3. Q.) So what else can i do apart from playing "backed up" PS4 and PS2 games? A.) There are a few things that you can do which can add to the fun of using a hacked PS4, such as: Custom Themes Sony released a Theme Creator for the PS3, but they have not done the same with the PS4, which means you are stuck with the ones on the PS Store and some of them suck ass, luckily for those of you on firmware 4.05, you can create and install your own custom themes, which is made super easy thanks to glänheit: https://playstationhax.xyz/forums/topic/4278-released-ps4-theme-editor-v012-by-glanheit_st-ps4/ Debug Settings This is pretty self explanatory, you can enable some Debug Settings, @zapptheman has provided this awesome tutorial to help you: https://playstationhax.xyz/forums/topic/4156-tutorial-advanced-★debug-settings-for-ps4-on-405/ You can follow this guide if you are Italian: https://www.gamesandconsoles.org/forum/threads/tutorial-installare-debug-mode-su-ps4-con-fw-4-05-jb.2/ Install Linux This is probably the most exciting feature of having a hacked PS4, you can view this guide in order to install Linux on your PS4: https://playstationhax.xyz/forums/topic/4214-tutorial-team-fail0verflows-fedora-distro-on-firmware-405-via-markus95/ For live help, check this link: https://playstationhax.xyz/forums/topic/4253-live-playstation-scene-help-ps4-ps3-psvita-henkaku-ps3xploit-ps4hen/
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    Happy 2000

    Just ten days before we reach the forums third birthday, we have managed to reach 2000 members. Thank you to all the members and staff who make this forum the awesome place it is. If you aren't a member yet, feel free to join or if you are a member, speak to us on Discord Thank you to @Arifakhtar for being member 2000
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    First of all, a note. this is for testkit and devkit consoles ONLY! We are working on a way to bring debug functionality to retail consoles, but it might take a while. These are the patches: *(uint16_t *)0xFFFFFFFF82607E56 = 0x9090; //retail - testkit (doesn't work on retail yet, but offsets are the same) *(uint16_t *)0xFFFFFFFF82607E71 = 0x9090; //retail - testkit (doesn't work on retail yet, but offsets are the same) *(uint16_t *)0xFFFFFFFF825FCFE6 = 0x9090; //devkit *(uint16_t *)0xFFFFFFFF825FD001 = 0x9090; //devkit Due to the nature of devkits, only hitodama's payloads work on them, so i'll provide one payload for CTurt (for testkit) and one for hito (for devkit) testkit payload devkit payload Since people should already know by detail how to send these payloads i won't go through much detail. Testkit payload follows the CTurt procedure. Devkit payload follows the Hitodama procedure. The end result will be this: Good luck! If you do not feel confident on trying the payloads, just implement those patches yourself in your own custom payload PS: Even though it's in the tags, credits to zil0g80 and @wildcard for the sauces and patches
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    PS4 Holy Grail Payload - Homebrew On Firmware 4.55 - #PS4Hen View File Thanks to the awesome hackers and developers in the PS4 scene, we now have Homebrew on firmware version 4.55, this morning @m0rph3us1987 released a HEN Payload, so go enjoy your hacked PS4's. NOTE TO HOMEBREW DEVELOPERS PLEASE MAKE SOME HOMEBREW SO WE CAN HAVE A PROPER SCENE Don't forget to check here for help with running Payloads and backups: https://playstationhax.xyz/forums/topic/4297-the-ultimate-ps4-hacking-faq-ps4hen/ And for live help, check these places: https://playstationhax.xyz/forums/topic/4253-live-playstation-scene-help-ps4-ps3-psvita-henkaku-ps3xploit-ps4hen/ Submitter GregoryRasputin Submitted 02/28/2018 Category PC Software(PS4) Developer m0rph3us1987‏ Source https://twitter.com/m0rph3us1987/status/968792658746531840 Twitter https://twitter.com/m0rph3us1987/ Donate  
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    8-bit Memoirs Issue #1 released!!!

    Well, officially the release date isn't till tomorrow, but I might as well make the post now. 8-bit Memoirs Issue #1 released! 8-bit Memoirs is intended to become a series of eBooks about how different authors experienced the computers and consoles back in the 8-bit era, written from the perspective of the kids we were at the time. I'm proud to be able to present you with the first issue of 8-bit Memoirs, written by myself. The computers and consoles I experienced back in the 8-bit era includes the Philips Videopac G7000, the Amstrad CPC and the Amiga. So the stories in issue #1 describes how I experienced (some of) the games on those systems, and how I experienced creating my own BASIC stuff on the Amstrad CPC. My stories contain supplemental illustrations, screenshots and videos - and there's a 5-hour long playlist to accompany you while you're reading, consisting mainly of the Amstrad CPC music I made back then, but also some tracks by various artists of IndieGameMusic.com I have wrapped all the stories in a somewhat retrostyled diskmag-like GUI, because I've always found diskmags extremely cosy myself, and my biggest wish is that 8-bit Memoirs will give you the same nostalgic relaxation that diskmags has given me in the past. I also wanted to boost the retro-feeling while you're reading, and I think the diskmag-like GUI helps doing that. https://vimeo.com/244872093 8-bit Memoirs is completely free! Issue #1 is available as a 23 gb ISO file that you can download from www.8bitMemoirs.com You can play this ISO file on your PC with any software media player that supports BD-J. I strongly recommend Cyberlink PowerDVD for this. Otherwise VLC is your buddy. (Although VLC is still in its early stages of getting BD-J support, so it's not the best way to experience 8-bit Memoirs at the moment. Expect bugs!) Other devices should also play the ISO file, either from harddisk or from a USB: Devices such as the Popcorn Hour, or Dune HD Smart D1. In the near future you can also expect various software media centers, such as Kodi, to be able to play it. The recommended way of experiencing 8-bit Memoirs Issue #1 is on a real Blu-ray player though. This includes the gaming consoles PlayStation 3 (and later) and Xbox One (and later). But burning the ISO to a disc requires a Blu-ray burner, and not many people have one of those. You could buy one of course - they are exceptionally cheap nowadays - but that still only makes sense if you plan on using it for other things too. If you don't want to buy a Blu-ray burner, but still prefers having a physical disc, then you can simply buy disc from me. It comes complete with printed label and cover for 17 Euro including shipping (regardless of your location). This disc can be bought from www.8bitMemoirs.com. Thank you for your interest!
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    Tutorial: How to rebuild your fake signed & patched raw PS4 game dump to PKG format. Following on my tutorial on "How to dump your own PS4 Disc/PSN Games." i will now show you how you can rebuild a PS4PKG from your gamedump. Step 1 -Get your dump (I will be using a dump of Minecraft) -Get your hands on the "Fake_PKG_Generator tool" Step 2 -In the tool's folder go and run "orbis-pub-sfo.exe" (This tool will let you modify and read stuff stored in param.sfo.) -Go in the folder of your Game dump -> sce_sys -> param.sfo and drag it into the tool. Step 3 -Now go to App setting in the tool and check if the checkbox for "User Management" is checked ON. -Go back to "Core Setting" and copy the content ID. -Close the tool, you won't need it anymore. Step 4 -Go back to the Fake_PKG_Generator folder and open the tool "orbis-pug-gen.exe" -Click "Command" -> "Project Setting". -Click "Package". -Now paste the Content ID that you have copied from your param.sfo into "Content ID:" -In passcode put "00000000000000000000000000000000" (Do this for all your packages so you always remember the passcode.) -Make sure application type is "Paid Standalone Full App". -Click "OK" Step 5 -Doubleclick "Image0". -Before you continue and add the content to the Image0, go to your gamedump & delete these files. (you don't need them and only cause errors in the building process.) -Now go back to the root of your gamedump and drag everything into the tool. -Now Click "Chunk". -Right click "Image0 Root" -> Switch Chunk Assignment Of Files -> #Chunk0 -Then click exit cross. -Now Click "Build" -Close the reminder -Now Enter an output path where the PKG will be stored. -Press build. -You will now be greeted by a keystone error. This is a bug just close and try again. (2nd time should always work.) Step 6 Congrats! If you followed every step carefuly you should now succesfuly built a PS4 game PKG. (That can be found in the output directory!) (save changes will save your .GP4 file it contains info like content id and passcode.) You can now install this on your 4.05 PS4 with PS4HEN enabled just like we did in this tutorial. Big thanks to all devs making this possible! Follow me on twitter: https://twitter.com/OfficialThibobo LEGAL DISCLAIMER The content within this tutorial are property of their respective Designers, Writers, Creators, Owners, Organizations, Companies and Producers. I do not and will not profit from making and uploading these screenshots, they are for fun & archival purposes only. This Disclaimer applies to all uploaded screenshots within this tutorial unless stated otherwise in this tutorial. I will not give out any download links nor do I condone their use.
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    Tutorial: How to dump your own PS4 Disc/PSN Games. (In this tutorial i'll show you how to easily dump your PS4 games that you own.) Following on my previous tutorial i will now show how you can dump your own PS4 Disc or PSN games. Step 1 -Go Start up your PS4, do not run any exploit just yet. -Insert a game disk and wait until it's installed. (If you're about to dump a PSN game then this step isn't for you.) (I will use Maffia III for this tuto!) Step 2 -Run your game (When it's the first time you run the game it might ask you to install ingame example: GTA5,MaffiaIII...) -Let the game boot & make sure you're atleast in the main menu. Step 3 -Grab a USB drive or Portable HDD and plug it into the most right USB port of your ps4. (Make sure you have enough memory for the game you want to dump & make sure the file system is ExFat ) -Minimize your game. Step 4 -Open the Web browser & run the kernel exploit (if you don't know how to do this you should look at my previous tutorial!) -Do NOT close the browser!! Step 5 -Now head onto your computer. -Run NetCat GUI change the IP to your ps4's IP & port to 9020 & send this payload to your ps4. (This payload dumps, patches,&fake signs your game!) Step 6 -Wait until your Game is fully dumped! (Your PS4 will automaticaly power off! It's not a kernel panic so don't worry!!) Step 7 -Congrats! You now have fully dumped your game! (raw patched & fake signed dump) Note: I will make another tutorial in the future on how to build your own PKG from your gamedump so you can install it on your hacked PS4! BTW: Follow me on twitter: https://twitter.com/OfficialThibobo Your dump should look like this! (Note: Every game is different & might look different, but the directories stay the same!) A few examples: Carmageddon reincarnation Far Cry 4: Grand Theft Auto 5:
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    @Zer0xFF has released a patched libaudio.sprx that will let you use your PS4's control pad as a Audio device, just plug in your headphones and enjoy your gaming without any interruptions or annoying anyone around you: You can download the patched libaudio.sprx and read how the developer did this by visiting the link below: PS3 BT/USB Audio Passthrough
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    For info, the methode for dump the RAM over lv1_peek() is not optimized. It was good enough for me. Which file is extended for dump is unimportant too. The other changes are: symbol 0x10000 check_text_for_illegal_instructions() This function check the text segments(including our changes) for illegal instructions like hvsc and others. It is not necessary, but it make the bootup faster to skipp this check. I nop-out and remove this useless thing. symbol 0x10550 set_hvcall_perm_for_initialize() This function set the access for all hvcalls needed for the init. Now it patch access for all hvcalls. symbol 0x10834 set_hvcall_perm_for_runtime() This function set the hvcall permission at runtime, interrupt stuff and stuff like lv1_close_device() for finalize, can be nop-out. symbol 0x104D4 syscall_0x1002_invalidate_gpu_hvcalls() This function invalidate all gpu hvcalls after rsx stuff is inited, can be nop-out. symbol 0x11C38 syscall_2() Called at the end of init, to start pu scheduler. Here are the calls to e.g. check_text_for_illegal_instructions()
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    HAPPY MOTHER FUCKING BIRTHDAY @GregoryRasputin !!!!!!!!!!!!! You remember everyone else on their birthday. Do you really think you would we forget yours?
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    Tools Required: * IDA Pro (don't ask where to find it, Google is your friend) * HxD * 7zip * Tools to extract elf from lv2_kernel.self (Unself/Unself2/Scetool/etc) / pup unpack tools Step 1: Extract the elf from lv2_kernel (here i'm using aldos tools) by right clicking lv2 and choosing "SELF Tools->Extract ELF" Step 2: Extract further the elf with 7zip by right clicking the elf and choosing "7zip-> Extract to <name_of_file_without_extension>" It'll create a folder and extract its contents. If a popup box shows up asking to overwrite or not, choose "Rename automatically" Step 3: Open the folder and go to the segment with 46KB/45KB size. Open it with HxD and go from the start position 0x8000 bytes into the file. Example for 1.02 lv2_kernel: Step 4: Copy the first 8 bytes from 0x8000 to the transfer area. Step 5: Open the kernel in IDA Pro and let it load. After it loads search for those bytes. You should see an unknown data structure. That is your TOC PS: Tested on 4.46 REX Cex Kernel, 1.02 CEX Kernel, and 4.60 DECR Kernel, as well as 3.41 CEX Kernel v1, 2.70 CEX Kernel and 2.00 CEX Kernel
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    I am sure most of us over the age of 25 have seen the Terminator 2 movie, but what you will never have seen is the entire Terminator 2 movie using the Grand Theft Auto 5(GTAV) game engine, a young Russian using the pen name Mikhail Kramer has done just that and you can see the entire movie below: Not only is Mikhail a big GTAV fan, he is quite a talented photographer, links below to his work: ₭ R Λ M E R'S P H Ø T Ø Thanks @NeoSabin
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    Guys I Miss You - Where Are You :(

    still alive. at the moment i'm doing ok, but i had some ups and downs...mentally. when i loose even my sense of humor then you know something is really wrong. it feels great though that @GregoryRasputin haven't forgotten me.
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    Hi members and non members. We can all agree that PlayStationHaX is one of the best English scene sites available on the internet, that is because of the factual and non clickbait articles that we post, we have great News Posters and Tutorial creators such as @TheZander, @zapptheman, @ConsoleHax, @Thibobo and myself, who have contributed great articles to this forum and we have posters such as @rednekcowboy who are dedicated to articles such as the PS4Cheater section. But the forum could be better and this is how you could help, you could post news on in the respective sections of the forum, if you have a YouTube channel and create tutorials, you could post them, that way we would be helping each other, each news article automatically goes on the front page and i also Tweet it. So if you are able to spare a few minutes per day to post news we would be extremely grateful, we do have a small amount of rules regarding posting, but they are easy to adhere to, you can find them here If you do want to write for PlayStationHaX, just make a post below
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    Win A Copy Of Fifa 18 For PS4

    So i have a brand new, sealed copy of Fifa 18 to give away, check the requirements below for your chance to win: You must create a post in this thread, stating who your favourite Football team is, for American's i am referring to Soccer. The game is a UK disc, if you are from outside UK or EU, you will have to create a UK account if you want DLC for the game. Competition ends on 15th of March.
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    PSNStuff BDU

    I've been wanting to try making a PS3 app for a long time & finally I made up my mind a few wees ago I was going to start trying to learn. I had been doing some research on pdb files for background downloads when found gamePKG by @CaptainCPS-X & decide to try making a PSNStuff app.(A lot of the work was already done) I have a test build ready I'll post if this is something anyone would be interested in. I still have some work to do adding different content types & writing raps to a usb, a lot of other thing I'd like to do too. As of now you can set a C00 demo for background download & once the system is restarted it will be under Download Management ready to start (when I make it auto reboot the files get deleted?).
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    Tutorial: How to build your own PS2Classic PKG for PS4! Step 1 -Get your hands on a PS2 game iso. -Get your hands on the "Fake_PKG_Generator tool" . -Download this modified .dll for rebuilding ps2 classics of the "Fake_PKG_Generator tool" ! (thnx to @DarkElementPL for providing!) -Download this PS2 Classic template! (thnx to @wildcard for sharing!) Step 2 -Replace the original .dll by this modified one! Step 3 -Now get into the PS2 Classic template! -Go to image & replace the dummy "disc01.iso" by your ps2 game iso & rename it back to disc01.iso! Step 4 -Now go to the folder PS2 Classic Template -> sce_sys -Replace icon0.png & pic1.png by your own pictures. Sizo of icon0.png is 1920x1080 & pic1.png is 512x512 (icon0.png will be image you'll see when you boot your game & pic1.png will be the image displayed on the PS4 UI.) -Edit param.sfo with a hex editor. -go to line 0x30 & edit the title ID CUSA21XX to a random number (example: CUSA2199) -go to line 0x65 & make that the content ID matches with line 0x30! -Now edit line 0x5D to the name of your ps2 game. Step 5 -Now build a PKG of it the same way we did in This tutorial. The content ID you'll find here! (not in the "orbis-pub-sfo.exe")!! (Note: build with the same tools but with the modified DLL!!!) Warning!: When building multiple PS2 Classic PKG's make sure the Title ID's (CUSA021XX) are different each time! Otherwise the PS4 will think you have the same game and will install it over the other game! Step 6 -When built install the same way we did in this tutorial! Additional info! Not all games will work, you can add the games you try to the wiki and tell if they work or not. http://www.psdevwiki.com/ps4/PS2_Classics_Emulator_Compatibility_List
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    The PS4 scene is truly alive, we have backups of PS4 games, PS2 games, we have a Snes Emulator and soon will have a PS1 Emulator, it is the PS2 Emulator which seems to have people most excited, here is a list of games that currently have titles available to be installed via PKG Klonoa 2 Shadow of the Colossus BLACK DragonBall Z - Budokai Tenkaichi 3 Silent Hill 4 - The Room Silent Hill 2 - Directors Cut Sonic Unleashed Beyond Good And Evil Devil May Cry 3 Special Edition Kingdom Hearts Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Mortal Combat Arcade Kollection Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty Need For Speed Underground 2 Hyper Street Fighter 2 - Anniversary Edition Final Fantasy XII Jak and Daxter: The Lost Frontier Resident Evil 4 Deus Ex NFL Street Rayman 2: Revolution Sega Classics Collection Sega Genisis Collection Need for Speed Underground God Hand Lego Batman Spiderman 2 Madden 06 Berserk: Millennium Falcon Hen Seima Senki no Sho (English Patched) Dragon Quest 5 (English Patched) Tomb Raider Underworld Tomb Raider Anniversary Athens 2004 Crash - Mind over Mutant Bloody Roar 3 Katamari Damacy Midnight Club 3 Nocturne
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    The scene is alive with the sound of backups and homebrew, developers are working and testing different things, recently scene developer @flatz has mentioned that he has gotten some PS2 backups running on his PS4. The news made me think of this song, hopefully through time we will be able to backup and play all the PS2 games we own on the PS4, the PS2 Emulator according to flatz, seems to be better on the PS4 than it is on PS3: Hopefully flatz will come along and post something about it, as he knows how much i love him
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    Hi! I've made a tutorial on how to fake sign .prx libraries and .pkg packages for use with PS4HEN It's a little chaos, but I hope you will understand it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fLBwiPz64WI Later today I will be explaining how to dump your own disc games
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    Developer CrazyVoid has released a patch to allow users of the 4.05 KExploit to use the consoles Web Browser without the need to sign in, code below: #define KERNEL_REGMGR_SETINT 0x4CEAB0 uint64_t *(sceRegMgrSetInt)(uint32_t regId, int value) = NULL; sceRegMgrSetInt = (void *)&ptrKernel[KERNEL_REGMGR_SETINT]; sceRegMgrSetInt(0x3C040000, 0); Source - Thanks for posting @zecoxao Note Sony i took the screenshot on my own PS4, which i paid for, so don't get butthurt please, thank you...
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    Not long now until Christmas Day, all of us at PlayStationHaX wish you a Merry Christmas. Image thanks to @StarMelter
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    It appears that PS3xploit has released a method to install CFW from OFW 4.82. This has been rumored for a while and appears to have become a reality. Words from the source: "Important -- AVOIDING A BRICK Verify flsh.hex file on a flash drive and in the far right USB slot! 4.82 flsh.hex MD5: 8E156C99101BF36EC3EDB832982AE46D DO NOT USE ON CFW (Custom Firmware) (Only Supports OFW) DO NOT USE ON PS3 Models 3xxx/4xxx (aka SuperSlims / Late Slim models) you will brick those console. PLEASE READ FIRST: It's essential not to flood the browser memory with junk before running the exploit. The reason for this is that due to javascript core memory usage limitations we are scanning several times a small range of browser memory (a few Mb) to find some essential data in RAM, if the memory is flooded then the range to scan becomes much larger & the probabilities that our data is found in the smaller range decrease dramatically.. So in short, never use the browser or set a homepage you cancel before running the exploit! If you need to, set the homepage to 'blank', close the browser then reopen it to start the flash writer. v1.0.0 - Initial Release Supports Direct OFW to CFW patching for All Phat and 2xxx Slim (minver 3.56 Dec 2010 and lower) the NOR/NAND writer will just copy 3Mb of CoreOS data to both ros0 & ros1 in the flash memory. There is only one version released for 4.82. The same hex patch file can be used on nor & nand. It's as safe as possible, with a check for usb device & patch file making the exploit hang instead of corrupting flash if file is not found. In case of corruption (extremely rare but could always happen), it's only a partial brick because no per console info ever gets erased so a hardware flasher could still be used if ever a recovery reboot was impossible. Usage Tips: 1) Try using a LAN connection or a solid WiFi connection during exploitation. A weak signal can cause problems. 2) If the exploit takes more than 5 minutes to work, reload page, browser, or restart console and try again. 3) If you are using a LAN connection and experience network issues, make sure all cables to router are in working order. Steps: 1. Setup a small Web server on pc or smartphone. A custom miniweb application has been created by Aldo, and supplied to host files if you would like to use it. Don't come to us for explanations about how to run a http server though. Google it. 2. Extract the files from release to your http server root folder. 3. Copy the "flsh.hex" file from release folder to root of flash drive. 4. Put a FAT32 USB key in port closest to BD Drive (/dev_usb000). 5. DOUBLE-CHECK your flash drive on XMB to make sure it shows up under Music, Photos, Videos, etc. 6. Open the PS3 browser File Address window, write the IP address of your server (and the port if not 80) & press the Start button. 7. Select the appropriate button for your console and wait for PS3 to power down. DO NOT STOP THE PROCESS ONCE STARTED!! 8. Once PS3 has powered down, reboot console and install CFW matching OFW version. If installing through XMB does not work, boot to recovery and install." This is very exciting news as anyone with a hackable can now enjoy CFW without a hardware downgrader. At this time 3000 models and super slims are not supported. Do not attempt it on these models as you will brick Source: http://www.psx-place.com http://www.psx-place.com/threads/ps3xploit-now-install-cfw-from-4-82-ofw-nor-nand-software-flash-writer-nor-dumper-released.15500/
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    Seriously this bullshit has gone on long enough and enough is enough, i am at a point where i can no longer keep this confined to the PlayStationHaX Twitter account. You all know i have a problem with @Hackinformer, i think he is a dishonest sleazy piece of shit, who is ONLY in the PS Vita scene to make as much money as he can, he is in it for no other reason than that and he has proven this time and time again, from the rubbish Bubbles Scam, to forcing members to disable their AdBlock in order to view the forum, the only type of people who do shit like that are money greedy scum. Now don't get me wrong, people need money in order to run a forum which is why i have ad's here and on the front page, but if you want to use AdBlock i am cool with that, i even occasionally do Amazon and Play-Asia affilaite links, i am a small website with a small amount of visitors, i do not get a huge lot from Ad's and i get basically nothing from affiliates, i also get some donations, but the levels that Hackinformer goes to to earn money is the type of thing a shady business gets up to, the fact is Hackinformer does not need much money to run his website, he pays TurkReno for quite a shit server and pays for a domain, that is it, nothing else, the front page software is free, the forum software is free, so all the money he gets from ad's, affiliation and scamming scene members goes on him buying himself loads of toys and other things to make himself feel good, that is all cool, but you guys shouldn't have to pay for him to live a life of luxury, when he does absolutely nothing in order to earn that money. Now back to the main story, the drama over SD2Vita adaptors and Hackinformers SD2Vita Plus adaptors, i was aware that they were doing something like this, but i had been busy and didn't bother saying anything until i seen Hackinformer post this tweet, using the HENkaku and Enso: So of course i had to make my own tweet: The link in the image goes to this listing, which is a link a random adaptor from a random person i grabbed to make a point, i got on with my night and went to bed, when i woke in the morning and seen this tweet: So i replied with this: This is crap that was posted by Hackinformer on his website: The rest of the article is a form to fill out and buy their adaptor, now lets critique the article: 1.) They claim that they want to give you the best they can afford, if that is the case, why did they then sell the older adaptors which they claim are dangerous for your PS Vita? 2.) When they created the adaptor, they did it so that their pockets were lined, they don't care for your Vita, they care about the $$$. 1.) If these adaptors are not up to it, then why were they selling them? 2.) Bit in red = Sales pitch, the type of shit a business does. Here goes the sales pitch, "the competition isn't as good as ours" the type of shit a business does. 1.) Seriously this has to be the dumbest part of the lame argument that i read, they are placed beside a Nintendo Switch, so what, why should that matter, you place small things beside other well known things to show size reference, it is to shop people what size the adaptor is. 2.) Bit in red = Sales pitch, the type of shit a business does. 3.) The adaptor from the competition is sitting beside a Nintendo Switch so you must buy a SD2Vita Plus because of this, how the fuck does that even compute in his tiny fucking mind. Where is the proof of these claims? Where is the proof that your fingers will corrode the board? These are the same type of bogus , scaremongering claims a shady business will do in order for you to buy their product and not the competitions, even though there is no proof that there is anything wrong with the competitions adaptors, its all assumption and Xenophobia due to them being Chinese devices You will notice a running theme with Hackinformer and his crew, where all you will see is "It's Chinese so it's bad". 1.) Again where is the proof that these adaptors will only last 100-200 injects/ejects?, where have the Hackinformer people done the tests on these adaptors? 2.) Bit in red = Sales pitch, the type of shit a business does. If you look at the link, you will see the article on reddit was created not long before the one on Hackinformer, coincidence? But Hackinformers design had exposed boards and SD card slot connections, but they are still better than the competition ? Why did they sell them knowing that they were dangerous? The answer they couldn't make enough profit from their first adaptors so had to make a new adaptor and then create articles scaremongering in order to get uneducated people to buy them, they abused their place in the scene by convincing you guys that only their new adaptor is the best and most safe, this is all bogus of course. Don't worry guys, i am not yet finished, we will go to a twitter conversation that took place in the past 24 hours: Silly Hackinformer replied with something like "But it's got zero sale", well that's is because it is a preorder dumb dumb, perhaps your stupidity is why you deleted your tweet, then we had this: Of course the con artist TurkReno had to pipe in: Now you will see from those tweets that TurkReno is changing the 100 -200 inject/ejects to 10-20 inject/ejects, so basically he is making all these devices to be worse than they originally claimed. Also you will notice the back pedalling, first they said that all the OG ones were bad, even their own, now they are saying 'only some', this article should be all you need to know about the scam train that is Hackinformer and his cronies. My advice is to get a refund from them, wait until a cheaper and better clone comes out, one that will be the same as Hackinformers SD2Vita Plus, but cheaper. TL;DR Hackinformer and his gang are dishonest scam artists, lying to you and trying to convince you to buy something you DON'T need. Oh and here is a little video thanks to @centrino
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    Happy birthday zecoxao!

    I went to tweet you happy birthday and it apparently brought down Twitter! I hope you have a great birthday ^__^
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    Ok, Im going to be constructive here.. Or at least try to... As far as Ive seen, none of those have even claimed to be in a plastic case at all? I might've missed some odd one though. Its true though that having a plastic case is generally better when dealing with PCB's youre going to fiddle with, because it does offer some protection from outside moisture and the like. I dont think I need to comment on this... But I'll do anyway - ITS A FKING ADAPTER! It can sit on top of the Eiffel tower and it still wouldnt change a thing. Ok this one had me laughing out loud.... A) I highly doubt that, however I have no way of counter-proving this claim but... Doubt it.... B.) Wait what? Lets read that again.... "the oil from your fingers will corrode the board".... "the oil".... "oil".... *ahem*.... No, thats not going to happen. First of all, oil does not corrode metals - if anything it protects it from corrosion. However, MOISTURE causes corrosion, and yes - our bodies, including our fingers, carries a fair bit of moisture with them. But, and this is important, its NOWHERE NEAR enough to cause metal to corrode, not even the cheapest conductive metal in the world. The only scenario I can see "fingers" causing corrosion to "cheap" metals would be if you squeezed it in your hand very hard for a fairly long time with a lot of handsweat involved. But why the fk would you do that? I'll come back to this topic at the end. No shit? You dont say? Yeah cause thats totally not the entire point of them or anything.... Also, everything is created in bulk except for very early prototypes(or very very specific premium ultra-rare "handmade" things) and then shipped off to the ones ordering the manufacturing for the finishing touches(such as casing, branding etc etc), before being sold off to consumers at a fuckton higher price than it cost to make it(there are exceptions, but generally speaking). What we have here is a product directly from the assembly band without any meddling middle hands. Also I'd just like to point out again - ITS A FKING ADAPTER! Its not rocket science.... This is another claim I find very hard to believe, but again I have no solid way of proving them wrong(or time, for that matter). I have built some very questionable adapters and slot-in cards, they are crude, dirty, and utter crap no matter how much you polish them.... BUT! They work just fine, and while I dont keep count(cause why would I?) I'm pretty sure some of them have seen a lot more "ejecting" than the 100-200 claimed above. How were these boards made you ask? Solder. Yup, plain old solder aligned, heated and shaped to match the connectors(told you they were crude :P). Thats right, theyre made out of a material made for "glueing" things to a PCB, which is most likely about 100x weaker than the "tin immersion plating" mentioned above. Are there any scratches on them? There are, on some, because the shape is/wasnt the 100% correct thickness for the socket. But, they work. Would I recommend such a crude method? Definitely not. Would/will I use that method again? Most likely. Am I worried they will break? Nope, not really. Ok, lets continue with the oily-fingers-bs. I dont think anyone would disagree that handling bare PCB's with your hands aren't the best thing you can do to the PCB. However, ITS A FKING ADAPTER!(Have I said that enough yet?). In fact - it doesnt even have a single component on it! All it does is reroute the gamecard pins to a SD-standard pinlayout. Its been known for ages that the gamecards are basically just re-routed SD cards(with some additions such as HW DRM etc etc). The only reason we havent had any adapters before(actually we have but... yeah...) is because theres been no way to enabling the functionality in the firmware/software - until now. The odds of a PCB breaking - one without ANY components - simply by handling it with your hands, is astronomically small ASSUMING youre not doing it while washing your hands, or showering, or having live current applied to you - a current high enough to burn the traces of the PCB(btw, you'd be long dead before that would happen, dont try it). Now I cant fathom anyone stupid enough to use their vita in the shower, bath or similar. And even if there would be such a person, some corrosion on a <$3 PCB would be the least of their worries. You have undoubtedly noticed I've kept talking about water and moisture, thats because moisture is the biggest cause of corrosion when dealing with metals. But, there is one more thing to factor in - contamination. Humans carries a fair bit of this on a daily basis(and, ironically, is usually mixed with the "oil" mentioned), and getting rid of all contamination is almost impossible(theres a reason surgeons use pure alcohol to wash their hands and not touching anything until they got gloves on). However, contamination - or impurities, distributed from your fingers to a PCB isnt enough to start a reaction just from contact(assuming youre an average clean-hands-person). But what can and do cause a reaction is heat in combination with these impurities. One prime example here is when soldering. Having fat/oil residue on the PCB where youre going to add liquid metal WILL affect the joint in a bad way, and this can indeed lead to corrosion and other unwanted side-effects. But all of that is completely irrelevant in this case, because youre NOT soldering on this board, youre NOT adding liquid metals to this board, and therefore, the odds of damaging the board simply by handling is, again, astronomically small. If youre still worried though, just clean the board with some alcohol every now and then. TL;DR: What we have here is some basic, insignificant, facts, taken out of context, stretched to oblivion and beyond and painted out like the devil incarnated to make people think this is a serious issue. As a final note I'd just like to point out that ALL commonly used conductive metals can corrode or rust - including this "super" adapter. As a matter of fact, the purer the metal the more sensitive to contamination it is. So in a weird way, a "worse" metal can be more resilient to contamination than "premium" metals such as gold(which, by the way, practically doesnt exist in the world of hobby-electronics.. Theres gold-plattered metals though, which is something completely different). Final words: ITS A FKING ADAPTER!
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    Henkaku Enso now available

    Get it while it's hot https://enso.henkaku.xyz
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    so, after some deliberation with Zer0Tolerance, we decided to release an updated version of the lv2 exploit that my friend released a long time ago. First, some notes: This exploit was patched on 4.40, NOT on 4.45 There isn't just ONE non checked pointer, there are FOUR! they are all 4 now checked in 4.40 /* * lv2 SysCall 670 (0x29E): sys_rsx_context_allocate * @param context_id (OUT): RSX context, E.g. 0x55555555 (in vsh.self) * @param lpar_dma_control (OUT): Control register area. E.g. 0x60100000 (in vsh.self) * @param lpar_driver_info (OUT): RSX data like frequencies, sizes, version... E.g. 0x60200000 (in vsh.self) * @param lpar_reports (OUT): Report data area. E.g. 0x60300000 (in vsh.self) * @param mem_ctx (IN): mem_ctx given by sys_rsx_memory_allocate * @param system_mode (IN): */ /* After some verification it turns out that 4 pointers aren't checked They are: context_id lpar_dma_control lpar_driver_info lpar_reports we can write values at: rsx_context + 0x04 (4Bytes) - context_id rsx_context + 0x20 (8Bytes) - lpar_dma_control rsx_context + 0x30 (8Bytes) - lpar_driver_info rsx_context + 0x40 (8Bytes) - lpar_reports to properly specify a kernel address use ULL for big numbers */ you can test this for instance on a 4.21 cfw console by specifying an address in one of the parameters and then dumping memory before and after running the syscall. just be careful that you need to be able to write to that region! https://www.sendspace.com/file/rnf0eg ^ link to the exploit Many thanks to @IronMan and @AlexAltea for the help. this exploit will be even better later, so stick around
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    New Forum Features

    The Invision Board Developers have been working on an update for the forum software, the next big update is v4.2 and PlayStationHaX is running a beta of this and so far everything has been working out ok, the new features are as follows: Leaderboard Enhancements Richer Embeds Group Promotion Improvement Fluid Forum View Member History Editor Uploading Improvements Authy Integration Commerce Improvements New REST API Endpoints Gallery Improvements Statistic Reporting Copy Topic to Database Downloads Index Page Blog Sidebar Promoting Content Clubs Reactions Calendar Venues Social Sign In Streamlining Calendar Add Similar Event Gallery Lightbox Navigation Letter Profile Photos SEO Improvements Device Management Delayed Deletes Calendar Event Reminders Content Messages Recommended Replies Complete Your Profile A lot of what is shown above will not make much of a difference to many of you, the two most popular ones are probably: Reactions which are these: Cup = Thanks and Positive Rep - When you want to thank someone for a post Haha = Positive Rep - For when you find the post funny Confused = Neutral Rep - For when you do not know how to feel about a thread Sad = Negative Rep - When a thread makes you sad because you don't like it Up Arrow = Positive Rep - When you like a thread Down Arrow = Negative Rep - when you dislike a thread Heart = Positive Rep - For when you like a post Then we have Clubs, this is probably a huge one, you can create your own group and have your own personal forum, you can set it to open or private and invite members to join it, it can be about anything, you can create your club here or join ones already made: https://playstationhax.xyz/forums/clubs/ We are using the default theme at the moment, as all themes need to be updated in order to run on 4.2, i do not know when the final release will happen, but you won't be able to change to your usual theme until then. There are a few more updates not related to 4.2, they are just simple changes that could have been added before: Grid Layout - I decided to change the forum to this type of layout as it is different and i personally think it looks better than the generic layout that every other forum has out there. Discord - The forum is connected to Discord, this means that when a news article is posted on the forum, you will be notified on Discord. RSS - I have added two RSS feeds to the forum, one will give you all the PlayStation related forum posts and the other Nintendo related forum posts: https://playstationhax.xyz/forums/rss/1-rss-feed-playstionhax.xml https://playstationhax.xyz/forums/rss/3-rss-feed-wiiuhax.xml
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    https://www.sendspace.com/file/mx1kjx @3141card has asked me to release this as well. 4.81 netemu with temperature display Enjoy
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    LOL a lot of old peeps here and on that list. Speaking of which, I missed VIRGIN too. I don't know what happened with TLDK either.... Iuno, but I mean life is a real thing and people have their own things to do these days I guess. I personally have school but really I think I am just not around because it doesn't cross my mind.
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    Guys I Miss You - Where Are You :(

    I've been very busy lately, but I'm always lurking the forums around here. I also miss all the activity (and drama) of the ps3 scene. Glad to see some old faces here! I'm currently spending almost all my free time playing Zelda: botw on Wii-U. Unbelievably addictive game! * My english is still broken xD
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    Param SFO Editor [W.I.P.]

    Hi Guys, Long time so i recently decided to give the old computer a bash and here is my first WIP in a long time i have updated my ps3 param.sfo reader to now support ps4 as well at this time its just a reader as i still haven't gotten the saving function to work for the code please have a look here https://github.com/xXxTheDarkprogramerxXx/PS3Tools/tree/master/PARAM.SFO Editor and here is the v0.1 release https://github.com/xXxTheDarkprogramerxXx/PS3Tools/releases/tag/v0.1 and many thanks as always to @Jappi88,and my new partner in Crime @pink1 Many things coming please stand by P.S. here is an image of what Pexploit's Advanced Window Would have looked like and here is the code for that as well https://github.com/xXxTheDarkprogramerxXx/PexploitAdvanced
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    While following this tutorial you'll learn how to make a backup (dump) of a PlayStation 4 game you own and then convert it into an install-able .pkg file. This is the fastest and also the EASIEST way to date and made possible by xVortex. FIRMWARE 4.05 ONLY!!! If you are looking for another well written and documented in-depth tutorial, I advice you to take a look at the more advanced @Thibobo's tutorials (here and here). Dumping your game: Boot up your console (Optional) Install all available patches for the game Connect a USB Flash Drive to the console and open the browser Surf to the mini Playground (https://www.consolehax.com/playground-4-05/) and click on xVortex + Dumper Minimalise the browser by pressing the PS Button once Run the game and wait untill you're in the main menu Minimalise the game by pressing the PS Button once The dumping process has now started. The data is being transferred to your USB Stick. As soon as the dumping is complete the console will shutdown. This is normal. Rebuilding your dump: For the following steps you need to have access to a computer with Windows. We use gengp4.exe (download the ZIP file with executable here) and Fake_PKG_Generator tool (not linked, use google). Connect the USB Stick to your PC Run gengp4.exe and navigate to your dump CUSAxxxxxx directory Click on Generate .GP4 (wait untill 'Done' appears) Click on Save .GP4 Now run orbis-pub-gen.exe from the Fake_PKG_Generator folder. Open the saved .gp4 file Click on Build If clicking on build immediately gives you an error, press it again and it should work. SOURCE: Github/xVortex
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    Hi Guys. Welcome to the PS4 Hacking/Modding scene and welcome to 2018. Today i will be showing you guys, how to run the PS4 4.05 exploit on any PS4 (brand new out of the box, or which was once activated and used) which is on firmware ,<= 4.05, and how to open the Advanced ★Debug Settings on the ps4 You will need a PC, a PS4 on firmware equal to 4.05 or lower, and a network connection. Now i have a video here showing how to achieve this below, but if you would rather read on how to do this, please scroll down further and i will write the instructions below. Please make sure to follow every step carefully. DISCLAIMER! Please be careful with debug settings as there are options in there which can brick your PS4 if you do not know what you are doing. Please steer clear of IDU mode as that will turn your PS4 into a kiosk. I highly recommend using an Ethernet cable to connect the PS4 to a Router and another Ethernet cable to connect the PC to the same router. I WILL NOT BE RESPONSIBLE IF YOU BRICK OR DAMAGE ANY OF YOUR HARDWARE. So please use care and if you don't know what something is, don't touch it Happy Modding. Video: WRITTEN Tutorial: Ok guys so first off you will want to download these files below as you will need every single one of them to fully follow this tutorial. Downloads ---➣ ps4-exploit-host - https://github.com/Al-Azif/ps4-exploit-host/releases ---➣ Advanced ★DEBUG Settings Payload - https://mega.nz/#!O5hiHRzK!jh6nKnFe_w5jXUnOz_fMwYueZkW1u7tfxZMfX86Q-YE ---➣ Python 3 - https://www.python.org/downloads/ If you need to update to 4.05, please select a link from below and download the 4.05 firmware. ---➣ Firmware Files (GBATemp) - https://gbatemp.net/threads/ps4-firmw... ---➣ Firmware Files (sce.party) - https://sce.party/?page=firmwares Right you have everything now? Good. Make sure you extract all the zip files into their own respected folders, inside a folder with all your ps4 hack files Next you will have to install python. Please follow on screen prompts and install it. Ok so now we have set up the environment we need to run the server on the PC. IF YOU NEED TO UPDATE YOU PS4 AND HAVE DOWNLOADED THE UPDATE FILES, THIS WILL BE THE TIME TO UPDATE. - to update you might need to go into recovery mode if your ps4 has already downloaded a later version of the firmware. - Make a folder on the root of your usb called 'PS4' and inside that make a new folder called 'UPDATE' if you have done so then you can past your 'PS4UPDATE.pup' into the update folder. - from here you will need to figure out how you are going to update, weather it will be from the home menu or recovery. make sure you check what version is showing up on the home menu prior to updating if you will be going that way. Now that you are on firmware 4.05 we can commence Jailbreaking and setting up the exploit. Start up the server - Please take the 'fullDebugSettings405' file you downloaded (or modified) and place it into the payloads folder in the 'ps4-exploit-host' folder - Open a CMD window as admin - cd into the directory where your 'ps4-exploit-host' folder is located - Once you are there you will need to type 'Start.py' and it will start the server - (if you get any errors you might need to make sure ports 80 and 53 are not in use by other applications - Then press 1 and hit enter - (if you get any errors you might need to make sure ports 80 and 53 are not in use by other applications - You should see a message telling you that the server is running and you might get a check box that comes up asking to allow python to access the network, tick both boxes and press 'Allow' - if all is still well and you have no errors, then we are ready to move to the PS4. (NOTE: you sould see your DNS ip displayed on the console) First, you will need to go to network settings on the PS4. You will need to make your settings as such: - IP - (or you can leave it as whatever you want if you will be changing the IP in the payload file) - Subnet mask - - Default gateway - (you need to find out what your routers ip is and put it in) - DNS (This will be displayed on the CMD prompt console when we run the server) - leave DNS 2 as - Make sure to save the settings and do a network test - As long as the PS4 obtains an IP and has internet access then this is fine. PSN will fail. Now that is all set up, we will now launch the exploit. Please head over to the user manuals at the top of settings, open it and observe the CMD console. It should start displaying more information, and ask if you would like to inject the FTP payload (fullDebugSettings405.bin). - Press 1 and hit enter. to inject the payload. Once an Error Pops up on the screen, simply back out with Button, and go back to settings. Scroll down to the bottom and there should be ★Debug Settings. Profit? Hope this helped you guys. Please make sure to ask any questions you may have below and i will do my best to help you. Sooooooo..... If you're still reading this you might have got yourself stuck in IDU mode.... I told you not to do it, Anyways. Thanks to Al Azif for the Method to get out of IDU mode, and thanks to @dev-ps3 for the tip.
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    Hi Guys, today i am bringing you information on the new SNES emulator for PS4, we can finally emulate our favorite SNES games. Well to be honest, this isn't native PS4 homebrew, as it is a port from the original PS2 emulator, it seems they have packaged it in a PS2 to PS4 pkg file. This has been ported by Nominus and should work on any PS4 running on exploited 4.05 Firmware. The way it works seems to be quite simple, you will need to package your own iso file with SNES games prepackaged as the emulator is not able to escape from the PS2 Sandbox, therefore, all the files need to be included in the package for the time being and then USB support can be added if anyone finds out how to escape the Sandbox. To create your own emulator package, please follow instructions below, there will be download links included. I will also create a video once i have more time and it will show you how it all works. Downloads: SnesStation.zip SNES_STATION.pkg SnesStationIcon.zip Once you have downloaded the files above, please follow the instructions below to create your pkg file. (these can be found on the readme in the files.) 1. Open disc01 place ROM files in folder 2. Open cdgenPS2.exe, drag all files located INSIDE disc01 folder into cdgenPS2 3. Click IMG on left side, save as disc01.iso [make sure it's an iso file] 4. This is your disc01 for you PS4 FPKG building. 5. Continue to build PS4-PS2 package as usual. Install on PS4 and enjoy. Thanks for reading guys, and as always, peace out and stay tuned for the next tutorial.
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    Following on my previous tutorial " How to run the ps4 4.05 kernel exploit for the first time " I will now explain how to install and run our first ever ps4 homebrew pkg. & it's very simple. Step 1 Go and follow my previous tutorial. Run the kernel exploit from browser or the manual it doesn,t matter. Step 2 Now inject this payload just like we did with another payload in my previous tutorial. (This payload will enable the debug settings & will "enable" running homebrew) Step 3 Now put this .pkg file on the root of a fat32 formatted USB drive. And insert it into one of the usb ports on your PS4 Step 4 Now go to settings -> network & disable internet connection ( that because everytime you want to launch the homebrew app it'll automaticaly download the latest firmware version.) Then go to settings -> debug settings -> Game -> Package installer & click on the testapp.pkg to install. Step 5 Now go back to the PS4 UI & launch the homebrew application, just click "install later" when it asks you to install the latest fw version to use internet connection. Enjoy!!! Thanks to every developer involved!
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    Today @STLcardsWS posted an awesome article on PSX-Place, talking about some great things coming to the PS3, such as the ability to downgrade via software, yes you read that right, soon you will not need any hardware flashers and all thanks to Team PS3Xploit, three developers bguerville, esc0rtd3w and W, from the above mentioned website. Software downgrading was possible back in the 3.55 days, but updates and upgrades from Sony rendered them useless and we needed to use hardware devices to downgrade, which meant opening up the PS3 and also meant you had to shell out money for the device, but now all this will be a thing of the past, at least if you stay on firmware 4.81 and never upgrade again. Team PS3Xploit also released IDPS Dumper v0.2 today. For more information on the news above, check the source
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    The PS Vita at the time of release, was the most powerful handheld gaming console, it had lots going for it such as great games, but it had one tiny problem which was Sony's stupid proprietary memory cards, which were an incredibly stupid price and this i believe was the handhelds biggest problem, Sony noticing that not enough sales were being built up started to care less for the PS Vita, focusing more on the PS Vita. This meant that the PS Vita was basically dead, but thanks to a bunch of hackers/developers known as Team Molecule, the console was given a second chance and after a year we were finally able to bypass Sony's stupid memory card prices by being able to use our own microSD cards by using the internal PSVSD adapter or SD2Vita adapter. Below i will attempt to help guide you through enabling your PS Vita to run Homebrew and backup your own games. Q1.) What do i need in order to run homebrew and backups on my PS Vita? A.) The most important thing you need in order to do this, is a PS Vita on official firmware 3.60. If you are reading this and your PS Vita is on 3.61 or above, go away and find a PS Vita on 3.60 or below as HENkaku will not work on any firmware above 3.60. You can buy brand new non Asian PS Vita's that will be 3.60 or below, all EU and US Vita's are 3.60 or below, however many brand new Japanese Vita's are above 3.60. Q2.) But can't i downgrade? A.) No, if you are 3.61 or above there is no way of downgrading to 3.60. Q3.) I already have a PS Vita and accidentally updated, i can't afford another Vita, is there anything i can do? A.) Yes you can buy a motherboard for your PS Vita, they are cheaper than buying a brand new console, you can check various versions here. You might need to view this guide on how to replace your motherboard. Q4.) I have a PS Vita which is below 3.60, how do i get it on the right firmware in order to use HENkaku? A.) This process is extremely easy, you simply add an IP to your DNS settings and you will be able to update to 3.60, here is a detailed guide from the official HENkaku website, i will detail it below in my own words: Go to Settings. Select 'Network'. Select 'Wi-Fi Settings'. Click on the 'Access Point' you are using. Select 'Advanced Settings'. Click on 'DNS Settings'. Choose Manual. On Primary DNS enter Press 'OK'. Go back to the main settings menu. Select 'System Update' and update via Wi-Fi. You will be promoted to update, ONLY update if you see 3.60 (変革 Compatible) in the line of text giving you your update, if (変革 Compatible) is NOT in that line, DO NOT update and retry your proxy to make sure it is set up correctly, you really don't want to accidentally update to above 3.60. If you are 100% sure 3.60 (変革 Compatible) is there, go ahead and let it do its update things. Once it is updated, go back to the Wi-Fi settings and change the 'DNS Settings' to automatic and select 'OK'. If the above method does not work because the server is not available, you can try updating the manual way: First download this firmware, it is the official 3.60 Firmware. Then follow this guide at wololo.com. That is you ready to install HENkaku. Q5.) So how do i actually install HENkaku? A.) This is easy, simply start up your PS Vita's web browser and visit https://henkaku.xyz, once it is loaded click the install button, this may work straight away or may take several attempts, but it will work, once installed the browser will automatically close and you will have a new application bubble on your home screen. Here is a video guide You can also install HENkaku offline if you need to, here is a video guide on how to do that: Q6.) Should i do anything before i start installing Homebrew? A.) You should go into settings and check the brand new HENkaku settings, i suggest making sure the first three options are ticked, this will help stop any accidental update and will also let you install all homebrew. Make sure the 'spoofed version' in the fourth line is the version number of the very latest PS Vita firmware, this will make the PS Vita think it is on the latest firmware. Next you should go and grab the latest VitaShell, at the time of creating this article it is on version 1.75, you will need to transfer this via FTP. Q7.) How do i transfer homebrew and games to the PS Vita A.) First you will need an FTP client installed on your computer/mobile phone/tablet. Here is a list of FTP clients. I personally use FileZilla, but @BobbyBlunt uses WinSCP, the choice is yours, but all you need is to transfer files over. Hopefully you will have downloaded VitaShell linked above. Initially you will have to use the 'molecularShell' application, once you have it open press the 'select' button and that will bring up an ftp IP Next go to your FTP client and enter the details that molecularShell Once connected, your FTP Client should look like this Transfer the VitaShell .vpk to ux0:, now go back to molecularShell on your Vita, go to the ux0: directory and the .vpk should be at the very bottom of the list, simply press X on it to install, now you can use VitaShell from now on to do all your file transfers, you will also be able to use the application to scan QR codes that will download homebrew directly to your PS Vita and install them for you, without the need of FTP. Q8.) Awesome so now i can start installing Homebrew and games? A.) Yes, but i personally advise you to install Enso. Q9.) WTF is Enso and why do i need it? O.o A.) HENkaku is awesome, but it resets each time your PS Vita is powered off and you need to go through the whole process of reinstalling it again, Enso is the next level of HENkaku, once it is installed HENkaku is permanently installed on your PS Vita and will not reset even is you reboot your Vita, Enso is quite like a CFW for your PS Vita. Q10.) That sounds awesome, so how do i install Enso? A.) Visit this website and click on the big download box, now follow the instructions on question 7 to transfer the .vpk to your Vita, once it is installed run it and follow the simple instructions that are displayed. Here is a video guide: Q11.) Ok so all that is done, can i now install homebrew and where do i get it from? A.) Yes you are now free to install everything as you please, here are some of the best sites to grab files from: VitaDB PlayStationSceneFiles Brewology All these sites let you download the .vpk or scan a QR code to let you directly download the homebrew, you can also check: Wololo As a lot of releases are first posted there. Q12.) Are there any recommended homebrews? A.) Q13.) Hold on i just realised my Sony PS Vita memory card is going to fill up fast, i really don't want to buy another card as they are really expensive, what can i do? A.) You can now use microSD cards with the PS Vita, you have two choices: PSVSD This is an adapter created by @Yifan Lu, it is only for 3G PS Vita's as it replaces the 3G module inside the PS Vita, which means opening up your console, the run that Yifan did is all sold out, but you can buy from these places: AliExpress - Team Molecules xyz has stated that these adapters are not great, however the page has some decent reviews. SphereSolid - At the time of writing they are sold out. SD2Vita This adapter was created/invented by xyz, this by far is the better option, or rather the more user friendly option, there are currently two versions v2 and v3, you should buy v3 but your best options are to import them from China which takes a month, you can buy from EU and US places, they will cost more, perhaps twice as much as they are in China, the cheapest and quickest option is to buy a v2, they are sold everywhere and ship in no time at all, below i will link to places to buy and Twitter accounts of trustworthy people to buy from: v2 Centrino c0d3m4st4 Srident SD2VITA eBay UK eBay US Amazon UK Amazon US AliExpress v3 AliExpress and eBay <--- I have personally bought from each of those links. Srident SD2VITA <---- Trusted seller and is from EU, though charges twice as much as the Chinese sellers of v3 Q14.) So i have my SD2Vita and inserted my mSD into it and inserted the adapter into my Vita, it won't work, why? A.) You need to install a plugin/driver for it to work, you can view this tutorial on Wololo's website or you can watch this video guide Q15.) Ok i have done all that, what if i am stuck on something, can i get live help? A.) Yes you can visit the popular Vita Discord server: PlayStation Homebrew Vita Hacking SilicaServer Q16.) I am on 3.60 and want to use PSN, is that possible? A.) No, you cannot at the moment use PSN whilst using HENkaku Q17.) I need help, where can i find the help from nice people ? A.) You can get help, right here on the forum Q18.) But GregoryRasputin is a dick and i don't like PlayStationHaX, are there other forums i can get help ? A.) Of course, here is a link to many websites, English and non English. Q19.) Can i dump my own games so i can store them away on my PC and go back to them when i want them ? A.) Yes it is possible through an application made by Teem FreeK called Vitamin, you can read about it here Q20.) Are there any cool developers i could follow on Twitter or Github? A.) Yes check this link, it isn't complete yet, but it has some names in it Q21.) I want some technical information, where could i find that? A.) There are two main places filled with information: HENkaku Wiki PS Vita Dev Wiki I can't think of anything else, but when i do i will add it, i hope this F.A.Q/Guide helps someone
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    Last month on the 30th was PlayStationHaX third birthday, i had planned to write an article about it then and create this competition, but my Son came early and i took the next month off the internet, so here it is. You can win one of three prizes, so there are three chances of winning: 1st Prize The beautiful PS Vita 3G To SD Card Adaptor created by @Yifan Lu This device can ONLY be used in a 3G PS Vita, more information can be found here 2nd Prize SD2Vita SD Car Adaptor created by @centrino This goes into the Game Cart slot on your PS Vita. 3rd Prize PS Vita Memory Card Adaptor created by RichDevX This fits into the memory card slot, but does not give you the ability to add storage, it is more for collectors or developers. All you have to do to enter, is create a post below, or if reading this on the front page, follow the link below to the forum thread and create a post In your post all you have to do is state your favourite PS Vita Homebrew The rules are simple: Anyone can participate. Only one post per person, this will guarantee that someone won't win more than one prize. The post MUST contain the name of your favourite Homebrew. No multiple account entries. Competition ends on 30th September 2017 NOTE Yifan, centrino and RichDevX are not affiliated with this competition, so they can enter if they want to.
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    The PS4 scene has been quite excited about this new Modchip for the PS4, below you will see an English usage guide: The full tutorial can be seen here Below are some more videos: In other news, the background of this device is as seedy as the device itself. A PSXHaX developer was selling the board for over $5000, shitty website has shitty developers is nothing new, but a huge fucking scam artist as a member of staff is a bit of a surprise, his board got leaked and cloned by the Chinese who are selling it for around $50, now he is all upset, here you see the little 'suka' crying his 'zhopa' out:
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    @3141card @Joonie @mysis proof of concept scripts: https://www.sendspace.com/file/mv5czq lv2_dump_analyser_before_355.idc <- script for firmwares before 3.55 and after 1.02 (TOC located at segment #7) lv2_dump_analyser_355_plus.idc <- script for firmwares 3.55 and above (TOC located at segment #6) Useful if you want to find everything quick and leave syscall table for later. Just add those two to ps3ida folder and use them according to version. TOC will be automatically found.
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    So over the last few days, hints have been dropped all over the scene. There's a video below for those of you who prefer to listen, otherwise if you would like to read then just check under the video and there's a whole write up. Recent updates are showing that qwertyuiop and cturt may have something more than we have expected. cturt has started off by posting tweets showing himself updating to ofw 4.06 from his beloved 1.76 This also goes along with other tweets by qwertyuiop hinting at a 0day exploit kernalside as seen bellow At this point in time we can only assume they are sitting on top of something huge but until the exploit is finished and publicly released, might take some time.. I am personally excited to see where they are going to go with this and what could come of it. What we know: The webkit exploit will currently grant us access up to firmware 4.07 while the kernal exploit is currently classified as 0day which means that the exploit is unknown to sony and therefore not patched in latest released firmware. The only issue with the kernal exploit is that there is no current public releases of a webkit exploit for the latest firmware which is required to utilize the kernal exploit. The good news about this is that webkit exploits are usually much easier to come across than kernal exploits and if a newer webkit exploit is discovered this could essentially target latest firmware systems and all systems will be exploitable until $ony engineers patch them. Let us know in the comments down below what you're most looking forward to when the ps4 is publicly hacked Sources: Twitter - CTurt Twitter - qwertyuiop Wololo
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    Guys I Miss You - Where Are You :(

    I've always been about Greg. I generally follow on Twitter and check in anon via my mobile but I'm getting older and the teenager I produced takes up much time ;). Sorry to have been so scarce. I'll be sure to drop in more often. Love this site and its members. To think we were mostly members "back there" before Greg created a home for us.

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