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    Hi PS3 Scene Users, I know it is a long time past since my last release of PlayStation 3 NAND Flash Tool v2.0, this version can not handle all PS3 NAND dumps sorting algorithms and only some peoples like Judges, BlaKCat, Sonic_BH and maybe others know the right algorithms but they do not share and do this as a paid services. So As i promised all lovely PS3 scene users, I'm glad to announce the release of my new PlayStation 3 Flash Tool v4.0 that implement all PS3 NAND sorting algorithms (by Me Abkarino) & RPS's ECC calculation algorithm (credit goes to RPS for the ECC calculation algorithm). This tool is a replacement for the famous FlowRebuilder tool for handling PS3 NAND dumps. What is special in my tool, since flowrebuilder could do the same process? The special thing in my tool that it can handle all NAND dump types even that one that Flowrebuilder can not unscramble and make unified dump out of them cause it have some bad blocks in some critical areas that affect FlowRebuilder sorting algorithm. In fact that the bad block does not affect sorting algorithm but Sony had changed the old sorting algorithm used in FlowRebuilder after releasing the new PS3 NAND model CECHG console, by implementing a hard and different sorting algorithms to this model so FlowRebuilder can not be used any more to downgrade this Model. I had finished this version long time ago but i did not released it for some personal reasons that i can not state right now I had done a hard work to finish this tool and discover how PS3 handle such NANDs No more bad block remapping process, No more paying for someone to remap and patch your dump, No more uploading your full RAW dumps that wast your time, bandwidth and of course your money also I'm not the only one that discovered this algorithm, there is some well known devs that do also, but they did not well to share any info/tool to handle this dumps, they do it only as a service. And here is my current build key features: Rewritten from scratch and switched from .NET application to pure QT C++ application for faster and better work .Windows 10 compatible.Auto patch PS3 RAW NAND dumps, to save your time and effort, no need to do manual process again .Unscramble PS3 RAW NAND dumps and make a readable unified dump out of them.Re-scramble a unified PS3 NAND dump and make Two RAW dumps out of it and update its ECC values to be ready for flashing.Extract unified NAND dumps files.Patch a unified NAND dump with integrated 3.55 CFW (FSM) or 4.70 CFW (NoFSM) patches. Also there is some features still in my to-do list that I'll add in feature release so stay tuned here Also I'm so sorry for this long delay before releasing my tool, since my real life and family take all my time also my full time job Finally i would to say thanks for all who supported me, and i want to give a big thanks to my lovely friends and brothers: @Rogero , @Kado, @the1wonder @3absiso, @NiceShot, and our Rebug Team members @evilsperm , @Habib , @Joonie (since i had joined the famous Rebug team also ), and all lovely members in PS3 Scene (You know who you are ). Feel free to report any issue that you may encounter while using my app. Also do not forget to support my by giving me THANKS for this hard job , and since this project take a lot of time and effort if you find it useful for you and helped you to downgrade problematic PS3 NAND console do not forget to donate to my to support me doing feature development for this tools and any other tools that we may need . PayPal account: mh.nasr@live.com Tool Download link: PlayStation 3 Flash Tool v4.0 Public Release Tool Source Code Download link: PlayStation 3 Flash Tool v4.0 Public Release (Source Code) Best regards, Abkarino
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    Teensy adapter Board for NANDway

    Teensy adapter Board for NANDway Hey. in the past, i create a simple adapter board to connect the Teensy to a "360-clip NAND Clip" (the classic kind of NAND Clips). It's easier and faster to solder a board than wire the cables, no more problems with cable breaks and a good connection. A english speaking user ask me for a solder tutorial, so I thought on this occasion, i can write directly to the community. Of course, you can find all what you need below to order your own boards. But now the tutorial with some words (the most things should be self-explanatory). What you need: larger image 1x adapter board 1x Teensy++ 2.0 1x 5V to 3,3V Voltage Regulator for the Teensy (MCP1825, LM3940 or Pin-compatible) 1x TSSOP 32 NAND-Clip (360-Clip) with equipment (Flat-cable, Pin-header (2x11) and the red adapter board (you get always all this things when you buy a new NAND Clip)) 2x Pin-header (1x20) 1x Pin-header (2x4) optional but recommendable: 2x female connector (1x20) 1x female connector (2x4) 1x Pin-header (1x3) 1x Jumper 1x capacitor 100nF SMD-0603 1x capacitor 10µF SMD-0805 optional (if you want power the NAND with external Power): 1x 5V to 3,3V voltage regulator (LMS1587CS-3.3 or Pin-compatible) 1x 5V power supply (minimum 3A) Tools: - blade - solder iron - solder - side Cutter prepare the Teensy: Solder the adapter board: where you can buy this boards? You can find a zip-file to download below. in this file, you find the complete project folder. You can use the files to view and change the Layout or the circuit diagram, but if you only want a board, you can send this zip-file to a PCB service. I order my boards everytime at elecrow.com. the board have a size of 55mm x 45mm, so you must order the boards on this page *click*. before you add our order to the cart, the options should (except the color, this is your choice) look like on the following picture (a change of the order quantity only changed the weight and the transportation costs, so i order everytime 10 boards) mirror I hope i could help someone with kind regards esprit1711 from psXtools Team EDIT 2015-06-10: V2.1 available. fixed a layout mistake (twisted the 2x4 pin header at the Teensy socket (thank to Th3Knights for the report)) and change the silkscreen. If you have a V2, you can use it without any problem. the V2 use only 2 of 5 lines for RE, but this is not a critical problem. EDIT 2015-09-11: just update the download link (i dont know why, but the attachment was down (thanks at 3absiso for the report)) XGerber_-_Teensy Adapter Platine V2.1.zip
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    [POC] PS3 VSH Menu

    For a week a friend from psXtools, MixeryM@xe, ask me regarding this blitting thing. He is also a plugin coder look e.g. here: PS3Lock Gameboot-Cycle So I try it again and here is the result: POC: PS3 VSH Menu + src I give usually a shit on "eye candy" graphics, things have to work, how she looks is secondary. Anyway, there is a function, draw_png(), to blitt a part of a loaded png on a given place. So a menu bitmap with background, buttons, ... can be created+used to make "eye candy" graphics. Alpha blending is available, for things like rounded edges or light effects. The file font.png must be placed in /dev_usb000. @modders, make no changes to this file, there are hidden pixels containing informations about char-width! The screenshot.bmp created with menu entry 4 is placed in /dev_hdd0, there is no id into the name like a timestamp, so a new file kills the old one. Coded under rebug 4.46 CEX, but code should be generic. THX to MixeryM@xe for help and testings, and @mysis for the idea last year: "why not freezing the framebuffer"
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    Enabling FSM Dongle on 4.XX

    My friend CMX recently shared his old reversing work that would be very useful in near future.. Currently I'm able to enable FSM mode with my old dongle and also can get out of FSM as long as CFW has MLT's lv2mem protection patch / a.k.a dev_flash whitelist patch. It worked on 4.70 CEX/DEX fine, but I am having hard time installing PUP via old method.. we have a few idea of how we are going to use this.. I'll keep you guys posted if there is any success.
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    [Release] CFW-Settings 0.1

    xai_plugin by mysis - Release 0.1 Happy New Year Everyone! Features: * XMB Icons for nice cfw tasks, nicely listed in network column * XMB-Actions without the need for webbrowser for each step * Simply select and its executed! * No Thread waiting for controller input! * No additional CPU time stolen! * BD Remarry without downgrading! * Enter Factory Service Mode up to latest Firmware without Dongle! =CFW-Settings= Clean Log File - Gives you the option to delete the Log-File Dump Disc Hash Key - This Option will write retrieve disc hash key from an ORIGINAL game disc and save it to log file This works without running the actual game! Log Klicense usage - Games that use klicense for accessing edat-files this option will save filename and klicensee to log file. Log Secure File ID usage - This will log save data name and file id key Enable In-Game Screenshot - This will only Enable for current system runtime. Override Disc SFO - Will apply SFO Attribute (0xA5) Remoteplay and SystemBGM to Disc Games. It will prolly not work with its Updates. Display applicable version - Tells you the minimum downgrade version of your system Dump IDPS - Prints your IDPS in cfw-settings.log Set dev_flash from USB - Jailcrab code for writing Lv2Kernel redirecting /dev_flash/ access to a mounted /dev_usb/ Remarry Bluray Drive - Remarries the bd drive to the System Re-Initialize VTRM-Region - Aka RSOD-Fix if VTRM not a hw problem Toggle DLNA - Turns DLNA Media Server On/Off, usefull for DEX Rebulid Database - Reboots with Database rebuilding flag set Check Filesystem - Reboots and allows you to check and repair filesystem Toggle Recovery Mode - Reboots into Recovery Mode Toggle Factory Service Mode - Reboots into Factory Service Mode without Dongle =REBUG-Settings= Toggle Cobra Mode - Enables or if active disables Cobra Mode Toggle Rebug Mode - Enables or if active disables Rebug Mode Toggle Debug Settings Menu - Switches between "CEX QA" and "DEX" Debug Settings Download latest Rebug Toolbox Install downloaded Rebug Toolbox =Note= * should not be fw dependant, tested on 4.46 and 4.7x and does not use hardcoded offset patches * requires peek+poke (sc6+7+8+9) for few options * Log File path: /dev_hdd0/tmp/cfw-settings.log (Note: in FSM its /dev_usb/cfw-settings.log + hidden + system file flagged) * if you are using another xai_plugin for ex. rebooting, it can lead to incompatibility to prevent that, change the actual module action in (probably) category_user.xml (?) to: "<Pair key="module_name"><String>xai_plugin</String></Pair>" "<Pair key="module_action"><String>soft_reboot_action</String></Pair>" // soft reboot or "<Pair key="module_name"><String>xai_plugin</String></Pair>" "<Pair key="module_action"><String>hard_reboot_action</String></Pair>" // hard reboot =Installation= copy "xai_plugin.sprx" AND "videorec.sprx" to "/dev_blind/vsh/module/" copy "xai_plugin.rco" to "/dev_blind/vsh/resource/" copy "category_network.xml", (cfw-settings added for CEX xmb) "category_network_tool2.xml" and (cfw-settings added for DEX xmb) "cfw_settings_en.xml" (contains cfw-settings and rebug-settings xmb-folders) to -> "/dev_blind/vsh/resource/explore/xmb/" =BD Remarry= 1) Toggle Factory Service Mode (should be easy now) 2) Put "eid_root_key" that belongs to the console to /dev_usb/ 3) Select Remarry Bluray Drive in Network->cfw-settings->Remarry Bluray Drive 4) If everything went fine it should have notified: "CEX_drive_init() succeeded" 5) Dont forget to repair CRL/DRL if you need to fix it Successfully remarried /dev_usb/cfw-settings.log should look like: 2011-12-31 19:00:24 [xai_plugin] : : _xai_plugin_prx_entry() 2011-12-31 19:00:24 [xai_plugin] : 1 : xai_plugin_init() 2011-12-31 19:00:24 [xai_plugin] : 1 : xai_plugin_start() 2011-12-31 19:00:24 [xai_plugin] : ACT0 : xai_plugin_action(remarry_bd) Looking for lv1 offset Found lv1 code @0xac574 EID2 P-Block decrypted EID2 S-Block decrypted sys_storage_open(bdvd) = 0 stg BDVD Auto Request Sense OFF success = 0 Identified Drive = SONY PS-SYSTEM 302R4154 ps3rom_lv2_mode_select(2) = 0 ps3rom_lv2_write_buffer(2,60) = 0 ps3rom_lv2_mode_select(3) = 0 ps3rom_lv2_write_buffer(3,670) = 0 ps3rom_lv2_mode_select(4) = 0 ps3rom_lv2_write_buffer(4,8000) = 0 CEX_drive_init() succeeded 2011-12-31 19:01:20 [xai_plugin] : ACT0 : xai_plugin_action(service_mode) Product Mode Disabled = Thanks = Sandungas - for the xml adding and rco Joonie Pics: Download: cfw-settings 0.1 rar
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    I also posted this @ psxplace but I'm going to post that here also, I really don't like the situation where being stuck in the middle and feeling awkward ever since PS3HAX exclusive drama that I went through, however I think I can post my work where ever I want, so I would like to share my work with people that may find these useful in near future. Here is several homebrew that I ported for upcoming REX / D-REX 4.70 Firstly, here is IRISMAN 3.46 [approved by aldostools] It has several changes since 3.45 version. - Updated Payload for 4.70 CEX - 4.70 DEX support including MAMBA - Fixed fan controller payload, [however, it still has old audio glitching bug when using payload mode since the official IRIS, I personally recommend webMAN instead] - Korean language support - Fixed auto button swap, all previous IRISMAN used to execute read_settings() before read_from_registry();, which explains why it was not working properly without changing ini file, now it properly detects region setting from registry, and apply that "buttonAssign" setting to IRIS without changing setting.ini, this should make all Asian users happier Thanks again aldostools for tips Download link http://www.mediafire.com/download/pmf75fpdaxng9dn/IRISMAN_3.46.pkg Source http://www.mediafire.com/download/se321ihosi21xg4/IRISMAN-master.rar Prx loader 1.10 Unofficial standalone. *Change note - 4.70 DEX supported PKG download http://www.mediafire.com/download/01a1g57uphqc17n/prxloader110.pkg Source Download http://www.mediafire.com/download/tvmw0s0g1cgbj7x/PRX_Loader_1.10.rar Eid root key dumper 1.00 for 4.70 dex -4.70 DEX supported, this was intended for upcoming REBUG REX 4.70, Future TOOLBOX version 2.02.04 will support dumping eid root key on both side of kernels, [4.70 CEX / 4.70 DEX] PKG download http://www.mediafire.com/download/lpgd4v58eisaslf/eid_root_key_dumper_470dex.pkg Source http://www.mediafire.com/download/5l1qnrwviexus11/rootkey_470dex.zip
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    I think there is no point of holding my 1.01 build. Here is an updated version of DARKNET COBRA 4.65 4.65 DARKNET CEX v1.01 [COBRA EDITION] by Joonie Release date 4.65 DARKNET CEX v1.00 - 09/15/2014 DARKNET_COBRA_CEX_4.65_v1.00.PUP 196.0 MB (205,479,952 bytes) MD5 : 53bbf92d0fe5315526702319e6afdc42 4.65 DARKNET CEX v1.01 - 09/24/2014 DARKNET_COBRA_CEX_4.65_v1.01.PUP 202.2 MB (211,991,056 bytes) MD5 : 894018749dc6e2edaadf9a3f27490a74 *Change log* 1. PS2 EMU swap with original files supported [For wireless connectivity on non-bc consoles via PS2Classic method] 2. PSP ISO compatibility is improved by using old 4.55 PSP Emulator. PSP ISO Compatibility is now equal to the previous Cobra CFW builds. [4.46/4.53/4.55] 3. Improved system stability with fixed lv2 function offsets, however it did not seem to have issues on previous build, although some reported that 1.01 solved their random crash issues with certain homebrew. DOWNLOAD DARKNET_COBRA_CEX_4.65_v1.01.PUP Source code as of 09/24/14 4.65 DARKNET CEX v1.00 [COBRA EDITION] by Joonie Release date 09/15/2014 This is a mod version of DARKNET CEX 4.65 v1.02 FINAL FIX. New added features are below 1. COBRA 7.00 Feature Added 2. Toggle Cobra is supported by IRISMAN/GAMESONIC/WebMAN 3. Habib's anti-ode fix is applied in lv2kernel that fixes the issue with launching games when bootdisc is inserted. [special thanks to @smhabib for his awesome work 4. Trophy patches from 1.02 FINAL FIX are removed to prevent potential issues. DARKNET_COBRA_CEX_4.65_v1.00.PUP 196.0 MB (205,479,952 bytes) MD5 : 53bbf92d0fe5315526702319e6afdc42 196.0 MB (205,479,952 bytes) Download : http://www.mediafire.com/download/l2gs6os3k689g3i/DARKNET_COBRA_CEX_4.65_v1.00.PUP Source Code : http://www.mediafire.com/download/72ar3tilyno5q9m/Cobra4.65_source_for_all_by_Joonie.zip * My work has started from the open source code, so therefore I strongly feel sharing my work to everyone is needed to offer better opportunities for more developers who are interested in making better versions FEATURES: 1. Properly built from OFW 4.65 2. INSTALL PACKAGE FILES and APP_HOME 3. ReactPSN compatiblity 4. Patched LV0 to disable ECDSA check of CoreOS 5. Patched LV2 to add PEEK/POKE 6. Patched LV1 to disable LV2 Protection 7. Patched LV1 to add PEEK/ POKE 8. Games signed with keys up to 4.65 Supported 9. Can be updated over ANY CFW. 10. Can be updated over 3.55 OFW 11. RSOD bypass [installation only] 12. ReactPSN Offline patch added 13. PSP Remaster / Minis supported added 14. QA FLAG Enabled by Default if it was previously applied 15. Enhanced Remote play with PC 16. Cinavia Protection Fully Disabled [special Thanks to Habib] 17. COBRA 7.00 Feature Added 18. Toggle Cobra is supported by IRISMAN/GAMESONIC/WebMAN 19. Habib's anti-ode fix is applied in lv2kernel that fixes the issue with launching games when bootdisc is inserted. 20. In Screen game shot supported *NOTE - Only minimal sprx patches are applied since those are obsolete because those were already pre-applied when CFW was built. This will minimize usage of LV2 Kernel memory which its temperature decrease is expected. No more XMB spinning bug, so no need Showtime installation to fix that issue. - PSP ISO compatibility may have been decreased, from my test results its compatibility is not as good as previous Cobra build, and However, PSP Remastered/Minis PKG won't have this problem. This is only ISO compatibility, currently investigating the issue, this will be improved from next build. - PS2 ISO compatibility BC/Semi BC consoles are supported, but it has a little glitch bug where you cannot see anything when pressing PS Button, however you can still quit games still, just use D-PAD to select the quit game then exits to xmb. And Wireless connectivity is also supported. Since BC/Semi BC console use the same ps2 emu for both ISO/PS2Classic You can use save files for both mode, but Non-BC console will have to use different save files per mode. Non-BC consoles Wired controller is supported at the moment, and special thanks to @smhabib for his tip for patching ps2_netemu.self properly. Tested homebrews IRISMAN 3.29 GameSonic 3.23 mmCM 4.60 [Version displays as 0.00 version but it still works] webMAN 1.30.25 Tested Consoles CECHA01 CECHB01 CECHC01 CECHE05 CECHL05 CECH-2001B CECH-2005A CECH-2105A CECH-2101A CECH-2504A CECH-2505A Special thanks Aldo Vargas, Darkjiros, Haxxxen, Smhabib, Team Cobra, Unknown Cobra USB dev and All testers of playstationhax.xyz , Darkiris.NET, Gamesonic.it , psx-scene.com ,biteyourconsole.net,and Openmodding.net
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    CECHLxx Modification

    Hello there, at first sorry for my bad english Here is my latest project, a L03 with a Cxx front cover, the chrome trim and built E3 Flasher without SATA station. It's a decent mod, nothing extreme. That is indeed so, but it gave me so much that I wanted to recreate it on my own way... A decent result has been important here. First it was about the housing adapt. Without it provides, as from After this was done, it was a perfect fit Then i went to work on, the positioning and wiring of E3 flasher / E3 linker. The dual boot should be possible. Once that was done, followed by the preparation of the case for painting. After that i went to the assembly and function of Re-examination. Conclusion: There was a lot of fun, but a second time, I would not do this anymore Hope you guys like it Regards
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    [Release] poc plugin 0.2

    Merry Christmas Everyone! Do you love your Playstation 3 as much as I/we do? Y u no enaburu features Sony-desu? This plugin poc will add few more features you sure will learn to love! (alpha-stage tho) Select: Game Screenshot (XMB ingame) L1 : Display plugin menu (all XMB Modes) L2 : Make Screenshot (Main XMB + Blu-ray (Kudos 3141card!)) L3 : Open WebBrowser with PS3WiKi (Main XMB) R1 : Dump game KLicensee (XMB ingame) R2 : Enable/Disable Background Music (XMB ingame) R3 : Start/Stop Gameplay recording (XMB ingame, almost like on ps4!) How to: Hold "Select" in InGameXMB to enable/disable the regular InGame Screenshot Feature. Hold "L1" in XMB/InGameXMB/..to display button combo information above. Hold "L2" to produce a Screendump. Its automatically checked wheater you're in XMB/exiting a BD. XMB-Screenshot: This will only work in XMB, not InGameXMB etc. It might be better to have a dynamic theme set, else it will hang/freeze. Also the framebuffer doesnt get locked, you will encounter small black lines. BD-Screenshot: 1. Press pause while BD Playback. 2. Press ps-button/circle as if you would exit. 3. Hold "L2" for few seconds. It will dump 3x rsx buffer as bmp, allows you to select what fits you best. Kudos to the awesome 3141card for his code!!!!!! Note: 1920x1080 Resolution + 4.46 only tested so far! Hold "L3" in XMB to directly start PS3 WebBrowser and visit: http://www.psdevwiki.com/ps3/Main_Page Hold "R1" in InGameXMB to dump a game's klicensee. That information will be visible in debug output and log-file. Note: The game has to access the file before or set the key. Bonus: In XMB it overrides update url to a custom set ps3-updatelist.txt. Hold "R2" in InGameXMB to enable/disable InGame System BGM Music Playback. In the last plugin this feature was linked together with the screenshot feature, causing the console to freeze when exiting the game. It now has been splitted and still does, but it wont interfere with InGame Screenshots. Hold "R3" in InGameXMB to record (+stop) your playstation 3 gameplay/apps without any hardware! (like on ps4! =) In this poc following parameters are set: Video Format: 1280x720 @ 5Mbit and 30fps (Codec: M4HD) Audio Format: AAC @ 96K Note: This feature will require 16+ mb memory + SPU processing power and thus might not work on all games, or crash the console. So far it worked on Kingdom Hearts 2.5 HD + Birth by Sleep (perfectly), Mini Ninjas, Multiman, Rebug Toolbox... Will not (yet) work on PS1/PS2/PSP Games. Feel free to add more tested games at: http://www.psdevwiki.com/ps3/edit/Talk:Rec_plugin Paths: Logfile: /dev_hdd0/game/PRXLOADER/USRDIR/PS3_PPU_Project1.log BD/XMB Screenshots: /dev_hdd0/game/PRXLOADER/USRDIR/*.bmp Gameplay Recording: /dev_hdd0/game/PRXLOADER/USRDIR/*.mp4 (make sure the paths exist) /Mysis (again kudos to 3141card for his code to make screendumps!) Note: it is advised to not have multiple plugins running to prevent incompatibility. So whats up next? * Fixing smaller uncomfortable issues * Adding Screendump/Recordings to XMB Photo/Video Columns * Displaying stuffs at xmb information indicator bar * Improving gameplay recording compatibility (different quality specs...) * ... Note: applying screendump code to ps2emu/lv2 level might allow screenshots of ps2 games ! "Do you have an idea for how to improve the Playstation experience?" - quote Playstation.Blog.Share http://share.blog.us.playstation.com/ideas/2010/03/30/print-screen-function/ http://share.blog.us.playstation.com/ideas/2010/03/17/ability-to-record-gameplay-from-the-ps3/ http://share.blog.us.playstation.com/ideas/2010/03/17/all-game-titles-on-psn-should-have-screenshots/ http://share.blog.us.playstation.com/ideas/2010/03/17/in-game-music-for-all-titles/ Download (+ source): https://www.dropbox.com/s/pfh67vmnh1urvls/PS3_PPU_Project1_0.2.rar?dl=1 Example of Recordings (thx to nenele84 + STLcardsWS + Kyogo + faith genesis raven for their uploads to youtube): (Hatsune Miku Project Diva F 2nd) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bmSUXuC7TLc (3D Dot Game Heroes) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HVzbya1Kgwo (Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale) (Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 1) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m1Mg4ivAo0g (Multiman) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TXaChr3nGOo (Rebug Toolbox) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AbcqtBu2Gek (Gran Turismo 6) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wD2AU1RwyAw (Mini Ninjas) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fy644QKkm1M (Kingdom Hearts 2.5 HD Remix Birth By Sleep) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U03old6Rpho XMB Screenshot: BD Screenshot:
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    There have been several bumps and a few assholes leaking test firmwares, but finally the finished product is here, here is what this awesome firmware features: Source/Download
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    [Release] poc plugin *Update*

    Hi everyone, making a new thread for it as a clean (re)start. So here we got a major improvement in point of compatibility to gameplay recording. * PS3 Games * PSP Games/Minis * PS1 Games * PlayView Some might encounter audio stuttering, you could try to workaround them by switching from high to good quality. While recording Ingame XMB gets switched to some older version, as if you were holding ps-button a little bit longer. The plugin will recognize this and stop recording, so no need to press R3 to stop this time - it will happen automatically as soon as it recognizes it popped up. For secureFileId, simply hold R1 as if you would want to get klicensee, it will enable the catcher and will retrieve the id once an savegame is accessed. Catcher will automatically disabled afterwards. You will find all information (File + secureFileId) in log file. Also, sorry no sources this time. Have fun ! Download: https://www.dropbox.com/s/5p5z0josq15dghq/PS3_PPU_Project1_0.2.1.1.rar?dl=1 ( Compatibility List: http://www.psdevwiki.com/ps3/Talk:Rec_plugin#Using_Custom_Container Experimental: https://www.dropbox.com/s/7qnwjkro8op2bbz/PS3_PPU_Project1_0.2.1.2a.rar?dl=1 (
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    Because a group of fake scumbags putting out disinformation and creating fake videos to scam people into updating their game consoles, i had to create this thread to warn people, i also said i would list trusted people/developers/websites, but i have decided to create a thread all by itself, those linked will be done so via their Twitter or Github if they don't have a Twitter account, i will also mention which scene the developers are part of, this is a list of people i find trust-able to not scam you, so i do not get along with, but i will list them regardless of my personal opinion as my main aim of this article is to keep you, the end users of the scene safe: Note: This list contains a bunch of awesome people, who you can trust with anything in regards to the PlayStation Scene, this is not a list about their contribution's, just a list to let you know that they can be trusted. The scene you see beside them, is the scene they are currently active in and not all the scenes they have ever been active in. Developers m0rph3us1987 ‏- @m0rph3us1987 - PS4 Scene An extremely trusted developer bringing such awesome releases as, PS4FileNinja, PS4 Holy Grail and PS4 ports Pink1mods ‏- @pink1 - PS3 Scene Been around a long time ImMrNiato ‏- @ImMrNiato - PS3 Scene/PS4 Scene A French developer, indecisive about his websites, but trustworthy VVildCard777 ‏- @wildcard - PS4 Scene Has released a lot of cool stuff 3226_2143 ‏- PS4 Scene 2much4ux ‏- PS4 Scene SpecterDev ‏ ‏- PS4 Scene Specter has been around the PS4 scene for a long time and has been responsible for awesome releases, including the release of the recent 5.05 Exploit. esc0rtd3w ‏- PS3 Scene The developer behind PS3Xploit and member of Team PS3Xploit. Rinnegatamante ‏ ‏- @Rinnegatamante - PS Vita Scene Has released a ton of homebrew for 3DS, PS Vita and others. c0d3m4st4 ‏- @c0d3m4st4 ‏ ‏- PS4 Scene Developer behind the popular ESP8266 Xploit Host VitaHex ‏- PS Vita Scene qwertyoruiopz ‏- PS4 Scene pomfpomfpomf3(xyz) ‏- PS Vita Scene BenMitnick - @BenMitnicK - PS4 Scene TheheroGAC ‏ - @TheheroGAC - PS Vita Scene DevDavisNunez ‏- @DevDavisNunez - PS Vita Scene Has released many popular PSP and PS Vita Hombrew applications, is a member of OneLUA Team. CelesteBlue123 ‏- @CelesteBlue - PS4 Scene St4rkDev ‏- PS4 Scene Acemad_ ‏- PS Vita Scene HaiHakkuIku ‏- PS4 Scene hexkyz ‏ - Multi Scene notzecoxao - @zecoxao - ‏PS3 Scene/PS4 Scene Zer0xFF ‏- @Zer0xFF - PS4 Scene mrjudges ‏- @judges - PS3 Scene Aboshi2011(evilsperm) - @evilsperm - ‏PS3 Scene/PS4 Scene evilsperm along with the now retired CyberSkunk created Team Rebug that has been a huge presence in the PS3 Scene, evilsperm now is focusing on the PS4 LightningMods_ ‏ - @LightningMods_ - PS4 Scene Another developer with a very shady start, some people still question if he has changed and become a better person, there are numerous allegations of him copy/pasting code, that being said, the information he provides is trustworthy, also owner of DarkSoftware CTurtE ‏- PS4 Scene qwikrazor87 ‏- PS Vita Scene AbkarinoMHM ‏ - @Abkarino - PS4 Scene DaveeFTW ‏- PS Vita Scene A long time veteran of the PSP scene, member of Team Molecule psxdev ‏(bigboss) - @bigboss - PS4 Scene Joonie86 - @Joonie - ‏PS3 Scene/PS4 Scene yifanlu ‏ @Yifan Lu - ‏ - PS Vita Scene xerpi ‏- @xerpi - Multi Scene flat_z ‏- @flatz - PS4 Scene oct0xor ‏- PS4 Scene Mistawez ‏ - @Mistawes - PS4 Scene Mathieulh ‏- @Mathieulh - Multi Scene _Rogero_ ‏ - PS4 Scene A veteran from the PS3 scene, Rogero has left that behind and will be focusing on the PS4 naehrwert ‏ - Multi Scene fail0verflow ‏- Multi Scene marcan42 ‏- Multi Scene cfwprophet ‏ - @cfwprophet - A Racist chef who can't cook, but does release GUI's that people want - PS4 Scene AlexAltea - @AlexAltea - ‏PS3 Scene/PS4 Scene joel16_x - @joel16 ‏- PS Vita Scene theflow0(TheFlow) Previously known as total_N00b - PS Vita Scene C0rpVultra/Vultra - PS4 Scene diwidog/kiwidog - PS4 Scene masterzorag ‏- ‏ A Linux guru - PS3 Scene/PS4 Scene valentinbreiz ‏- PS4 Scene _AlAzif ‏- PS4 Scene thedarkprogr /xDPx - @TheDarkprogramer ‏- PS4 Scene gdljjrod ‏- @gdljjrod ‏- PS Vita Scene deank‏ - PS4 Scene DefaultDNB aka KiiWii frangar - PS Vita/PS4 Scene Scene Contributors GregoryRasputin ‏- @GregoryRasputin He doesn't know I'm adding him here, but if one belongs on this list it is him. Long time member, heavy contributor and lifetime truth guru. [CH] modrobert ‏- @modrobert I am not sure how long Robert has been in the scene, but he was in it long before me, his website Eurasia is mentioned below. zordon605 (DarkElement) - @DarkElementPL One of the younger members of the scene, very trustworthy. 0x199 A mysterious guy interested in the PS4 scene, owns Sce Party. ZiL0G80 StarMelter ‏- @StarMelter StarMelter has contributed much in the scene, such as creating icons for various scene applications, he has helped me a lot with advice and other things in regards to the forum. KawaiiAuroraA ‏ Writer on Wololo kozarovv ‏ - OfficialThibobo ‏- @Thibobo Tuxbot123 ‏- @Tuxbot123 roXyPS3 The keeper of the console developer wiki's, if one would call @euss the King of the Dev Wiki's, then Roxanne would be Queen of the Dev Wiki's. Senaxx ‏ - @Senaxx Host's a huge repository for PS3 Scene and PS4 Scene files Lightra1n ‏ - @Lightra1n zapptheman ‏ - @zapptheman Centrinouk - @centrino kood_infothief ‏ Runs A Japanese Scene site eXtremeModder86 ‏- @eXtreme Cloud0835 /yyoossk ‏ Runs A Japanese Scene site HackerGen ‏/Wirus - @Wirus Owner of Custom Protocol, inventor of the PS Vita GekiHEN competition Darthsternie ‏- @Darthsternie DerfJagged /Derf - @Derf @STLcardsWS Owner of PSX-Place Websites PSX-Place Wololo PlayStationHaX Eurasia DarkSoftware Sce Party ConsoleHaX Custom Protocol Games And Consoles There are more people and websites to be added, will do this through time.
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    [Released] Rebug 4.70.1

    The awesome dude that is known as Joonie has just posted something sexy on the Rebug website Source/Download
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    http://ares.dl.playstation.net/cdn/EP4345/NPEB00863_00/boMeZZKzGeQgZaUOIFJyVwxcPllEGyBkGYTIiDULXtjwOJZjZQXvytAflhKaWtJurFlnXtaFPYLiYxyGLvyTUoVeEPAzcKgONTTGV.pkg this pkg contains a self, that doesn't contain an npdrm footer. [21:20:11] flatz: there is a package which have NPDRM eboot.bin [21:20:19] flatz: and non-NPDRM self [21:20:30] flatz: self doesn't have footer signature [21:20:34] flatz: so you can replace it with custom one [21:20:46] flatz: and app will load it and there you have it. the so called argument between math and kakaroto was over this specific thing (the NPDRM footer). there might be more packages like this one WORKS ON ALL FIRMWARE VERSIONS! IF YOU WANT A HEN, DO NOT UPDATE IF YOU'RE ON OFW! we need to know in which version this was patched credit to flatz for the finding, i'm just reporting back how to test: http://www.mediafire.com/download/sd7suosdyao7m5m/cachemgr.self replace cachemgr.self with that, and use ps3xport to put game on ps3. more apps and patches: [22:28:13] flatz: app: http://ares.dl.playstation.net/cdn/EP4345/NPEB00863_00/boMeZZKzGeQgZaUOIFJyVwxcPllEGyBkGYTIiDULXtjwOJZjZQXvytAflhKaWtJurFlnXtaFPYLiYxyGLvyTUoVeEPAzcKgONTTGV.pkg patch: http://b0.ww.np.dl.playstation.net/tppkg/np/NPEB00863/NPEB00863_T6/e3bbde76aadf17e8/EP4345-NPEB00863_00-VIAPLAYFULLAPP00-A0107-V0100-PE.pkg app: http://ares.dl.playstation.net/cdn/EP4374/NPEB01192_00/aESVSwEZndAOyBrBpGMOBlwEDVjvZXfVpQLUfmqkQqTbgjJoiQdzomxYVFUheEiEjpcPSWkDEOsjyEGsTkrLXjYWmpZpyRMhdKtDk.pkg patch: http://b0.ww.np.dl.playstation.net/tppkg/np/NPEB01192/NPEB01192_T5/a8f0f62887cd507c/EP4374-NPEB01192_00-MAXDOME0FULL0103-A0103-V0100-PE.pkg
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    PeXploit Beta [WIP]

    Soooo its been A Few Days Since PS3xport Was Released By KaKaRoTo So I Decided To Make A Tool That Will Install PKG Files On OFW Unfortunately IT Will Not Run Homebrew Apps But it Can Install DLC's And PSN Games Ext ext NOTE : This Is Still In Testing But Here You Go So Long Have A Great New Year Guys Have Fun PS:pkg files must be extracted first like and then selected PPS: Thanks Dnawrkshp For A Bit Of Code To Help This Along Heres A Mini TUT Too So You Start Of With This Then Select First Step And Navigate to your ps3 backup AKA archive.dat < Mine Was Located at G:\PS3\EXPORT\BACKUP\201412271721\ Then Select Backup Original Just For in case Then Select Step Two And Navigate To Your Extracted PKG File In This Case i used pluginx Make Sure That You Always Select The Folder Above USRDIR For This Instance We Select BOOT04XXX Then Select Your Category And Press Patch And Go ! And Wait For It To Complete PLEASE NOTE For This You Will Need .Net 4.5 Download : http://www.mediafire.com/download/f2j972bm45qbf4a/PeXploit.zip
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    Just a brag!

    I have to brag a bit! My son just qualified for the provincial u14 ice hockey team in South Africa after only 6 months of playing. I'm a proud daddy! (Thanks for bearing with me!) Gusha Sent from my Galaxy S5 or my toaster depending on which room im in....
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    Little Bones in the making!

    My wife has just recently informed me, we are expecting our second child. My son is the light of my life, so I'm excited to grow the flame. . Just thought I'd share that with you fellas. Here is hoping for a little girl. If it is a girl.....she will be named Lily.
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    PS4 NOR Chip Dumping Process First of all, this document is not intended to be a tutorial. It is just a narrative of the process I recently went through on dumping the PS4 NOR chip, keep it documented and share the experience with others. I would like to thank the precious help from TheDarkProgramer and also Cfwprophet, and say that without their help it would have been much hard to me to accomplish the task. It all started with the purchase of a BLOD PS4 which I took to a repair house and they got it fixed. They guys there told me one interesting thing about the BLOD issue that I could not find in forums. The BLOD can be result of many things, but what it matters to get it fixed is whether when you turn the PS4 on it gives you 3 beeps or turns on with no beeps, just the blinking blue light. If your console only blinks blue light after it’s turned on, they it can be fixed by reballing. I also would like to point that some people think that reballing is the same thing as reflow (this is not intended for you devs, I know you now the difference). So reballing is the process of removing the chip, clean the solder left on the chip and on the motherboard and then doing the soldering again; while reflowing is just to heat up the chip expecting to melt the solder underneath it (which most of the time doesn’t work). So, for those of you that have a BLOD PS4 and it is not beeping when it boots, just take it to a professional reballing repair shop and you’ll have it back. Ok, the PS4 used is a US black model, serial number MB076678134 and motherboard SAA-001. Reaching the NOR chip MX25L25635FMI-10G my first impression was that the task would be quite hard since I don’t have much experience in desoldering such SOIC chips. For desoldering I followed TheDarkProgramer tip not to use heat gun cause it could damage the motherboard. So I used my simple soldering iron and watched some youtube tutorials on how to remove SMD's. The desoldering process was quite long and the tools I used were: Soldering iron; Liquid flux; Desoldering wire wick. After desoldering, I started soldering the wires to the NOR. Since I have a Raspberry Pi I decided to go with that, instead of using Teensy++ 2.0 board. Soldered the other end of wires to the Raspberry. The finished work resulted in this: Now it would be showtime. I used Jaicrab's tool JaiSpi v1.0, but when I tried first to read the chip I got my first error: form Terminal: “Error opening device /dev/spidev0.0”. For those who try and get this error is not related to the NOR chip or with the tool. The problem was that SPI interface was not enabled on my Raspberry Pi, so fixed by going to raspi-config and set it enabled by default. My second attempt I could establish a connecting but was not getting the correct info on the chip. Actually I got ID: 0xC33019 unknown! for the chip info. But I tried a third attempt and this one I got the correct info from the chip: ID: 0xC22019 MX25L25635. But I noticed that whenever I tried a new read from the chip it would alternate between ID: 0xC33019 unknown! and ID: 0xC22019 MX25L25635. But since I was getting the correct info too I decided to make the dump. In fact I did 10 dumps. Each dump took 30s to complete. Now it was time to check the dump with Cfwprophet’s PS4 AC1D Flash-Tool. After checking each dump with the tool, I was getting 5 errors out of 36 and then I got worried, because I thought that the connections and soldering was fine. But then I decided to try to make a better connection between the chip and Raspberry Pi in order to get a 0 error dump. So next step was to build my ow PCB and get the NOR chip soldered to it and I came up with this drawn by hand: I also wanted to use better wires and use connectors instead of soldering them directly to the board GPIO. So the final package was this: This time I noticed an improvement to the connection because read to the chip I wasn’t getting the unknown error anymore. Each attempt was 100% successful getting the chip info correctly. So I would not recommend, if you want try to dump the NOR chip, not to use wires to the chip directly. It is worth the time of doing your own PCB. Dumps finished, time to check them with Acid Tool and for my surprise… I got again on all new 20 dumps the same 5 errors I got on my previous 10 dumps… Then it happened that I talked to Cfwprophet telling him about the errors I was getting and he told that I should have read his ReadMe.txt file before, because in that file he has explained why that happens for now, but my dumps were fine (Thanks for being patient with me Cfwprophet!!). Dumps checked and fine for now, I felt like mission’s accomplished and then I could put the PS4 al together and see if it would work again since I was working on a recovered BLOD console. But before packing it all I changed the thermal paste and used Arctic Silver 5 and used a good amount of it.. Time to start up the PS4 and then… BLOD again…Then I restarted again and BLOD again. After a few moment of frustration I remembered that a long time ago I read that when it comes to thermal paste thou shall not use no more than a blob the size of a bean, and comparing to the amount I put on the PS4 it was like 3 times the size of a bean and as I read back then this could invert the process of the theorem paste and instead of cooling it would increase the heat… Then I thought that could be the problem and so I opened the PS4, removed all the thermal paste that had gone over the main chip (sorry guys, I got so pissed of with me that forgot to take a picture of the mess I did), and applied a decent and correct amount of Arctic 5. And to my happiness the PS4 turns on and its working like a charm now. Well my friends I think that reaches the end of this documentation. Hope it may be useful for those who will try for the first time. Take care kids!!! xXx AlphaHack xXx “Nothing Is True Everything Is Permitted”. UPDATE 05/20/2015: Hey I decided to make things a bit easier for those who never opened their PS4 and has no experience in dumping the PS4 and posted some videos on YouTube. Here are they: 1 - Playstation 4 Teardown; 2 - Desoldering the PS4 NOR Chip; 3 - Cleaning the PS4 Motherboard; 4 - How to Dump the Playstation 4 NOR Chip.
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    Take in note that this is an alpha release, so expect issues with it. HOWEVER, it worked fine when extracting the contents of a backup i have while ps3xport failed to do so. i don't know why though. Usage: python arcunpack.py <idps> <backup dir> <out dir> arctool needs to be on the same place as arcunpack.py you need python 2.7 there's a precompiled binary in the bin folder. link http://www.mediafire.com/download/zvfc1ddi9dh21p4/arctool.7z
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    Remember that Nintendo-PlayStation prototype that everyone knew about, but got major hardons because someone posted images of it a few months ago? You know the one that several sites, including some scene sites got almost orgasmic over, even though the fucking thing has been know about for 20+ years ? Well the owner decided to turn it on, then tear it apart, now that is exciting news, a teardown, something we have never seen before, something that has never been documented before and where are these sites reporting on it ? Anyhow, enough of my ranting, here are the pics: Source UPDATE Some more pics, this time from Engadget: You can also read an interview with the guys that own the Nintendo PlayStation at the Source
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    serial data line

    https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0BwXKq3oSy1HQRHpKZGItNTZwNk0&usp=sharing in all ps3s, there is a serial data line on the console's XDR chip used to initialize the ram's test pattern. It has read/write mode and it's freely accessable. the address is obtained from the xdr interface. You can see it on service manual. You can write a payload to memory and on a loaded game (or savegame data) it'll run the payload and do... stuff. ps: yes, all ps3s discuss at will or shit on it, i don't care...
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    800 members strong!!!

    I couldn't have done it with all you guys, from those of you who supported me, who suggested others to join, who donated, who made awesome articles and tutorials, who helped other members and those who helped me or gave me tips when i fucked something up, this forum is here because of you. So thank you all 800 of you For PlayStationHaX birthday, i will be holding some sort of competition.
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    PSP Debug - pspdbg.sprx lib

    I created a small prx that injected into the psp_emulator.self process of the playstation 3 is able to log access of the HLE functions. By this we can explore why some games black screen or have problems, even could improve the emu by adding unsupported features. Some games like sweet fuse are even possible to fix, when one presses the screenshot option ingame (circle) which happened to freeze the game completely because sony did not add that it is supposed to return an error on screenshot utility init. Here are some logs and pics, i am currently developing it on 4.46. And here are some pictures: http://imgur.com/a/mp6Gi http://imgur.com/a/Xhaso As you may see the emulator does not support accessing sectors mapped as file (sce_lbn). If anyone around knows or got an idea of how i would be able to implement it by using HLE functions themselves (i can also use IoCtl etc.) i would really appreciate it Release: (no eta yet)
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    Hey fellas. I have some extra consoles laying around, I decided to rgh them and give some away. What better place to host my first giveaway, than right here at home? This is my first time doing something like this, so it may be a bit rusty....so bare with me. Here is a little info on the units. 1. I will be giving away a slim Xbox 360 Trinity. 2. It will be console only on this first giveaway, as I am still waiting on a solid "accessory" supply. 3. The console has an average boot time of 15-30 seconds. (Not perfect, but I'm busy and its free) 4. KNOCKOFF Coolrunner revC installed as I have best results with revC. If the knockoff offends you, don't enter. 5. I will never claim to be the best solderer in the world. Please don't enter if you are going to bash my work. 6. If you are in USA, I'll pay shipping. Outside USA, shipping is on you ( Sorry to the 90% of our users) 7. Please don't enter if you are going to just sell. I want someone who will use it to win it. So with all that being said....lets get started. Rules: 1. Must be in USA or willing to pay shipping. 2. Must not be a one hit wonder. No new users with 5 spam posts either. If you aren't a member or are a lurker, then join already and add some quality posts or threads to the site with the absolute best members around. 3. Pick a number 1-250. That's it. Number will be picked by a random generator. Closest wins. Winner will be chosen 2 weeks from today. Stay tuned for more giveaway and contests from your friendly neighborhood Bone. Proof: Entries : McVapour 150 3absiso 90 Aries2k 68 Puffdragon 125 Gusha 12 Joonie 86 TheZander 1 Capone 96 Arcadekidflo 137 Rednekcowboy 44 Tangotnt 90 Mr.fnon 110 Will23 36 Ocam 187 Stussy 79 Purpletops 69 Bobby blunt 72 Vanpeli 31 Mistawes 13 Sassa 42 Xhase 170
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    Wii U Common Key Released

    Chatter around the scene, is that the Wii U's common key has been released, i cannot post the key here as Nintendo would be rather pissed off, here is an blurred version of what it looks like: Many devs from the PS3 and Wii U scene's have confirmed that this key is indeed legit. What does this mean ? Good news = No more horrible ODDE's Bad news = Piracy
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    Hope you guys have enjoyed the official release of REBUG 4.65.2, Here is the COBRA 7.03 source by the way, evil did not upload this on the official post. http://www.mediafire.com/download/yi5dazzvr6f1tgd/REBUG_4.65.2_COBRA703_SRC_01122015.rar If any devs can improve this open source project, please give us heads up with your suggestions
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    [Release] eid_root_key dumper (4.46)

    https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/35197530/pkg/446.pkgpackage https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/35197530/pkg/rootkey_446.zipsource i'll now take care of 4.53 i couldn't do this without the help of haxxen, playerkp420,harryoke and flatz. props to them for the help and testing
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    rebug 4.65.2 leak

    A long wait is finally over, We are now preparing the official release of 4.65.2 / Cobra 7.03 features. Cobra core is disabled by default, old users can use REBUG 4.65.2 without cobra payload if they wish, Lite Edition? why Cobra included? Unfortunately there is no plan to release Lite edition since there have been too many good 4.65 standard cfw pups. and also no plan to release cfw without cobra payload as cobra is disabled by default, users won't be able to notice any differences between Standard REX and REX with Cobra. I guess there is no point of releasing 4 different PUPs with the same feature can be provided by default setup. Built-in 4.66 spoof is included to support PSN/SEN access, this can be enabled by REBUG TOOLBOX. Simply set REBUG mode will swap the vsh that has version spoofed to 4.66 will allow you to use PSN/SEN access. Regarding NPDRM fself on DEX mode. Unfortunately, due to VSH patches for CEX mode, NPDRM Fself is impossible to launch while on DEX mode. This is a limitation of REX due to hybrid CFW between CEX and DEX, although there are two possible ways to support this NPDRM fself compatibility. 1. By using Cobra core to disable vsh patches to support full Fself files 2. Provide custom vsh file that supports NPDRM fself Previous REBUG REX CFW never supported this since 4.xx era, and currently no plan to work on this. I'll keep you guys updated. Thanks for those of whom waited for us. I hope our work could meet your expectation. Regards,
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    [Released] PS3xport By KaKaRoTo

    The awesome PS3 developer KaKaRoTo has released what might possibly be his last release for the PS3. What he has release is a tool called PS3xport, which manipulates PS3 Backup Data, this is the data that you get from using the PS3's Backup Utility, here is a quote from KaKaRoTo: That is only part of the information, to view the full story you will have to visit KaKaRoTo's blog: Ps3xport released! Alternate Full Story Source(PS Dev Wiki) https://github.com/kakaroto/ps3xport @KaKaRoToKS
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    Hello Playstationhax community! I just wanted to release this small tool I had laying around in my hdd, it's nothing huge, but it does get its job done. This small tool will let you extract the embedded files inside the lv1.elf once it's decrypted from its container. I just got lazy one day and I decided to make this tool. Download Link: https://mega.co.nz/#!UxElxZQC!Bc9mWiZITiXemm1XzZz4ZRTPb_WLPKJVkKUuBEla87E
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    Happy Birthday PlayStationHaX One year ago, on the 31st of July 2014 we opened PlayStationHaX forum, in that time we have managed to get 845 members, 2174 threads and 22,662 posts. So i want to thank you all for making the forum what it is, thank you for being part of the community and contributing. Thanks to the VIP's, thanks to the Staff Members, the Moderators, Super Mods and Admins, thanks to Lucif3r and euss for putting up with me moaning when i broke the forum, thanks to NeoSabin for always catching my typo's and thanks to the members who made this their home. Again thank you all I hope to bring you many more years of mostly PlayStation related stuff To celebrate PlayStationHaX birthday, i will be holding a competition, though its 6:30 AM here in Crimea and i will be going on a little journey soon, so will post about it when i get there, hopefully, if not, ill post about it in five days time.
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    Consoles: Amstrad: GX-4000 Atari: CX2600-A (Darth Vader edition) 2600jr (big color logo) 2600jr (small color logo) Atari XE Bandai: Pippin (Apple) Playdia CBS: Colecovision Coleco: Gemini Commodore: Commodore CDTV (68030 14mhz + 4mb +SCSI) Commodore Amiga CD32 + Communicator Conic: 4A8 boxed (with some sealed cartridges) M1200 boxed Magnavox (= Philips): CDi 5000 Mattel: Intellivision Intellivision II MB (Smith Engineering): Vectrex Microsoft: Xbox Xbox Crystal Xbox 360 NEC: PC-engine Nintendo: FamiCom boxed FamiCom clone boxed (grey one, looks almost real, brand unknown) NES NES Action Set (boxed) SNES N64 (+ Doctor V64) N64 (Pokemon edition boxed) GameCube (black) Gamecube (blue) Wii Wii-U Ormatu: Video Spelcomputer 2001 (with 3 cartridges sealed) Panasonic (3DO): FZ-1 FZ-10 Philips (pong): Las Vegas (ES 2208.) TeleSpiel (ES 2201) Odessey 200 Odessey 2100 Philips: VideoPac G7000 VideoPac G7400 Philips (CDi): CDi 210 CDi 220 (Matchline) with video-cartridge CDi 450 CDi 470 Sega: Sega Master System Power Base Sega master System II Power Base Megadrive Megadrive II Megadrive + Mega-CD II Megadrive (gamepad with 6 build-in games) Dreamcast Saturn SNK: Neo-Geo CD Neo-Geo X Gold Sony: Playstation 1 Playstation 2 Playstation 2 Slim Playstation 3 CEX 3.55 + OtherOS Playstation 3 DEX PS3ITA Playstation 4 Family Studia sketch titler (don't know where to put it else) TXC: Micro Genius (FamiCom clone) handheld Consoles: Atari: Lynx Conny: M2 Dingoo: A320 (white) A330 (black + seperate controller) GamePark Holdings: GP2X-F100 GP2X-F200 GP2X-WIZ (metallic red with silver front) Letcool: N350JP Nintendo: 1x GameBoy (+ Giant carrying case + printer) 1x GameBoy (black, I do have more colors) 5x GameBoy Color (light and dark green, turquoise, red (+ magnify glass) and dark blue) 1x Gameboy mini (metallic red) 2x GameBoy Advance (transparant and dark blue) 1x GameBoy Advance SP (silver) 1x Nintendo DS (metallic light blue) + DS Supercard 1x Nintendo DS Lite (pink) 1x Pokemon Mini (green) 1x Pokemon mini (blue, boxed) Nokia: N-Gage QD (Handheld with phone functionallity is what I call it) OpenPandora: Pandora Sega: GameGear (black) GameGear (yellow, with TV tuner add-on) Nomad SNK: Neo Geo Pocket Neo Geo Pocket Color (black) Neo Geo Pocket Color (metallic light blue) Sony: PSP-1000 PSP-3000 (piano black) PSVita Home-Computers: A-EON: AmigaOne X1000 (4GB ram, 60GB SSD, Catweazel MKII, Club3D 7750 RoyalQueen + Ubuntu Remix) Acorn: Acorn Electron Acorn BBC + Cumana's Dual Disk Drive Apple: Mac M0001P Mac IIC + 2 floppy unit + screen Mac IICX Mac LCII Mac SE Mac Performa 400 PowerMac 7100/80 Powerbook 145 iMac (Bondi Blue) iMac (orange) iMac (Red) iMac (green) iMac G4 (with Apple Pro speakers (=Harman Kardon)) Imagewriter printer Imagewriter II printer Stylewriter printer Daisy Wheel printer M0130 external floppy drive (400k) A2M2053 external floppy drive (800k) PowerCD ext. SCSI CD drive (with box and papers), still in use with my audio system. Bought originally for my Amiga A3000UX. Atari: 65XE 130XE 800XE 800XL 260ST 512ST 1040ST 1010 data-cassette-recorder XC12 data-cassette-recorder Atari ABC 286/30 PC Atari SH205 external Hard Drive Atari Megafile 20 external Hard Drive Canon: V-20 MSX Commodore: Vic20 C64 (boxed) C64 new model SX64 (missing keyboard) C16 C116 C232 (very rare) C128 C128D Amiga 1000 EUR modell (with Commodore logo) Amiga 1000 USA modell (with only Amiga logo) + 220V-110V converter Amiga 500 Amiga 500+ Amiga 2000 (with P5 Blizzard 2060/SCSI + 128mb, 2mb chipram, Indivision C=A2320 FF, Picollo SD64 and USB 1.1 card) Amiga 3000UX (with CyberVision64, Cyberstorm MKII 060 +128mb, 256mb ZorRam, Deneb USB2, Mediator, Voodoo 3000, RTL8039, SB128.) Amiga 4000 (with CyberStorm MKII + 128mb, CyberVision64/3D and USB 1.1 card) Amiga 600 (68030 42mhz + 4mb + USB 1.1) Amiga 1200 (with Blizzard 1230 card + SCSI) Amiga 1200 Infinity Tower (with Blizzard 1260 card + SCSI) MPS-801 printer (boxed) VIC-1525 printer (boxed) 1541 floppy drive 1541 II floppy drive 1520 printer (in foam) 1530 data-cassette-recorder (boxed) 1531 (black) data-cassette-recorder (boxed) MPS-803 printer (boxed) BTX decoder modul II (kind of modem for teletext and needed a second monitor) Magic Voice cartridge 1750 Ram Expansion module (for the C128.) A520 modulator A1010 floppy drive A1011 floppy drive (boxed) Commodore 286-LT laptop GoldStar: FC-200 Laser: Laser 110 Laser 310 Laser 500 Mattel: Aquarius Mitsubishi: MLF-80 Oric: Oric 1 Panasonic: CF-2700 Philips: P2000T VideoWriter 4160 Philips (MSX): VG-8032 V6-8010 V6-8020 NMS-8220 NMS-8245 NMS-8250 Proton: Proton PC-1 Schneider: CPC 464 with build in cassette drive Euro PC Sharp: MZ-80A MZ-700 MZ-800 cassette MZ-800 floppy Sinclair: ZX-81 + 16k module + thermic printer (1st I ever printed at home (complete sort of Pacman list in basic) was on this printer) ZX-Spectrum 16k ZX-Spectrum 48k ZX-Spectrum + ZX-Spectrum +2 128k Sinclair QL PC-200 A weird ZX-Spectrum in a special made case with heavy PSU, Sony MSX Datasette and MicroDrive and about 8 3.5mm connectors. Unknown what they are for. Maybe for audio Sony MSX: HB-10P HB-75P HB-201P HB-501P (with floppy, printer, bitcorder and 2 Sony joysticks) F9P F700P F700D SpectraVideo: SVI Xpress Tandy: TRS-80 (with original catalogue donated by @Mr.Dutch from www.playstationhax.xyz, thanks !!) TRS-80 Colour Computer 2 64K Texas Instruments: TI-99 Toshiba: HX-10 List is for 90% complete I think Here is a list of the LCD handheld games I have: http://www.handheldempire.com/member/user.jsp?user=587 Now that one is maybe for 50% complete, have to find time to make a better list......
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    Merry Christmas to each one of you, even the 'Dumb Assholes' Hope you all have an awesome Christmas If you do not celebrate Christmas, then enjoy the holidays
  35. 15 points

    Bigbones87 RGH GIVEAWAY!!!

    Alright fellas.....lets do this again. Got some more consoles laying around here, and some people out there needing one. Let's spread the love. *Trinity slim 4GB rgh. Clone revC installed. Decent boot times.* -Pick a number 1-250 -Dont need one, don't enter. -USA: I pay shipping. OTHER: You pay. -Console only so you will need power brick and controller. -Winner will be chosen 2 weeks from Saturday via random number gen. Stay tuned for more giveaways coming real soon! Good luck fellas.
  36. 15 points
    https://mega.co.nz/#!cpV3kDZS!J2Rg4a3FI6mjDPneeR3VzCJGuLOM6g8tXVaZipgTym8 what you see here is a narrowed down version of ps3xport that can be used to verify the idps of your console. the only thing this does is, with the idps set (in main.c as device_id) it'll do its crypto and decrypt archive2.dat initial 0x40 bytes after the header. if the last 16 bytes are zero, it'll say that idps matches (this should happen on an empty after format backup), if not it'll say that idps doesn't match. in either of the results, it'll output the result to archive2.bin for you guys to analyze. this'll be later part of a bruteforcer, so that every user that didn't have access to idpstealer can use the tool and obtain it in a short ammount of time (or until TheDarkProgrammer releases his, whichever comes first)
  37. 15 points

    800 members strong!!!

    proud to see that we topped 800 members! And we managed to accomplish this in under a year, starting from the ground up, in a scene that has dozens of other sites. Go us!! In all seriousness, we do have the best group of people here on this site. To celebrate this occasion, I have some pretty decent contests in the works! Everyone stay tuned for more details, and rock on playstationhax.xyz!!!
  38. 15 points

    New System Manager 4.70 by estwald

    The last days there was a talk in the official iris thread in eol forums discussing and reviewing the actual working method of the fancontrolls Estwald posted a few messages to give his oppinions and to say hello (he advised is not planning in returning to PS3 development),, and today has released a new version of his "system manager" compatible with 4.70 that uses a new method with fan speed delays The purpose of the new implementation is to make the fan speed changes more gradual and sweeter Is a final release by now (i guess) but consider it a bit experimental and focused in being used as an example for others to study and to work on it Source ------> http://www.elotrolado.net/viewtopic.php?p=1738907083 GIT -----------> https://github.com/Estwald/new_core Download ---> https://www.sendspace.com/file/cd5286
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    Some ported from flatz's C++ sources, one "guessed"... I recommend calling the public methods and ignoring the private ones. Credit to flatz for reversing ReActPSN and to JuanNadie for reversing the RIF algorithm. Also to whomever else may apply.
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    First of all let me say that i respect Total_Noob's work in the PS Vita PSP Emulator scene, but that does not give him the excuse to be a complete cowardly cunt and add malicious code to his software, so him as a person i have zero respect for. Let me show what i am talking about, so you can understand the premise of this attack. GBOT on Wololo's forum posted this code, it shows code from Total_Noobs software: http://pastebin.com/gYcSVG3W It looks for the Username, email and PSN ID, if it finds those details, it deletes ALL the content from ms0: if(!memcmp(buffer1, sha_1, 20) || !memcmp(buffer2, sha_2, 20) || !memcmp(buffer3, sha_3, 20)) remove("ms0:"); It destroys all the data in that location. From the code, you can see that it specifically targets @The_Zett , the two of them do not get along, i do not know where this stems from, The_Zett has always been vocal about the type of person he thinks Total_Noob is, but has ALWAYS shown respect towards the work he has released. Regardless of what disputes someone has with you, regardless of what a person has said about you, you do not add this type of fucking code to your work, doing so makes you a slimy, untrustworthy, dishonest degenerate and it shits over any and all work you have released, it also destroys your reputation. Update: The software affected is TN-X v1 and TN-X v2.and yes it only affects TheZett, but it does have the potential of attacking the wrong person, take Gateway for example with their anti-clone measures, which would brick 3DS consoles that used a clone and their software, the thing is, this bricking code also bricked genuine Gateway owners, True Blue from what i remember also planed a similar HDD wiping measure to combat clones. The thing is, we are supposed to be able to trust Total_Noob, what he did was out of malice, it was pure 100% venomous hate filled spite and all because TheZett spoke of how lame it was to add watermarking to the screenshot feature in TN, this shows that if you voice your opinion and state that you do not like something about TN, chances are you will have your data destroyed. I have been seeing a number of tweets saying, 'but its only thezitt', regardless of it 'only being thezitt', to add malicious code that has the ability to destroy something just because you don't like what a person has said, is immature, cowardly, immoral, disgusting, cuntish, vile, disturbing and a whole bunch of negative words. Yes TheZett likes voicing his opinion, but that does not mean he deserves this type of thing to be done to him, perhaps instead of Total_Noob being cowardly, he could voice his opinion in an equal manner, there are plenty of places and opportunities for him to do so, no need for him to turn himself into a deceitful bitch. Update 2: Official word from TheZett on Wololo's blog Update 3: Total_Noob has made a statement here about what he did: 1.) Formatting someone's MS is a dick move, makes you a malicious piece of shit. 2.) Your reasoning and excuse, is 'Even Dark_AleX did this', so if Dax rub his balls with a cheese grater, you would do the same fucking thing ?, seriously, what age are you >.< 3.) Whilst you are comparing your actions to those of Dax, you fail to realise they are not the same or you do realise and it is your fail attempt to try and rationalise the stupid shit you pulled. What Dax did to his code, was to protect it from people ripping it off, what you did was single out one person and add malicious code of of an immature butthurt problem you have with TheZett, so NO, Dax NEVER did this...
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    Have fun.. Ps3ita Team airart, KyRt, Rancid(o), twingolover, Zz_SACRO_zZ (Grazie Sacro ) OLD UPDATE FEATURES - Switch between COBRA and NORMAL mode ** - Direct access to PSN - Change automatically the console id at boot time * - Spoof to fw 4.70 - webMAN 1.41.16 MOD [ps3ita ed.] integrated (only COBRA mode) *** - System Manager integrated (only NORMAL mode) - Full support to TMAPI, ProDG e CCAPI v2.60 in COBRA and NORMAL mode - RSOD bypass - Ability to perform in-game screenshots - Ability to use the "Remote Play" from any PC - Ability to restore the options "Backup Utility" and "Media Server Connection" * - Support to ReactPSN - Added PSN icon - Added new_core New_core replaced the file sys_init_osd.self, it responsible for initiating the System Manager, change of console id and removal of the stage0 and stage1 if mode NORMAL is active. - The CFW can be installed over OFW/CFW 3.55 DEX and each CFW DEX with spkg check patched (example: PS3ITA 4.50 DEX, PS3ITA COBRA 4.50, PS3ITA 4.55 DEX) SOMES PATCH - Removed ecdsa check from appldr, isoldr, lv1ldr and lv2ldr - Removed "lv2 memory protection" of appldr - Patched lv1 to add support to lv1 peek, lv1 poke and remove Core OS Hash Check - Patched lv2 to add lv2 peek, lv2 poke, lv2_lv1 peek, lv2_lv1 poke and lv2_lv1 call - Patched category_game_tool2.xml to support webman plugin - Patched VSH to add ReactPSN support, ScreenShot InGame and spoof 4.66 - Patched premo_game_plugin and premo_plugin for allow remote play of pc - Patched nas_plugin to allow installation of PKG Retail - Patched np_trophy_plugin and np_trophy_util for avoid error 0x80022D74 and 0x80022D11 - Patched autodownload_plugin and download_plugin to allow installation of games update retail[/box] * CFW SETUP V5 The homebrew CFW Setup allows you to configure the CFW: - Change between COBRA and NORMAL mode - Enable or disable webMAN (only if COBRA mode is active) - Enable or disable System Manager (only if NORMAL mode is active) - Change the fan speed (only if normal mode is active) - Re-enable the options "Backup Utility" and "Media Server Connection" - Change the console id The inserted console id is applied automatically at boot time. - Restore the original console id (EID5) OPTION PRESENT ONLY IF CFW SETUP IS USED ON OTHER CFW PS3ITA - Install or remove the spoof 4.70 on the CFW 4.50 DEX, 4.50 COBRA DEX e 4.55 DEX NOTE For a more detailed description, in the homebrew CFW Setup press the START button on the desired option ** MODE COBRA (enabled of default) Adds many features to the CFW: - Support to PSP, PS1, PS2, PS3 ISO - Network support to PS1 and PS3 ISO - Auto-boot of plugins (sprx) at boot time (ex. webMAN) - Support to HD formatted in NTFS NORMAL If the NORMAL mode is active the CFW acts like a normal CFW DEX and you can use the System Manager. *** WEBMAN webMAN enabled of default. Allows to boot your backup directly from the XMB and automatically regulates the fan speed. Do not recommend it.. but.. if you want that the fan speed is adjusted from ps3 system (syscon), only enter in the webman setup and uncheck "Dynamic fan control" BUGS ISO PS2: the usually infamous wireless pad sync issue on PS3 not backward compatible! - Some (few) original game disk seems does not work in the cobra mode, to solve the problem change the mode to normal.. THANKS! Team Rebug (especially to Joonie), Malin, Estwald, The Three Musketeers, Graf Chokolo, failOverflow, Aldo Vargas (webMan MOD), Deank, Miralatijera, Naehrwert, All testers, thank you very much guys!! BIG THANKS!! Carlo (for having donated us a PS3 Slim and test the CFW) and Pablo (for having donated us a PS3 FAT) Thanks guys!!! Without you we will never have finished the CFW CFW v1.0.2 & CFW SETUP V 5.0.2: Download! PASSWORD: theallacacciatora MD5: f60aa39a031f65a2e0f14f2725cdd64e SRC CODE: Download! source
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    Habib 4.66 COBRA CFW on its way

    I don't care what he does, time to release rebug has arrived, removed old habib patches and added new dean patch fixed a problem that got rebug cfw stuck for 3months Habib didn't leave Rebug no more drama please Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    This is a new English PlayStation related website, brought to you by STLcardsWS and a couple of his friends. Going by admin join dates, It seems that it has been around for about a month, but only officially opened to the public today. Visit it here: PSX-Place
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    So time flies when you are busy and its is easily to get distracted with having to deal with server crap and posting news, but you guys the members are always in my mind, the loyal ones and the ones i have known for a long time especially, i have noticed a few of you do not visit anymore, some of you haven't even visited in over a year, if you are fed up with me and cant be bothered visiting anymore that's cool, as long as you are all well, safe and healthy that is all i care about, so here is a list of people i miss in no particular order: @RafaSimpsons @arcadekidflo @denero1 @UnknownArchive @TheEvolution_PT @mostwanted @LadyDana @AnD_FiS @svenmullet @BANFREEDJ @Nimation @HulkWogan @Sandroron @Sassa @Hakaze @Rautz @bonesnizz @Dizzy_McSpin @will23 @Willemse21 @Tall_King_Crap @aries2k @VIRGIN KLM @OoZic @rednekcowboy @Cylent1 @baileyscream @Bammo @Simonbuck @Rancid-o @smartymarty @stussy @TOM1211 @LoboGuara @Puffdragon @Cheesethief @saxile @Wolfie708 @animalovich @limker @tangotnt @Mr.Dutch @Mistawes @gusha @Persian McLovin @Xhase @ICECOLDKILLAH @mrc1978 @vatomalo @General Plot That is a list of some people i miss around here, i do miss others from the old days at PS3HaX too, be great if you could pop on to say you are doing ok.
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    This is fairly old and is unfinished (can't automatic decompile yet) but I was told I should put this here. Its a tool to view/extract info from .jsx files (usually found when dealing with themes). It might help in manual decompilation for now I guess. I might get around to finishing the auto decompile feature. Thanks Sandungas for the help. Download: http://www.mediafire.com/download/ecf68kifygiscah/JSXviewer.exe
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    PS4 Alternative HDMI Points

    Hi; These are the Alternative points for PS4 HDMI Pads, in case you lift any of them while attempting the Repair Hope it will help someone
  47. 14 points
    SMOKE has posted a video showing him using the Web Kit Exploit to call the PS Vita's Package Installer, via a ROP script that he made: I am sure SMOKE will probably make a comment about it here, if not, you can check for more information at Wololo: ★Package Installer through WebKit
  48. 14 points
    I've put together custom database files for use with PSNStuff+ and PeXploit that contain the properly already patched files needed for OFW users. Use these for the games on the latest compatibility list. Everything is tested and working. How it works is, when you click the Save Fix button, it will write a .pkg or .rar file containing a .pkg to your computer. No running around trying to find fixes on file hosts. All fixes needed for games in the compatibility list are obtainable in these custom database files. A special thanks to all scene contributors who have been a part of supplying and fixing new games since the beginning. It is what makes this database possible. Latest PeXploit / OFW Compatibility List: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Download Here - PSNStuff+ PSN Database v0.3.16 - Custom PeXpoloit / OFW Download Here - PSNStuff+ PS1 Database v0.3.12 - Custom PeXpoloit CFW / OFW Download Here - PSNStuff+ DLC Database v0.3.16 - Custom PeXpoloit CFW / OFW Download Here - PSNStuff+ PSP Database v0.3.15 - Custom PeXpoloit / OFW Download Here - PSNStuff+ MINIS Database v0.3.16 - Custom PeXpoloit CFW / OFW ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- List Of New Content For CFW Users: - (this is only a list of content I added to the original PSNDL database when PSNStuff was dead which is now merged into the new alive and kicking PSNStuff+ database. Just keeping for history.)
  49. 14 points
    Josh Axey has been working on the hardware aspect of the PS Vita for a while and today he has released everything he has done up to this point, you can grab his files below at the source, but first here is a quote from the ReadMe: Source/Download
  50. 14 points

    SYSCON firmware binaries (encrypted)

    here i leave the set of all SYSCON binaries i have. https://mega.co.nz/#!g50S1LRD!g8n1C191ax61YibnLEHJCQ63fT_ye1hA4Dhhrfulfs0 they're meant for analysis and, in the future (maybe) decryption
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