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    Hello everyone! I would like to present my little tool for load a lot of cheats for your preferred games from your android mobile: Very easy to use: 1º Download and install the apk from: http://ps4acheater.aptoide.com/ 2º Configure your IP in your mobile and your PS4. 3º Start the Hen. 4º Start the Bin loader. 5º Send the payload from the APK. 6º Load the game in the PS4 and look up in the apk to activate the Cheater. 7º That's all, enjoy it! The apk is multilingual (English/Brazilian/Spanish) and totally work off-line without internet. Now there are only around 50 games but in future updates will be more! Will be happy to help you if you has any question. Regards, xZenithy
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    hacking ps4

    Quick answer: You can't.
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    ESP8266-PS4Exploit (BASIC)

    ESP8266-PS4Exploit v0.03 (BASIC) What's New This "BASIC" version contains the required basics such as: AppUSB DISC DUMPER FTP FTP+RW (FULL PORT) MIRA+HEN+VR 1.8 HEN 1.8 + VR HEN 1.7 + VR HEN 1.8 VR ENABLER AVATAR DUMPER AVATAR INJECTOR DiscDump5XX credit: HEN 1.8 by ZECOXAO HEN 1.7 by xVortex APPTOUSB by Stooged DUMPER by xVortex HEN 1.8 + VR by Stooged HEN 1.7 + VR by Stooged HEN 1.8+VR+MIRA by DEFAULTDNB DISC DUMP by Stooged AVATAR FUMPER by Red-J AVATAR INJECTOR by Red-J FTP by xVortex FTP+FULL R/W by Lightningmods download link
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    ESP8266-PS4Exploit (BASIC)

    @HIASQ could you explain this please?
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    -Updated with new look -Now displaying PKG size -Support directory path with spaces https://github.com/pearlxcore/PKG-Tool-GUI/releases/tag/v4
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    New New Version 1.1.280. New cheat games, more of 130 games and 170 CUSAS total. Updates some cheats and other minor changes (check the change log)... Enjoy it
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    Lapy has released a new update for his stunning PS4 file manager, the biggest change in this version is it's name, the Homebrew formerly known as Windows Explorer is now known as PS4-Xplorer, here are the changes in this version: 1.05 change log: change the name to PS4-Xplorer. black list the folder "/dev" and "mnt/sandbox/pfsmnt/" to avoid problems. The options in these folders will not be opened. mark in green the folders towards the usb to facilitate the way to the less advanced users. shortcut to usb0 with Left DPad and to usb1 with Right DPad. support to .xml files as flat text. added the Chinese translation. added the Arabic translation. added the Vietnamese translation. 1.04 change log: show the file size in Kb, Mb or Gb. 1.03 change log: added the France translation. added the German translation. added the Ukrainian translation. added the Italian translation fix some Japanese characters. 1.02 change log: added the Japanese translation. 1.01 change log: prevent the application from freezing when a cut/copy/paste error occurs. added the Portuguese translation. 1.00 change log: initial release with Spanish and English translation.
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    Because people are stupid and think they can charge more money by adding stolen games they didnt pay for.
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    I haven't tried any of those but why exactly will you need to plug/unplug the HDMI cable? Maybe you could use an HDMI Switch https://www.monoprice.com/category/adapters,-switches,-&-splitters/audio-video-distribution/audio-video-switches if your TV doesn't have enough HDMI ports that can help and you can choose between one that has a remote (needs a power outlet) if you don't want to get up to switch between devices or one without and you get up to press a button and switch devices. Try searching on Google or Amazon for one and also see if they are compatible with Chromecast or Amazon fire if you have those. Also make sure it's hdcp compliant and at 2.2 so you can watch legit movies with no issues
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    Thanks, No at this moment, maybe in the future. Anyway, I need to know which CUSA is your version because sometimes no all cheats works with the same game / update version. If you can tell me the CUSA / version update I can check. Already I have a list of games to update with new cheats.
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    Nagato's Revenge is on a roll with his tutorials, he has made ten or more in the past couple of weeks, this one Nagato shows you how to install game updates for disc based games onto your hacked PS4: Please subscribe to Nagato and follow him on Twitter: https://twitter.com/NagatoRevenge
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    Developer Markus95 has ported the Picodrive and QuickNES RetroArch cores for PS2 to the PS4: Picodrive is a Sega master System and Sega Mega Drive/Genesis Emulator whilst QuickNES is a Nintendo NES Emulator. Source
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    The PS3 is thirteen years old this November and even though Sony have left it behind in terms of great releases, it is still getting loads of love and support from the Homebrew scene, with releases from many developers such as Habib, @Joonie, @esc0rtd3w, kozarovv, @DeViL303, bguerville and so many more, these awesome developers regularly give love to the PS3. The most recent release is from valued developer and Team Rebug member Joonie, who has released what he has called Hybrid Firmware or simply HFW, what this modified firmware does is bring back the ability to use PS3Xploit on the most recent PS3 firmware update 4.84, with an unknown amount of work, Joonie has managed to bring back the Webkit Exploit from 4.82, PS3Xploit Tools have also been updated for use on 4.84. Source/Download
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    I should but I think my thread would just turn into the "pros" of staring at a new brick lol.
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    Happy St Patrick's Day

    I wish you guys a Happy St Patrick's Day. Here is an Irish Blessing: May green be the grass you walk on, May blue be the skies above you, May pure be the joys that surround you, May true be the hearts that love you. May you always have: A world of wishes at your command. God and his angels close to hand. Friends and family their love impart, and Irish blessings in your heart. May pleasure walk with you; May luck smile upon you; and May joy be at home in your heart. Happy St. Patrick’s Day. May you always have walls for the winds, a roof for the rain, tea beside the fire, laughter to cheer you, those you love near you, and all your heart might desire. Wherever you go and whatever you do, May the luck of the Irish be there with you. More here: https://www.greetingcardpoet.com/irish-blessings/
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    Welcome Fadi

    Hello Fadi, Welcome to PlayStationHaX. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask. Fadi joined on the 03/06/2019. View Member
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    [Released] Ferrox 4.84 CFW

    Italian developer @Alexander has released an update to his CFW, all information can be found below by clicking the source link: As well as grabbing the CFW, you can also grab their Home Store: Source Via
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    why sell jb services WITH new games online?
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    Kingdom Hearts 3?

    1. This is piracy, and this is not allowed here. 2. Highest Kernel Exploit = 5.05, this means games with higher firmwares (like the new KH) cannot run on such a console.
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    Lapy the developer of Save The Scene and El Pollo games has released a homebrew application and despite its strange name, it is actually a PS4 Homebrew. Windows Explorer is a file manager for the PS4, it lets you do a whole bunch of file management with actions such as the ability to copy, paste and delete files, you can also listen your favourite music directly from the application whilst you are browsing your files and you can also use it as an image viewer, here is a quote from the developer: As stated in the title, this homebrew is a Beta and as such has some problems, such as video having no sound which is noted by the developer, however through testing i found some problems myself and i will list them below to help the developer improve the application: Movement is fast - I am not sure if this is a bug or something set to personal preference, but i found going through the files and such were quite fast as well as navigating the menu that contains the copy/paste functions being fast. Large Image Files - I am not sure if this is a bug or something to do with memory limitations, but trying to view large image files is a slow process, after selecting the image it takes a few seconds to show, also viewing some large images causes the app to crash, this only happened to one of the image files though. Weird Copy/Paste Bug - The first time i tried copying a file and pasting it on my Thumb Drive, the application showed an error, then crashed/froze. Everything i have spoken about can be viewed in the video below: Keep in mind that this version is a beta and problems will occur, to report any problem alert the developer here: Finally before clicking the link to download below, please be aware: THIS APPLICATIONS MISUSE CAN BRICK YOU PS4 Download
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    LeecherMan aka LMAN has released a huge update of his PC application that makes bootable Adrenaline Bubbles, here are the list of changes: Rewrote booter codes and updated adrenaline version to v6.8. Re-added ability to use any png image as startdat boot logo when booting bubbles -> Add any 24bit png image with size of 480x272 into bubble data folder ex. data/boot.png. Added ability to automatically load any saved state upon booting bubbles for each bubbles -> Adjust Auto Load State option in Booter tab in Adrenaline menu. Added ability to skip auto load saved state if enabled upon booting bubbles when holding L-Trigger while booting bubble. Added ability to restart booter -> Go to Booter tab in Adrenaline menu and press on the 'Restart Booter' option. Added ability to reset booter settings -> Go to Booter tab in Adrenaline menu and press on the 'Reset Booter Settings' option. Added ability to exit game from booter tab -> Go to Booter tab in Adrenaline menu and press on the 'Exit Game' option. Added ability to suspend game when opening adrenaline menu -> Adjust the Suspend option in Booter tab in Adrenaline menu. Added ability to change Adrenaline menu colors by editing the colors in 'menucolor.bin' file. Added a new option to Adrenaline settings to keep aspect ratio when scaling psp or pops screen in Adrenaline menu. Added date, time and battery percentage string to Adrenaline menu title. Updated 'PS button' for Booter mode -> You can change it to open Adrenaline menu or Go to LiveArea screen -> Adjust PS Button option in Booter tab in Adrenaline menu. Updated minor code in Adrenaline regarding saving state to prevent losing the existing saved state file if an error occurred. Updated the included AdrBubbleBooterCreator to the latest version. Some other minor changes. Source/Download
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    I am sure by now many of you have heard about a demo called P.T, the game was to be the next Silent Hill game for the PS4 and was being made by Hideo Kojima, news emerged of how badly Konami was treating it's employees, Silent Hill got cancelled and Kojima left the company. However things would take a more sinister turn, Konami tried to delete all existence of P.T from the internet, Sony removed the ability to download the demo from the PS Store and the only way for PS4 owners to enjoy it was via a hacked PS4. But these type of obstacles inspire people to do awesome things, someone created a version of the demo for PC owners and recently VitaHeX released a version of the demo for PS Vita owners, here is a quote from the developer: Source Download
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    Kingdom Hearts 3?

    Hey everyone, quick question: why isn't there any Kingdom Hearts 3 dump file available anywhere? Is it not possible to dump it from the psn?
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    ESP8266-PS4Exploit (BASIC)

    Thanks for ripping off my Pure HEN template and giving no credit.
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    ESP8266-PS4Exploit (BASIC)

    All these files belong to you. . Prove that they contain the same code. You have only one file (Pure HEN) containing on file "hen 1.8 "...Only I used the same design. And you know it takes a lot of time If you are sad for this code I will remove it "<div id=about class=about>HIASQ@2019</div>" Make sure I'm not looking for money. It's free.
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    ESP8266-PS4Exploit (BASIC)

    Make sure that I did not use "Pure Hen" here in these files or remove the name of the programmer from them and used the same file (Pure Hen) ... just taken this code from him. <div id=about class=about>######@2019</div> To shorten the time .. This is all I have to add, Do what you see fit.
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