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  1. Wow, 6 years already, I remember Greg as a admin from the ps3hax days. The PS3 scene back then was enormous, good times. Well, the PS4 era so far has been an underachiever in every aspect in my opinion, but I'm gonna go with two moments that were pivotal for me. Horizon being leaked and ported to 4.05 right at the first real jailbreak boom (since 1.76 had a far more secluded group) and the whole recent drama about selling exploits. Two key moments that amassed regular folk's interest in jailbreaking their PS4s. Greg's rant might have been a bit exaggerated at first but it hit a nerve, and I guess that's exactly what a scene needs sometimes, someone bold enough to pick at the scab, sort of speak. To many people just go with the flow, don't they? Things need to get shook every now and then. See what I did there? haha Keep up the great work Greg and all the old timers. Happy birthday PlaystationHax. Cheers everyone. 13
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