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    App.db Tool [6.0]

    App.db Tool Original dev: luck Sources: here Download: here Features Export and import your LiveArea layout Wipe database without loosing your LiveArea Refresh database Menu Export and wipe: Export your current LA layout and let the system create a new app.db Export [no wipe]: Export your current LA layout Import: Apply your backed up LA settings to the system app.db Rebuild: Trigger a database update (No changes to your LA) Notes What makes this app different is that it will NOT backup/restore your app.db! It will export/import your LiveArea settings instead, so that you will not get stuck in a loop if your previous app.db was damaged, and you will not loose your LA layout. This is NOT a classic app.db backup/restore app. Changes New UI Fixes
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    A few days ago, I wanted to play some Openbor games on PS4. I did not find so many around and I decided to make a port via iso PS2. Many have been fixed by me to make them work and I decided to share them with you. I do not think I'm going against piracy, they're simple mods of amateur games.
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    TOXXIC407 has released a front end for @flatz remote PKG installer: All the downloads are stored on TOXXIC407's server so you do not have to set up your own server, using the front end does seem fast enough, i tried it on my Android Tablet and PC, however i did find that some downloads failed, perhaps hosting them oneself locally might eliminate problems. How It Works? You run @zecoxao 1.8 HEN You Run flatz remote PKG Installer You visit http://tgi-12-2.de/ Enter your PS4's IP address Click on the homebrew you want, then click install. It will then start installing the homebrew onto your PS4. Source Instructions
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