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  1. Hi Guys. Welcome to the PS4 Hacking/Modding scene and welcome to 2018. Today i will be showing you guys, how to run the PS4 4.05 exploit on any PS4 (brand new out of the box, or which was once activated and used) which is on firmware ,<= 4.05, and how to gain full FTP access to the ps4 You will need a PC, a PS4 on firmware equal to 4.05 or lower, and a network connection. Now i have a video here showing how to achieve this below, but if you would rather read on how to do this, please scroll down further and i will write the instructions below. Please make sure to follow every step carefully. VIDEO : WRITTEN Tutorial: Ok guys so first off you will want to download these files below as you will need every single one of them to fully follow this tutorial. Downloads ---➣ ps4-exploit-host - https://github.com/Al-Azif/ps4-exploit-host/releases ---➣ FTP Server Payload - https://www.dropbox.com/s/bhbex6ga7e2vsjn/hello.bin?dl=0 ---➣ Python 3 - https://www.python.org/downloads/ ---➣ FileZilla - https://filezilla-project.org/ ---➣ HXD - https://mh-nexus.de/en/hxd/ (OPTIONAL) If you need to update to 4.05, please select a link from below and download the 4.05 firmware. ---➣ Firmware Files (GBATemp) - https://gbatemp.net/threads/ps4-firmw... ---➣ Firmware Files (sce.party) - https://sce.party/?page=firmwares Right you have everything now? Good. Make sure you extract all the zip files into their own respected folders, inside a folder with all your ps4 hack files Next you will have to install python. Please follow on screen prompts and install it. After you have installed python please install FileZilla and follow on screen prompts to install it. Ok so now we have set up the environment we need to run the server on the PC. IF YOU NEED TO UPDATE YOU PS4 AND HAVE DOWNLOADED THE UPDATE FILES, THIS WILL BE THE TIME TO UPDATE. - to update you might need to go into recovery mode if your ps4 has already downloaded a later version of the firmware. - Make a folder on the root of your usb called 'PS4' and inside that make a new folder called 'UPDATE' if you have done so then you can past your 'PS4UPDATE.pup' into the update folder. - from here you will need to figure out how you are going to update, weather it will be from the home menu or recovery. make sure you check what version is showing up on the home menu prior to updating if you will be going that way. Now that you are on firmware 4.05 we can commence Jailbreaking and setting up the exploit. If you would like to modify the IP of the payload Please follow these steps, otherwise continue to the next portion - To modify the IP you will need to open 'hello.bin' with a Hex editor of choice, i use HXD. - Once open, please search with 'ctrl + f' and type in '192' then hit enter - You should now see the line with the IP address. Please modify the values to whatever IP your PS4 is on, or whatever you would like to set your PS4 to - Please save the Updated file. Start up the server - Please take the 'hello.bin' file you downloaded (or modified) and place it into the payloads folder in the 'ps4-exploit-host' folder - Open a CMD window as admin - cd into the directory where your 'ps4-exploit-host' folder is located - Once you are there you will need to type 'Start.py' and it will start the server - (if you get any errors you might need to make sure ports 80 and 53 are not in use by other applications - Then press 1 and hit enter - (if you get any errors you might need to make sure ports 80 and 53 are not in use by other applications - You should see a message telling you that the server is running and you might get a check box that comes up asking to allow python to access the network, tick both boxes and press 'Allow' - if all is still well and you have no errors, then we are ready to move to the PS4. (NOTE: you sould see your DNS ip displayed on the console) First, you will need to go to network settings on the PS4. You will need to make your settings as such: - IP - (or you can leave it as whatever you want if you will be changing the IP in the payload file) - Subnet mask - - Default gateway - (you need to find out what your routers ip is and put it in) - DNS (This will be displayed on the CMD prompt console when we run the server) - leave DNS 2 as - Make sure to save the settings and do a network test - As long as the PS4 obtains an IP and has internet access then this is fine. PSN will fail. Now that is all set up, we will now launch the exploit. Please head over to the user manuals at the top of settings, open it and observe the CMD console. It should start displaying more information, and ask if you would like to inject the FTP payload (hello.bin). - Press 1 and hit enter. to inject the payload.F Now if your PS4 does not show any errors on the webpage, leave it open as we will now be accessing the PS4 via FTP. - Open Filezilla on PC - Enter the IP of the PS4 (should be if you did not modify the hello.bin file) - The Username is anonymous. - Leave the Password box empty. - The port is 1337 - Press enter and you now have full access. Hope this helped you guys. Please make sure to ask any questions you may have below and i will do my best to help you
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  2. PS4 Linux Loader For 4.05 By @valentinbreiz View File Developer valentinbreiz from CustomProtocol has released a Linux Loader for those of you on firmware 4.05: Submitter GregoryRasputin Submitted 01/01/2018 Category PC Software(PS4) Developer valentinbreiz Source https://github.com/valentinbreiz/PS4-Linux-Loader Twitter https://twitter.com/valentinbreiz Donate
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  3. PS4 4.05 Kernel Exploit By 3226:2143 View File Developer IDC aka 3226:2143 has improved upon SpecterDev's 4.05 Kernel Exploit Submitter GregoryRasputin Submitted 01/01/2018 Category PC Software(PS4) Developer IDC & SpecterDev Source https://github.com/idc/ps4-entrypoint-405 Twitter https://twitter.com/3226_2143 Donate
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  4. There is an official SDK out there with all its documentation, but we sceners like a nice open source home made SDK for the consoles we have hacked, however these SDK's don't contain much documentation, which is why the guide by @Zer0xFF linked below is great: PS4SDKs & Setup
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