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  1. Hi Everyone , a Few days ago , A PS4 Programmer/Dev named thedarkprogr teased a PSPHD GUI , a repacking tool for psphd games , which allows users to create their own PSP game F-Pkg . The tool has been released through his GitHub. He stated that this tool is not a PSP emulator for PC in a tweet posted lately after the release As i said , it let you make FPKG by repacking PSP backups ISO/CSO/PBP, It's known that games don't work so keep making the tool up to date and check the PSP compatibility List continuously for working games.
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  2. Nice work, now I can't really add these because I dont know all the regions and some are rips but here we are: Koloomn - black screen Hot pixel - black screen profile error Diner dash - black screen Final fantasy anniversary - black screen Death Jnr- black screen Exit - black screen WTF launches - stuck on please wait... Riviera Promised Land - black screen Brave Story New Traveller - black screen Astonishia Story - black screen Hopefully it gets a miracle fix
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  3. That thing is beautiful!! I'm gonna go ahead and tag @TheDarkprogramer to be sure he'll see this.
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