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    Hi guys, today is my birthday, so i thought i would give you all a little gift. If you know me or know anything about me, you will know that i used to write news for a now defunct scene website called PS3HaX, whilst i was there i started a thread cataloguing the scene history of the PS3, i decided to turn it up a notch and write about the entire history of the PS3, soon the forum thread became too small to write about the entire history of the PS3. So i decided to buy a domain and install a WordPress blog and PS3History was born, this site was my pride and joy, this was something i was immensely proud of, i had contributed something awesome to the scene, something that people could go back and read, i even released it as an eBook. However PS3History was missing something, links or sources back to the piece of history that was spoken about, this is something i had to acknowledge and i vowed to source as best i could in any future Console Histories i created. Creating and documenting a complete history of something is extremely tiresome and monotonous, searching through years and years of Google and Wayback Archives was the hardest and most difficult part of creating PS3History and i did it all on my own, sadly i haven't updated PS3History in about three years, this is because i have been busy with my own forum and other websites, as well as with my activism on Twitter. Fast forward to March 2018 and developer MrNiato asked where PS4History was, so i started work on creating the same type of WordPress Blog that i did with PS3History, however this time i would not be doing it on my own, i got together with MrNiato, ConsoleHaX and Derf, we worked on some aspects on and off for a couple of months, then it completely stalled until i decided to take a break from the scene half way through April 2019 and get stuck into creating PS4History. The history is not quite complete, but we will keep working on it and make it an enjoyable experience for you the readers and of course there will be a book too, the cover of the book and the image to this article was created by my good friend StarMelter, who has always shown love for my creations such as PS3History, even though he is not speaking to me currently, i hope he gives this a read. I would like to thank the following people: MrNiato, ConsoleHaX and Derf for their contributions to this project. StarMelter for the cover art. PlayStation Buddies Discord server. OpenOrbis Discord server. All the developers who have contributed to the PS4's homebrew scene. Sony and SIE for making such an awesome console. Ken Kutaragi for inventing the PlayStation. All the people who have supported me and had my back. And finally my best friend NeoSabin who has always been there for me and told me when to reign it in when i have been too much of a dick. Here is PS4History: https://ps4history.net/ Here is the book that you can read on your phone or tablet:
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    To my friends around the world who celebrate this event, i wish you all the best:
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    Happy Birthday DarkElement

    Happy Birthday @DarkElementPL
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    PS4Exploit FOR ESP8266 With HEN2.1.1

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    May you enjoy many more old man now go get piss drunk today and have fun!
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    Hi; Here we have a lot of PS4 that can be imported from USA and some from Europe, and for who does not know some comes with a 5Pins PSU and some with 4Pins PSU. In this tutorial we will convert a 4Pin PS4 to use a 5Pin PSU, there may other methods to do that but i found this is the easiest: - You Will need One 4 Pins Power Cable and One 5 Pins Power Cable and follow the images and Diagram: Thanx
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    There is always a risk of damage when you do something wrong, @3absiso is a well known and greatly trusted member of this forum and the scene, he would not post or create a tutorial if it had detrimental effects.
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    i know, Ramadan is already but i want to thank you and Ramadan Mubarek to all brothers and sisters. May Allah give us strengthen our faith and accept our fasting and forgive us our sins Amin.
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    The PS4 scene is under a lot of critics and according to a lot of people there are not a lot of games created like we have on the PS Vita for example. So, like the #VitaJam2019 I got the idea to organise the #PS4SummerJam2019. Unlike the #VitaJam2019 there won't be prizes or money at the end, only some fun and a lot of new good and funny games for our beautiful PS4 ! Winner will be decided on Twitter ! This is the first edition and I hope that during the seconds edition there will be something to offer to the winner, if you want to donate something to the winner contact me here! All the information can be found here : #PS4SummerJam2019
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    thank you
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    Phat PS3, siren beep. downgrade

    you probably converted it from CEX to DEX (i had the siren beep only when that happened and it checked hashes) but from your description that doesn't seem to be the case :/
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    Para mi es un HONOR poder ver mi vido en esta página! GRACIAS
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    You read the title correctly, we now have the ability to run Homebrew on all PS3 consoles, last night PlayStationHaX admin @zecoxao announced on Twitter the release of PS3Hen, he was given the files to release by an anonymous developer. For those of you out of the loop on scene terminology, the word HEN is an abbreviation Homebrew ENabler, with PS3Hen you will be able to run homebrew and backup managers on PS3 slims above 2.5K and Super Slim consoles. Here is some information from the ReadMe: And here is an All In One Package from @esc0rtd3w: https://www.psx-place.com/threads/ps3hen-a-homebrew-enabler-more-for-superslim-all-noncfw-ps3-consoles.23817/page-8#post-175276 You should check the thread on PSX-Place https://www.psx-place.com/threads/ps3hen-a-homebrew-enabler-more-for-superslim-all-noncfw-ps3-consoles.23817 ATTENTION DO NOT ENABLE FSM OR INSTALL CCAPI Download: PS3Hen
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    Hello everyone this is my first thread on PlaystationHax. I'm from France so, sorry if I don't write correctly English. Today I release the whole database I used on my website PSX Times wich contain : Firmware : -Firmware for PS4 (Retail, Recovery, Bêta, Testkit, Devkit) -Firmware for PS3 (OFW CEX, OFW DEX, OFW DECR, CFW (Rebug, ITA, Arch Darknet, Spy, OVERFLOW, Habib and more !), Downgrader for DEX & CEX, AV Tool, Kiosk Update). -Firmware for PS Vita (Retail, Devkit, Testkit). -Firmware for PSP (Retail, CFW, Testing Tool). SDK : -PS4 : 4.50. -PS3 : 4.75, 4.50, 4.00, 3.70, 3.60, 3.00, 1.92. -PS Vita : 3.55, 0.945. -PSP : 0.60, 0.40. -PS2. -PS1 : 4.4 & netyaroze -PSM : 1.21. Homebrew : -PS4. -PS3 (latest and old version of multiMAN, webMAN,etc..). For the PS4 you also have payload (4.55, 4.05 & 1.76) and android tool to inject payload,etc.. you will see by yourself ! First link : https://t.co/NUA7tuyEz3 Second link : https://t.co/EUnxg7KPjl Link to my tweet : There are almost 156 go of data !
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    multiMAN Coming To PS4

    Dean actually hasn't really started working on anything tangible just yet. Just checking things out to see what he can do. This got way over-hyped.
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