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    If you are the type of console hacker with no morals or any human decency, then this bug bounty brought to you by Sony will be right up your ass. Sony are offering a $50,000 reward for exposing critical flaws that will lead to the system being hacked, this is nothing new and but is probably the biggest reward offered for finding a critical flaw. I had a whole rant posted here regarding this, but I deleted it as I feel deflated and depressed, with all the PlayStation exploits closed over the past year and the ones that will be closed in the future, you can guarantee that the PS4 scene is dead. Sell your soul here: https://hackerone.com/playstation
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    TBH it is easy for you as a White guy to moan and cry that there is no problem with racism in USA, that is the cowardly hill you and many other White privileged Americans such as yourself hide behind, this is because you are not brave enough to see the problems or are too racist to care about them. This is why you choose to use token Black people such as the video you linked and clowns like Candace Owens and ignore the fact when the videos shot by normal people are there showing the racism, showing the Police brutality, showing Neo-Nazi marches, these are not headlines in any tabloids, these are real videos by real people, the facts you are too afraid to admit are real. Whilst I write an article here in solidarity with those abused racially, you come on here with denial of racism and in my opinion that makes you no different than those who deny the Holocaust or any other type of genocide, it makes you no different than the type of people who denied apartheid existed in South Africa or those who deny it exists in Israel EDIT lol just watched that video and realised that the Black guy, is nothing more than an ex Blue, of course he is going to be spouting shit against BLM and Black people in general, there are so many of these type of fake opportunistic cowards in USA, they care more about the clout and money than they care about the welfare of their own people and are the type of people Republicans cling to in order to let them off the hook for closing their eyes to racism in USA. Oh and before you make any more ignorant assumptions about me, I probably know more Black American people than you do and I take their word over yours in regards to racism and racial prejudice, because they suffer it, you don't. Stick to console hacking and stay away from politics, because when you talk politics you show your ignorant side.
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