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    Developer stooged has released an Android version of @DEFAULTDNB's xProject for the PS4. This means you don't have to set a webserver up yourself, use some shady website or use a ESP8266, everything is in the .apk. Source/Download Via
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    Day Of The NeoSabin

    LMFAO thanks sexy beast
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    TOXXIC407 has released a front end for @flatz remote PKG installer: All the downloads are stored on TOXXIC407's server so you do not have to set up your own server, using the front end does seem fast enough, i tried it on my Android Tablet and PC, however i did find that some downloads failed, perhaps hosting them oneself locally might eliminate problems. How It Works? You run @zecoxao 1.8 HEN You Run flatz remote PKG Installer You visit http://tgi-12-2.de/ Enter your PS4's IP address Click on the homebrew you want, then click install. It will then start installing the homebrew onto your PS4. Source Instructions
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