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  1. Thank you, @mr_lou. I can now see a "Hello World!" message on the screen of my PS4. Will now try different stuff to see what are the actual limitations of the platform. EDIT: Maybe this info is worth adding to the "Tools'n'links" page on blu-play.com
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  2. I would like to wish all you hackers, modders, developers, Wiki editors, forum owners/editors and end users a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, for those who do not engage in these festivities, I wish you a great end to the year and an even better next year. Lets hope with the PS5's release next year, we see a big release for the PS4. Lastly you can listen this whilst you butter and moist your turkey: Listen to "Twas The Night Before Christmas" on Spreaker.
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  3. Dear PS haxxers, I joined this community because surpassing oneself in tech field is also one of my biggest passion(as a dev). I'd like to ask some help (I did not find any tuto online), to build my first .pkg... Which tools do I need to be able to compile a .pkg ass for homebrew? What languages can be used for it? Thank you! I'm quite new here and there are LOTS of different tools. (PS4 SDK, etc), so I'd appreciate if anyone could shed my light on the right direction Thank you!
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