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  1. Special Thanks to Anonymous for helping me with this, and to @softstarfor providing the elfs You'll need: An FTP Payload with CUSTOM DECRYPT command (you can compile it from scene-collective github repo) A target file (i've chosen 5.05's SceShellCore for this) in both encrypted and decrypted state. Filezilla Hashing tool (i use WSL with sha256sum tool) Step1: Send FTP Payload Step2: Grab the encrypted SceShellCore (at /system/vsh/) Step3: Use custom DECRYPT command (in filezilla, this can be found in Server->Indicate personalized command...) Step4: Grab decrypted SceShellCore (same location but now DECRYPT is toggled ON) Step5: Hash the decrypted elf (sha256sum SceShellCore.elf) Step6: Compare it with the FIRST 0x20 bytes that look like random data. If they match, your elf is OK, if they don't match, retry to download the elf with DECRYPT toggled on until it matches. This concludes the tutorial added 7 minutes later some pics:
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