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  1. Funny how he digs out a almost 1-year-old thread just to start bullshitting... Also, is he seriously calling himself a dev. and made a flappy bird rip-off? lol............... Come back when you have done something mildly difficult. And finally, @B7U3C50SS, you are correct. There is absolutely no reason trying to "impress" us over here. We value honest and upfront people far more than bad actors and ass-lickers
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  2. Greg, some people.. just love attention it's all i can say.. that person is no exception. I F*king hate attention of too much of a kind and think it's unreasonable to give too much to any certain person. doesn't matter if they are famous or did something bad / great.. or they were Einstein. seriously though. im coming back over here If i'm going to start posting again. cause i've wasted FARR too much time trying to impress PSXHAX and failing at least i know i won't have to try over here. i'll just need to keep up solid work. and not be a faker. which I'm good at, both of.
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  3. PlayStation Now members can currently enjoy up to 480 PlayStation 3 games, but Sony is planning on adding some PlayStation 4 games to the library. This means Windows PC gamers will be able to play PS4 games, without having to buy the actual console. I wonder if Sony would risk to stream PS4 Exclusives. Sony is currently testing the new feature as a closed beta, when it will be released and which games will be featured is yet unknown.
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  4. PegaSwitch View File The Nintendo Switch has been out less than a month and already people are playing with the device unconventionally and PegaSwitch by reswitched will help us play a little more, here is a quote from the source: Submitter GregoryRasputin Submitted 03/14/2017 Category Switch Developer reswitched Source https://pegaswitch.com/ Twitter
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  5. @B7U3C50SS May i ask why you are on staff over there? You like my post, so you must agree with some of my points.
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  6. Why are you even here, are you so damn pathetic that you cherish all the hate? Seriously why are you not getting mental health help, you really need it.
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  7. Thank you for the hate? At least if I "scam 'hackers'", I'm a trusted developer in the eyes of Sony and Microsoft...
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