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    PlayStationHaX Podcast

    Forums are a somewhat of a niche market, they are not used nor utilized in the same manner that they were ten years ago, i miss the days were forums were filled with intelligent people helping the less educated, i miss members filling forums full of tutorials and help guides, don't get me wrong, it still happens, just not to the same extent that it once did and finally i miss the days when people used to come on a forum and tell me to kill myself or express how they would like to have sexual relations with my mother, there just isn't the heart in forums that once existed, that does not mean i wish to get rid of this forum, it simply means that i must evolve a little and this is why i am introducing podcasts Podcasts are simple audio speeches or presentations that you can listen to via Spreaker where i will be uploading them or download them from there and play them on your phones audio player, you probably wonder why i chose to do Podcast's and not videos, well that is simple, videos require you to look at them, one is tempted to even stare at the screen whilst they are listening something on the screen, listening to a Podcast does not tempt you to look at your screen and you can listen to it on your way to work or when you are out for your evening jog, you can listen to it in bed or the bath, on top of that YouTube is over done and saturated with videos involving the scene and games consoles, scene Podcasts are not something i have really seen done, apart from when the much loved and hated scener Braken did it a long time ago. I plan to do these Podcasts each week and i might even venture into scenes outside the PlayStation scene, i will try to record it on a Saturday so that it is available on Sunday, it will discuss the news and releases that happened throughout the week: Please feel free to leave suggestions or tell me how much it sucks
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    PlayStationHaX Podcast

    Ehm sorry I can't lol As much I would have liked to help @GregoryRasputin...Dont have pc equipment lol My PC monitor died and also my pentium 4 pc can't do much...and is slow by low hdd space... There are many peoples that can help on internet for free and have hardware to do so. Not like I did good music or graphical stuff...but can't even those. My current financial situation is in ruins if any asks "why dont you buy a new pc" or such lol So an indefinite postponement on any free project or requests. PS: wrote that with phone :P
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    PS3 SERVER (custom server)

    PS3 SERVER POWERED BY miniweb easy to use setup and install custom server You can customize your web pages as much as you want. Change your page by page number within the program A small interface will show you the details and your IP address, as well as your HOST for PS3 details : 1- IP address 2- host name 3- user name 4 -host and port for ps3 download https://github.com/HIASQ/PS3-SERVER
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    [Released] fMSX For PS4

    Scene veteran developer @bigboss aka PSXDev has released fMSX for the PS4: fMSX is an MSX MSX2 and MSX2+ Emulator and can play PAL or NTSC games, more info and download here: fMSX for PlayStation 4
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    The more and more i see this stupid device that Sony is fooling people into buying, the more pissed off i get, not only have they used an open source Emulator instead of creating their own, or utilising the one from the PS Vita, they have used a SoC that everyone seems to be laughing at, in my opinion the hardware is decent enough, but EVERYTHING else is a let down, here is a small list of fails: Mixing NTSC and PAL games. Having a bunch of games that are nothing special. The price. No DualShock controllers. I probably could find more to point out, but that is not what this thread is about, this thread is to inform you that you can make your own PlayStation Classic that will be far better, cheaper and will let you use DualShock controllers, i will list a few examples below, from budget to higher range, all will be superior to Sony's quick cash grab, btw i will be attempting one of these myself and i am a complete n00b when it comes to soldering and i think i will manage fine when it comes to applying the solder: Budget Build Broken PS1 - £10 PS1 Controller - £7 or PS1 DualShock - £10 x2 £14 or £20 PlayStation 2 Controller USB Adapter - £3 Raspberry Pi - £35 Premium Build Broken PS1 - £10 PS1 Controller - £7 or PS1 DualShock - £10 x2 £14 or £20 PlayStation 2 Controller USB Adapter - £3 ROCK64 - £68 Both builds involve soldering wires from the PlayStation 2 Controller USB Adapter, to the controller port board on the PlayStation 1, it is probably tricky if you have never soldered before, but manageable. You will also need memory cards and power supplies for both builds, unless you are super handy with electronics and can use the PlayStation 1's power supply to both power the device and turn it off and on. This is what one could achieve:
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    PlayStationHaX Podcast

    The music was really on point the second time . We need to get @StarMelter into audio engineering pronto and get a dope sound piece for the intro with quacks and hammers and stuff. Also a well timed PSA on the PS Classic, people should have reasonable expectations when they inevitably buy it.
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