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    First i want to state that i have zero problem with people selling hacked consoles on eBay, i think that we should be able to sell modded consoles and chipped consoles on eBay or wherever, what i am against is people selling hacked consoles at an inflated price, just because they have a bunch of pirated games included, this causes harm to the scene as can been seen in the case that Sony recently took against a guy from California Blackcloak13 who's real name is Eric David Scales has been taken to court by Sony Interactive Entertainment(SIE), for selling a 'Jailbroken' PS4 loaded with 60+ games for $499, an agent of SIE bought the console in April 2018 found that the harddrive was filled with 60+ pirated games, SIE then bought another PS4 from Blackcloak13 in June 2018, this console was on firmware 5.05 and also had a bunch of pirated games, here is a few quotes from the legal document: You can download the PDF and read more at the source: Sony Sues ‘Jailbroken’ PS4 Seller for Copyright Infringement Thanks Roxanne for the tip, wish you were a member of the forum so i could mention you.
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    Ammo: forget the cht file, it's useless and after a save and reload u lose the ammo again and have to search and find it but it's still always the address in the screenshot--you just have to work for it every time you load the game lol The moment you pop up to the diner, the ammo drops to 20 and changes location once again. Not only location and address, but completely different search params. It is not longer a 2byte location....
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    PlayStation E3 2018 Trailer

    E3 is next week and we are in for some exciting games, for those of you whom are impatient, here is a teaser trailer from Sony: Thanks @NeoSabin