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    The PS4 scene has been filled with awesomeness, well at least for those of you on firmware 4.05, sadly i am not on that firmware myself, so this will be the first F.A.Q that i write without owning a hacked version of the console i am writing about, i will attempt to help you in the best way i can: Q.) My PS4 is on a firmware below 4.05, how do i update to the correct firmware? A.) You will need to download the correct Firmware here You can check the MD5 of any 4.05 firmware you download, by downloading this software which does not require an install: http://www.winmd5.com/ Or use this online tool: http://onlinemd5.com/ The MD5 for firmware 4.05 is 203C76C97F7BE5B881DD0C77C8EDF385 Once you have the above firmware downloaded, rename it PS4UPDATE.PUP Grab a USB Thumb Drive, format it to Fat32, on the root of the drive, create a folder called PS4 and inside that folder create another folder called UPDATE, then put the firmware inside the UPDATE Folder, it should look like this Root>PS4>UPDATE>PS4UPDATE.PUP If you need more help with installing firmware 4.05, you can view a detailed explanation on @wololo's blog here: http://wololo.net/2017/12/28/update-ps4-firmware-4-05-firmware/ Q.) My PS4 is on Firmware 4.05, how do i install the hack/jailbreak? A.) You will need to visit a site that host's the exploit, such as this one: https://www.consolehax.com/playground-4-05/ You will need to run this each time you boot your PS4, as it is not permanent. For some people using a site such as the one above will not work, so you will have to self host as in have the files on your home computer and run a server from there, you can view this tutorial by @Thibobo https://playstationhax.xyz/forums/topic/4140-how-to-run-the-ps4-405-kernel-exploit-for-the-first-time/ If you do not have a computer, you can use your Android phone, just download this APK: https://www.playstationscenefiles.com/resources/android-app-to-host-ps4-exploit-and-payload-4-05-hen.113/ If you have a Raspberry Pi, you can use this method: https://playstationhax.xyz/forums/topic/4305-released-pixploithost-by-c0d3m4st4-ps4/ Q.) How do i run backups? A.) You will need to dump your game and build it as a PKG, you can find out how by visiting this tutorial by @ConsoleHax https://playstationhax.xyz/forums/topic/4279-tutorial-the-quickest-method-to-dump-your-ps4-game-and-build-pkg/ You can of course find PKG's in certain naughty places, but i am not going to help you with that, because piracy isn't great and also because i don't want to be responsible for Sony crying and getting butt hurt. Q.) Some games require firmware past 4.05, how will i know which games i cannot play if i stay on this firmware? A.) Check this link from Reddit which has the minimum firmware requirements for a game: https://www.reddit.com/r/ps4homebrew/comments/5hms2v/minimum_firmware_versions_for_new_games/ Q.) Apart from PS4 backups, is it possible to run any games by other PlayStation consoles? A.) At the moment it is only possible to run PS2 backups, not sure PS3 backups will ever happen, but PS1 backups will be possible at some stage. Q.) How do i run PS2 Backups? A.) You need to grab a PS2 game, turn it into an ISO, then turn it into a PKG, it is a lot easier than it sounds and you can find a detailed explanation here thanks to @Thibobo https://playstationhax.xyz/forums/topic/4271-how-to-build-your-own-ps2classic-pkgs-for-ps4/ You can also view a video tutorial here, thanks to @DarkElementPL https://playstationhax.xyz/forums/topic/4273-video-tutorial-how-to-create-fake-ps2-pkgs-for-ps4hen/ Q.) Do ALL PS2 games work? A.) There have only been a small amount tested, at the time of creating this thread 232 games have been tested and only 81 of those are fully playable, 34 have minor issues and 51 are official PS2 classics that you can download from the PS Store, to see the growing list of games, visit the PS4 Dev Wiki here: http://www.psdevwiki.com/ps4/PS2_Classics_Emulator_Compatibility_List Q.) Is there any homebrew? A.) Unfortunately no there is not, developers are either too lazy, don't care about developing for PS4 or do not want to use the official PS4 SDK, some of this is understandable as the 4.05 exploit is limited to consoles on 4.05, the latest firmware is 5.05, so finding a console second hand on 4.05 at a reasonable price will be practically impossible and the chances of finding a brand new console on 4.05 is just as hard, but saying that, there is a small amount of PS2 homebrew that can be run on the PS4, which is just how homebrew started on the PS3. Q.) So what else can i do apart from playing "backed up" PS4 and PS2 games? A.) There are a few things that you can do which can add to the fun of using a hacked PS4, such as: Custom Themes Sony released a Theme Creator for the PS3, but they have not done the same with the PS4, which means you are stuck with the ones on the PS Store and some of them suck ass, luckily for those of you on firmware 4.05, you can create and install your own custom themes, which is made super easy thanks to glänheit: https://playstationhax.xyz/forums/topic/4278-released-ps4-theme-editor-v012-by-glanheit_st-ps4/ Debug Settings This is pretty self explanatory, you can enable some Debug Settings, @zapptheman has provided this awesome tutorial to help you: https://playstationhax.xyz/forums/topic/4156-tutorial-advanced-★debug-settings-for-ps4-on-405/ You can follow this guide if you are Italian: https://www.gamesandconsoles.org/forum/threads/tutorial-installare-debug-mode-su-ps4-con-fw-4-05-jb.2/ Install Linux This is probably the most exciting feature of having a hacked PS4, you can view this guide in order to install Linux on your PS4: https://playstationhax.xyz/forums/topic/4214-tutorial-team-fail0verflows-fedora-distro-on-firmware-405-via-markus95/ For live help, check this link: https://playstationhax.xyz/forums/topic/4253-live-playstation-scene-help-ps4-ps3-psvita-henkaku-ps3xploit-ps4hen/
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    Tutorial: How to rebuild your fake signed & patched raw PS4 game dump to PKG format. Following on my tutorial on "How to dump your own PS4 Disc/PSN Games." i will now show you how you can rebuild a PS4PKG from your gamedump. Step 1 -Get your dump (I will be using a dump of Minecraft) -Get your hands on the "Fake_PKG_Generator tool" Step 2 -In the tool's folder go and run "orbis-pub-sfo.exe" (This tool will let you modify and read stuff stored in param.sfo.) -Go in the folder of your Game dump -> sce_sys -> param.sfo and drag it into the tool. Step 3 -Now go to App setting in the tool and check if the checkbox for "User Management" is checked ON. -Go back to "Core Setting" and copy the content ID. -Close the tool, you won't need it anymore. Step 4 -Go back to the Fake_PKG_Generator folder and open the tool "orbis-pug-gen.exe" -Click "Command" -> "Project Setting". -Click "Package". -Now paste the Content ID that you have copied from your param.sfo into "Content ID:" -In passcode put "00000000000000000000000000000000" (Do this for all your packages so you always remember the passcode.) -Make sure application type is "Paid Standalone Full App". -Click "OK" Step 5 -Doubleclick "Image0". -Before you continue and add the content to the Image0, go to your gamedump & delete these files. (you don't need them and only cause errors in the building process.) -Now go back to the root of your gamedump and drag everything into the tool. -Now Click "Chunk". -Right click "Image0 Root" -> Switch Chunk Assignment Of Files -> #Chunk0 -Then click exit cross. -Now Click "Build" -Close the reminder -Now Enter an output path where the PKG will be stored. -Press build. -You will now be greeted by a keystone error. This is a bug just close and try again. (2nd time should always work.) Step 6 Congrats! If you followed every step carefuly you should now succesfuly built a PS4 game PKG. (That can be found in the output directory!) (save changes will save your .GP4 file it contains info like content id and passcode.) You can now install this on your 4.05 PS4 with PS4HEN enabled just like we did in this tutorial. Big thanks to all devs making this possible! Follow me on twitter: https://twitter.com/OfficialThibobo LEGAL DISCLAIMER The content within this tutorial are property of their respective Designers, Writers, Creators, Owners, Organizations, Companies and Producers. I do not and will not profit from making and uploading these screenshots, they are for fun & archival purposes only. This Disclaimer applies to all uploaded screenshots within this tutorial unless stated otherwise in this tutorial. I will not give out any download links nor do I condone their use.
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    Tutorial: How to dump your own PS4 Disc/PSN Games. (In this tutorial i'll show you how to easily dump your PS4 games that you own.) Following on my previous tutorial i will now show how you can dump your own PS4 Disc or PSN games. Step 1 -Go Start up your PS4, do not run any exploit just yet. -Insert a game disk and wait until it's installed. (If you're about to dump a PSN game then this step isn't for you.) (I will use Maffia III for this tuto!) Step 2 -Run your game (When it's the first time you run the game it might ask you to install ingame example: GTA5,MaffiaIII...) -Let the game boot & make sure you're atleast in the main menu. Step 3 -Grab a USB drive or Portable HDD and plug it into the most right USB port of your ps4. (Make sure you have enough memory for the game you want to dump & make sure the file system is ExFat ) -Minimize your game. Step 4 -Open the Web browser & run the kernel exploit (if you don't know how to do this you should look at my previous tutorial!) -Do NOT close the browser!! Step 5 -Now head onto your computer. -Run NetCat GUI change the IP to your ps4's IP & port to 9020 & send this payload to your ps4. (This payload dumps, patches,&fake signs your game!) Step 6 -Wait until your Game is fully dumped! (Your PS4 will automaticaly power off! It's not a kernel panic so don't worry!!) Step 7 -Congrats! You now have fully dumped your game! (raw patched & fake signed dump) Note: I will make another tutorial in the future on how to build your own PKG from your gamedump so you can install it on your hacked PS4! BTW: Follow me on twitter: https://twitter.com/OfficialThibobo Your dump should look like this! (Note: Every game is different & might look different, but the directories stay the same!) A few examples: Carmageddon reincarnation Far Cry 4: Grand Theft Auto 5:
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    Tutorial: How to build your own PS2Classic PKG for PS4! Step 1 -Get your hands on a PS2 game iso. -Get your hands on the "Fake_PKG_Generator tool" . -Download this modified .dll for rebuilding ps2 classics of the "Fake_PKG_Generator tool" ! (thnx to @DarkElementPL for providing!) -Download this PS2 Classic template! (thnx to @wildcard for sharing!) Step 2 -Replace the original .dll by this modified one! Step 3 -Now get into the PS2 Classic template! -Go to image & replace the dummy "disc01.iso" by your ps2 game iso & rename it back to disc01.iso! Step 4 -Now go to the folder PS2 Classic Template -> sce_sys -Replace icon0.png & pic1.png by your own pictures. Sizo of icon0.png is 1920x1080 & pic1.png is 512x512 (icon0.png will be image you'll see when you boot your game & pic1.png will be the image displayed on the PS4 UI.) -Edit param.sfo with a hex editor. -go to line 0x30 & edit the title ID CUSA21XX to a random number (example: CUSA2199) -go to line 0x65 & make that the content ID matches with line 0x30! -Now edit line 0x5D to the name of your ps2 game. Step 5 -Now build a PKG of it the same way we did in This tutorial. The content ID you'll find here! (not in the "orbis-pub-sfo.exe")!! (Note: build with the same tools but with the modified DLL!!!) Warning!: When building multiple PS2 Classic PKG's make sure the Title ID's (CUSA021XX) are different each time! Otherwise the PS4 will think you have the same game and will install it over the other game! Step 6 -When built install the same way we did in this tutorial! Additional info! Not all games will work, you can add the games you try to the wiki and tell if they work or not. http://www.psdevwiki.com/ps4/PS2_Classics_Emulator_Compatibility_List
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    The PS4 scene is truly alive, we have backups of PS4 games, PS2 games, we have a Snes Emulator and soon will have a PS1 Emulator, it is the PS2 Emulator which seems to have people most excited, here is a list of games that currently have titles available to be installed via PKG Klonoa 2 Shadow of the Colossus BLACK DragonBall Z - Budokai Tenkaichi 3 Silent Hill 4 - The Room Silent Hill 2 - Directors Cut Sonic Unleashed Beyond Good And Evil Devil May Cry 3 Special Edition Kingdom Hearts Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Mortal Combat Arcade Kollection Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty Need For Speed Underground 2 Hyper Street Fighter 2 - Anniversary Edition Final Fantasy XII Jak and Daxter: The Lost Frontier Resident Evil 4 Deus Ex NFL Street Rayman 2: Revolution Sega Classics Collection Sega Genisis Collection Need for Speed Underground God Hand Lego Batman Spiderman 2 Madden 06 Berserk: Millennium Falcon Hen Seima Senki no Sho (English Patched) Dragon Quest 5 (English Patched) Tomb Raider Underworld Tomb Raider Anniversary Athens 2004 Crash - Mind over Mutant Bloody Roar 3 Katamari Damacy Midnight Club 3 Nocturne
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    I am sure some of you remember me holding this competition, 15 whole people participated and here are the results: You can match up the number i entered into your post here: Update Because i am a dumbass i thought i was only giving 5 cards away, when i should have been giving 6 away, yes i know, it is fucking stupid, so i did a random number generator for a single number: Sorry again for the fuck up :/
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    While following this tutorial you'll learn how to make a backup (dump) of a PlayStation 4 game you own and then convert it into an install-able .pkg file. This is the fastest and also the EASIEST way to date and made possible by xVortex. FIRMWARE 4.05 ONLY!!! If you are looking for another well written and documented in-depth tutorial, I advice you to take a look at the more advanced @Thibobo's tutorials (here and here). Dumping your game: Boot up your console (Optional) Install all available patches for the game Connect a USB Flash Drive to the console and open the browser Surf to the mini Playground (https://www.consolehax.com/playground-4-05/) and click on xVortex + Dumper Minimalise the browser by pressing the PS Button once Run the game and wait untill you're in the main menu Minimalise the game by pressing the PS Button once The dumping process has now started. The data is being transferred to your USB Stick. As soon as the dumping is complete the console will shutdown. This is normal. Rebuilding your dump: For the following steps you need to have access to a computer with Windows. We use gengp4.exe (download the ZIP file with executable here) and Fake_PKG_Generator tool (not linked, use google). Connect the USB Stick to your PC Run gengp4.exe and navigate to your dump CUSAxxxxxx directory Click on Generate .GP4 (wait untill 'Done' appears) Click on Save .GP4 Now run orbis-pub-gen.exe from the Fake_PKG_Generator folder. Open the saved .gp4 file Click on Build If clicking on build immediately gives you an error, press it again and it should work. SOURCE: Github/xVortex
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    Forums are great, you can get help, give help, create tutorials and guides or just hang out and have fun, you can also make many great friends through forums, but the major use for forums is looking for help: Sometimes forums can be slow and you cannot always get the help you need in a quick manner, which is why Live help is great, below i will attempt to list the best places i can: Discord PlayStationBuddies (PlayStationHaX) Set up by @zecoxao, has many cool people and developers, we chat about anything, users are notified of new news topics on PlayStationHaX, this one is hardcore PlayStation Scene. PlayStation Hombrew Set up by @Derf, this server is dedicated to ALL PlayStation devices, there is also a dedicated off topic section called #Bacon and a Buy & Sell section, it is probably the biggest multi PlayStation Discord server. PSXPLACE This one is the companion to @STLcardsWS's forum PSXPlace, it has many channels including one dedicated to game mods and another dedicated to Crypto Currency. Vita Hacking An extremely popular server dedicated to the PS Vita, has members of Team Molecule in it. DarkSoftware This server set up by @LightningMods_ is quite a popular one with a multitude of channels, but is mainly dedicated to the PlayStation Scene. VK PlayStationHaX This is the PlayStationHaX vKontakte page, it does not have many members, but posts all PlayStation News from PlayStationHaX. PlayStation Hack This is a popular Russian PlayStation Scene page, it has more than 13,000 members. PlayStation Private Community This is another popular Russian PlayStation Scene page, it has over 3000 members and is run by @Lightra1n. PS4 Jailbreak A Russian PlayStation Scene page with over 8000 members. Telegram PlayStationHaX The Telegram channel for PlayStationHaX If you know of any more PlayStation related places, let me know in the posts below and i will add them.
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    Hi Guys, today i am bringing you information on the new SNES emulator for PS4, we can finally emulate our favorite SNES games. Well to be honest, this isn't native PS4 homebrew, as it is a port from the original PS2 emulator, it seems they have packaged it in a PS2 to PS4 pkg file. This has been ported by Nominus and should work on any PS4 running on exploited 4.05 Firmware. The way it works seems to be quite simple, you will need to package your own iso file with SNES games prepackaged as the emulator is not able to escape from the PS2 Sandbox, therefore, all the files need to be included in the package for the time being and then USB support can be added if anyone finds out how to escape the Sandbox. To create your own emulator package, please follow instructions below, there will be download links included. I will also create a video once i have more time and it will show you how it all works. Downloads: SnesStation.zip SNES_STATION.pkg SnesStationIcon.zip Once you have downloaded the files above, please follow the instructions below to create your pkg file. (these can be found on the readme in the files.) 1. Open disc01 place ROM files in folder 2. Open cdgenPS2.exe, drag all files located INSIDE disc01 folder into cdgenPS2 3. Click IMG on left side, save as disc01.iso [make sure it's an iso file] 4. This is your disc01 for you PS4 FPKG building. 5. Continue to build PS4-PS2 package as usual. Install on PS4 and enjoy. Thanks for reading guys, and as always, peace out and stay tuned for the next tutorial.
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    Hi, I'm now hosting a dedicated webpage which mirrors different fork's by different developers of the kexploit for firmware 4.05 on my website. Some people like to call a page like this a playground but it can't be compared with the one that is available for firmware 1.76. Here's a list of the kexploits currently hosted: SpecterDev's kexploit: This is the original exploit. It allows you to inject a payload after running the exploit. IDC's fork: This is an updated fork of the original exploit with improvements. It allows you to inject a payload after running the exploit. (The page will remain blank, don't worry just inject). xVortex + Dumper: This fork runs the exploit and allows you to dump games without having to inject the payload. xVortex + FTP: This fork runs the exploit and allows you to connect via FTP without having to inject the payload. (Port: 1337) xVortex + HEN: This fork runs the exploit and allows you to install and run unsigned packages. (Credits to wildcard and flatz) The playground can be accessed and used on PS4's with firmware 4.05 by browsing to https://www.consolehax.com/playground-4-05/ It can be used as a perfectly working alternative for offline hosting and it will be updated in the future. Enjoy! This is made possible by the work of SpecterDev, IDC, xVortex, Wildcard, Flatz, qwertyoruiopz and a lot more people. Visit Github SpecterDev Visit Github/IDC Visit Github/xVortex
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    PiXploitHost By @c0d3m4st4 View File c0d3m4st4 has released PiXploitHost, which lets you use your Raspberry Pi to host exploits and block firmware updates, he also wrote a guide on how to use it, here is a quote from the source: Submitter GregoryRasputin Submitted 02/19/2018 Category PC Software(PS4) Developer c0d3m4st4 Source https://github.com/c0d3m4st4/PiXploitHost Twitter https://twitter.com/c0d3m4st4 Donate  
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    The PS4 finally has a decent Media Player, @bigboss has posted a video showing PS2Reality Mediaplayer running on the PS4 and playing videos, bigboss among many other great devs such as Hermes and Mavy created this great homebrew back in 2000:
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    Yesterday hacker Volodymyr Pikhur did a talk about : This presentation will talk about how custom Southbridge silicon, responsibe for background downloads while main SoC is off, didn’t help to secure Playstation 4. It will explain how a chain of exploits combined with hardware attacks will allow code to run in the context of the secure bootloader, extract private keys, and sign a custom kernel. All slides and a link to the demo video on youtube can be found here!
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    I am sure many of you have seen @Thibobo's awesome tutorials, but i know some of you prefer video tutorials, which is why the guide by @DarkElementPL will be very helpful for you:
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    Don't need to rename the folder game to " CUSAxxxxx", you can choose the folder of the game with gengp4 without probleme ad create your .gp4 !
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    Hi, good job but if I can give some suggestions, you forgot to specify that it is neccessary to sign Elf files, obtained with your guide to dump the game, as Fself before doing all the rest. After signing Elf files as Fselfs, all we need to do is to rename the game folder in CUSAxxxxx and open it with gengp4 program by vortex, click on "generate.GP4" and then "save.GP4" to get the image cleaned and ready, then just open the image .gp4 with orbis-pub-gen and build. I was going out of my mind trying to figure out which method to use but today I found the solution faster and easier.
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    Please NOBODY send me their home address or name via PM, this is for security and personal safety purposes, i will email all of you when i have the time. Sorry for not doing it sooner, but i am a lazy fuck added 2 minutes later
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    qlutto tweeted today the release of homebrew launcher for Switch version 3.0.0 https://twitter.com/qlutoo/status/965371563573854208 This image does not represent actual product and is enhanced to show texture This now allows you to run homebrew applications on your switch with the proper firmware. Installation seems straight forward. Quote from source If I had a Switch on this firmware I would do the thread right and install it and stuff unfortunately I do not so I cannot give first hand experience. The credits for hbl belong to ( another source quote ) : Source: https://switchbrew.github.io/nx-hbl/
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    Great news, but everyone knows that I entered just for phun. @GregoryRasputin please give it to the next person under my original post that needs one. The next person is of course @StarMelter
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    I'll double post up in here to bump it. Some interesting teases came out today showing off a boot exploit. First ktempkin posted this https://twitter.com/ktemkin/status/964780654142484481 Afterwards team failoverfl0w posted this as a follow up https://twitter.com/fail0verflow/status/964954316892119040 I do not have a ton more to add, no mention of any kind of "release" or something like that. Oh but in other big news I seemingly forgot to mention that SciresM released hactool which quote from source source https://github.com/SciresM/hactool
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    Nintendo Switch Catch Up Thread

    For the past several months several groups and individuals have made public speakings, announcements on the next level of security cracked. With the vast amount of twitter accounts, public chat rooms and wiki/websites it may be hard to keep up with what's going down. Also what is most relevant to make a post about any way. I think one of those interesting interactive fancy HTML-5 graph things that look like would be the most beneficial to really deliver information from these several entities. But I don't know how to make graphs nor ever know what is called and found that image after 10 minutes searching for 'circle and line chart' Somewhere to start could be about firmware version. The Switch has had quite a few FW version changes in it's short lifespan however each one is (sort of) unique in their each way. For the interest of those who want to get the most out of their Switch they want to know which firmware they should go with. What Does Nintendo Switch Firmware Mean To You. In other outlets herds of people want to know what FW they are recommended to stay so they can get the most out of what the community has to offer. I think there is some certain difficulty answering these questions from an outside perspective because what does anyone know. I think this post by ScireM on the ReSwitch news channel posted today serves as a perfect guide https://imgur.com/a/J72SB I had more ideas for this when I started, then I went away and forgot a lot of them. I will un-hide it.
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    You can add to it too if you want, you and all the other staff have permission to edit what you wish
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    Gotta share this: Turns out, BD-J is also used by a Japanese adult animation company to produce adult animation games for Blu-ray Players and game consoles with Blu-ray drives. They call it "BD-GAME". :-) http://bd-game.product.co.jp/index2.html http://bd-game.product.co.jp/about.html I guess BD-J in general is used more than any of us knows. Not easy to know when no official label (other than "BD-J" of course) has been agreed upon.
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    List of NTSC games, if there is no comment after game then consider it working fine:
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    PS4 Registry Editor By @oct0xor View File Scene veteran developer oct0xor has released a PS4 Registry Editor, here is a quote from the source: Submitter GregoryRasputin Submitted 02/07/2018 Category PC Software(PS4) Developer oct0xor Source https://twitter.com/oct0xor/status/961050391852015616 Twitter https://twitter.com/oct0xor Donate  
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    It might be a good idea to update this thread with some links to useful sites for developers: Minimal BD-J DevKit with examples Minimal BD-J DevKit alternative download Happy BD-J Programming - Japanese site with translation options. Archived discussion forum at Markmail.org (Keep the [BD-J-DEV] tag in the search field when searching) HD Cook Book - Website of the HD Cook Book project. More links at http://www.blu-play.com/links
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    Great tutorial @Thibobo! I noticed a typo(disc0.1.iso) on the renaming of the iso to disc01.iso but you have the image in there so shouldnt be an issue if people also use the visual reference you supplied. Only thing you may want to edit will be the naming convention as icon0.png should be 512x512 and is the image you see on PS4UI with the 1920x1080 pic1.png file being the image you see at the game start up. Anyone that wants to use their own png files should note that they need to use 24 bit color depth(RGB) as you'll error out during the build process with a 32 bit depth(RGBA) color scheme. - I use something like pixelformer to do my image conversions. import /drag a jpeg off the net, convert to desired pixel count and click color depth then export to my ps2 folder. as a png file. - 10 second task, if that!
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    @NeoSabin notified me of this awesome information regarding exploiting CVE-2016-4657 in order to hack the Nintendo Switch, i am not qualified enough to go into detail about the exploit, i do know however from reading the article that it is a Web Kit exploit and it is very easy to achieve: You can read more about it here: Exploiting CVE-2016-4657 to Jailbreak the Nintendo Switch Via Update Here is a walk through/explanation of the exploit: Thanks @ConsoleHax
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    cool maybe add my twitter link https://twitter.com/OfficialThibobo
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    Here is the guide for french user : Dumper un jeu PS4 Thanks @Thibobo
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    Happy Birthday HulkWogan

    Happy Birthday @HulkWogan
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    @DarkElementPL is about to stream a bunch of PS2 backed up games of his choosing running on the PS4:
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    Alot of good research going on in this thread with configs to improve compatibility: http://www.psx-place.com/threads/research-ps2-emulator-configuration-on-ps4.16131/
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    PS4 FTP v1.4.1 By Vortex - Dump PS4 Games Via FTP View File Vortex has updated his application that lets you dump PS4 games via FTP, with it he has provided a brief guide on how to use it: Turn on the console, insert disc, make sure it is fully installed/copied; Run the ps4-ftp-vtx payload, connect into the ps4 by FTP client; Minimize (PS Button), but to not close the WWW Browser; Run your game, make sure to get main menu, minimize game (PS Button); Connect ExFAT formatted USB flash/hdd/ssd disk to USB0 port on your PS4; Dump game by issuing the custom FTP command - DUMP CUSAxxxxx, wait till completion; Restart your console, remove disc, uninstall the game (for further testing); Run the gengp4 tool with dump folder as parameter (or drag-n-drop app folder into the tool). You should get the 'Done.' message and CUSAxxxxx.gp4 project file; Open .gp4 in the orbis-pub-gen and build .pkg file; Run PS4HEN payload, install and test your .pkg; @Thibobo should be releasing a detailed guide as soon as he gets time. Submitter GregoryRasputin Submitted 01/26/2018 Category PC Software(PS4) Developer Vortex Source https://github.com/xvortex/ps4-ftp-vtx Twitter Donate  
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    Who tutorial should i use

    you need a ps4 with with 4.05 or earlier to begin with but really everything is covered in the tutorial i posted a while ago, if something is not clear just reply to the thread and i'll try to give a good solution or answer!
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    God of War series fans and newcomers, Kratos is coming to impress us again on 20 April 2018! This time (as you may know until now) it's set on a loosely based Norse mythology (he killed literally every Greek God) and has a son named Atreus. This new story trailer teases some new story information, some new bosses (there is a damn Dragon! and some big monster) and NPC's: .
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    WII Error 003 Detailed Fix

    Almost five years ago @3absiso posted this guide on how to fix Wii Error 003 on that crappy site that no one likes: Well before two Years a Wii came to me with 003 Error, and i searched for a fix for it, but did not find any as detailed, so i decided to make one. and here it is: Part01: Part02: Part03: Hope it helps someone
  39. 2 points
    This tutorial is made possible by valentinbreiz, markus95 and logic-sunrise.com. The distribution used is compiled with 3D drivers and some emulators. This is not my guide, I just followed and translated it. Nobody is responsible if you brick your console. BEWARE: The following steps do not yet work for all PS4 models, because the payload is not compatible: CUH-1102A (Should work) CUH-1115A (Should work) CUH-1116A (Should work) ... CUH-1216 (Not working) CUH-1216A (Not working) CUH-1208B (Not working) CUH-1216B (Not working) CUH-7016B (Not working) ... Requirements: 8GB (minimum) USB Flash Drive (Tested with both USB3.0 and 2.0) Payload: ps4-Linux-Loader.bin (download here) Fedora Fail0verflow (download here) Rufus (download here) USB keyboard and mouse PS4 Kexploit (IDC) to run the exploit and inject the payload (tutorial on how to run exploit can be found here / I tested with IDC which can be found here: https://www.consolehax.com/IDC) Step 1: Create a Linux bootmedium Open Rufus and select DD Image from the dropdown menu under Format Options. Make sure your screen looks exactly like this screenshot: Click on the icon next to DD Image and select the Fedora image you downloaded earlier (unzip the zip file first). Click Start, and if a prompt shows up, press OK. Step 2: Run the kernel exploit Run the kernel exploit so you can inject the payload. If you still don't know how to run the exploit see number 6 under requirements above. Step 3: Insert Flash Drive and inject Payload Connect your USB Flash Drive with the PS4 (port to the right). After that inject the payload ps4-Linux-Loader.bin. If you still don't know how to inject a payload see number 6 under requirements above. Your console now needs a couple of minutes before rebooting into Linux and launching the Fedora distro. FAQ: Try again or another USB Flash Drive if it doesn't work on a compatible PS4. SOURCE: Logic-Sunrise.com
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    The scene is alive with the sound of backups and homebrew, developers are working and testing different things, recently scene developer @flatz has mentioned that he has gotten some PS2 backups running on his PS4. The news made me think of this song, hopefully through time we will be able to backup and play all the PS2 games we own on the PS4, the PS2 Emulator according to flatz, seems to be better on the PS4 than it is on PS3: Hopefully flatz will come along and post something about it, as he knows how much i love him
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    #PS2 Backups Running On #PS4 - #PS4HEN

    *turns on ps4* firmware 3.55! Time to blow the dust off this thing and get back in the game.
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    Make SELF GUI v1.1 - #PS4HEN View File Racist PlayStation Developer cfwprophet has updated his Graphical User Interface for @flatz make_fself.py script, here is some information about the application followed by the changes he has made: Changes: v1.1 Corrected a bug in the db reading routine which would cause the reading process to stop if there is a second app entry for a fw version. Added "Only Fake Sign" mode which just use standart make_fself.py settings without any change. Added the ps2-emu Authentication Information base (0x0000 for decimal) to the database. v1.0 Initial release of Make FSELF GUI. Added Python 2.XX Compatibility Submitter GregoryRasputin Submitted 01/21/2018 Category PC Software(PS4) Developer cfwprophet Source https://github.com/cfwprpht/Make_FSELF_GUI Twitter https://twitter.com/cfwprophet Donate  
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    Guess who is sure as fuck not going to make a thread about the news Ocean's 8 movie this year, me. We don't know need to lose anybody else.
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    My favorite homebrew is Vita Moonlight. 16
  45. 1 point
    lol did you have to quote the whole post? Don't you code? Cant't you create an English version or help with translation?
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    Hi been log time since i login

    hi greg been a while better get reading those tutorials Yeah was think that to 1,76 very limited stuff happening thanks for advice well now i am a noob on ps4 scene better start to learn a few things lol added 10 minutes later For all those that don't remember me i was moderator ps3repack long ago left scene for few years Now just going stick to one ps4 site here I remember some of you guys from ps3hax Your knowledgeable bunch so i look forward to learning from you guys
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    The iso works well on my ps3, ps4 and PowerDVD in Windows. In PS4 is accelerated like someone said. I think is a CPU setting that must be changed in the source code, but I don't know a lot of things about these stuffs. You have to open the virtual control panel "1" is select and "2" is start. If you don't press start some games don't start. But you'll see that "Advanced Dungeons & Dragons - Dragon Strike" is playable. With the "Red" button you can go to the roms list and with the "Green" button you can change the aspect ratio screen; I don't know what do the other two ha ha. I was able to run the "HelloWorld" sample inside the minimal SDK (Thanks SKFU) and this is what I found (I can't attach images): Screenshot May be you can't hack the PS4 but I think you can do a lot of interesting hombrews.
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    it's on qj i believe. http://dl.qj.net/download/ps3-filer-v003.html

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