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  1. Tutorial: Running the 4.05 kernelexploit & injecting our first payload! (In this tutorial i'll show you how to localy host & run the kernelexploit without having to go through the manuals for 25times...) Requirements: Preparing your Playstation 4 console: Preparing your Computer: Step 1: Now go to your PS4 and Set up an internet connection by simply changing the primary DNS with your Computer's IP as your primary DNS. Secondary DNS should be blank ( & test your connection. Go to the user's gui
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  2. You have nothing to be forgiven for, you had real life problems and that always is more important than anything on the net. I am sorry that you have a hard time, but i am super happy that you are doing well, you and @Wolfie708 are the two i was most worried about, because you are both the Granddads of the forum
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  3. Still very busy with it and my administration is also a big mess as I didn't have time for that also, but I will try to be here way more often again
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  4. Hello Gregory and all my other old friends !! I know I haven't been here for a very long time, sadly luck wasn't on my side this year... maybe a little explanation will help to explain what has happened.... in 2015 I started a flea market as a business (only open in the weekend) and starting and building up something like that takes a lot of time. So for that reason I wasn't that much on playstationhax.it anymore. But I always had the intention to come back here asap as i really like and love this site on 17 januari 2017 sadly the flea market got hit by a big fir
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