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  1. @TheDarkprogramerhas released a new homebrew application today, this one is called PS4 Tools Homebrew. The application includes: PKG Functions Read System Info Trophy Util Open Save Data View the source to download and find an explanation of what each function listed above does: https://github.com/xXxTheDarkprogramerxXx/PS4_Tools/releases/tag/Brew Follow TheDarkprogramer here: https://twitter.com/thedarkprogr
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  2. As most of you know I have been absent from the scene for quite some time. And because of that a few projects fell flat and was never completed. Today I'm announcing a huge update to PS4 Tools. This toolkit is mainly used if you want to create your own ps4 tools in C# as @pearlxcore and @Lapy have made use of it in their corresponding tools and homebrew applications. This toolkit is created in C# and can be used in Unity. This update includes new recovery functions as seen on my twitter feed for the new Recovery Functions as well as the trophy unlocker. I will also be releasing my homebrew soon for everyone to use. xDPx.
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