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    Teensy adapter Board for NANDway

    Teensy adapter Board for NANDway Hey. in the past, i create a simple adapter board to connect the Teensy to a "360-clip NAND Clip" (the classic kind of NAND Clips). It's easier and faster to solder a board than wire the cables, no more problems with cable breaks and a good connection. A english speaking user ask me for a solder tutorial, so I thought on this occasion, i can write directly to the community. Of course, you can find all what you need below to order your own boards. But now the tutorial with some words (the most things should be self-explanatory). What you need: larger image 1x adapter board 1x Teensy++ 2.0 1x 5V to 3,3V Voltage Regulator for the Teensy (MCP1825, LM3940 or Pin-compatible) 1x TSSOP 32 NAND-Clip (360-Clip) with equipment (Flat-cable, Pin-header (2x11) and the red adapter board (you get always all this things when you buy a new NAND Clip)) 2x Pin-header (1x20) 1x Pin-header (2x4) optional but recommendable: 2x female connector (1x20) 1x female connector (2x4) 1x Pin-header (1x3) 1x Jumper 1x capacitor 100nF SMD-0603 1x capacitor 10µF SMD-0805 optional (if you want power the NAND with external Power): 1x 5V to 3,3V voltage regulator (LMS1587CS-3.3 or Pin-compatible) 1x 5V power supply (minimum 3A) Tools: - blade - solder iron - solder - side Cutter prepare the Teensy: Solder the adapter board: where you can buy this boards? You can find a zip-file to download below. in this file, you find the complete project folder. You can use the files to view and change the Layout or the circuit diagram, but if you only want a board, you can send this zip-file to a PCB service. I order my boards everytime at elecrow.com. the board have a size of 55mm x 45mm, so you must order the boards on this page *click*. before you add our order to the cart, the options should (except the color, this is your choice) look like on the following picture (a change of the order quantity only changed the weight and the transportation costs, so i order everytime 10 boards) mirror I hope i could help someone with kind regards esprit1711 from psXtools Team EDIT 2015-06-10: V2.1 available. fixed a layout mistake (twisted the 2x4 pin header at the Teensy socket (thank to Th3Knights for the report)) and change the silkscreen. If you have a V2, you can use it without any problem. the V2 use only 2 of 5 lines for RE, but this is not a critical problem. EDIT 2015-09-11: just update the download link (i dont know why, but the attachment was down (thanks at 3absiso for the report)) XGerber_-_Teensy Adapter Platine V2.1.zip
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    [Released] Rebug 4.70.1

    The awesome dude that is known as Joonie has just posted something sexy on the Rebug website Source/Download
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    Take in note that this is an alpha release, so expect issues with it. HOWEVER, it worked fine when extracting the contents of a backup i have while ps3xport failed to do so. i don't know why though. Usage: python arcunpack.py <idps> <backup dir> <out dir> arctool needs to be on the same place as arcunpack.py you need python 2.7 there's a precompiled binary in the bin folder. link http://www.mediafire.com/download/zvfc1ddi9dh21p4/arctool.7z
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    Hope you guys have enjoyed the official release of REBUG 4.65.2, Here is the COBRA 7.03 source by the way, evil did not upload this on the official post. http://www.mediafire.com/download/yi5dazzvr6f1tgd/REBUG_4.65.2_COBRA703_SRC_01122015.rar If any devs can improve this open source project, please give us heads up with your suggestions
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    Consoles: Amstrad: GX-4000 Atari: CX2600-A (Darth Vader edition) 2600jr (big color logo) 2600jr (small color logo) Atari XE Bandai: Pippin (Apple) Playdia CBS: Colecovision Coleco: Gemini Commodore: Commodore CDTV (68030 14mhz + 4mb +SCSI) Commodore Amiga CD32 + Communicator Conic: 4A8 boxed (with some sealed cartridges) M1200 boxed Magnavox (= Philips): CDi 5000 Mattel: Intellivision Intellivision II MB (Smith Engineering): Vectrex Microsoft: Xbox Xbox Crystal Xbox 360 NEC: PC-engine Nintendo: FamiCom boxed FamiCom clone boxed (grey one, looks almost real, brand unknown) NES NES Action Set (boxed) SNES N64 (+ Doctor V64) N64 (Pokemon edition boxed) GameCube (black) Gamecube (blue) Wii Wii-U Ormatu: Video Spelcomputer 2001 (with 3 cartridges sealed) Panasonic (3DO): FZ-1 FZ-10 Philips (pong): Las Vegas (ES 2208.) TeleSpiel (ES 2201) Odessey 200 Odessey 2100 Philips: VideoPac G7000 VideoPac G7400 Philips (CDi): CDi 210 CDi 220 (Matchline) with video-cartridge CDi 450 CDi 470 Sega: Sega Master System Power Base Sega master System II Power Base Megadrive Megadrive II Megadrive + Mega-CD II Megadrive (gamepad with 6 build-in games) Dreamcast Saturn SNK: Neo-Geo CD Neo-Geo X Gold Sony: Playstation 1 Playstation 2 Playstation 2 Slim Playstation 3 CEX 3.55 + OtherOS Playstation 3 DEX PS3ITA Playstation 4 Family Studia sketch titler (don't know where to put it else) TXC: Micro Genius (FamiCom clone) handheld Consoles: Atari: Lynx Conny: M2 Dingoo: A320 (white) A330 (black + seperate controller) GamePark Holdings: GP2X-F100 GP2X-F200 GP2X-WIZ (metallic red with silver front) Letcool: N350JP Nintendo: 1x GameBoy (+ Giant carrying case + printer) 1x GameBoy (black, I do have more colors) 5x GameBoy Color (light and dark green, turquoise, red (+ magnify glass) and dark blue) 1x Gameboy mini (metallic red) 2x GameBoy Advance (transparant and dark blue) 1x GameBoy Advance SP (silver) 1x Nintendo DS (metallic light blue) + DS Supercard 1x Nintendo DS Lite (pink) 1x Pokemon Mini (green) 1x Pokemon mini (blue, boxed) Nokia: N-Gage QD (Handheld with phone functionallity is what I call it) OpenPandora: Pandora Sega: GameGear (black) GameGear (yellow, with TV tuner add-on) Nomad SNK: Neo Geo Pocket Neo Geo Pocket Color (black) Neo Geo Pocket Color (metallic light blue) Sony: PSP-1000 PSP-3000 (piano black) PSVita Home-Computers: A-EON: AmigaOne X1000 (4GB ram, 60GB SSD, Catweazel MKII, Club3D 7750 RoyalQueen + Ubuntu Remix) Acorn: Acorn Electron Acorn BBC + Cumana's Dual Disk Drive Apple: Mac M0001P Mac IIC + 2 floppy unit + screen Mac IICX Mac LCII Mac SE Mac Performa 400 PowerMac 7100/80 Powerbook 145 iMac (Bondi Blue) iMac (orange) iMac (Red) iMac (green) iMac G4 (with Apple Pro speakers (=Harman Kardon)) Imagewriter printer Imagewriter II printer Stylewriter printer Daisy Wheel printer M0130 external floppy drive (400k) A2M2053 external floppy drive (800k) PowerCD ext. SCSI CD drive (with box and papers), still in use with my audio system. Bought originally for my Amiga A3000UX. Atari: 65XE 130XE 800XE 800XL 260ST 512ST 1040ST 1010 data-cassette-recorder XC12 data-cassette-recorder Atari ABC 286/30 PC Atari SH205 external Hard Drive Atari Megafile 20 external Hard Drive Canon: V-20 MSX Commodore: Vic20 C64 (boxed) C64 new model SX64 (missing keyboard) C16 C116 C232 (very rare) C128 C128D Amiga 1000 EUR modell (with Commodore logo) Amiga 1000 USA modell (with only Amiga logo) + 220V-110V converter Amiga 500 Amiga 500+ Amiga 2000 (with P5 Blizzard 2060/SCSI + 128mb, 2mb chipram, Indivision C=A2320 FF, Picollo SD64 and USB 1.1 card) Amiga 3000UX (with CyberVision64, Cyberstorm MKII 060 +128mb, 256mb ZorRam, Deneb USB2, Mediator, Voodoo 3000, RTL8039, SB128.) Amiga 4000 (with CyberStorm MKII + 128mb, CyberVision64/3D and USB 1.1 card) Amiga 600 (68030 42mhz + 4mb + USB 1.1) Amiga 1200 (with Blizzard 1230 card + SCSI) Amiga 1200 Infinity Tower (with Blizzard 1260 card + SCSI) MPS-801 printer (boxed) VIC-1525 printer (boxed) 1541 floppy drive 1541 II floppy drive 1520 printer (in foam) 1530 data-cassette-recorder (boxed) 1531 (black) data-cassette-recorder (boxed) MPS-803 printer (boxed) BTX decoder modul II (kind of modem for teletext and needed a second monitor) Magic Voice cartridge 1750 Ram Expansion module (for the C128.) A520 modulator A1010 floppy drive A1011 floppy drive (boxed) Commodore 286-LT laptop GoldStar: FC-200 Laser: Laser 110 Laser 310 Laser 500 Mattel: Aquarius Mitsubishi: MLF-80 Oric: Oric 1 Panasonic: CF-2700 Philips: P2000T VideoWriter 4160 Philips (MSX): VG-8032 V6-8010 V6-8020 NMS-8220 NMS-8245 NMS-8250 Proton: Proton PC-1 Schneider: CPC 464 with build in cassette drive Euro PC Sharp: MZ-80A MZ-700 MZ-800 cassette MZ-800 floppy Sinclair: ZX-81 + 16k module + thermic printer (1st I ever printed at home (complete sort of Pacman list in basic) was on this printer) ZX-Spectrum 16k ZX-Spectrum 48k ZX-Spectrum + ZX-Spectrum +2 128k Sinclair QL PC-200 A weird ZX-Spectrum in a special made case with heavy PSU, Sony MSX Datasette and MicroDrive and about 8 3.5mm connectors. Unknown what they are for. Maybe for audio Sony MSX: HB-10P HB-75P HB-201P HB-501P (with floppy, printer, bitcorder and 2 Sony joysticks) F9P F700P F700D SpectraVideo: SVI Xpress Tandy: TRS-80 (with original catalogue donated by @Mr.Dutch from www.playstationhax.xyz, thanks !!) TRS-80 Colour Computer 2 64K Texas Instruments: TI-99 Toshiba: HX-10 List is for 90% complete I think Here is a list of the LCD handheld games I have: http://www.handheldempire.com/member/user.jsp?user=587 Now that one is maybe for 50% complete, have to find time to make a better list......
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    Josh Axey has been working on the hardware aspect of the PS Vita for a while and today he has released everything he has done up to this point, you can grab his files below at the source, but first here is a quote from the ReadMe: Source/Download
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    Advertisements, i hate them, i despise them, but they are an important part of the livelihood of some forums. For the past two years i have been financing my forum through my own money, i have also received some donations, all which can bee seen on the forum, i have used Amazon affiliation, but in around two years i have earned about £21 which i cannot claim until it reaches £25, in that same time i have earned £10 from CDKeys and about $20 from Play-Asia all with affiliation links when posting certain articles. So basically in two years i have earned about £45 in affiliation, due to some debt i have gotten myself into i am starting to struggle with financing the websites, so i will have to use advertisements, it is not something i want to do, but it is something i need to do in order to keep us alive. I am posting this because i have always been transparent with you guys and i always will be, i just didn't want to start dumping ad's everywhere and not tell you, the ad's shouldn't affect some of you, they will only be visible to guests and new members and normal members, senior members and above won't see them. If you use AdBlockers feel free to keep using them, i will not penalise you for doing so and i won't install annoying plugins to tell you to turn your AdBlock off. Sorry if this news has disappointed anyone, i feel guilty for having to do it, but the ad's are needed at the moment, i also need to learn how to use affiliation properly as i am clearly doing something wrong. I will never use ad's such as those on Max Console or GBATemp and i won't stoop to disgusting levels and charge people to install shit like Hackinformer, if it comes to the stage i simply can't afford to do it any more, i will close the forum and the blogs and transfer the Vita Wiki to someone who can run it.
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    [Release] rsxploit by Hykem the Demon

    Instructions: 1- Change the pointer unk2 in rsx_bug.cpp (there's a comment there) 2- Compile with visual studio 2010 AND OFFICIAL SONY SDK (don't ask where to get it, google is your friend) 3- Load on proDG and analyze 4- ? 5- Profit Explanation in the database, that comes along with the src. Pros: The only true lv2 kernel exploit on 4.xx that has been publically PoC'd and released Cons: This only works on < 4.45 (So only useful for DECH3K/4K, because you can downgrade at will on those to minver) https://mega.co.nz/#!FkkxSJqZ!FApW1YrFmoWeBQPVZxBsFk33DMIXyk1ypxNmMqQpPa8 PS: This is completely useless for CECH3K/4K, due to the nature of NPDRM and Debug Selfs. The only thing useful one can get out of this is obtaining the .2 keys on a DECH3K/4K which on their own are completely useless.
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    Happy Birthday PlayStationHaX

    Today the PlayStationHaX forum is two years old and we have had a lot of fun in that time, loads of news posted, loads of drama and loads of laughs I want to thank all of you for helping make PlayStationHaX what it has become, without you the members, the developers, the scene contributors, the people who donated and the staff members, i do not think i would have managed to keep around for this long. So thank you again guys
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    Hi guys, I want to show you my final work of my latest ps4 design. I call my mod PlayStation 4 Design, below you can see some pictures. I will make a last video of this mod, check out the article for more pictures http://extreme-modding.de/playstation-4-design-mod-by-extreme/
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    PSBrew Fake or True !?

    Because after years in the scene, we have become professional bullshit sniffers... Also: List of scripts included res/jquery.js?24 res/x5engine.js?24 h_p://cdn.adf.ly/js/display.js <---- Advertisement script https://sitecheck.sucuri.net/results/ps4brew.ga/
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    This is a website i created back in 2010 on PS3HaX, but it got too big to have just on one page, so i created a website dedicated to the complete history of the PS3, it covers all aspects of the consoles history, from the creation of the Cell and includes all game releases, official firmware release, hacking both to hardware and the PlayStation Network and also includes the various court cases Sony went through relating to the PS3. It is a long read and not everyone will like it as it contains hacking, but those type of people are not on this website, so i don't have to worry about that Though trying to get people not related to the hacking scene to take it on and treat it as a complete history is quite hard, they can't seem to get their heads past the hacking aspect, which baffles me, because a PS3 history without the hacking aspect, would not make it a complete or true history. Anyway enough of my babbling, go make a pot of coffee or tea, take a couple of hours off from what you are doing, perhaps go take a toilet break and click the link below to read the most extensive console history in existence Take a note, at the present time of posting this, i am in the process of completing 2013. PS3History
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    As you might remember back then, @mathieulh had released a PS3 PSP PKG Decrypter & Extractor plus sources and as you might remember it was kind of buggy...so, here's a fixed version, sources including.. /mysis P.S: Did not fix speed issue, tell that to mathieulh and the shitty coding. PSP PS3 PKG Decrypter Extractor v.
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    If you have read the forum or seen the front page today, you will have seen that today we celebrate the forums 1st birthday. To further celebrate the occasion we are going to have a competition and there will be three chances to win something: 1st Prize - 2 Years PS Plus 2nd Prize - 1 Year PS Plus 3rd Prize - 3 Months PS Plus All you have to do is post something on this thread, doesn't matter what you say as long as you post something. The competition will end on the 31st of August. EDIT You will receive the PS+ for your region, or for whatever region of PSN you use.
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    PROLOG: Ok first of, i didn't find an matching categorie here on the board so i putted that stuff into off topic section. The Topic Name in main do describe very well our focus we will keep here. It's about coding and how to start. Why ? Cause i think that there will be no way arround in near future for all of us. And to not get lost on the track i think it's s owhat of importend that every single one uf us need to be able to code just like every one to day can read, write and do simple math. That is reason A., reason B. is that we, the users, can't wait every time on others to do stuff for us. It's also one of the reason's why the scene can be milked. A lot out there think Coding is magic and out of there Range. But in reall i can tell you for sure, it is not compare able to eg. cooking. Then it won't be long till the first school's will start to teach our child'S how to code from ground up, just like we self got teached how to write, read, do simple math and also every one in my age for sure needed to learn english. I for my self don't feel that old that i wan't to be a dinosaur within the next few years, where even childs are able to write a few lines of code and me not. Then there are allready autonomous Super Market's incomming. Germany is testing such Super Market's now since a few years. Autonomous Car's are incomming too. America now have the first country with rules for autonomous car's. With that it will not stop on car's it self. As example Vienna do develope a new underground line, the so called U5. This underground line will have the first autonomous Underground Train's. I found a english version of one of our Austrian new's write where you can read for your self about the autonomous Underground Line U5: Read_more_Here Ok where we stoped ? Ah yea...then there will be also autonomous Truck's, Train's, Tram's, Buse's, Taxi's and what ever else. Next we allready have new so called air law's. Which we need in case of all the drones that do fly arround right now. Where for a drone that is considered as a toy you don't need any permission for the drone and the air space. Against if the drone is a not considered as a toy you need such a permission for the drone and the air space you want to use with the drone. Or in other words: we will allso see Amazone drone's, delivering small stuff to the customers in selected regions, in near future. Also if it comes to my own job where im skiled in (cooking) there will be cooking bot's in near future. Sure there will be still a long time restaurants with reall humans cooking, cause the robot that comes up with own creation's need first to be developed. (i just say aka Ketchup Leather Read_About_KetchupLeather ) BUT...that does not change that a lot of tiny or small or tiny&small restaurants may or will change to autonomous cooking bot's. And it won't stop there. To kill the panic that may now comes up into you while reading these lines: It is not the first time that the whole world needed to change there actual Job Management to fit into the new time. Which does not change that for me it is so much importend to spread the seed and show others how easy it is to learn coding and do the next step, to not lose the track and end up as "Old Metal" that can't be recycled. So don't let us waste time and start but be warned you will need to invest some of your expensive life time. [Windows Section] static void Main(string[] args) { To keep that whole Thread as clean as possible i will post every example into a new own post to which i will link here. This means to same time that this Thread will be locked and i open up a new own Question & Answer Thread. Where (like the title allready implies it) Users can ask Questions and they will get a Answer. Not only that, you are also welcome to post your results there and share them with the whole community and show every single out there that Coding is no Magic. Now before we get into it and start with our first project i'll tell you the Code Language we will mostly use and why: First of, the first project i post will be a reall application. I'll also post examples that i digged out of the web with the help of google regarding explanations about the basics like "if, else, if else, for, for each" and "while", where there are a few more like also "do" and "go to" which i also will take care of but if you understand the first mentoined one, then you allready have won. But anyway, i think the best way to start and jump into it is not to read weeks over weeks a book or e-book till you then open up Visual Studio for the first time and then you're lost cause it's the first time you use this Application and you simple have no clue how to use it and how it works. Beside the fact that Visual Studio will show you typos, defination error's and what ever in real time. It is especially for beginners much more of sense to use a Application like Visual Studio then to start to code with Notepad and then simple be lost on compile time cause you don't understand the error message the compile spit's out. Now to the language we will use in our examples. Surprise, surprise it is C#. Why da hell # ? First, a coder which do that every day for a lof of money told me do use this language to start and so i won't tell you something else. Im still a skilled cook not a learned skilled coder. But let me bring up some more arguments. To start with C# is imho one of the best language you can choose cause it is a language that use C / C++ and Java + arround 10% new own Stuff. Or in other words as soon your into coding with C# it will not be that hard to jump to Java and eg. write drivers for Websites which running in background. The Jump to C / C++ might be a bit more diff then it will be in compare to Java but you alrleady have a base and you won't be lost. Later then more and more diff languages will make sense for you and you will realise that if you reached the understanding of the basics and you allready have coded the one or other Application or Driver on your own then you most likely will be able to code in any language. But you also will every time need to invest some of your expensive life time to learn something new. Yea that's it, in main ^^ Then more peoples will post result's in the Question & Answer or let us rename it into Question, Answers & Results Thread, then more examples i'll post and than deeper we will go. If it is time for and user show me that they are interested into this Thread here and do welcome the spread of the seed, we do the next step then and start to work with Debugger's as well as i will post examples and tutorials of crackmes along with to explain the basics of a RAM layout with the help of, like always, google and of some great, great team's like the CORELAN Team. Now let's start: download Visual Studio Community 2015 for free from here: Visual Studio Community 2015 (the free version is all you need) Then you may want to read a bit about Visual C#: German Explanation: Rheinewerk_Openbook English Explanation: Home_&_Learn (if you don't want to read and just jump into coding, then your welcome and please simple do that) 0.) How to: Make a basic GUI for Console apps 0.a) A Standard Drag&Drop Event 0.b) How to save user settings 1.) Our first Project: Apropos "Notepad" 2.) How to Code a Web Browser 3.) Creating HDD Activity LED 4.) Getting_Started_With_Python(brain, will); } [Linux Section] void Main(string[] args) { Coder's are no Nazis !! So we do not make a diffrence between Windows, Linux or Apple Coding cause coding is coding is coding. I get asked of @2P Press START! if i may add something for Linux too, in case he is a Linux user and won't change to Windows. And sure i'll add something If you guys like it, tell me in the Question, Answers & Results Thread and i'll add more Tutorials. You may want to like to download Microsoft Studio Code here: https://www.visualstudio.com/en-us/products/code-vs.aspx 1.) Introduction to Linux and Basic Linux Commands for Beginners 2.) Microsoft Visual Studio Code on Ubuntu linux 3.) Creating Your First Ubuntu App 4.) Getting_Started_With_Python(brain, will); } EPILOG: As soon you your done with the few examples here and you can't wait for more (right now im a bit bussy ^^ ) then i share here the english .pdf version of the Book "Hacking: The Art of Exploitation" with you along with a upload of the Trainee disc. Which is a live ubuntu and you can either run the disc or mount it in a VM. How ever, that Book is really quite good and you also get some basic about C/C++ along with that you go truth compiling a simple printf example, dumping it with gdb from RAM and debugging it. In main you will get a quite a nice base about how your program looks in memory and how to debug and reverse your code. Hope you enjoi it and can't wait to see some projects or new blood in the scener later. [PS: If you like the Book, may consider to buy it. ] download the english.pdf download the trainee disc
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    Cmac key verification script

    from CryptoPlus.Cipher import python_AES, AES import hashlib import sys, os, struct def aes_cmac(erk, input): crypter = AES.new(erk, AES.MODE_CMAC) return crypter.encrypt(input) def get_file_contents(file_path): with open(file_path, 'rb') as in_file: return in_file.read() def indent(message='', level=1, char='\t'): return char * level + message def dump(data, title='', stride=16, indent_level=0): data_length = len(data) stride = min(stride, data_length) num_rows = int(data_length / stride) dump_data = '' if len(title) > 0: dump_data += title + '\n' for i in xrange(num_rows): row = data[i * stride:(i + 1) * stride] dump_data += indent(level=indent_level) for j in xrange(stride): dump_data += '%02X ' % ord(row[j]) dump_data += '\n' return dump_data.rstrip('\n') key = '2E7B71D7C9C9A14EA3221F188828B8F8'.decode('hex') with open(sys.argv[1], 'rb') as f: data_with_hash = f.read(0x90) data,hash = data_with_hash[:0x80], data_with_hash[0x80:0x90] result = aes_cmac(key, data) cmac_data_size = len(data) cmac_data = data[:cmac_data_size] print dump(data, 'Data:', indent_level=0) print 'key:', key.encode('hex') print 'cmac calculated hash:', result.encode('hex') print 'cmac verification hash:', hash.encode('hex') if result==hash: print 'OK' else: print 'NG'python script to verify if the cmac key sony uses is the same as the ps3 gpkg key. So far it has been verified on the beta pkg (Uncharted) and on a Retail one (Resogun) I'll verify on a couple more. You can do it too OK if hashes match. NG if they don't
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    Goodbye Satoru Iwata :(

    Sadly Nintendo have announced that Satoru Iwata has died, due to a Bile Duct Growth, he was only 55: List of games Satoru Iwata was involved in. The accomplishments of Satoru Iwata. Finally a little personal piece from me: Goodbye Satoru Iwata, Nintendo and the world of gaming has lost someone great and no Nintendo Direct will ever be the same without you, thank you for all you have done for us, thank you for the games you gave us and thank you for the vision of a gaming world you tried to show us
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    Since bigbones was gracious enough to have a giveaway of some of his stuff and i won his Soft-modded Wii (thanks) i wanted to give the members of this forum a shot at something as well. Just to show my thanks and appreciation. I will keep this open until 72 Hours.... . Pick a number between 1-200 (closest person to the number wins, if there is a tie, say the selected is number is 42 and someone has 43 and one has 41. The LOWER number wins.) , Requirement must have at least 10 forum post. Number will be picked via Random.org Good luck everyone.
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    Hello Playstationhax Here is an installer/updater Cobra 7.20 CEX package. It's an easy way to update your custom firmware. Package is based on XMBM+ installer from Bitsbubba. Custom firmwares support: Rogero 4.46 cobra Rebug 4.75 REX Rebug 4.76 LITE Installation notes: Install with "Install Package Files" and run from XMB. Select Custom firmware version and accept "yes". When done reboot PS3. Screen captures. Credits: Joonie, Habib, KW, Dean, Nzv, Aldo,BitsBubba. Video: Youtube Download: Dropbox Source: files
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    Anyone here read/speak Mandarin??

    My wife found a wallet from a person whom was traveling from Taiwan. The license is obviously in a foreign language. There is also a foreign visa credit card. There is also $400+ in American dollars and 1400 Taiwon dollars. We were hoping to get the guy's name off the license so we can do a social media search for the guy. Thanks.
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    (Released) LM 4.75 CFW

    So you finally managed to edit that plaintext file and click buttons in PS3 MFW Builder... 3 issues : - I object to this release without proper sourcing according to the license - You managed to copy an old changelog without knowing what it means ? - did you manage to debrick your PS3 ?
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    afaik, this is done by redirecting the ww list_launch_vita.dat to the xx list_launch_vita.dat or visaversa (both these compatibility whitelist differ) (complementary to vs0:data/internal/launch/list_launch_vita.dat) vitacl.ww.dl.playstation.net/vitacl/ww/j/list_launch_vita.dat (8793 bytes) vitacl.xx.dl.playstation.net/vitacl/xx/j/list_launch_vita.dat (6828 bytes) Other simular to toy around with: (vs0:data/internal/launch/list_launch_emu.dat) vitacl.ww.dl.playstation.net/vitacl/ww/j/list_launch_emu.dat (3993 bytes) vitacl.xx.dl.playstation.net/vitacl/xx/j/list_launch_emu.dat (1251 bytes) (vs0:data/internal/launch/list_launch_teleport.dat) vitacl.ww.dl.playstation.net/vitacl/ww/j/list_launch_teleport.dat (File not found.") vitacl.xx.dl.playstation.net/vitacl/xx/j/list_launch_teleport.dat (1237 bytes) (vs0:data/internal/launch/version_launch.dat) vitacl.ww.dl.playstation.net/vitacl/ww/j/version_launch.dat (1382 bytes) vitacl.xx.dl.playstation.net/vitacl/xx/j/version_launch.dat (1492 bytes)
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    Z-Blast ps1 homebrew game

    Hay buddy's nice place I've not done anything in ages so I found this nice retro shooter on the net did a quick run through RetroXMB creator and its nice to share no sound but if you start through MultiMAN in game xmb background music works. Z-Blast.pkg Z-Blast source code enjoy
  24. 8 points
    Hi Guys Here is another release this will convert ps2 iso's into ps4 pkg's Simply give it a ps2 iso then give it a Content ID ( Must be in format TTTTNNNN) T = Text N = Number and give it a title enjoy and keep it retro Download Special Thanks to @cfwprophet and @wildcard for there help in supplying info to get this project done edit Hey guys here is version 0.2 as well this small fix will allow you to create pkg now it will teach me to make a last minute change before a release @GregoryRasputin give it a try bud Download v0.2
  25. 8 points
    First of all, a note. this is for testkit and devkit consoles ONLY! We are working on a way to bring debug functionality to retail consoles, but it might take a while. These are the patches: *(uint16_t *)0xFFFFFFFF82607E56 = 0x9090; //retail - testkit (doesn't work on retail yet, but offsets are the same) *(uint16_t *)0xFFFFFFFF82607E71 = 0x9090; //retail - testkit (doesn't work on retail yet, but offsets are the same) *(uint16_t *)0xFFFFFFFF825FCFE6 = 0x9090; //devkit *(uint16_t *)0xFFFFFFFF825FD001 = 0x9090; //devkit Due to the nature of devkits, only hitodama's payloads work on them, so i'll provide one payload for CTurt (for testkit) and one for hito (for devkit) testkit payload devkit payload Since people should already know by detail how to send these payloads i won't go through much detail. Testkit payload follows the CTurt procedure. Devkit payload follows the Hitodama procedure. The end result will be this: Good luck! If you do not feel confident on trying the payloads, just implement those patches yourself in your own custom payload PS: Even though it's in the tags, credits to zil0g80 and @wildcard for the sauces and patches
  26. 8 points

    Merry Christmas Everyone!!

    Have a good christmas everyone!! let's 2015 been a good year for the forum Let's bring more in 2016!! Now im off out to get drunk like a monkey!!! Peace
  27. 8 points

    Teensy adapter Board for NANDway

    @exploit0: you can open the project file with Target3001 (the simplest variant of this tool ist free), but below, you find a pdf of the schematic, too Many thanks to those who make the devwiki article. I like to share my work. Its my hobby, not my work, so i dont need to make money with these things mirror Teensy Adapter Platine V2.pdf
  28. 7 points
    PS4 Holy Grail Payload - Homebrew On Firmware 4.55 - #PS4Hen View File Thanks to the awesome hackers and developers in the PS4 scene, we now have Homebrew on firmware version 4.55, this morning @m0rph3us1987 released a HEN Payload, so go enjoy your hacked PS4's. NOTE TO HOMEBREW DEVELOPERS PLEASE MAKE SOME HOMEBREW SO WE CAN HAVE A PROPER SCENE Don't forget to check here for help with running Payloads and backups: https://playstationhax.xyz/forums/topic/4297-the-ultimate-ps4-hacking-faq-ps4hen/ And for live help, check these places: https://playstationhax.xyz/forums/topic/4253-live-playstation-scene-help-ps4-ps3-psvita-henkaku-ps3xploit-ps4hen/ Submitter GregoryRasputin Submitted 02/28/2018 Category PC Software(PS4) Developer m0rph3us1987‏ Source https://twitter.com/m0rph3us1987/status/968792658746531840 Twitter https://twitter.com/m0rph3us1987/ Donate  
  29. 7 points

    Guides For Leaked v5.5.x Kexploit

    Personally, I couldn't get that java stuff working, so I just used PHP method instead, I'm sharing my setup since the binaries are leaked regardless https://mega.nz/#!SBxmjKYC!249ksfirLfIgNsHG8dg0iuINPnRAQZBMEQemakMX2YM I attached both of my SDcard and host setup, and enjoy!
  30. 7 points
    Yesterday i was alerted by a member having problems with the PlayStationHaX front page, it appears that some sort of Malware was injected into the front pages of the forum, the front pages are WiiUHaX and PlayStationHaX, they both run WordPress, they are not physically connected to the forum in any way, as far as i know the forum was not touched in any way, so your passwords should be safe. Here is a screenshot of the code: And here is a link to it: http://pastebin.com/N9tE1bWA I fixed the problem on the front pages, however some of you will be blocked due to your AntiVirus software blocking the site, i can't advise you on how to unblock the site, but the front pages are now safe, sorry for an inconvenience caused by this problem.
  31. 7 points


    so i clicked this topic for nothing.
  32. 7 points

    Bigbones87 RGH GIVEAWAY!!!

    Sorry for delay fellas. Had a birthday dinner to go to, and spent all morning and afternoon playing dad and husband! Anyway.... winner is @Red-EyeX32 congrats!!! Send me a message with your info, and I'll get it shipped off asap. Everyone else....stay tuned. Got some things I'll be handing out real soon! (Sorry @gusha ) >_< @Topher264 I realize you were closer. Unfortunnetly at the time of this drawing, you still have only one post on this site, which is your post to enter this contest. I realize this isn't fair, and I don't have a good system in place for who is eligible and who isn't. For this I apologize. As stated in earlier posts....I don't want to just give items away to people who join site for the sole purpose of winning something. Not saying you are, just saying in general. I hope you understand, and continue to be an active and valued member here at hax. There will be plenty more giveaways by me in the very near future.
  33. 7 points
    @GregoryRasputin You are welcome my friend and yes i like PS3 Scene so much and like to see it still a live also Thank you so much also for putting this news on the site front page Yes me too, In fact i asked Judges for help long time ago to code my tool but he had refused and even not want to hint me anything about the new algorithm, but once i got enough NAND dumps with different algorithms used i had reversed it and made my new tool version just to fuck him You are welcome Yes for sure and you does not have to pay for some one to patch your dump or upload your dump any more In the past before any public RSOD fix tool released i offered PS3 scene users RSOD fix for free by sending me their dumps and i can fix it for them for free and i did not asked them to pay me any thing yet for that You are welcome my brother and my greeting goes to you and all Palestinian peoples also And big thanks for you for your Donation my brother you are the first one in the world to support my work thank you so much الف الف الف شكر اخى الحبيب الغالى رائد و يكفنى فقط تقديرك لى و لمجهودى و ربى يبارك فيك و يديم الصداقة بينا طول العمر. Yes @Lucif3r i know it is so late but i'm so sorry for this delay, i had finished this tool some times ago but i did not released it by this time cause of some reasons but at least it is here now like you said and i think that Judges will come again and try to prove that my tool fail with some dumps that he only could handle
  34. 7 points

    [Released] PS3Lock v0.5 - PS3

    [Released] PS3Lock v0.5View File MixeryMaxe has updated his PS3 Authentication System to version 0.5, here is a little info about it: SubmitterGregoryRasputinSubmitted08/21/2015CategoryHomebrew(PS3)DeveloperMixeryMaxeSourcehttp://www.psx-place.com/forum/ps3lock/release-ps3-plugin-ps3lock-v0-5-a-2614.html
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    Axiom Verge: One gamer's review

    A while back I saw a tweet from Neosabin showing a pic of Axiom Verge on PS4. I made a sarcastic remark, not because I thought the game looked terrible, but because it looked very much like a game many of us already know and love.... metroid. I am not the proud owner of a PS4 yet, so my review is based on the PC version of the game which was just released this week. I don't imagine the games being much different. What else can I say.... I personally think the game is excellent. It looks and feels a lot like Metroid. That may be considered a plus by many people, but to me, I saw it as another unoriginal game coming out on the PS4. I couldn't have been more wrong. Everything about this game screams nostalgia. The soundtrack is excellent, the old school 8/16 bit graphics are excellent, gameplay is excellent, and generally I am having a lot of fun playing it. During this review I will not be giving away spoilers or the plot to the game. I really feel like it is a game that everyone should experience if they can. This is a game that recaptures that same magic that many of us experienced while playing Super Metroid. If you liked Super Metroid, or Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, you should check it out. The game pokes fun at many of the old Nintendo moments that we used to see. The game is based in the future in the year 2005 (yes I said 2005). During your quest through this game you will discover secret weapons and power ups. You will also notice areas you cannot access because of what appears to be glitching. It looks like what happens to NES graphics when the cartridge is dirty. This isn't glitching, it is actually a clever way of paying homage to the NES days. A lot of stuff can be missed if you are just trying to rush through the game. Your save file keeps track of the total percentage of rooms you have been in, as well as the percentage of items you have acquired. You can play for fun, you can play to trophy whore/complete the game 100%, or you can speedrun if that is your thing. The game even has a mode for speedrunners where most of the dialogue is cut out. You basically get to decide if you just want to finish it fast, or if you want to complete 100% of the game I really want to give a good review, but by doing so I feel like I would spoil a great game for people. It is an awesome indie title that recaptures the magic of an old classic that many of us know and love, while still maintaining that it is not metroid.... it is axiom verge. Pros: 1.)Nostalgia Nostalgia Nostalgia 2.)Excellent soundtrack 3.)Challenging. The game gets progressively harder as you unlock more sections of the map 4.)Just downright fun. I have been looking for a game to hold my attention for a while. I can't seem to put this down. 5.) Captures those quirky NES moments. They even managed to make the infamous 8 bit glitching a part of the gameplay Cons: I am having a hard time finding any. It is a solid retro styled game that is a lot of fun to play. It caters to many types of gamer. Overall I recommend this game to anyone that can get a hold of it. If you like speedrunning, supporting indie devs, nostalgia, or just awesome games then Axiom Verge is a game worth checking out. This is the 2nd indie game designed like a retro game that has been excellent. Shovel knight is also another title that captures that same nostalgic magic. It is a solid platformer that will remind you of MegaMan and Ducktales. We may have said goodbye to the old NES days a long time ago, but games like this prove that graphics don't make a game. Good gameplay, and a big fun factor are what determines if a game is good or not. Axiom Verge is available on PS4 and PC (linux, Windows, or Mac) A PS vita version is currently being planned for release.
  36. 7 points

    What could have happened?

    I think people get confused between Respect and Admiration. Admiration stems from a persons abilities, and only a fool does not admire anothers abilities. Respect stems from how a persons acts with others, especially those not on their level, and only a fool believes respect should be given regardless of actions. A good analogy is that I admire Simon Cowell for his abilities, but I most certainly do not respect him. Ok, 2 penneth said............ Off back into hibernation now
  37. 7 points

    What is a developer?

    Ok so I have used both puad and mfw builder to alter rebug so it's a 6.66 version so it will install an later firmware for the purpose of doing the dex conversion guide (now no longer needed) And on mlt firmware to create a downgrader pup that haz got working for me so I then re used puad to edit the version text Holy shit I'm a developer!! I thought I was just an end user using tools made to simplify mfw creation Hell I'm also using PUPview and fwpkg to get and decrypt coreos's of various mfw/cfw's Hell I'm a super dev Sent from my hand using Tapatalk and magic
  38. 7 points

    [Released] PeXploit Lite 1.0

    PeXploit Lite 1.0 is live! A HUGE THANKS to TheDarkprogramer PeXploit Lite is the lite version of pexploit. It installs pkg file on OFW 4.66+. It uses kakarot's ps3xport to do all the major work - Bubble mode: no need for IDPS.BIN (only for c00 games) the pkg are pushed into the backup, and you install them via the XMB - PeXploit unpack mode is "broken", might work for small pkg, but I tried with 1gb+ and it didn't work - Extracted pkg is used when you unpack the pkg first with pkg_view (or what ever you want, a hammer for example) - if you don't want to backup your backup files after they've been modded, go through "settings" - you can remove pkg/edats if you don't want them (just in case you messed up) Enjoy the download: Download From Official Website Video tutorial here: ChangeLog Lite v1.0 *Added Bubble Install Method Works Best With C00 *Same As PeXploit *better Speed *Installs pkg's without need of idps.bin *Half The Speed Of PeXploit -------------------------- A Huge Shout out to pink1, kakaroto, flatz and The Rest Of You Folks On psdevwiki A Big Thanks To My testers shogoz, b0dz, ocam, Marc0, Backtrack and The Rest I'm Forgetting ++ Please Note No advanced Window Because of the complications of needing idps.bin for some files ++ Support the development for the purchase of a DECR!
  39. 7 points
    FINALLY! After such a long time, the english patch for Tales of Vesperia has been released!!! Source: http://talesofvesperia.net/ I guess I'm about the only one here thats really hyped about this Big thanks to the people involved, and I knew you wouldnt be able to pull that r3volution crap off
  40. 7 points


    Thanks for the kind words, but this forum is awesome because of all of its outstanding members. . The giveaways I am doing are cool IMO, but they arent that big of a deal. I just have some stuff laying around that I don't need, and figured.....there isn't a better group of guys to try and share it with.
  41. 7 points

    Wii U Common Key Released

    naa thx i know for my self that he hase no argument ^^ all what he say is just to troll and to feel his self good and mighty. at least that is what i get from his behaviour. ohh and to just to remeber him,.."it was USER'S!!!!! which kicked TrueBlue out of the Scene and released C2D" not knowen hacker's and dev's. Also it was not Marcan that helped us so he shall close his fucking mouth about the PS3 scene that fat cunt. -.- Also his argument that there is no Homebrew on the PS3.....yea sure he must be blind additional to fat, otherwise you can't explain that shit that leave his mouth. SPRX Loader is no Homebrew ? the Plugin's are no Homebrew ? Flappy Birds is no Homebrew ? ShowTime is no Homebrew ? RetroARC is no Homebrew ? Condore Strikes Solar is no Homebrew ? LUA Player is no Homebrew ? Marilyn: in the Magic world is no Homwbrew ? and we can go on so for a while... here is just a tiny list of HB Games for the PS3 List of PS3 Homebrew Fuck on Marcan that ignorant idiot. -.-
  42. 7 points
    I am sure many of you have heard about PS Vita Bubbles, you should have, the various devs that had access to the files have been posting about it for months and making various YouTube video's, now the method on how to accomplish this has been released. Not everyone will know how to do this, which is why this awesome tutorial by kalashnik0v23 will come in handy: You can find the tutorial here: Tutorial The files here: Files And follow kalashnik0v23 here: kalashnik0v23
  43. 7 points

    Test Licif3r Is Gay Test

    You couldve at least spelt my nick correctly :/
  44. 7 points

    It's adventure time!

    i expected somethin else when i saw the title: lol anyway, welcome @Deroad, glad to see another great person here
  45. 6 points

    Happy birthday zecoxao!

    I went to tweet you happy birthday and it apparently brought down Twitter! I hope you have a great birthday ^__^
  46. 6 points
    I dont know what's funnier... That fagskank's continued bullshit, or the thought of Greg being a website hacker lol.
  47. 6 points

    Raspberry Pi 3 Released

    The popular single board computer The Raspberry Pi has seen a hardware upgrade, here is what the new model offers: Raspberry Pi 3 - Model B Technical Specification Broadcom BCM2387 chipset 1.2GHz Quad-Core ARM Cortex-A53 802.11 bgn Wireless LAN and Bluetooth 4.1 (Bluetooth Classic and LE) 1GB RAM 64 Bit CPU 4 x USB ports 4 pole Stereo output and Composite video port Full size HDMI 10/100 BaseT Ethernet socketbr CSI camera port for connecting the Raspberry Pi camera DSI display port for connecting the Raspberry Pi touch screen display Micro SD port for loading your operating system and storing data Micro USB power source Raspberry Pi 3 - Model B Features Now 10x Faster - Broadcom BCM2387 ARM Cortex-A53 Quad Core Processor powered Single Board Computer running at 1.2GHz! 1GB RAM so you can now run bigger and more powerful applications Fully HAT compatible 40pin extended GPIO to enhance your “real world” projects. Connect a Raspberry Pi camera and touch screen display (each sold separately) Stream and watch Hi-definition video output at 1080 Micro SD slot for storing information and loading your operating systems. 10/100 BaseT Ethernet socket to quickly connect the Raspberry Pi to the Internet Source Source 2
  48. 6 points

    The Homebrew Planet

    The site is dead, I didn't have time to run it properly.For the homebrews and things that was hosted there, you can find them here: http://bit.ly/1rvG6xQ
  49. 6 points
    SKFU spent a couple of hours looking for bugs or exploits in the PS4's new firmware, he found a couple of interesting pieces of information, such as the ability to get a very basic Debug Settings icon displaying, here is a small quote from his website: Source
  50. 6 points
    Just seen this on HaX, they put the source as http://openmodding.net/showthread.php?tid=18385, if you look of the bottom of that link is shows us as the source. Proves they want nothing to do with this site. Bastards.
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